Mercedes AMG GLC 63 S 4.0 V8 BiTurbo AUTOBAHN Onboard by AutoTopNL

  • Published on Jul 27, 2019
  • Mercedes AMG GLC 63 S 4.0 V8 BiTurbo AUTOBAHN Onboard by AutoTopNL
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Comments • 93

    Ozlem KÜHEYLANLAR Month ago +1

    Mozart plays after 257 km / h ahahaha bad mercedes!

  • Ricardo
    Ricardo Month ago

    Watch out, you’re fuel tank has a leak . 😱

  • Brian Westfield
    Brian Westfield Month ago

    Do these actually sell in Europe? Seems like the target audience is America.

  • Makan Tahi
    Makan Tahi Month ago +1

    if you're bored of this i could do it for you 24/7

  • Vasi
    Vasi Month ago

    Not your usual quality video. The wind sounds is terrible, it sounds like you had the sunroof open. Also the view to the outside is terrible as is too bright.

  • Greymark
    Greymark Month ago +2

    Nice whistling noise.😂

  • Mati Vidal Rodriguez

    Did you ask any questions about the noise / wind filtration that is generated at high speeds?

    • cml
      cml Month ago

      I think tires make that noise, because it's too fast for them. This sound is like warning.

  • Mentally Challenged Viking


  • simonzocK
    simonzocK Month ago

    Why the old Model? Come on

  • Laser Lars
    Laser Lars Month ago +1

    This is really damn fast for an ''Compact'' SUV.

  • wanzel deshington
    wanzel deshington Month ago

    Awful lag on the main screen on those cauges. Makes it feel cheap. Something Mercedes should learn from Audi.

  • Sir William Mitchell

    What do you guys think of the Facelift?

  • 666
    666 Month ago +1


  • iHeatzify
    iHeatzify Month ago

    The floor mat couldn't handle it haha 0:45

  • John Hoye
    John Hoye Month ago +2

    I like how the camera is mounted and the speedo view is the best you guys have done, such fun to watch.
    Thanks, I’d like to volunteer to drive for you some day, 👍

  • BrasilVR
    BrasilVR Month ago +15

    Me at 100 Km/h: OMG I'M GONNA CRASH
    AutoTopNL at 165 Km/h: Okay no need hands for now, let me rest a little bit 1:14

  • Ismail Fici
    Ismail Fici Month ago

    aga ne numarasi bu sadece hiz var arabanin hizini mi gorsteriyorsun bunun 300 klm si var daha bugun bana geldi.

  • S L
    S L Month ago

    What is that noise when it reaches 270 km/h ?

    • carlover
      carlover Month ago +2

      Sadri Lataj not really.... its an SUV which goes 270 km/h. thats so much in a SUV.

    • S L
      S L Month ago

      Thats to much noise for this kind of car lol !

    • carlover
      carlover Month ago

      Sadri Lataj wind

  • Dominik
    Dominik Month ago +1

    stop driving around in sportsmode, you can most of the time just hear the fake sound from the speakers and not the real engine sound🙄

    • Dominik
      Dominik Month ago

      Ashley Daniels
      you’re already looking like a fool by not knowing how to use commas, points, exclamation points and question marks🤦🏼‍♂️ that’s just highly ridiculous for someone who allegedly works as a dealer, but of course dealers and co are telling bullshit to sell their cars and make money, that’s normal, I don’t blame you for talking bullshit so people don’t get upset and don‘t by them anymore because of this🤷🏼‍♂️

    • Ashley Daniels
      Ashley Daniels Month ago

      @Dominik Tobias Moers,head of AMG,has said it in press releases many times already,they do not do it. BMW and Audi do. So you a developer for some carmakers? good for you,just pity you didn't get the brief from the head of AMG....they are working on it for the future electric cars,and partnered up with Linkin Park to do so. But right now,not in their petrol cars. And luckily for me,i know a friend who works at the AMG plant,as a test driver as well,and he confirmed it too. I'd say he is far more qualified than you to say so anyway. Anyway,im off to bed,hope you read my previous reply, i apologized for what or how i said what i did. And no need to be so ticked off son and using name calling to get your point across,and s...t and all that nonsense. you have your opinion,based with what you call your facts,i have mine. and for the record,go look at a lot of car car reviewers when they do a head to head,they often talk about the AMG is real engine noise,not fake. good night .

    • Dominik
      Dominik Month ago

      Ashley Daniels
      it is sound from the speakers, especially bmw is known for that. they use a soundtrack from a 6 cylinder in their 4 cylinder models - you better do your research, every carreviewer can tell you this and are even saying it in their videos that they are sounding artificial in sportsmode
      they are playing it additionally to make it sound „better“ but it’s sounding on some cars like from a videogame
      for example bmw does this even on the outside of the i8 to hide that it has an 3 cylinder and audi on their S-diesel models so they don’t sound like a diesel
      like every carmaker out there are doing this shit - and you better stop talking shit without even knowing how to write, nobody needs some bad wanna-be-teacher like you, dumbass
      btw: I am even a developer for some carmakers and even worked already in the development of some cars in the daimler and bmw group, so better don’t try to come for me

    • Ashley Daniels
      Ashley Daniels Month ago

      @UCFHxRQyJKl0tsFitiK6diYg I am talking about cars,not schooling education. So if you so upset about me not being able to write as you put it,and you want to be so technical,i suggest you LOOK at your own mistakes then too....i quote: "lern(actually spelled: learn) to write". My comment pertains to motoring/cars technical things,and let me stress this again,not education as in schooling(jnr,snr, and post school education)....enough said on that topic.

      i live cars. I work in the trade,driving since i was 8,raced cars,have my own workshop,servicing cars and mainly high-end cars,long with mainstream cars too(everything from a plain Jane 1947 FORD,to Ferrari,Benz,Audi,BMW,Bentley,etc). To be on top of your game,you need to know a lot about cars to keep your clients happy in knowing you are capable to work on their cars. My clients are not stupid,so i am constantly on the net researching,EDUCATING myself to keep abreast of the latest in technology. So, if i don't know anything about a car,i search the net,read up on it,and train myself about those systems,etc. because if i cant answer my clients with confidence,ill look like a fool,especially if they did their homework and that means loss of trust and business at the end of the day.

      If i came as harsh,i do apologize,but you must understand how annoying it is when people say things without knowing the facts,and facts is all I'm interested about,not fake or made up facts. Show me the truth and I'm happy. I'm just amazed to see how many people keep bringing this topic up and will argue every time about it without knowing the facts,hence my comment towards you. And ill say it again, my humblest apologies for the comment,was not aimed at your level of education in schooling.

  • Billi Bob
    Billi Bob Month ago +4

    Why you didn’t walk around the car???

    • Porsche 2509
      Porsche 2509 Month ago

      It's only the POV Autobahn, not the POV review

    ERTZZTRE Month ago +3

    It is unbelievable, that some manufacturers are unable to fix the windnoise-problem. Especially Audi and Mercedes seem to have a problem with that. A Nissan GT-R for example does not make such noises even at 320 km/h (GPS)...

    • Nils Prichystal
      Nils Prichystal Month ago +5

      Maybe cause its a big SUV and in comparison to a GTR its like a truck

  • John car adventure!
    John car adventure! Month ago +9

    If its possible, test my dreamcar, the Aventador SV!!

  • إلاالله'لاإله إلاالله'لاإله

    My dream car .
    Thanks auto top nl

  • Rogelio Díaz-Guerra Rodríguez

    Slowed by a pussie

  • Aaron Sharma
    Aaron Sharma Month ago +17

    why did he spam shift up pedal during launch control?

  • Ryan Priestnall
    Ryan Priestnall Month ago

    When you do these top speed runs all I can think is brake fade lol

  • Faizaan Ahmed
    Faizaan Ahmed Month ago +124

    You actually have the best job in the world

  • Teresa Panza
    Teresa Panza Month ago

    Someone know more information for 2019-2020 porsche macan gts and turbo(like top speed. power. ....)

    • Big Boss
      Big Boss Month ago

      Teresa Panza probably your Porsche dealership

  • kawasaki whip two
    kawasaki whip two Month ago

    Why is it that some European made vehicles only show kl. on the speedo,but American made cars show both?

    • Fish Grandpa
      Fish Grandpa 19 days ago

      kawasaki whip two yes it does

    • Emilios Powerballer
      Emilios Powerballer Month ago +1

      @Golden Nugget like i said, everyone else BESIDES usa liberia and myanmar. uk adopted the metric system in the mid 60s, meanwhile europe already had the metric system from napoleonic times. as a european though, we dont care how americans neither brits measure things, which is why you dont see miles. uk has adopted the metric system but only use when it fitss then, they are just brittsh

    • Golden Nugget
      Golden Nugget Month ago

      kawasaki whip two I don’t know why you have that, but in Europe nobody ever uses mph (except for the UK but they’re technically an island)

    • Emilios Powerballer
      Emilios Powerballer Month ago +1

      @kawasaki whip two just divide by 1.6 to get miles. the rest os the world uses the metric system so why bother change it for one country

    • kawasaki whip two
      kawasaki whip two Month ago +1

      @Emilios Powerballer thanks for the history lesson on measurements used around the world. But it dosen't answer my question. (and mabey there is none). Just because Europe uses kilometers for measuring speed,dosen't make it impossible for European car manufacturers to include MPH readings on their speedometers. the U.S. exclusively offers speedometers that show miles per hour AND Kilometers on every vehicle made and sold in the U.S. Yet we only use MPH to measure speed...
      whether it's being driven by a guy who's Dutch or not.

  • Yazeed Saber
    Yazeed Saber Month ago

    This is the perfect car. Glorious V8. Roomy for family. Luxurious. Fast as fuck. Looks mean as hell.

    AMG send me one pls.

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat Month ago +2

    После 260 аэродинамический шум жесть.

  • bell teh
    bell teh Month ago +4

    Why constant clicking the paddle shifter before the launch ?

  • Philipp K
    Philipp K Month ago +2

    It has a cloth headliner 😂

  • Laura Vimala Devii
    Laura Vimala Devii Month ago

    Nice the graphic of this video with visible counter 😊🙏

    • Paul Oketch
      Paul Oketch Month ago

      Laura Vimala Devii its a very nice car

  • travel er
    travel er Month ago

    Not first comment like pls SUPSCRIBE ME💜

  • travel er
    travel er Month ago +1

    Not first comment like pls SUPSCRIBE ME💙

  • Daniel Sadjadian
    Daniel Sadjadian Month ago +46

    With that wonderful V8 engine, this is the perfect compact SUV 👍

    • Central Lifestyle
      Central Lifestyle Month ago +9

      How's The fuck life? no one has ever seen a Pakistani drive one though, mostly seen driven by Europeans, Americans, Canadians, blacks/Africans, Chinese etc. Someone says, could it be because there’s no such thing as a gentleman who’s Pakistani as you lot have an innate cultural love to *RAPE* women and your daughters as much as Indians do? You’d know.

    • Bri Gon
      Bri Gon Month ago +4

      @Julius srsly they must be on something because its not just for this specific race it can be for anyone who likes it and wants to buy it

    • Bruder Rüdiger
      Bruder Rüdiger Month ago

      @Fiesta ST agreed

    • Julius
      Julius Month ago +12

      How's The fuck life? What is wrong with you?

    • Fiesta ST
      Fiesta ST Month ago +1

      It's only for Pakistani gentlemen, not for African chocolate face or any other race.

    SKY GAMER Month ago

    I love you

  • Maycon Onliveira
    Maycon Onliveira Month ago

    Sonho um dia chego la🙌💪❤

  • Vitali Janovski
    Vitali Janovski Month ago +5

    ugly interior

    • mattafakkah
      mattafakkah Month ago

      @Fiesta ST 9Fuck both of you ye pair of 9cocksmouchers

    • carlover
      carlover Month ago

      Vitali Janovski not strange its almost 5 years old design! ait for the new glc!

    • Vitali Janovski
      Vitali Janovski Month ago +7

      @Fiesta ST what the hell are you talking about?

    • Fiesta ST
      Fiesta ST Month ago

      But greatest Pakistani gentleman's car ever built. Not for black man or white

  • Miguel Dias
    Miguel Dias Month ago +8

    Top speed of the 812 Superfast?

    • Jesus Christ
      Jesus Christ Month ago

      maybe kill yourself with that question

    • Shaylan Singh
      Shaylan Singh Month ago

      I’m sure if he gets to drive this car he’ll show it to us too

    • soundofeighthooves
      soundofeighthooves Month ago +1

      Ferraris are not allowed on the Autobahn, they break down immediately if you go over 200 km/h

    • Barış ORUÇ
      Barış ORUÇ Month ago +2

      Freimopp777 yea thats true

  • DBX Nathan
    DBX Nathan Month ago

    3rd comment

  • Predator
    Predator Month ago


  • mJg
    mJg Month ago

    First View and First Comment :D

  • owo
    owo Month ago