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MIT Has Predicted that Society Will Collapse in 2040 | Economics Explained

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
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Comments • 20 831

  • Economics Explained
    Economics Explained  10 months ago +1099

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    • GrizzlyBearzzz
      GrizzlyBearzzz 18 days ago

      Lol get your coin with sponsorship while coin slaming ppl who do the same thing

  • Sean Whearty
    Sean Whearty 10 months ago +34545

    Hey guys. If we work really hard, we can achieve that goal by 2030

    • R.H. Lemorande
      R.H. Lemorande 15 days ago

      I think the timeline of the decline will speed up exponentially starting now.

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 3 months ago

      @Thessalin You just may have called it, lol, although realistically I think we may still have a few years yet. Depends on what happens within the next 9 months, really.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 3 months ago

      I'm already doing my bit to help cause the next recession. 😁

    • CatC
      CatC 7 months ago

      I read that environmentally that it the cutoff year we have to do something about climate change or we'll be toasted (high high temps)...so....

    • noname
      noname 8 months ago


  • Daniel Bloom
    Daniel Bloom Month ago +532

    Useful information begins at 11:58
    You're welcome

  • David Ford
    David Ford Month ago +92

    I had a chance for a conversation with Jay Forrester, the MIT professor who developed the Dynamo simulation model used in this Limits to Growth study and the supervisor of the graduate students who produced it. He was not impressed. His problem was not so much the methodology as it was the quality of the data that was used to feed it. Apparently, though not surprisingly, it was woefully poor. And while this problem may have been adddressed in the intervening decades, it will never be solved completely.
    Thus, while the precautionary principle might well justify heeding the advice it gives, the model should never be taken as an oracle.

    • Hank Chinaski
      Hank Chinaski 8 days ago +1

      and then you said "thus..." ........

    • DKnightbman
      DKnightbman 17 days ago +2

      I believe that, according to this video our computing power and data input won't be advanced enough by the time a collapse happens anyway. To self analyze all living data beyond buying and selling to the point of becoming viable enough to be called an oracle? I mean with how advanced Tik Tok's tracking is, it could be partially possible in 10 years. The question is if humans will dictate decisions based off it's results regardless, but it's no different than market analysts trying to figure out everything today, just another tool.

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 23 days ago +103

    Our biggest problem is waste. We waste EVERYTHING. Clothing,food,water,energy. You name it and we waste it. If it doesn't fit or if it's broken, we just throw it away. Waste is by far our biggest issue

    • Celieboo
      Celieboo 2 days ago +1


    • miri miri
      miri miri 5 days ago +1

      according to elon musk we are under populated and he's going to Mars or he thinks he is with 1million people

    • Night Dark
      Night Dark 8 days ago +4

      Not to mention how much meat and food stores throw away. Half the animals that are slaughtered for meat never get eaten by customers. They just throw it all away when it doesn't sell in the stores.

    • Frei Stæhr
      Frei Stæhr 11 days ago

      @Michael Uttley wrong

  • Anne Rigby
    Anne Rigby 2 months ago +63

    I get the impression that the mindset of "necessity is the mother of invention" as a reason for not taking global warming seriously is the one politicians and high polluting organisations live by. It's the attitude of "no worries, it'll work itself out, it always does". Basically, someone else will clean up the mess. It would definitely explain putting financial gain over anything and everything, including life on earth. It's as if large corporation people are trying to make as much money as fast as possible before it all goes pear shape.

    • grayadam
      grayadam 14 days ago +1

      Those large corporations, I HATE them!!

    • Rich Rodriguez
      Rich Rodriguez 20 days ago

      Well…….We could jump on the Mars colonization band wagon along with Elon Musk. Or…maybe ETs will help some of us out.

    • ATakenTaco
      ATakenTaco 27 days ago

      and then all that money will be worthless anyways

  • Aaron H
    Aaron H 5 months ago +9542

    Saying "oh hey society is predicted to collapse in 18 years" and following it up with "the first 1000 fans to sign up with this link get a free month of skillshare!" is some disconnected dystopian ish.

    • murkypuddle
      murkypuddle 5 hours ago

      was thinking the exact same thing. like it's some kind of joke

    • asa tvs
      asa tvs 9 days ago


    • Oliver Tambossa of the APR
      Oliver Tambossa of the APR 13 days ago

      @Nyalan in the end.. lots of money aren't all necessary, it's a big chore
      all you need is for living and recreation etc.

    • Oliver Tambossa of the APR
      Oliver Tambossa of the APR 13 days ago

      @Purriah 101 you get copyrighted, get cancelled etc.

    • Femaiden
      Femaiden 16 days ago

      "How to speak Australian" :
      "Bee, Eee , eee. . ."

  • Elliott James
    Elliott James Month ago +117

    It can take hundreds of years for an empire to collapse. Easy to see when looking at ruins, hard to see when you are in it as it happens.

    • Devin Fraser Ashpole
      Devin Fraser Ashpole 6 days ago +1

      @Joe Corrao The US is fine lol.

    • Trisha Lamb
      Trisha Lamb 24 days ago +1

      Perhaps as technology speeds up, so do collapses. We’ll find out soon enough, I think.

    • Joe Corrao
      Joe Corrao 26 days ago +8

      The US says... Hold my beer.

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith Month ago +15

    Mate, this is one of the best and most balanced videos I have seen for a long time. Keep rocking

  • Blake22022
    Blake22022 26 days ago +7

    I liked the rate of innovation part. Even if innovation flourishes, what if the things worth innovating upon are just a waste of a perfectly good mind. If advertising and such is 10x easier than particle physics and can get you 100x more rich and famous than who would be a particle physicist? One with a bunch of college debt and a relatively average salary whose time and energy likely will be focused on the corporations goals rather than scientific breakthroughs or personal intrigue. If he/she wants a grant they will likely have to prove that it will be profitable

  • Nicminit
    Nicminit Month ago +4

    This is a good video and well produced - it also highlights the largest issue with ANY sort of “model”. Not one of these models have held up. Including any of the climate models.

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi 9 months ago +8431

    "So basically yeah the world is ending. Sponsored by Skillshare!"
    This world has literally become a parody of itself at this point

  • Frank S
    Frank S Month ago +44

    Predictions are always difficult-especially about the future

    • en es
      en es 27 days ago

      predictions about the past are also very usefull

    • Pedro Almeida
      Pedro Almeida Month ago

      Love it!

    • karthikeyan M.V
      karthikeyan M.V Month ago +20

      Brha predictions are always about future

  • Holden Matteson
    Holden Matteson 15 days ago +2

    Yeah, this is about the hundredth video I've seen saying this, it's very informative, and I appreciate your work, but how do we actually fix the issues?

  • James Bradley
    James Bradley 2 months ago +19

    “The best way to measure your investing success is not by whether you’re beating the market but by whether you’ve put in place a financial plan and a behavioral discipline that are likely to get you where you want to go.”

    • Vivandrel
      Vivandrel 2 months ago

      Stacy Griffin successful stories are everywhere, all over the place

    • Ines Köhler
      Ines Köhler 2 months ago

      She have changed my life and financial status for the best. All thanks to my aunty who introduced me to her.
      She is obviously the best, trding with her gives me joy of earning

    • Betsy Schwartz
      Betsy Schwartz 2 months ago

      I have also experience her great work too, she is good I can assure you of that

    • Zoey Swaniawski
      Zoey Swaniawski 2 months ago

      Yes I'm a living testimony of Stacy Griffin, her platform has also done a great thing for me

    • Darrel Britany
      Darrel Britany 2 months ago

      She has helped me recovered a lot from the time I have trding with her

  • Marco not on facebook
    Marco not on facebook Month ago +11

    Predicting something that depends on a lot of circumstances which are now all different from earlier seems quite a challenge.

    • Devin Fraser Ashpole
      Devin Fraser Ashpole 6 days ago

      @Christian Gaming Channel Time will tell.

    • Christian Gaming Channel
      Christian Gaming Channel 25 days ago +1

      its why I really hate this MIT prediction, I know they're much smarter and well-informed than I but saying society will collapse in 2040 means nothing

  • Better Chapter
    Better Chapter 10 months ago +6605

    "History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes"
    - Mark Twain

    • epic gamer
      epic gamer 2 months ago

      History is kinda like poetry so that they rhyme

    • a 17 yr old monke
      a 17 yr old monke 3 months ago

      @AeneasGemini only because we are different in some ways like technological advancement etc doesn’t mean we are not the same to the people a hundred years ago. Humanity almost always suffers from the same conflicts as said in the beginning of the video. We‘re not so different…

    • a 17 yr old monke
      a 17 yr old monke 3 months ago

      @Blessed pigeon why

    • a 17 yr old monke
      a 17 yr old monke 3 months ago

      @Grigori Rasputin am I stupid for seeing a connection to the video ?? Or are you just mean to this person

    • MastaTutorialz
      MastaTutorialz 3 months ago

      @Heiner Lohmann you two had a moment there, admit it

  • Rob MacIsaac
    Rob MacIsaac Month ago +1

    WAYYYYYY ahead of schedule. When humanity wants to do something, we can at times…..DO IT BIG!!!

  • Alternative Headlines
    Alternative Headlines 2 months ago +3

    How quickly the proposition that we are living in "peace time" crumbled and how viciously we have embraced this new war in almost complete denial of the catastrophic place it is headed.

    • Thomas
      Thomas 28 days ago +1

      Huh? The US has been in a continuous phase of war ever since the end of WW2. (if you weren’t talking about the US specifically then my bad)

  • dazkptl
    dazkptl 14 days ago +2

    “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!”
    Niels Bohr

  • Moira
    Moira 5 hours ago

    The year caught my attention because it’s also the next Phoenix phenomenon in May 2040. Of further rumblings, 2046 really is the biggest concern. Interesting.

  • Oliver Knabe
    Oliver Knabe 9 months ago +6865

    "This video is brought to you by Skill, Share. Thanks to SkillShare you can [learn all of these cool things] which will be useless by 2040 according to MIT"

    • SiawoshR
      SiawoshR 8 days ago

      Very scillfool

    • junior demus
      junior demus 2 months ago

      Our period of peace is due to some person's affinity to sacrifice themselves for the greater good.

    • Glenn Ross
      Glenn Ross 2 months ago

      Engineering, electrical or mechanical or preferably both. People with these skills will be able to repair/repurpose defunct infrastructure and technology.

    • Hey There Travis
      Hey There Travis 2 months ago

      Nah man when society collapses my beer brewing and cheese making skills will make me a top tier asset in the apcalypse.

    • Thomas Herzog
      Thomas Herzog 2 months ago


  • David Bow Wow
    David Bow Wow 19 days ago +1

    The biggest hole in these models is AI. We’re heading to a future where society will rely a lot less on human capabilities

  • Sarah Elizabeth
    Sarah Elizabeth Month ago

    At the time of the report, we had not yet developed materials such as plastic and began significant levels of "disposable" and non-recyclable products. We also have the issue of the shifts in technology which are developing and being released so quickly, that we dispose of significant levels of useless items every day; adding to the polution in our world.

  • Trump Won
    Trump Won Month ago

    Another variable that vastly increases with the population is the amount of people with different personalities who will use things such as data or technology including technology intended to save lives for reasons as different as them . 1 person may use data like in this video . To predict and then prevent disasters for humanity. Another person may use the data to predict the most detrimental threats to humanity and do what they can to bring those threats to fruition

  • Carol Ramsey
    Carol Ramsey Month ago +9

    Like a termite infested house, the collapse will be sudden and unexpected - except by those of us who are aware of what is happening.

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax 10 months ago +42439

    Maybe electing people who won’t be alive for society’s collapse isn’t such a bright idea

    • Evan Harris
      Evan Harris Month ago

      lot of the absolute worst politicians right now are young

    • macDADDY
      macDADDY 2 months ago

      Yes let's elect children as gov rep

    • Embryophagist
      Embryophagist 3 months ago +1

      What an idiotic suggestion. Telling your age there...

    • thatdude
      thatdude 4 months ago

      Maybe the mindset of waiting for someone to save us or placing the blame on a scape goat once things get bad isn't helping out. We are all to blame and we in this together. If we are doomed we are doomed together. I wish I would have tried harder

    • AFTR drk
      AFTR drk 4 months ago


  • Jon Reiser
    Jon Reiser 2 months ago

    Commercial fusion alone would avoid a collapse of society. The merging of technologies currently in the pipeline will have a similar effect. Call me an optimist, but I’m excited for the future.

  • Da Joker
    Da Joker Month ago +4

    Right on time for my midlife crisis, terrific.

  • Digital Vovoghure
    Digital Vovoghure Month ago +6

    To sustain civilization for more few years, global economic system should be changed. Desalination of seawater and channelling it of agriculture and drinkable should be the first priority.

  • yttleekt
    yttleekt Month ago +1

    👍It means that we are way behind from the expectation of our ancestors.There will always be a saturated pt to reset/equilibrate the system before "total collapse".

  • Faethe
    Faethe 9 months ago +4847

    My experience is that there's never been a group of science types as bad at prediction as economists.

    • John Wilbanks
      John Wilbanks 2 months ago

      @Archon Blaze because irony is funny... its a that feeling you have when you watch a predictable tv show and you know whats going to happen and you're completely powerless to do even one thing about it. you might as well be screaming at the tv but everyone in the room just looks at you like youre crazy and argues against you like idiot robots... they tape you to the chair and gag your mouth while they watch it unfold in perfect sequence... and still most people will still defend this badly written show even after it has ended, the plot revealed and all of the questions answered...
      If you cant laugh at it... it can consume you... comedy gold!!

    • Archon Blaze
      Archon Blaze 2 months ago

      @John Wilbanks please explain to me why this is funny?

    • Raiko Seria
      Raiko Seria 3 months ago

      @gamehey What?

    • Nameless Data
      Nameless Data 6 months ago

      Knock knock: here comes the Ukraine war

  • Jeffrey Epstein
    Jeffrey Epstein 2 months ago

    I need a summary, was there a 1970s model that accurately predicted today? If so, what does it predict for the future?

  • 3D20 Gaming
    3D20 Gaming 16 days ago +4

    i actually doubt people in 1972 would even understand what todays technology is. i put less than zero stock into this study from 1972.

    • Sergio Herrero
      Sergio Herrero 14 days ago

      You don't need to understand the future's technology. You use trends to extrapolate how a certain variable will change over time, and how it impacts other dependent variables. And you run different scenarios based on different assumed relations - like the impact of technology on production and resources consumption. The actual implementation of the science is immaterial, unless a specific technology brings a huge upturn not within the extrapolation (say - eternal fusion fixing all our energy needs cleanly).
      The fact that the real world trend so far is consistent with the worst scenario is telling.

  • osareafallire
    osareafallire 28 days ago +1

    "Necessity is the mother of invention", is a phrase almost exclusively used in humanity's favor. But maybe the planet gets inventive too and necessarily allows us to destroy ourselves.

  • Lefty Shaw Enuph
    Lefty Shaw Enuph Month ago

    After watching this video, I am left asking one question: What very unique set of catastrophic life circumstances must one be born into/experience to wind up sounding like THIS guy when he speaks?

  • shmeckal_ 7
    shmeckal_ 7 10 months ago +2412

    The biggest problem with humanity is the fact that we typically tend to be more reactive then proactive we wait until the last minute to fix big problems that could have been solved a long time ago

    • Johannes Löf
      Johannes Löf 2 months ago

      @iamtheschalrus jealous much?

    • Josh Nordin
      Josh Nordin 2 months ago

      We're all procrastinating addicts chasing immediate relief because we are miserable all the time

  • jaq uemo
    jaq uemo Month ago +4

    Just another reminder that regardless of how you cut it, becoming as self sustainable as possible is gonna be absolutely vital in the near to mid future at latest.

  • Perykvaal
    Perykvaal 2 months ago

    Nice to know we're sufficiently efficient to end ourselves early. I think someone ought to earn a performance award for eliminating delays.

  • michalchik
    michalchik 5 days ago

    If anyone is interested I'll explain my objections to the idea that the average person today is better off than the kings of 200 years ago. Many respects we are, but in some of the most important respects we are not. These tend to align with the tunnel vision of economists that measure human utility in terms of GDP per capita.

  • James Rowan
    James Rowan 20 days ago

    The markets have been overvalued for years. Frankly I'm surprised the whole system hasn't collapsed before now.

  • hcblue
    hcblue 7 months ago +3527

    I believe we can not only achieve this ahead of schedule, but also hit all four collapses: political, social, environmental, AND economic. Boom, extra credit.

    • A. Howard Smith
      A. Howard Smith Day ago

      Try 7 years

    • scott mcshannon
      scott mcshannon 3 months ago

      @calan declining birth rates will actually help overcome all our other screwups. the problem is that the wrong countries do not have declining birth rates.

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 3 months ago

      Done! What's our reward? Oh . . . total chaos. That's a TERRIBLE prize for first place!

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 3 months ago

      @Keith It's correlated, but not solely caused. In the developed world where children are not allowed to be put to work from a young age, children are a financial drain with little to no guaranteed financial payback. Also, any given child has a high likelihood of surviving to adulthood. Therefor, fewer children makes sense. Add contraception and knowing how to use it, and that becomes a reality. In third world countries they don't have contraceptives or generally know how to use them, they need to produce a lot of children to compensate for how many will die from starvation and disease, and they can put the kids to work so the survivors aren't as much of a drain on the family. Maybe some women in the developed world truly want to have careers, but in reality even those who'd rather be stay at home moms have trouble managing it in most cases because maintaining a family on a single income is very difficult now, vastly harder than it was in previous decades. It's simply harder to raise a family now.

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 3 months ago

      You called it! Me, I was listening intently until he said it was peaceful- then I thought to check the date. I would not be at all surprised if things started to collapse very soon now.

  • Oleg Aryutkin
    Oleg Aryutkin Month ago +1

    The idea of feedback comes from control engineering
    You also confuse positive and negative feedback

  • seeibe
    seeibe Month ago

    Moore's law already hasn't held true anymore for many years, the only way we still pretend it does is by disregarding the cost of producing new chips. It used to be that we can produce an exponentially increasing amount of transistors for the same amount of money, this hasn't been the case anymore for a long time.

  • Georgey
    Georgey 2 months ago +1

    What's stopping us from running the simulation today using different input parameters and analyze more outputs compared to the 1972 study?

  • Zane Gregory
    Zane Gregory 10 days ago

    Don’t forget that human nature is to adapt. “Necessity is the mother of invention”. The innovations we are working on lack funding and resources, which means when we encounter an issue, we allocate funding and resources to fix it.
    The issue being we have to wait for people to die before we make the changes.

  • Darkmatter
    Darkmatter 6 months ago +1959

    I personally think that the collapse is more probable because we are more of a reactive society that waits till the last second to do something rather than being proactive. Political corruption and corporate won’t be going away and people are resistant to change, America is very guilty of that. The people who could have the power to make major decisions for the better aren’t really doing much and I feel as though we aren’t changing fast enough.

    • April M
      April M 2 months ago

      Integrity is gone
      And when man decides what is “good” that’s how you get where we’re at

    • Orlando Guerra
      Orlando Guerra 2 months ago +1

      This is the right answer. "We have the ability to change our world for the better and extend the future of our species for millenia, the problem is that it just isn't short term profitable to the people and governments that control the power and wealth to make it happen." Simply put, greed will be our undoing. Always has, always will.

    • Peter Wyatt
      Peter Wyatt 2 months ago +1

      But isn't the problem with all levels of activism is that it takes on too much of an approach to social settings? As in, it'll perceive what has been wrong with our world, though when it comes to actually doing something about something, one forgets about the world, pretends it never exists, and focuses on the individual, not society.
      Activists want to tackle all the problems, in relation to their focus on the world, though that leaves the individual, who has become affected by worldly problems, to be neglected.
      In essence, activists are the same as you, Darkmatter, who will only look to the rich and powerful, wondering why they've not done anything to "change" something.
      Well, why not you? Is money both the sickness and the cure? Or is there something else to it? Maybe it's that you, among countless other people, don't seem to care enough to save an individual, because these sorts are too afraid to "get involved". You'd rather mind your own business, and therefore, be negligent.

    • Last of the Romans
      Last of the Romans 2 months ago

      Back to the feudal ages with ye

  • Jane Smith
    Jane Smith 13 days ago +1

    Absolutely true considering who funds MIT they are so interested to tell you the truth

  • tudorjason
    tudorjason Month ago

    The concepts discussed in this vid were topics I used for many of my high school research papers, especially overpopulation.
    Most Conservatives/Christians have little perspective about what their belief of repopulating the world aftet Noah's flood will mean to mankind's future.
    It is really scary!
    We need control!
    Or mankind will be doomed!

  • GentleGeorge
    GentleGeorge Month ago +1

    Bro looking at the state of economies for a few country nowadays, this could be accurate.

  • Eamonn Foley
    Eamonn Foley Month ago

    I like the objective approach to this video. Facts, economics and science. Not being familiar with the page, I was half expecting it to pivot into a unhinged climate change rant at some point.

  • bitbucketcynic
    bitbucketcynic 3 months ago +2927

    Never let anyone make a decision if they won't personally suffer for being wrong.

    • Longeno55
      Longeno55 4 days ago

      Anthony Fauci comes to mind . . .

    • Costa Keith
      Costa Keith 8 days ago

      @N8zog There are clear lines of successions in monarchies that have evolved beyond tribal societies, there are systems of regency in case the monarch is under age or infirm or insane, there are checks and balances within the royal court itself. You can have a monarchy with feudalism as most of Europe did in the middle ages or you can have one without feudalism, as was the case in the Roman Empire, at least until very late, like 14th century late.
      You're acting like this is a new and novel system that nobody has ever though of before when history lays out quite clearly the answers to all your questions.
      And what in my statement led you to conclude that I was opposed to sovereigns appointing ministers and governors to exercise their will in their absence?

    • N8zog
      N8zog 9 days ago

      @Costa Keith interesting theory, yet the Kingdom of France and Egypt effectively ENDED their empires with bad decisions from monarchs. Monarchies are only as good and noble as the monarchs themselves. If the monarchs suck, then your monarchy will probably suck.
      I will give you that having ONE person in charge means you can focus a lot more on preparing that ONE person to be a leader... but what if he dies? Do you have the nation elect a new monarch (going against basically everything you said) or do you just find another schmuck in his line of inheritance, who is likely less qualified? How do you decide who should be the first monarch in order to start the cycle?
      Also monarchies can get spread too thinly if they have to maximize the efficiency of too large a populous. Does the monarch choose vassals to represent him in such cases (which would just be the monarch elevating someone else to a position of power, therefore going against your position)? Or is there more than one monarch?
      What if the Monarch makes a really stupid decision, like raising taxes by 300% so he can afford... idk...an army of geese...anyways who stops him from doing that?

    • N8zog
      N8zog 9 days ago +2

      @Gabe C wait, what are you EVEN arguing with that "the world doesnt owe you a thing" schtick?
      You just made an irrelevant statement about 30 year olds being elected, said an insulting one-liner... and then you treated this collection of words as if you won an argumemt.

  • justin barrett
    justin barrett Month ago

    I like how you talk about middle class employment, when factually there is a far higher percentage of lower class workers...factories etc. These people will have a standard of living closer to that of a third world country.....while those 3rd world countries will be living even more horrid conditions and will likely have pure anarchy...it will be horrible. I worry for my children.

  • Not a Bot
    Not a Bot Month ago +2

    That movie Idiocy makes more and more sense.
    "Sponsored by skillshare"

  • Ron EMTAE
    Ron EMTAE Month ago +1

    MIT Has been consistently wrong on many of their alleged intelligent guesses

  • Chris Griffin
    Chris Griffin 2 months ago +1

    I didn’t believe this until 2020. Now I can get behind it 100%

  • DJ Nick
    DJ Nick 3 months ago +3516

    The way Covid was handled is a good insight as to how screwed we are if something even more serious comes

    • Breh Breh
      Breh Breh 4 days ago

      @TonytheArtist “Unexpected”

    • dead fishing
      dead fishing 5 days ago +1

      @Monkey Man wow almost like all the isolation and countermeasures and vaccines actually worked.

    • Alvin Fuller
      Alvin Fuller 5 days ago

      @TonytheArtist Unexpected? They were smart enough to engineer the thing, couldn't figure out out to stop it?

    • Honest Guide
      Honest Guide 6 days ago +1

      @TonytheArtist running out of hospital beds, oxygen , graveyards etc and 2 years of madness... is that considered good adapting? Also kindly look depper into it. An incoming pandemic in our era was not unexpected. It just reflects our breaking society , attention towards medicinal research was accelerated only when it was too late.

  • Big Quazz
    Big Quazz Month ago

    I don't think more people will cause more innovation... because innovation today relies more on circumstantial opportunity than it did 100 years ago. Plus we hide most opportunity today behind roadblocks like financial stability and formal education.
    More people will put such a burden on our economy that it will ultimately mean less people have the opportunity innovate anything.

  • CynicalCanadian
    CynicalCanadian Month ago

    So I do have to say you are correct that there are less wars now then in the past. But there are more skirmishes and battles currently going on then there has ever been. In this modern age declarations of war is not needed for most combat situations. But the amount of people dying to combat is actually higher in the 21st century then the 20th if you exclude the two outliers of WW1 and WW2. If included it's near similar. I also think we have a higher murder rate today globally per captia then we did 200 years ago.

  • Gleison
    Gleison Month ago +3

    I can’t wait for this to happen for me so I do not have to pay taxes and deal with our politicians that don’t care about us.

  • AlexP
    AlexP Month ago

    Unlikely someone will read this but my first thought is that there might be overfitting here. Now these are smart MIT researchers and I'm sure they are aware of this, but I cant help to think that throwing this many variables into a model won't be good at predicting the future

  • HammerTh
    HammerTh 10 months ago +1610

    "Why get hostile when you can get rich?" is literally the founding principle of the EU.

    • Costa Keith
      Costa Keith 22 days ago

      Because war is necessary for population control and as the ultimate form of competition encourages technological innovation. Trying to live without war is the height of decadence and decadence always leads to decline.

    • MKraay
      MKraay 9 months ago +1

      @The Light Silent The EU will not collapse. Soviet Union and EU aren't comparable AT ALL, and if you think so, you REALLY need to open up a book or 10 about the (law of the) European Union.

    • Jorge Luiz
      Jorge Luiz 9 months ago +1

      I'd rather be poor than nuked

    • mini smalls
      mini smalls 9 months ago

      @Some rat I'm a fool for saying a true statement that directly ties with the original comment? Kick rocks troll

  • BlownMacTruck
    BlownMacTruck 2 months ago

    Suggestion: since you rely so much on canned b-roll, please make sure it’s at the right framerate and you don’t use drone footage that doesn’t match up… or better yet, don’t use drone footage that is jerky due to incredibly high shutter speeds. Use stuff shot at your native frame rate. It’s incredibly distracting otherwise.

  • Sam the boss
    Sam the boss Month ago

    I definitely understand where he is coming from with the jet engine, and if we are taking only about the jet engine then yes but if we are talking about the plane as a whole. Then it actually take quite a bit to take a plane down. There are multiple things that have to happen and in some case’s in a certain order to bring down an aircraft. And even then if it does go down that doesn’t mean that the people are going to die, more likely then not they are going to be safe, even if it goes down. That is not to say that people don’t die in plane crashes but it is very rare that planes crash and even rarer that people die in those crashes. And again I do understand what you are saying about how if one thing goes wrong the whole system can fail, but I just wanted to set the record a little straight. I’m not trying to be a pain and I apologize if that is how I come off.

  • Antonio Josue Cortez Aguilar

    "One of the most peaceful times in history ever"
    You just had to wait one month :')

  • Kicking Against The Pricks

    The more governments try to fix things, the more guarantee you have that society will collapse.

  • Param M
    Param M 10 months ago +1278

    Hey, I don't know if you will ever read this but you were one of the most influential factors in me taking up economics as my degree at college. I would be studying BS Economics with major focus on mathematics, statistics and programming with minor focus on environmental engineering. Thanks to your amazing videos for making me fall in love the subject

    • Jinja
      Jinja 2 months ago

      @Jose Rodriguez that’s why i like economics

    • UnknownUser
      UnknownUser 8 months ago

      @Daebak You're giving them too much credit. They're not that smart.

    • Jose Rodriguez
      Jose Rodriguez 10 months ago

      @geno mir Well yes, this would be a nice addition to anti-capitalist theory, I do appreciate the concept of human labor as a system of chemical and electrical energy consumption and output, but to put this in layman’s terms, the more people we have, the more we can build for consumption and improve our quality of life, however the more energy people consume is not a positive because super obese people would find it harder to labor, so there’s that

    • geno mir
      geno mir 10 months ago

      @Jose Rodriguez the social aspect of labor is only possible because labor itself, if there was no labor there wouldn't be any social aspect of it. ANd since labor is a function of energy therefore the social aspects of it is also a function of energy. to cut the discussion short, everything needs energy. the very essense of our universe is energy appropriation/consumption to fight off enthropy. the thing you reffer as social aspects (perhaps more appropriate term is sociocultural dynamics of labor) of labor is a function of the total net possitive energy delivered by the total labor - expressed by total energy consumption and energy consumption per capita. THe higher the energy consumption (both total and per capita) the higher the 'wealth' and the standard of living.

  • UnHinged
    UnHinged Month ago +1

    "In the 1970's MIT predicted the world would collapse by 2040"

  • Arnav Jain
    Arnav Jain 5 days ago

    "We are living through one of the most peaceful periods ever", fast forward 2022 and you might want to rethink that phrase.

  • Don Sawyer
    Don Sawyer 28 days ago

    The comments (although sarcastic), were still too disparaging about the technology available in the 60’s and 70’s. As someone extremely technologically astute and who actually lived through this period of time, I can say that yes, the number of computations per second were lower but the equations are still the same. Computationally, the only thing that changed is how fast the solution is derived. In those days I wrote some multivariate equations that took more than a day to resolve.
    Another assumption about modern technology, that is questionable, is climate change. As an engineer and scientist, I personally do not “believe” in man-made climate change. Of course, I can see man-made transitional climate damage but the assumption of man-made climate change permanently destroying the Earth is simply not true.
    The Earth is quite vast, resilient and robust. We are nothing but metaphorical ants crawling on the surface. Our little ant flatus and ant excrement (including that of all of our aphid ‘cattle’) are not going to destroy the climate. Climate change should not be the part of any equations. It’s inclusion will only destroy the validity of the predictions by vastly accelerating societal collapse.

  • Lady Grey
    Lady Grey 2 months ago +1

    We're coming to our own Ragnarök event. Just as Imperial Rome collapsed and gave way to the Medieval Kingdoms, so too will the American and Chinese empires fall and give way to something new, and potentially better.
    I'm a pagan, who used runic divination to interpret a lot of events. One of the runes I've been pulling the most is Hagalaz, which means "hail, destruction, catastrophe". Another rune that came up frequently is Dagaz, which is dawn, awakening, and enlightening. The destruction of our Era will give way to a new one, one which will be closer to nature and the spiritual.

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones 9 months ago +1373

    I liked the "apartment vs. castle" statement. I visited the main ruins of a castle in Germany and, until the guide mentioned it, it never occurred to me just how COLD those joints got in the winter...

    • Prince
      Prince 2 months ago

      @crazy edo Hot stones in a pan
      We still do that here we're a bit ok alot old fashioned but in our case our culture has remained
      It's like how we were 400 years ago except we have smartphones and other things now

    • tacob0
      tacob0 8 months ago +1

      @Neo Link Not to mention the fun of maintaining your own army and getting to play age of empires irl and being able to create something lasting to pass to your kids. As where now all i could give any potential children is a dystopian future.

    • Neo Link
      Neo Link 8 months ago +1

      It's a good argument but he didn't account for the power aspect. Sure, a modern middle class person has more comfort and maybe some more freedom but a rich medieval person has far more power, social status and freedom than in some cases. A king could exert his power and get way more access to resources, and power has to be accounted for in wealth

    • Philliben1991
      Philliben1991 8 months ago

      @Zizi Roberts Not so good in a siege though so you'd probably have a good life but a short life!

    • Julie Brooke
      Julie Brooke 8 months ago +1

      I’d still go for the palace personally, complete with chefs, housekeeper, groundskeepers etc. I don’t have air conditioning now and I’m sure I wouldn’t need it in a palace with all those windows and shutters and people to go around opening and closing them.

  • The algorithm
    The algorithm Month ago

    "Why get hostile when you can get rich" Meanwhile America with over 700 military bases around the world: Why choose one option when you can choose both?

  • Daily Llama
    Daily Llama Month ago +3

    MIT: The world is going to end by 2040
    China: Hold my fentanyl

  • Jiren Sentry
    Jiren Sentry Month ago

    You can't have an increase and continuance of pollution while having a drop in use of resources, high reduction in birthrate thus great reduction in labor force.
    If you don't have very large populations to consume resources and contribute to do so, they can't be a factor in causing increases in pollution (plastics, papers, chemicals all NOT being recycled and I rollback of biodegrables or high resistance of biodegrables, emissions, Ozone depletion, vegetation decreases, etc)

    BIIBRIS 16 days ago

    " we are living in the most peaceful time" speak for your self brother, speak for your self.

  • TheSoundOfBand Instrumental
    TheSoundOfBand Instrumental 9 months ago +2949

    "Here you go, have an ad."
    "What a good little consumer you are."
    I died a little.

    • TheBlackSpark
      TheBlackSpark 3 months ago +1

      I skipped it

    • alex
      alex 4 months ago +1

      i wonder how it is possible to pull that off

    • littlestbroccoli
      littlestbroccoli 5 months ago +1

      We didn't choose this and we can't opt out now

    • Raphael
      Raphael 5 months ago +1

      Me: laughing in adblock

    • Nuphgar
      Nuphgar 6 months ago

      @Stellar Fervour nah bruh now its broken XD

  • Malcolm Harper
    Malcolm Harper 2 months ago

    Loved the video, but the pyramids at Teotihuacán were not part of the Aztec Empire as implied by the video. In fact, they predate the Aztec empire by several hundreds of years.

  • Johnnyc56
    Johnnyc56 2 months ago

    Can’t forget that a lot of worlds super powers are working together to make a functional fusion reactor. Fusion energy is the future and may be the answer to our energy crisis. Check out The B1M he has a great video about that specific fusion reactor.

  • J Cerqueira
    J Cerqueira Month ago

    8:32 you really shoulda researched this element a bit more, mate. Between 1958-1960 we'd constructed several models upon which the model this vid is on was actually based, having to do specifically with pollution due to fossil fuels

  • WiFi Cable
    WiFi Cable 2 months ago +2

    The person who did the English subtitles needs to see a hearingspecialist. So many wrong words were used. “Counteracted” instead of what he actually said: “Contradicted”. “Amounts” instead of “Announces” and the list goes on.

  • Investment Joy
    Investment Joy 10 months ago +5002

    Would love to see a comparison of the various economic doomsday theories of the 50s-80s and see how they've fared. I remember hearing my parents and their friends talking about them in the early 90s, and yet here we are.

    • Lance Luna
      Lance Luna 4 months ago

      @Gene Pope "Here we are" in first-world countries. 3rd-world countries are falling apart due to the climate crisis.

    • ThePinkBinks
      ThePinkBinks 4 months ago

      You weren’t around when we were inhaling lead from car fumes were you? The world ended for plenty of people.

    • Deputy Birb
      Deputy Birb 4 months ago

      @Mikey Raymond That's not even remotely true. You never had a decent understanding of what was being said and fell for the media hysterics, as per usual.

    • Swole Town
      Swole Town 4 months ago

      @Jeremy Szpicki Determined? All living species are determined to live. Certainly, it is possible for humans to become extinct, and even for all life to become extinct.

  • Jode Beirut
    Jode Beirut 16 days ago

    I disagree with these predictions. Although we are in a big transitionary period, I think that earth has potential to hold a 100billion people and still be sustainable. Our biggest resource is the human resources. Our species has a long way ahead it's like we are still at the first 3 feet of a 1000 mile marathon. The future of humanity holds many fascinating things like space exploration and inhabiting other planets, maybe meeting other species in space. Oh and don't worry about food too much, we are oversupplied and with our technology and knowledge, it is hard to have worldwide famine except with huge natural disasters.

  • Explorant Bias
    Explorant Bias 2 hours ago

    You probably won't see this, because the video is already 10 months old...but if you do, you should check out some papers concerning 'Posnormal Theory'. It's a commonly used framework by critical futurists, concerning the growing complexity and chaos of society and ways to navigate our own uncertainty and ignorance concerning the future. It also talks about the feedbackloops you explained

  • hush bash
    hush bash Day ago +5

    U.S. stocks opened lower on Monday as the selloff on Wall Street continued following Friday's 1,000-point drop in the Dow Jones Industrial Average. How can I grow my portfolio to outpace inflation and maintain a successful long-term strategy? I have been reading of investors making about $250k profit in this current crashing market, and I need ideas on how to achieve similar profits.

    • Roddy Woods
      Roddy Woods Day ago +1

      I just looked up Patrice Carol online and researched her accreditation. She seem very proficient, I wrote her detailing my Fin-market goal

    • bset days678
      bset days678 Day ago +2

      credits to Patrice Carol Rainer, one of the best portfolio manager;s out there. she;s well known, you should look her up

    • Brandy White
      Brandy White Day ago +1

      who is this individual guiding you? I lost over $9000 just last week, so I’m in dire need of a financial-planner.

    • bset days678
      bset days678 Day ago +1

      Having an investment adviser is the best way to go about the market right now, I've been in touch with a coach for awhile now mostly cause I lack the depth knowledge and mental fortitude to deal with these recurring market conditions, I nettd over $220K during this dip, that made it clear there's more to the market that we avg joes don't know

    • Kayla Wood
      Kayla Wood Day ago +1

      The market is volatile at this time, hence i will suggest you get yourself a financial-advisor that can provide you with entry and exit points on the shares/ETF you focus on

  • joey smoke
    joey smoke 2 months ago +1

    I don't want to see society collapse, I do however look forward to the fall of elitist rule

  • Matt Greene
    Matt Greene 8 months ago +2230

    There's a book called Fates Of Empires by Sir John Glubb in which he studied lots of failed societies, and found a pattern. We're just following along the cycle he discovered. One reason he mentions for this that the OP didn't mention....was that history is not truthfully taught. Since we constantly revise history, we can't escape the cycle.

    • Yosemite Sam
      Yosemite Sam 3 months ago

      @John Chedsey Theres only like two or three countries that hasn’t fallen prey to that… and its countries that remained mostly neutral.

    • John Chedsey
      John Chedsey 3 months ago

      @Byr Bad Dude. You're a mess. But I appreciate you writing of the funniest things I've seen in ages.

    • John Chedsey
      John Chedsey 3 months ago

      @Byr Bad I feel like you desperately just want to use some racial slurs.

  • Aeolus Svichi
    Aeolus Svichi 28 days ago

    That’s fine.
    We’re in need of a reboot.
    Start over fresh, some people need to see the consequences of their actions, or inaction.

  • Connor O'Leary
    Connor O'Leary 2 months ago +1

    Society has been in a slow rate of decline since the Spring of 1870. Each year it accelerates slowly, until like compound interest, the accumulation of the decline becomes impossible to ignore.

  • William Jones Chess

    Key moments
    12:55 a car that serves 1 household will serve 12 households. Fascinating.
    In the future, you will own nothing and be happy about it. Absolutely fascinating.

  • gfcardi
    gfcardi 23 days ago

    "Access to the internet" ≠ "Access to knowledge."
    But otherwise, a good video.

  • Xavi Ondoño
    Xavi Ondoño 10 months ago +1573

    As someone who has worked with simulations before, this is the most critical question:
    How many times did they rerun the thing and the result was “nothing interesting” before the run that gave them the “the world is ending” result?
    EDIT: More analysis on the study below!

    • G
      G 3 months ago +1

      The world won’t end as long as people are still willing to make other people rich.

    • Edward Shore
      Edward Shore 3 months ago

      True. I heard "THE WORLD IS ENDING" screams all my life.

    • Christoph
      Christoph 8 months ago +1

      @Shingi This is simply wrong, sorry. Not only is growth a problem but the current population. We are already _way_ past the carrying capacity of our ecosystems if you would like the majority of the world population to have decent living standards, let alone all 8 billion of us having western living standards. We simply do not have enough ressources to make this happen and we are running out of ressources VERY fast as more and more countries catch up to western ressource depletion paradigms. If you are looking at this from the short-term economic side only and are only interested in employment numbers, economig growth and so on, you will necesserily get a very skewed view. Our growth based economy combined with a growing and already much too large populations, is simply not sustainable. I dare you to paint a picture of 8 billion people (or 10 as is projected as the "probable max population") living on this earth on western standards of living and the ecosystems not collapsing. Seriously: make this model and the next Nobel Prize is yours.

    • Shingi
      Shingi 8 months ago

      ​@Joseph Weeks This is a pretty disingenuous interpretation of the methodology issues Xavi went at length to describe in a transparent and verifiable way (ie nothing he says is inaccurate on a read of the actual study). It's interesting that you call Xavi's credentials into question, but you are unable to actually provide a counter argument to any of his specific points about flaws in both the simulation and the conclusions it's meant to generate on actual methodological/scientific basis. All you have is ad hominem ("science denier!"), a tautological, "my argument is self-evident" appeal to authority, and clear ideological fervor. Which makes you ironically the least scientific contributor to the discussion

    • Shingi
      Shingi 8 months ago

      @Christoph Population growth is not a problem per current trajectory. In fact, most major economies are facing the opposite problem - inverted population pyramids

  • Kaekuda
    Kaekuda Month ago

    It’s because we are always finding short term solutions to our problems, it’s fast advancement but has no substantial platforms or stability.

  • Hue Sam
    Hue Sam Month ago

    And you just have to wonder who to lash out onto after whatever you just witnessed.
    Our choice dictates the result. There’s never an answer to things.

  • Chun-Tak Suen
    Chun-Tak Suen 2 months ago +1

    MIT also published a paper predicting China’a population growth would starve the world in the 60s. It freaked out the communist leadership and led the the creation of one-child policy’s which leads to population collapse in China. And we have not yet died of starvation.

  • Unacceptable Misanthropic 1

    20 years seems like a long time to keep getting up and going to work for no reason... Any way we can speed this up to like tomorrow? Or NOW? Thanks.... Looking forward to it.... Very excited to actually have a solid end date, wish it was a bit sooner tho...

  • Michael McGrath
    Michael McGrath 9 months ago +2389

    I was 20 when the Limits to Growth was published. I really did not expect our civilisation to endure until today. I am constantly gobsmacked at how résiliant and innovative humans are, but I’m not encouraged by the general ambivalence and ignorance of our world “leaders”. I’ll be ninety by 2040, if I’m lucky. I’m much more concerned for my children and grandchildren’s future. As they say, “There is no planet B.”

    • Mikowacomet
      Mikowacomet 5 months ago

      That's garb your reading, programming by the WEF

    • Garbage Human
      Garbage Human 5 months ago +1

      I found the cheatcode for easy night's rest: don't have children!! 🤣

    • Lieshtmeiser
      Lieshtmeiser 5 months ago

      "I was 20 when the Limits to Growth was published. I really did not expect our civilisation to endure until today. "
      You shouldnt have read that rubbish.

    • Jens Thomsen
      Jens Thomsen 5 months ago

      @Maniae Official only thing that has happened from barbarism untill now is that we have become more self loving and increasingly barbaric towards all other lifeforms.

  • GrabnarMyers
    GrabnarMyers 27 days ago

    12:50 this is the first thing I know is just blatantly false. If self-driving cars were perfectly operational today, it would *only* increase the demand of personal vehicles.
    I agreed with everything. Also with the 7:02 criticism of the study, our back already *is* against the wall we’re 20 years away from economic and environmental collapse, and our corporate overlords do not care.

    • GrabnarMyers
      GrabnarMyers 25 days ago +1

      @Christian Gaming Channel You know thats a pretty solid argument, fair enough. You could have one or two household cars dropping everyone off. Who knows how bougie and entitled everyone will be wanting *their* car to be available to them at all times or something though, or how expensive or affordable it will stay or become and how much of a factor that will be. Your point was good, and at the least it’s obvious that demand wouldn’t increase substantially, if anything.

    • Christian Gaming Channel
      Christian Gaming Channel 25 days ago +1

      @GrabnarMyers the reason that a lot of people still wouldn't get their own personal vehicle is because A) the thing you mentioned about traffic and B) the amount of expenses and continual maintenance (especially considering the delicateness of a self-driving car), in my view. It's much more economical to have a personal taxi, because the main reason for having multiple cars is that the car HAS to stay at your job if other people need to get places at different times than you.

    • GrabnarMyers
      GrabnarMyers 25 days ago +1

      @Christian Gaming Channel Why would many people without the ability to drive now not relying on another person to drive for them and therefore with them cause carpooling to happen more? Why would that person who can’t drive share a ride with someone else when they don’t need to as driving by yourself is now comfier, easier, and more convenient?
      As another side-note, you’d think with better efficiency (cars being able to be closer together and accelerating in a coordinated speed) that it would reduce traffic, but available car capacity on the roadway is what directly causes traffic, so it would increase the total number of cars and thereby worsen traffic. (This is why you see 20 lanes next to eachother in grown metropolises that still stop during rush hour, and why some towns reduce their number of available lanes in order to lessen how bad traffic is and it works. When intuitively you’d think in order to help the flow of traffic you’d need *more* lanes.

    • Christian Gaming Channel
      Christian Gaming Channel 25 days ago

      I disagree. If the technology was there for a vehicle that could drive itself around without accident or mishap, carpooling among friends/family would be significantly easier seeing as you no longer need to have the car rely on one person to drive and park and coordinate - you could simply get the car to wherever it need be. All the benefits of a bus or taxi, but without personal expense other than energy or maintenance.

  • mike smith
    mike smith 2 months ago

    Actually, the study was done by the CIA. That specifically stated that our present civilization would be, WELL to put it bluntly, GONE. The risks factors were calculated, to include such variables as war/terrorists/famine/disease/population/global warming/social unrest/etc. etc. The eventual conclusion drawn was about the same timeline but somewhere after 2040 and before 2050. Our society as we know it will dissolve. Yes, I agree. We are ahead of schedule. Wealth distribution will get worse. The economy will collapse. Then the food crises will begin. It's going to get ugly, as Americans are doubling up on assault weapons and tactical gear. The police will be useless and martial law will be set forth. Curfews and identifiers will be mandatory. Gated closed communities will be everywhere. Anything in between will be fair game.
    All of this has already been predicted, but now, it's slowly starting to be revealed.

  • Satorified
    Satorified Month ago +1

    “My friend says we’re like the dinosaurs, but here we are doing ourselves in much faster than they ever could. We’ll make great pets.” - Perry Farrel