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MIT Has Predicted that Society Will Collapse in 2040 | Economics Explained

  • Published on Nov 25, 2021
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  • Economics Explained
    Economics Explained  Year ago +1143

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    • Souless Valleys
      Souless Valleys 29 days ago

      I didnt see the model of the government creating a virus to kill people in this model?? Hummmm

    • Kam The Revolutionary
      Kam The Revolutionary 29 days ago

      Mansa Musa fella? Put some respect on his name you knuckle dragging cave dwelling being

    • Michael S
      Michael S Month ago

      "They" might be right: Seem's like World War 3 is on the horizon... ;(

    • David Javids
      David Javids Month ago


    • God Robot
      God Robot Month ago

      ahh so this is one of those bullshit give me money schemes

  • Sean Whearty
    Sean Whearty Year ago +35631

    Hey guys. If we work really hard, we can achieve that goal by 2030

    • HUK~
      HUK~ 5 days ago


    • Gwydion Jadu
      Gwydion Jadu Month ago

      😹 let's make it happen

    • R.H. Lemorande
      R.H. Lemorande 2 months ago

      I think the timeline of the decline will speed up exponentially starting now.

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 5 months ago

      @Thessalin You just may have called it, lol, although realistically I think we may still have a few years yet. Depends on what happens within the next 9 months, really.

    • Craig Smith
      Craig Smith 5 months ago

      I'm already doing my bit to help cause the next recession. 😁

  • Common Sense
    Common Sense 2 months ago +611

    Our biggest problem is waste. We waste EVERYTHING. Clothing,food,water,energy. You name it and we waste it. If it doesn't fit or if it's broken, we just throw it away. Waste is by far our biggest issue

    • Bunsenn
      Bunsenn 2 days ago

      @Michael Uttley Most of our population growth comes from developing countries. A lot of first-world countries are actually having more deaths than births, and a decreasing population. There’s less incentive to have children in a wealthier country.

    • aignaciodc
      aignaciodc 8 days ago

      @Alan W 🌈 Define older people. Boomers and greatest gen generally care for things. Whoever is between boomers and gen x grew up with all the mid-century disposable new fangled stuff that was designed to be thrown away. I’m gen x and was raised to have only what I needed and treat it like a lifelong possession. A lot of millennial to gen z’s I know in liberal NM definitely thrift but they also buy cheap at the dollar store and still throw things away. Most if not all of the millennials to gen z’s I knew in conservative Iowa (and it was a lot) were 100% into fast fashion, trendy cheap furniture etc and thought nothing of temporary everything. People there wasted more paper than anyone I’ve ever been around. It’s really not a generational thing - it’s a learned value.

    • Alan W 🌈
      Alan W 🌈 8 days ago

      The only people I know who waste and throw things away are older people. Everyone in my generation (my friends anyway) all reuse things and care for things. I often hand wash my clothes because I find washing machines put pressure on the seams and the clothing eventually rips, but hand washing makes clothes last for ages. My shower water is reused on my tomato plants. I buy food without plastic on it, like fresh cabbage and other vegetables with no packaging. I try to talk to Boomers about recycling and reusing things, but they never listen - they just say they don't care because they'll be dead soon anyway.

    • aignaciodc
      aignaciodc 8 days ago

      Our biggest problem is overpopulation. By something like 6 billions people more than this planet needs.

    • D G
      D G 11 days ago

      Quite a theory

  • Fredy Dez
    Fredy Dez Month ago +481

    "When a market is bottoming, the best stocks make their lows ahead of the absolute low in the market averages. As the broader market averages make lower lows during the last leg down, the leaders diverge and maker higher lows."

    • HUK~
      HUK~ 5 days ago

      The monetary system really will ruin us because it's inherently a pyramid scheme

    • adam420g6
      adam420g6 13 days ago +2


    • Georgina Louis
      Georgina Louis Month ago +1

      @Steven Cheyne

    • Steven Cheyne
      Steven Cheyne Month ago +1

      @Georgina Louis< i am approaching retirement & i think this is the last window of opportunity for me to become a millionaire before retiring, as Recessions and downtrands are where millionaires are created. Currently i have some lump sum in a savings account and will like to work with a fiduciary financial advisor to achieve my goals. Please how can i reach CASEY?>

    • Georgina Louis
      Georgina Louis Month ago +4

      @Floxy Dorathy Starting out with a with a professional that knows the ropes of the choppy but profitable market is the best way to achieve getting a well structured portfolio. That’s why I have been working with ‘ CASEY ALLEN GRAY ’ and that doesn’t make me daft because in financial dealings one have to be prudent. Most traders enter exit with a quick 10% profit which is not bad in a general opinion but why not aim higher, it doesn’t necessarily mean to be greedy.

  • AJ
    AJ 22 days ago +8

    The fact that nobody can agree on what’s about to happen and that all of our predictions are so different says something. The worlds getting so complex and we’re so domesticated that whenever something bad happens people just immediately drop their marbles.

  • anti-rebel
    anti-rebel Month ago +14

    I know this video ends on a confusing note, but I actually think you can convert all of this into a very rational conclusion, and way of life, with peace of mind. Wrote about this further if anyone is interested. Thanks to the creator for revisiting this book and being honest about it's conclusions.

  • Aaron H
    Aaron H 7 months ago +11574

    Saying "oh hey society is predicted to collapse in 18 years" and following it up with "the first 1000 fans to sign up with this link get a free month of skillshare!" is some disconnected dystopian ish.

    • Bunsenn
      Bunsenn 2 days ago

      @Kay S You do realize the ratio of RU-clip channels that make substantial money and those that don’t is extremely slim, right? For every channel that succeeds to make enough earnings to get by, a thousand more channels fail.

    • kangjhha
      kangjhha 2 days ago

      we're doomed..

    • Rugie624 !
      Rugie624 ! 7 days ago

      @Me h right.

    • Eric Battista
      Eric Battista 9 days ago

      @Anomaly Working? Kinda hard to explain when you clearly have a different idea of working. Some mf could stream n make bank but it still aint a real "job" and he ain't grinding it out in the same way as let's say a blue collar worker

    • Anomaly
      Anomaly 10 days ago

      @Eric Battista What is your 'sense' of working, then?

  • Blake22022
    Blake22022 2 months ago +23

    I liked the rate of innovation part. Even if innovation flourishes, what if the things worth innovating upon are just a waste of a perfectly good mind. If advertising and such is 10x easier than particle physics and can get you 100x more rich and famous than who would be a particle physicist? One with a bunch of college debt and a relatively average salary whose time and energy likely will be focused on the corporations goals rather than scientific breakthroughs or personal intrigue. If he/she wants a grant they will likely have to prove that it will be profitable

    • golden pony
      golden pony Month ago

      You say will have to proof, just wanted to point out it already works that way with researchers being judged on a ridiculous studies output KPI.

  • Frank West
    Frank West Month ago +10

    underbudget and ahead of schedule! Good work, Gentlemen!

  • Eric Mendels
    Eric Mendels Month ago +2230

    The average person has never been so poor. Millions of families are struggling financially as living expenses hit the highest levels in more than four decades. Over 60% of our country lives paycheck to paycheck and about 40% earns poverty wages. Even after working all their lives, more than a quarter of older people have no savings and many believe they will never be able to retire in dignity, while around 55% of elderly people try to survive on an income of less than €25,000 a year. My primary concern is how to grow my reserve of €300k which has been sitting duck since forever with zero to no gains.

    • Anders Grassman
      Anders Grassman 6 days ago

      @Sausage N Bellenz Not to mention your expected years of life to come amounts to several decades. Just go through your own family history, and you will likely, like me, find that what killed my family members just a few decades ago, is now mostly curable or maneageable medical conditions. In fact I've found out, I was named for a young boy in the 1940's, who really never should have died, by today's standards. His children ought to celebrate Christmas with me this year, and many more years to come. Sadly, their company, lives and ideas, are pure phantoms. Though I will carry his name proudly. and think about what joke and smile he may had served me this christmas.
      All doomsday economists have so far been wrong, famously beginning with Malthus - or rather actually not! The points he made, were actually the right ones, and consequentally, were acted on, and the catastrophe he pointed at, was avoided. Now that has to be a god job done as an economist!

    • TheLoneGerman
      TheLoneGerman 12 days ago

      The Reason why America is Collapsing and China is Rising is due to Globalislzation , When America Made a Deal with .China Thru Nixon, They The "CEOs" thought they Can do Away with Production Cost, and Factories, by Exporting American Manufacturing and Technology Including their "Blueprints" to China
      But Here is How America Failed and China Immensely Succeeding.
      The Chinese Were Willing to use and Grow their Billion plus Work and Labor 😁 Force, while America was "Cutting" their Work Force because Profit Motivated CEOs wanted to Make more Money Using less Labor.
      Since the Wealthy Class, CEOs, Corporate Stock holders, in American Big Industries, such as Military, Aviation, Pharmecutival millionaire and Billionaires have a "Cozy" Relationship with the Politicans "Ruling Elites" Through Political Organization, Financial systems like the Stock Market . And the Corporate Class are Themselves 😂 Part of the "Elite Class"
      Created what I call a "Capitalisti

    • jb
      jb 12 days ago

      The average person has never been so poor...LOL

    • Pescespada Island
      Pescespada Island 16 days ago +2

      “The average person has never been so poor” 😂 110 billion people have lived on this planet, 100 billion of whom have lived in abject poverty and under excruciating tyranny but Eric here is worried he can only squeak out 2% on his €300k.

    • Johnny Axel
      Johnny Axel 21 day ago

      The average human has never been so wealthy, actually

  • Stell2Cycle
    Stell2Cycle 8 days ago +2

    Social Collapse doesn't always mean post apocalyptic dystopia but rather that the currents social structures will either be incredibly inefficient or completely reformed

  •  ShortHax
     ShortHax Year ago +43632

    Maybe electing people who won’t be alive for society’s collapse isn’t such a bright idea

    • ArturinTeTe
      ArturinTeTe Month ago

      @chico and there still needs to be a connection to modernity which anyone older is too old to engage in.

    • Evan Harris
      Evan Harris 3 months ago

      lot of the absolute worst politicians right now are young

    • macDADDY
      macDADDY 4 months ago

      Yes let's elect children as gov rep

    • Embryophagist
      Embryophagist 5 months ago +1

      What an idiotic suggestion. Telling your age there...

    • thatdude
      thatdude 6 months ago

      Maybe the mindset of waiting for someone to save us or placing the blame on a scape goat once things get bad isn't helping out. We are all to blame and we in this together. If we are doomed we are doomed together. I wish I would have tried harder

  • Ese Ukey
    Ese Ukey Month ago +1

    I believe that, a lot of factors need to be properly checked when comparing the past to the present and, predicting the future.

  • Armani Nguon
    Armani Nguon Month ago

    The thing is that even mass population decrease can also disrupt globalization. I think we’re never meant to be grown at a such a high rate

  • BlackCat0315
    BlackCat0315 2 months ago +7

    I wouldn't say that society will collapse but it is certain that serious problems are right around the corner.

  • A S
    A S 22 days ago +2

    "We are living through one of the most peaceful periods in human history, ever! Overwhelmingly this has all been thanks to technology, education and GLOBAL COOPERATION." 😅

  • General Kenobi
    General Kenobi 11 months ago +8739

    "So basically yeah the world is ending. Sponsored by Skillshare!"
    This world has literally become a parody of itself at this point

    • Uh uh no
      Uh uh no 12 days ago


    • Justin z
      Justin z 12 days ago

      @TheLoneGerman this will happen on a global scale not just usa

    • TheLoneGerman
      TheLoneGerman 12 days ago

      The Reason why America is Collapsing and China is Rising is due to Globalislzation , When America Made a Deal with .China Thru Nixon, They The "CEOs" thought they Can do Away with Production Cost, and Factories, by Exporting American Manufacturing and Technology Including their "Blueprints" to China
      But Here is How America Failed and China Immensely Succeeding.
      The Chinese Were Willing to use and Grow their Billion plus Work and Labor 😁 Force, while America was "Cutting" their Work Force because Profit Motivated CEOs wanted to Make more Money Using less Labor.
      Since the Wealthy Class, CEOs, Corporate Stock holders, in American Big Industries, such as Military, Aviation, Pharmecutival millionaire and Billionaires have a "Cozy" Relationship with the Politicans "Ruling Elites" Through Political Organization, Financial systems like the Stock Market . And the Corporate Class are Themselves 😂 Part of the "Elite Class"
      Created what I call a "Capitalisti

    • Ravira Key
      Ravira Key Month ago

      @ret1con Didn't know Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam etc are located inside Singapore.
      Singapore, Japan and South Korea are literally the only rich countries there, the rest is poor af in comparison.

    • Justin z
      Justin z Month ago

      @Jus Segar Semulajadi laughable

  • RepRam
    RepRam Month ago

    Having all runs of the simulation ending with a similiar result, having a decline starting around 2040 sounds more like an error in the simulation to me, rather than a definitive point of collapse...
    If I write a program and it starts spitting out the same result each run, in spite of me feeding different parameters to it, I go back and look for an mistake I made along the way, or if I just forgot to get rid off a flag I had for testing reasons.
    Either that, or the simulation wasn't as complete as these people imagined.
    This sounds like Nostradamus with transistor.

  • Alan W 🌈
    Alan W 🌈 8 days ago

    This has happened in New Zealand. A quarter of the population in NZ are elderly, and young people keep leaving due to the high stress of paying taxes to fund so many retired people, who insultingly own the rental property they live in because young people can't afford a house due to the high taxes and low wages they earn.

  • RobertWF42
    RobertWF42 28 days ago

    I remember reading about this study as a kid in the 1980s and worrying. Thankfully, I think the predicted collapse of civilization is a bit pessimistic, based on a 1970s outlook.
    Parts of the 'Business as usual' model are already off - eg, pollution hasn't increased exponentially since 1972. We're not running out of resources. And we're not suffering severe food shortages (as a result of population growth, at least).

  • Holden Matteson
    Holden Matteson 2 months ago +6

    Yeah, this is about the hundredth video I've seen saying this, it's very informative, and I appreciate your work, but how do we actually fix the issues?

    • d0nj03
      d0nj03 Month ago

      @Ncik Carrico Nope. Not enough fossil energy left to rebuild everything in electric version, plus we've been destroying too much of the environment through pesticides and fertilizers and nobody is in any rush to stop that. Insects are dying out, and with them our agriculture too. Also not a "renewables"/electricity problem. There are deep ugly problems we've created through fossil-powered industry, mass use of personal cars and intensive farming, and not enough of them are being fixed fast enough to avoid social collapse and drastic population reduction through mass famine.
      We should've started fixing things decades ago. Now it's about how many we can save as things inevitably come crashing down.

    • Ncik Carrico
      Ncik Carrico Month ago

      Get our heads out of our asses. Figure out how to get the economy to be sustained on a renewable energy. We’re capable of it.

    • d0nj03
      d0nj03 Month ago

      We don't. We can only slow down the collapse and try to preserve some basic resources to build another civilization from the ashes of this one, particularly natural biological resources that "know how" to function on their own and can provide us with food even in the total absence of technology.

  • Oliver Knabe
    Oliver Knabe 11 months ago +8621

    "This video is brought to you by Skill, Share. Thanks to SkillShare you can [learn all of these cool things] which will be useless by 2040 according to MIT"

    • Roy Gonzales
      Roy Gonzales Month ago


    • Ravi Desai
      Ravi Desai Month ago

      Im playing days gone, learning to survive in 2041

    • Freezer Boi
      Freezer Boi Month ago

      Having skills would actually be incredibly useful in the event of societal collapse though?

    • R
      R Month ago

      @Clockwork Not on mainland America. You’re practically fucked in most states. Not all. But most.

    • R
      R Month ago

      Feel like this is a fallout40 trailer 😂

  • osareafallire
    osareafallire 2 months ago +3

    "Necessity is the mother of invention", is a phrase almost exclusively used in humanity's favor. But maybe the planet gets inventive too and necessarily allows us to destroy ourselves.

  • Jason Yip
    Jason Yip 11 hours ago

    As someone who is an MCU fan and have worked on system dynamics, the simple explaination is that MIT is doing what Dr strange did in infinity wars. He looked at all the futures to understand what he needed to do at that point in time. MIT too look through millions of futures to find out what decisions today will lead us down which future.
    The point of the exercise is not to tell what the future will be But the point is to be able to forecast what the long term impact of what we do today will be in the future.
    System dynamics is not prophecy... its a pathfinder.

  • James Rowan
    James Rowan 2 months ago +1

    The markets have been overvalued for years. Frankly I'm surprised the whole system hasn't collapsed before now.

  • Nyachi
    Nyachi Month ago

    I think it's laughable and maybe even arrogant we think we can use decades old studies to pinpoint the year it will all end. Technology is getting super crazy to the point of being wildly unpredictable. Personally I believe the development of AI will make us scrap all these models and it will take the world for a ride unlike anything we will be able to imagine.

  • Darkmatter
    Darkmatter 8 months ago +1990

    I personally think that the collapse is more probable because we are more of a reactive society that waits till the last second to do something rather than being proactive. Political corruption and corporate won’t be going away and people are resistant to change, America is very guilty of that. The people who could have the power to make major decisions for the better aren’t really doing much and I feel as though we aren’t changing fast enough.

    • Pokémon Trainer BlueHair-With-Pronouns Kristal
      Pokémon Trainer BlueHair-With-Pronouns Kristal Month ago

      @Nicholas Lowell you’re quoting a fascist ideology, and fascists are known for inevitably destroying themselves every time. Lol

      GOD ZEFKIEL Month ago

      @Little hands gives Covfefe one, learn how to spell. Two, it’s the liberals that are destroying the American social sphere with bullshit propaganda.

    • April M
      April M 4 months ago

      Integrity is gone
      And when man decides what is “good” that’s how you get where we’re at

    • Orlando Guerra
      Orlando Guerra 4 months ago +1

      This is the right answer. "We have the ability to change our world for the better and extend the future of our species for millenia, the problem is that it just isn't short term profitable to the people and governments that control the power and wealth to make it happen." Simply put, greed will be our undoing. Always has, always will.

    • Peter Wyatt
      Peter Wyatt 4 months ago +1

      But isn't the problem with all levels of activism is that it takes on too much of an approach to social settings? As in, it'll perceive what has been wrong with our world, though when it comes to actually doing something about something, one forgets about the world, pretends it never exists, and focuses on the individual, not society.
      Activists want to tackle all the problems, in relation to their focus on the world, though that leaves the individual, who has become affected by worldly problems, to be neglected.
      In essence, activists are the same as you, Darkmatter, who will only look to the rich and powerful, wondering why they've not done anything to "change" something.
      Well, why not you? Is money both the sickness and the cure? Or is there something else to it? Maybe it's that you, among countless other people, don't seem to care enough to save an individual, because these sorts are too afraid to "get involved". You'd rather mind your own business, and therefore, be negligent.

  • James Dowell
    James Dowell Month ago +2

    Much of my work is statistical modeling of public health data. With state of the art tech, we BARELY can model things like demand for soda with high accuracy. My confidence that we can accurately model global civilization is basically zero percent. Will society collapse? I don't know, but neither do these papers.

  • yttleekt
    yttleekt 3 months ago +2

    👍It means that we are way behind from the expectation of our ancestors.There will always be a saturated pt to reset/equilibrate the system before "total collapse".

  • Wiebe Platt
    Wiebe Platt Month ago +3

    History teaches us that a crash is inevitable. My spouse and I are adding a variety of stocks/ETF to our present holdings and we've set asides a good amount to start following inflation-indexed bonds and stocks of companies with solid cash flows. I believe it is a good time to capitalize on the market for long-term gains, but it wouldn't hurt to know means of actualizing short term profits as well. I have approximately $750k stagnant in my port_folio that needs growth.

    • Mark
      Mark 2 days ago

      Investments/money won't save you. You need to be self-sufficient.

  • 3D20 Gaming
    3D20 Gaming 2 months ago +4

    i actually doubt people in 1972 would even understand what todays technology is. i put less than zero stock into this study from 1972.

    • Sergio Herrero
      Sergio Herrero 2 months ago +1

      You don't need to understand the future's technology. You use trends to extrapolate how a certain variable will change over time, and how it impacts other dependent variables. And you run different scenarios based on different assumed relations - like the impact of technology on production and resources consumption. The actual implementation of the science is immaterial, unless a specific technology brings a huge upturn not within the extrapolation (say - eternal fusion fixing all our energy needs cleanly).
      The fact that the real world trend so far is consistent with the worst scenario is telling.

  • bitbucketcynic
    bitbucketcynic 5 months ago +3657

    Never let anyone make a decision if they won't personally suffer for being wrong.

    • HUK~
      HUK~ 5 days ago

      Zeitgeist Movement is needed

    • Ominous omicron
      Ominous omicron  Month ago

      @zero7523 your comment made me so wet

    • Ominous omicron
      Ominous omicron  Month ago

      @Gabe C I just can’t believe you’re so dumb 😂

    • zero7523
      zero7523 Month ago

      @Gabe C If your country has a state pension I hope they discontinue it within your lifetime. I don't owe you a thing!

    • Gabe C
      Gabe C Month ago

      @Ominous omicron I meant what I said. What are you an idiot? That's not even difficult

  • Xyzzy
    Xyzzy Month ago

    Just imagine how different this could be if we abandoned the capitalist profit motive and reworked our economic structures to work for the betterment of society and all the people in it.

  • Ian Edmonds
    Ian Edmonds Month ago

    Every time I hear about environmental damage being considered an externality in a model it makes me feel kinda sick. Very obviously it's not an externality and any model that continues in this ancient viewpoint is inaccurate to the point of idiocy no matter how short term it's modelling. Short term thinking is the whole problem that needs addressed and the focus of quarterly profits is the enemy of long term existence both for companies and for the Human Race.

  • ReturnOfTheJ.D.
    ReturnOfTheJ.D. 2 months ago +5

    “Prediction is very difficult, especially if it’s about the future!”
    Niels Bohr

    • Christina Lynn
      Christina Lynn Month ago

      🤔 interesting.
      Seems God, has it figured out.
      😶‍🌫️ God is watching everything, Thank God for that.

  • SNV Rajesh
    SNV Rajesh Month ago

    are these reports compared with the actual reports from 1972 - 2010...?
    I guess yes they did..
    I'm interested to see how the actual progress went to know the credibility of these reports..
    i believe when we are pushed, we do wonders. but without being pushed, if we do anything, it will be a simple personal achievement rather than history.✌️

  • hcblue
    hcblue 9 months ago +3573

    I believe we can not only achieve this ahead of schedule, but also hit all four collapses: political, social, environmental, AND economic. Boom, extra credit.

    • A. Howard Smith
      A. Howard Smith 2 months ago

      Try 7 years

    • scott mcshannon
      scott mcshannon 5 months ago +1

      @calan declining birth rates will actually help overcome all our other screwups. the problem is that the wrong countries do not have declining birth rates.

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 5 months ago

      Done! What's our reward? Oh . . . total chaos. That's a TERRIBLE prize for first place!

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 5 months ago

      @Keith It's correlated, but not solely caused. In the developed world where children are not allowed to be put to work from a young age, children are a financial drain with little to no guaranteed financial payback. Also, any given child has a high likelihood of surviving to adulthood. Therefor, fewer children makes sense. Add contraception and knowing how to use it, and that becomes a reality. In third world countries they don't have contraceptives or generally know how to use them, they need to produce a lot of children to compensate for how many will die from starvation and disease, and they can put the kids to work so the survivors aren't as much of a drain on the family. Maybe some women in the developed world truly want to have careers, but in reality even those who'd rather be stay at home moms have trouble managing it in most cases because maintaining a family on a single income is very difficult now, vastly harder than it was in previous decades. It's simply harder to raise a family now.

    • Amber Kat
      Amber Kat 5 months ago

      You called it! Me, I was listening intently until he said it was peaceful- then I thought to check the date. I would not be at all surprised if things started to collapse very soon now.

  • Anshul chaurasia
    Anshul chaurasia Month ago +2

    I really like this video.
    Wanted to know more, from where can I find the research paper.

  • Victor Kreig
    Victor Kreig 27 days ago

    A grain of salt for everyone here:
    MIT stopped being a place for geniuses and became a place to peddle propaganda and market research along with desired results back in the mid 90's and it has been that way ever since.

  • Mona Hakim
    Mona Hakim Month ago +2

    This was great. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • Mario87456
    Mario87456 Month ago +5

    In a way I look forward to the idea of society collapsing since society sucks so much but it will likely be happening far sooner then we think.

  • Faethe
    Faethe 11 months ago +4986

    My experience is that there's never been a group of science types as bad at prediction as economists.

    • Ь Ъ
      Ь Ъ 29 days ago

      @Raiko Seria Read his bio.. not finished degree in engineering and some sort of MBA, probably executive one, after a year or two of studies. Where the heck economics comes in here? I have listened to this guy on many occasions in the last 10 years. Nothing special. Not wasting my time on him anymore.

    • Raiko Seria
      Raiko Seria 29 days ago

      @Ь Ъ You're quite a funny guy. Better do some research before posting this kind of drivel.

    • Ь Ъ
      Ь Ъ Month ago

      @wyskass COVID was orchestrated and thus very predictable for those who did it.

    • Ь Ъ
      Ь Ъ Month ago +1

      @Tian Bay Don't take it seriously. Potapenko is businessman, but not an economist. Neither he ever made any serious or not obvious predictions. All he does is expressing his opinion.

    • Ь Ъ
      Ь Ъ Month ago

      @Raiko Seria What a bullshit! Neither he is an economist, nor he made any real economic predictions.

  • YepX
    YepX Month ago +1

    I'd push back that advanced civilizations have existed for 10,000 years, there's a possibility of many civilizations being lost to time.

  • Penguin King
    Penguin King Month ago

    It is little bit hard to tell from the graph but it looks like we are still pre-decline on the business as usual 2 scenario. Output is still growing. Pollution is in the process of being prioritized. Population growth is still positive overall. There has been no decline in food. And economically, resource depletion is impossible. There are always alternatives. Our real problem is not adjusting away from harmful resources fast enough. ie: informal cobalt mining. Matching a scenario on the upside does not mean the end is nigh. Show me a scenario that accurately predicts any decline and I'll be right there with you.

  • Black Mage
    Black Mage Month ago

    I'll believe it when it happens. For all we know, MIT will have to push the goalposts.
    In the meantime, vote for young visionary progressives, and not old geezers from the stone age.

  • sanda386
    sanda386 Month ago +1

    I refuse to give in to the widespread doomsday mentality so prevalent of late. I'm sure lots of people going through hard times thought they were at the "end of days" at many points before in history. We have our share of big challenges to be sure, but also are in a better position than ever before to overcome them.

    • somerandomguy
      somerandomguy Month ago +2

      Earlier in history we didn't have the means to destroy ourselves and our world. Now we do.

  • shmeckal_ 7
    shmeckal_ 7 Year ago +2474

    The biggest problem with humanity is the fact that we typically tend to be more reactive then proactive we wait until the last minute to fix big problems that could have been solved a long time ago

    • Ssar1702
      Ssar1702 2 months ago

      Also, we are the most horrible creature in every way.
      We create most suffering that any event, or other form or life can't come close to.
      We ignore appeals to be nice (not abandonning pets, not buying unless you need...)
      Marketing of course is a sickness, consumerism a disease.
      We don't want to care for anyone else, because ego and profits.
      Short terms profits rule. Money corrupts.
      Power corrupts and is used for evil purposes.
      We probably deserve to be instinct and turn into dust. We are not worth anything. Not even poo.

    • Star Glow
      Star Glow 2 months ago +1

      Exterminate the blood sucker and absolutely don't use, especially don't
      B U Y anything from or connected to the Rockefellers, Rothschilds,
      George Soros, Bill Gates, The Koch brothers, Pfizer-Albert Bourla,
      Black Rock, Vanguard, Zillow, Blackstone etc... don't ever fund them,
      donate and or sponsor them. Remember you will have nothing pay
      astronomic rents and taxes as you are made to own nothing, eat bugs
      and be brain controlled to be happy this way while they own everything,
      eat meat, live in mega mansions take your souls make you pay mega
      high so called carbon foot print taxes to pay to kinda clean their up
      their millions of tons of toxic waste while restricting your water drinking
      shower usage etc... Now we know who really needs to be exterminated
      the two legged greedy rats.

    • Johannes Löf
      Johannes Löf 4 months ago

      @iamtheschalrus jealous much?

    • Strife
      Strife 4 months ago

      @Erik Hendrickson Denmark is doing a great job. Sweden's welfare model has become completely unhinged with their mass immigration experiment, taking in tens of thousands of immigrants from non-western cultures that don't want to work but gladly accept free government money. They're not a good example of how to take care of your own country.

    • Josh Nordin
      Josh Nordin 4 months ago

      We're all procrastinating addicts chasing immediate relief because we are miserable all the time

  • Viktor Isaev
    Viktor Isaev Month ago +1

    When examining Gaya Herrington's report, I could actually see the predicted and actual numbers starting to diverge from each other, and the actual today's trends seemed better.

    • Viktor Isaev
      Viktor Isaev 14 days ago

      @chickenlord In the section "8. Supporting Infromation", there is a reference to the supporting materials, where you can find the xslx spreadsheet with the graphs built out of the numbers from the report. Also there are graphs with empirical data on the same charts. On these graphs I can see the trends diverging. For example the empirical trend on "Food per capita" is much much better then it was predicted by all of the models.

    • chickenlord
      chickenlord Month ago

      Can you expand on that? Which numbers seemed better?

  • David Bow Wow
    David Bow Wow 2 months ago +1

    The biggest hole in these models is AI. We’re heading to a future where society will rely a lot less on human capabilities

    • Tom Schuelke
      Tom Schuelke Month ago

      Thats the myth of people who never realy looked in ai

  • Riverbed_Dreaming1232

    Excellent. As someone medically compromised I will probably die if society collapses. Better do something great before then in that case.

  • Moira
    Moira 2 months ago +6

    The year caught my attention because it’s also the next Phoenix phenomenon in May 2040. Of further rumblings, 2046 really is the biggest concern. Interesting.

  • HammerTh
    HammerTh Year ago +1633

    "Why get hostile when you can get rich?" is literally the founding principle of the EU.

    • john N
      john N 15 days ago

      All you need is a petrol/gas station. Too bad mother Russia is not available.

    • Costa Keith
      Costa Keith 2 months ago

      Because war is necessary for population control and as the ultimate form of competition encourages technological innovation. Trying to live without war is the height of decadence and decadence always leads to decline.

    • MKraay
      MKraay 11 months ago +1

      @The Light Silent The EU will not collapse. Soviet Union and EU aren't comparable AT ALL, and if you think so, you REALLY need to open up a book or 10 about the (law of the) European Union.

    • Jorge Luiz
      Jorge Luiz 11 months ago +1

      I'd rather be poor than nuked

    • mini smalls
      mini smalls 11 months ago

      @Some rat I'm a fool for saying a true statement that directly ties with the original comment? Kick rocks troll

  • michalchik
    michalchik 2 months ago

    If anyone is interested I'll explain my objections to the idea that the average person today is better off than the kings of 200 years ago. Many respects we are, but in some of the most important respects we are not. These tend to align with the tunnel vision of economists that measure human utility in terms of GDP per capita.

  • Knut Thompson
    Knut Thompson Month ago

    Of course society has been predicted to be just about to collapse since as long as there has been society. Not that I disagree that we are beyond some limits that are going to involve painful reorganization of a lot of things.

  • justin barrett
    justin barrett 3 months ago

    I like how you talk about middle class employment, when factually there is a far higher percentage of lower class workers...factories etc. These people will have a standard of living closer to that of a third world country.....while those 3rd world countries will be living even more horrid conditions and will likely have pure anarchy...it will be horrible. I worry for my children.

  • anti-rebel
    anti-rebel Month ago

    We have to live with never knowing if this prediction is right until we get there.
    But in the meantime, isn't it compelling enough, for everyone to live minimally? Seems no-brainer.

  • Param M
    Param M Year ago +1284

    Hey, I don't know if you will ever read this but you were one of the most influential factors in me taking up economics as my degree at college. I would be studying BS Economics with major focus on mathematics, statistics and programming with minor focus on environmental engineering. Thanks to your amazing videos for making me fall in love the subject

    • Jinja
      Jinja 4 months ago

      @Jose Rodriguez that’s why i like economics

    • UnknownUser
      UnknownUser 10 months ago

      @Daebak You're giving them too much credit. They're not that smart.

    • Foreign Language
      Foreign Language 11 months ago

      Yep! We're definitely seeing the collapse of a world power.

    • Jose Rodriguez
      Jose Rodriguez Year ago

      @geno mir Well yes, this would be a nice addition to anti-capitalist theory, I do appreciate the concept of human labor as a system of chemical and electrical energy consumption and output, but to put this in layman’s terms, the more people we have, the more we can build for consumption and improve our quality of life, however the more energy people consume is not a positive because super obese people would find it harder to labor, so there’s that

    • geno mir
      geno mir Year ago

      @Jose Rodriguez the social aspect of labor is only possible because labor itself, if there was no labor there wouldn't be any social aspect of it. ANd since labor is a function of energy therefore the social aspects of it is also a function of energy. to cut the discussion short, everything needs energy. the very essense of our universe is energy appropriation/consumption to fight off enthropy. the thing you reffer as social aspects (perhaps more appropriate term is sociocultural dynamics of labor) of labor is a function of the total net possitive energy delivered by the total labor - expressed by total energy consumption and energy consumption per capita. THe higher the energy consumption (both total and per capita) the higher the 'wealth' and the standard of living.

  • Donald Duck
    Donald Duck Month ago

    I don't think we'll ever have a food shortage in free market economies, the introduction of fertilizers have been too much of a game changer for that to ever happen on its own... as long as the government doesn't mess that up like they did in sri lanka we should be good

  • MJ Lee
    MJ Lee Month ago

    But technology improves exponentially so this is something the researchers kinda didn’t consider

  • asd417
    asd417 Month ago +2

    Korea's population is practically reducing and from what I can tell it has reached comprehensive technology scenario. I feel like other countries will follow this path pretty shortly

    • IAK
      IAK 29 days ago

      Same goes for Japan

  • Michael Gorden
    Michael Gorden Month ago

    Sadly I think 2040 is still too generous at this rate! Look how insane it is compared to even 2 years ago

  • Tony Jones
    Tony Jones 11 months ago +1385

    I liked the "apartment vs. castle" statement. I visited the main ruins of a castle in Germany and, until the guide mentioned it, it never occurred to me just how COLD those joints got in the winter...

    • Prince
      Prince 4 months ago

      @crazy edo Hot stones in a pan
      We still do that here we're a bit ok alot old fashioned but in our case our culture has remained
      It's like how we were 400 years ago except we have smartphones and other things now

    • tacob0
      tacob0 10 months ago +1

      @Neo Link Not to mention the fun of maintaining your own army and getting to play age of empires irl and being able to create something lasting to pass to your kids. As where now all i could give any potential children is a dystopian future.

    • Neo Link
      Neo Link 10 months ago +1

      It's a good argument but he didn't account for the power aspect. Sure, a modern middle class person has more comfort and maybe some more freedom but a rich medieval person has far more power, social status and freedom than in some cases. A king could exert his power and get way more access to resources, and power has to be accounted for in wealth

    • Philliben1991
      Philliben1991 10 months ago

      @Zizi Roberts Not so good in a siege though so you'd probably have a good life but a short life!

    • Julie Brooke
      Julie Brooke 10 months ago +1

      I’d still go for the palace personally, complete with chefs, housekeeper, groundskeepers etc. I don’t have air conditioning now and I’m sure I wouldn’t need it in a palace with all those windows and shutters and people to go around opening and closing them.

  • vp
    vp 3 months ago +4

    I don't know about the world but this dude will definitely collapse if he doesn't get to the point soon.

  • AlexP
    AlexP 3 months ago

    Unlikely someone will read this but my first thought is that there might be overfitting here. Now these are smart MIT researchers and I'm sure they are aware of this, but I cant help to think that throwing this many variables into a model won't be good at predicting the future

  • Villela Andrade Productions

    Excellent research and presentation.

  • Big Quazz
    Big Quazz 3 months ago

    I don't think more people will cause more innovation... because innovation today relies more on circumstantial opportunity than it did 100 years ago. Plus we hide most opportunity today behind roadblocks like financial stability and formal education.
    More people will put such a burden on our economy that it will ultimately mean less people have the opportunity innovate anything.

  • w00tyd00d
    w00tyd00d 5 months ago +1442

    Meanwhile politicians _know_ about all of this, yet are too busy pinning the public against each other and furthering their own agendas to actually do anything about it. I think it's also kinda gross that the critics who state "necessity is the mother of invention" is how we're going to solve these issues. Thing is they're not _wrong,_ humans as whole are notorious for ignoring problems until they're actually threatening something personal to them, it's just the apathetic attitude behind it that's gross.

    • TheLoneGerman
      TheLoneGerman 12 days ago

      The Reason why America is Collapsing and China is Rising is due to Globalislzation , When America Made a Deal with .China Thru Nixon, They The "CEOs" thought they Can do Away with Production Cost, and Factories, by Exporting American Manufacturing and Technology Including their "Blueprints" to China
      But Here is How America Failed and China Immensely Succeeding.
      The Chinese Were Willing to use and Grow their Billion plus Work and Labor 😁 Force, while America was "Cutting" their Work Force because Profit Motivated CEOs wanted to Make more Money Using less Labor.
      Since the Wealthy Class, CEOs, Corporate Stock holders, in American Big Industries, such as Military, Aviation, Pharmecutival millionaire and Billionaires have a "Cozy" Relationship with the Politicans "Ruling Elites" Through Political Organization, Financial systems like the Stock Market . And the Corporate Class are Themselves 😂 Part of the "Elite Class"
      Created what I call a "Capitalisti

    • Daniel Adams
      Daniel Adams 19 days ago

      @CaptNightmare we can go and do anything with enough time and resources like Batman. We’re even developing AI and super computers to come to the conclusions far faster than we could on our own. It is possible, such as flight became possible. But the petty in fighting is only wasting our precious time.

    • CaptNightmare
      CaptNightmare 19 days ago

      @Daniel Adams The problem with that is there is nowhere to go. Humans can't survive anywhere but Earth because research shows that our bodies start to quickly fall apart in different gravity. Everything else is a fantasy. We fix Earth or we go extinct.

    • CaptNightmare
      CaptNightmare 19 days ago

      The goal of all politicians is to get rich. Period. Short term gains from a system that is predicated on corporate bribery.

    • Tim F
      Tim F 24 days ago +1

      You are giving politicians way too much credit. The few who can see past their own next re-election are vanishingly rare. Our fate is not destruction by supervillains, but by morons.

  • Jeremy Good
    Jeremy Good 5 days ago +31

    Every family has that one person who will break the family's financial struggle, I hope you become the one 😊

    • Cassie Jacobs
      Cassie Jacobs 5 days ago

      Keep learning from your errors, success goes with failures, try to hire experts and above all be prayerful

    • Hart Thim
      Hart Thim 5 days ago

      Small steps every day

    • Clare Smithy
      Clare Smithy 5 days ago

      @Anderson Sarah Thank you, I will write her immediately

    • Anderson Sarah
      Anderson Sarah 5 days ago


    • Anderson Sarah
      Anderson Sarah 5 days ago

      Tele gram 👇

  • MooshK97
    MooshK97 Month ago +1

    I hope we make it till 2040, but I have a feeling we'll be lucky if we make it to 2030

  • jszgarrison
    jszgarrison Month ago

    In the 1970s these same experts predicted the world would be in gas masks by 1980, air pollution will have reduced the amount of sunlight reaching earth by 1/2 by 1985, & we’d both plunge into a global ice age & run completely out of oil by the year 2000. We’ve got our share of problems, but we’re pretty innovative & I think we’ll figure it out.

  • Pat Osos
    Pat Osos 25 days ago +1

    Every society throughout history has eventually collapsed, either by natural disasters or by human stupidity and greed. I believe that the next one will be due to human stupidity and greed.

  • Matt Greene
    Matt Greene 10 months ago +2248

    There's a book called Fates Of Empires by Sir John Glubb in which he studied lots of failed societies, and found a pattern. We're just following along the cycle he discovered. One reason he mentions for this that the OP didn't mention....was that history is not truthfully taught. Since we constantly revise history, we can't escape the cycle.

    • Tom Schuelke
      Tom Schuelke Month ago

      Theres a much better book.. "the collaps of complex societys" tonlog tonexplain here. But the collapse allways happens when the bennefit from investments into problemsolvings generates so much increasing complexity, that the benefit gets lower than the solution costs.
      So the available ressources and the available energy for problemsolving as well asvthe degree of allready existing complexite are the most important factors here.

    • Yosemite Sam
      Yosemite Sam 5 months ago

      @John Chedsey Theres only like two or three countries that hasn’t fallen prey to that… and its countries that remained mostly neutral.

    • Byr Bad
      Byr Bad 5 months ago

      @John Chedsey The funniest thing in the world is the idea that given the proper socioeconomic circumstances and education, every person can be turned into a next James Watt or Richard Feynman.
      Look, I'm not an evil person, so I give you advice: learn gardening and all the other stuff needed for self-sufficient life and stop kidding yourself with "The technological progress will march forever", because all across the world highly intelligent people don't reproduce enough, and without them neither progress nor maintaining technological level are possible. Moreover, there's no reason to think that civilization could ever be rebuilt after the depletion of fossil fuels and metal mines, even if several centuries later there are again plenty of smart people around. It may well be the case that the collapse will forever end humanity's dream of colonizing space or even just having high-tech society.

    • John Chedsey
      John Chedsey 5 months ago

      @Byr Bad Dude. You're a mess. But I appreciate you writing of the funniest things I've seen in ages.

    • Byr Bad
      Byr Bad 5 months ago

      @John Chedsey You feel wrong, because I would make mandatory for people like Neil deGrass Tyson or Ahmed Zewail to have 10 children. My point is that ALL human beings on Earth are dependent on science and technology (except for some remote tribes maybe), and if the civilization collapses, they all will suffer. Gentlemen like you are saying to smart men and women (whatever their race is): "If you don't want to, don't have children", and what you don't understand is that without certain "critical mass" of these people in the next generations the whole modern civilization ends (electricity, modern agriculture, airplanes, Internet etc), which in turn will entail if not total extinction, but serious and sudden depopulation of the whole humanity. People who in their ignorance claim that everyone can be turned into a next Nikola Tesla, are de facto promoting collapse of technological society with all its horrible consequences, so these people shouldn't be taken seriously on ethical matters

  • DRG342
    DRG342 3 months ago +1

    Finally. Something we humans are good at! 😃👍

  • Explorant Bias
    Explorant Bias 2 months ago

    You probably won't see this, because the video is already 10 months old...but if you do, you should check out some papers concerning 'Posnormal Theory'. It's a commonly used framework by critical futurists, concerning the growing complexity and chaos of society and ways to navigate our own uncertainty and ignorance concerning the future. It also talks about the feedbackloops you explained

  • My Weird Second Channel With A Pretty Long Name

    Video starts at 11:57 and ends at 18:00, your welcome.

  • Bacon Persuasion
    Bacon Persuasion 3 months ago +5

    Most peaceful time ever. Goes back 60 years.

  • TheSoundOfBand Instrumental
    TheSoundOfBand Instrumental 11 months ago +2964

    "Here you go, have an ad."
    "What a good little consumer you are."
    I died a little.

    • TheBlackSpark
      TheBlackSpark 5 months ago +1

      I skipped it

    • alex
      alex 6 months ago +1

      i wonder how it is possible to pull that off

    • littlestbroccoli
      littlestbroccoli 7 months ago +1

      We didn't choose this and we can't opt out now

    • Raphael
      Raphael 7 months ago +1

      Me: laughing in adblock

    • Nuphgar
      Nuphgar 8 months ago

      @Stellar Fervour nah bruh now its broken XD

  • Zachary Wood
    Zachary Wood Month ago

    Its important1 to point out that just because society collapses doesn't mean we all go back to the stone age, we may go back a few hundred years or more. And it may not last as long as you think

  • A Hanlon
    A Hanlon Month ago

    Well at least we can exceed expectations in one category :D

  • Stell2Cycle
    Stell2Cycle 8 days ago

    Social Collapse doesn't always mean post apocalyptic dystopia but rather that the currents social structures will either be incredibly inefficient or completely reformed

  • Shawn Talbert
    Shawn Talbert Month ago

    I was thinking our society will collapse in 2030, but after watching this video, I’ll stay with my original opinion.

  • DJ Nick
    DJ Nick 5 months ago +4430

    The way Covid was handled is a good insight as to how screwed we are if something even more serious comes

    • karen
      karen Month ago

      Some humans a lot do not adapt

    • No.
      No. Month ago

      @klausmkl we literally arent.

    • Anonymous
      Anonymous Month ago +1

      “Comes” as if dealing with climate change isn’t already upon us.

    • J M
      J M Month ago

      @TonytheArtist we hardly adapted we shut everything down and were forced to stop living life for almost 2 years while no one could agree on what arbitrary rules to follow and the numbers were being fudged to increase obedience using scare tactics

    • Christopher Robles
      Christopher Robles Month ago

      You mean producing a vaccine and other medical innovations in record time?

  • Collectors Corner
    Collectors Corner 2 months ago +1

    If technology never progressed past 2000 I'd be happy.

  • Gary Cahn
    Gary Cahn Month ago

    Being a sophisticated civilization sounds like the antithesis of a robust civilization.

  • Anthony
    Anthony 3 months ago

    MIT produces great minds. Boston Consulting Group (they are massive) recruits these great minds then gives them instructions when these great minds are placed in companies BCG wishes to fail and profit off of. They use the legitimacy of MIT graduates to enforce and embolden their suggestions to companies. Many of these companies end up bankrupt and delisted on the stock market, only to have their IP's scooped up and repurposed. MIT likely knows this, though they can't stop their graduates from taking lucrative positions. Most of these graduates don't even realize what they are a part of till it's too late, if ever. So MIT concluding that the fall of society is in 2040 is something I'm paying attention to, because willingly or not, they've greatly contributed to that downfall.

    BIIBRIS 2 months ago

    " we are living in the most peaceful time" speak for your self brother, speak for your self.

  • neeneko
    neeneko Year ago +990

    So, a little extra bit for people who are curious : systems dynamics models are a bit different than the modern machine learning systems we generally picture today. they do not have the ability to be trained and learn, instead they are hand built, usually using multiple theories that are then chained together into bigger 'systems'. The 'historical data' bit is for hand validation, you run known datasets through it and see how well your theory does, then you have to hand make adjustments. It is still pretty heavily used today since it is much more explainable than ML, but requires a lot more up front work and is not as useful for things like recommendation systems (the core of search, advertising, and product/media browsing) so it gets a lot less attention.

    • Shingi
      Shingi 10 months ago

      @Lone Starr "what you argue about exhausts it's effect in the third decimal place." not true at all. In many cases, changes in model can have order of magnitude effect on outcome. Especially if you also need to add additional data to historical dataset to incorporate things that happened after the prior iteration was run.

    • C TB
      C TB 10 months ago

      @Been Saiyan what I meant by curve fitting is over optimising. To put it in layman's terms ML can sometimes get tunnel vision and put together a perfect equation based on historical data, and get some ridiculous correlations. Fun fact: The import of Lemons from Mexico to the US is has a 0.97 negative correlation with road traffic deaths in the US. An ML model would take this assumption seriously.
      The ML model finding these strange connections is why it's such a great tool. But you always need a human to filter out the obvious mistakes ML makes.

    • Eden Everly
      Eden Everly 11 months ago +1

      @wutmoorlord yup. This is just the usual comment from someone with intellectual insecurity.

    • Foreign Language
      Foreign Language 11 months ago

      Yep! We're definitely seeing the collapse of a world power.

    • Max Mustermann
      Max Mustermann Year ago +1

      I agree to most parts, but I’d argue that dynamic models need much less data. And the applicability for well known physics is unparalleled. You can optimize the grid of northeast Europe using ML, but first you need to get the power plant to work using dynamic models and some conventional control. Once everything runs and generates data you get your ML and do some predictive maintenance or large scale optimization.

  • Mason Watkins
    Mason Watkins Month ago

    Keep in mind these are the same people that said our society would collapse in 2020 too yet here we are almost 3 years later. Fact is nobody knows when our society will fail there is no way to measure it.

  • Naruto big2023
    Naruto big2023 3 days ago +1

    "Society will collapse in 2040"
    Big corporations "How can we monetize this'!

  • Anita Corbett
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    Always a great bit of information 👍✅

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    Best day of my life was when I stopped spending borrowed money and only what I earn from my investment... Also Destroyed my financial credit score so can't borrow money.. it's definitely a bad addiction.. kids need to learn this quickly.. Investing your money is misunderstood by many as a "risky way to grow your wealth!" When in reality it is actually a necessary act to fight inflation and get a plethora of wealth. Have my net worth by $1M in the last 4 years.

    • Luisa McFarland
      Luisa McFarland 20 days ago +3

      @Jack Anness You can take a look at her full name on the internet. She is well known so it shouldn't be hard to find her.

    • Jack Anness
      Jack Anness 20 days ago +2

      @Luisa McFarland I've known I've wanted to start investing for a few months but just haven't been brave enough to start due to the market so far this year .Please, how do i reckon with such skillset?

    • Luisa McFarland
      Luisa McFarland 20 days ago +6

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    • Robert Hickey
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  • new face
    new face Year ago +3585

    MIT couldn’t even predict that their janitor was a genius, so my confidence is pretty minimal.

    • Trevor M.
      Trevor M.  10 months ago

      My boy is wicked smaaaaaht

    • Memoiana
      Memoiana 11 months ago

      @Anthony Young there was actually a real character who was a janitor, rose to scientific prominence and ended his life in poverty and oblivion.

    • vieda z.
      vieda z. 11 months ago

      Based comment

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise 11 months ago

      @Anthony Young Clearly he was making a joke.

    • Sneekystick
      Sneekystick 11 months ago

      Knock on wood

  • Pine
    Pine Month ago +1

    What ever happens, happens, I'm just glad I was apart of it for my short time then.

  • Jeffrey Cornish
    Jeffrey Cornish 3 months ago +1

    Coming from someone who survived from someone whom attempted to murder him I truly think society deserves to collapse

  • SubstanceD91
    SubstanceD91 2 months ago

    2040 might be when it gets bad enough that people notice it but society is already collapsing.

  • gfcardi
    gfcardi 2 months ago

    "Access to the internet" ≠ "Access to knowledge."
    But otherwise, a good video.

  • Diarra Sarr
    Diarra Sarr 4 months ago +736

    I think we should remember that when a civilization collapses it doesn't always mean everyone dies immediately, it usually means people slowly migrate elsewhere.

    • Bunsenn
      Bunsenn 2 days ago

      @Wick Jezek The Ottoman Empire fell, and now we have Turkey. It ain’t that bad.

    • TwinPhalanx
      TwinPhalanx 6 days ago

      I hope it comes while I'm young and able to deal with it easier, so I have some happy years being born in 98 fuckin sucks man, life's just been full of rising tragedy this massive collapse that. I just want to take my daughter to Disney land like my grandmother did for my dad and which he was unable to do for me, but we can't even afford and apartment. My only hope of for things to happen wickly and hopefully seek asylum

    • Justin z
      Justin z 15 days ago

      @Tamii N canada gets too cold
      Oceans are too large to cross
      My area in usa is great for crops hunting etc

    • Tamii N
      Tamii N 15 days ago

      @Justin z there is. But none of you are on the consciousness to believe and therefore be aware.

    • M E E K S
      M E E K S 24 days ago

      Cough cough this is when space race comes in to play

  • Tyler Durden
    Tyler Durden 3 months ago

    If Civilization starts collapsing, I am not motivated to help stop it from doing so. Heck, If my doing nothing helps speed it along, then I think that would motivate me to do nothing even faster!

  • Tasty Goblin
    Tasty Goblin Month ago

    They may have a good explanation but every civilization thinks their time is the end. Of course this may be the end of our civilization but it would only pave a way for a new and better one.

  • CynicalCanadian
    CynicalCanadian 3 months ago +1

    So I do have to say you are correct that there are less wars now then in the past. But there are more skirmishes and battles currently going on then there has ever been. In this modern age declarations of war is not needed for most combat situations. But the amount of people dying to combat is actually higher in the 21st century then the 20th if you exclude the two outliers of WW1 and WW2. If included it's near similar. I also think we have a higher murder rate today globally per captia then we did 200 years ago.

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