David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure

  • Published on Feb 21, 2019
  • David Dobrik tries nine things he's never done before, from creating latte art and swaddling a baby, to performing CPR and sliding into Lana Del Rey's DMs. For more David Dobrik check out his RU-clip: bit.ly/1ZS52we
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    David Dobrik Tries 9 Things He's Never Done Before | Allure
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  • Cute Rosetter
    Cute Rosetter 20 hours ago

    I hate how it’s 9, not 10

  • India Ryser
    India Ryser Day ago

    That baby is so cute

  • Maria Castillo
    Maria Castillo Day ago

    They gave David Dobrik of all people a baby 😂

  • Jose Zayass
    Jose Zayass Day ago

    Where'd they get the babies from??!!

  • Lizzy Bear
    Lizzy Bear 2 days ago

    When that baby grows up it’s gonna find this and be like OH MY GOD DAVID DOBRIK SWADLED ME SKSKSKSKSK

  • crackhead girl
    crackhead girl 2 days ago

    david holding babies is the purest thing i’ve ever witnessed

  • Unicorn Tacos
    Unicorn Tacos 2 days ago

    His laugh is contagious

  • Tammy Delano
    Tammy Delano 3 days ago

    Where's natile

  • Rae Elaine
    Rae Elaine 4 days ago

    omg him w/ the babies is so sweet

  • Madyson Reed
    Madyson Reed 5 days ago

    I love watching inexperienced people put in contacts lol

  • Taryn
    Taryn 5 days ago

    i’ve never been jealous of a cpr dummy before

  • Ruby Rodriguez
    Ruby Rodriguez 6 days ago

    David would be such a good dad❤️

  • Issi Marshall
    Issi Marshall 6 days ago

    He’s gonna be such a good dad.

  • Nicole Ramirez
    Nicole Ramirez 6 days ago

    Everyone in the comments be like I wish I was that dummy doll where David's all over it🤦🏼‍♀️ to remind yall it's a cpr doll that's half dead fakely😂🤦🏼‍♀️ yall to funny

  • Zoe Guidry
    Zoe Guidry 6 days ago


  • Kristen Coloo
    Kristen Coloo 7 days ago +1

    I like how when he was preforming CPR he asked for the imaginary person to call the police😂😂😂

  • Moo Harries
    Moo Harries 7 days ago

    Thats one lucky baby gonna grow up the rest of its life knowing David held him/her 😎

  • Mariale Escobar
    Mariale Escobar 9 days ago

    David “ okay.. a .. pitcher.. “

  • Yeet Yeet
    Yeet Yeet 9 days ago

    The baby should be proud that she/he was being carried by David dobrik

  • C. A.M
    C. A.M 10 days ago

    Imagine the baby when it's older bragging to his/her friends that she was held by David dobrik when she was a baby
    BTW I didn't know if it was a girl or a boy

  • Trxpical Mango
    Trxpical Mango 10 days ago

    wish i was that dummy 😔

  • Ummm Okayyyig
    Ummm Okayyyig 10 days ago

    I WANT that dummy to be me

  • Widow
    Widow 12 days ago +1

    The slow motion shots made me realize how adorable David can be .

  • Anita Villanueva
    Anita Villanueva 12 days ago

    the coffee guy is one sassy hippie coffee expert.

  • Neela Hill
    Neela Hill 13 days ago

    I have had a knitting needle in my toe

  • Marena Wickler
    Marena Wickler 13 days ago

    Nothing cuter than David Dobrik holding a baby

  • camilla howell
    camilla howell 13 days ago

    I've seen more of David in this one video thank I have on his entire vlog

  • Daniela Acosta
    Daniela Acosta 14 days ago

    We would like to see you change a baby's diaper...
    Thank you!

    • Daniela Acosta
      Daniela Acosta 14 days ago

      Btw the way I meant a diaper with poop...
      Thank you!
      (P.S.) I bet you would be to chicken

  • Flore Fierens
    Flore Fierens 14 days ago

    0:50 this guy from the coffie is suuuuper rude david was just being funny and he was like that isn’t for that

  • Sub to me idk why
    Sub to me idk why 14 days ago +1

    Those babies are so lucky😩

  • Lillie Willoughby
    Lillie Willoughby 14 days ago

    David in a wig is the hottest thing

  • ok alright
    ok alright 14 days ago

    I love David 😂

  • Mariah Woods
    Mariah Woods 15 days ago

    I will literally do anything he want me to do just to get on his vlog

  • dg do stuff
    dg do stuff 15 days ago

    He did where model wig check the vlog

  • y e s i a m s t i l l r e l e v a n t

    “What’s your earliest memory”

    “Oh nothing, just getting folded into a blanket by David Dobrik”


    When he was with the baby though 😂

  • Larissa Solaric
    Larissa Solaric 15 days ago

    David: holds child

  • avap1280 avap1280
    avap1280 avap1280 16 days ago

    Dude I have to put contacts in everyday

  • BoKillzWeenies
    BoKillzWeenies 16 days ago

    4:08 did anybody else eyes water??

  • Jessica Oursland
    Jessica Oursland 16 days ago

    That baby is going to have one hell of a story to tell when she grows up "I was swaddled by David dobrik when I was 6 months old"

  • Ultimate Trash
    Ultimate Trash 16 days ago

    Who gave David a baby

  • Kyra Noriega
    Kyra Noriega 17 days ago +1

    David Dobrik mama luchona 2019

  • Alyssa Gosine
    Alyssa Gosine 17 days ago

    4:04 I am 11 years old and I wear contacts it's not super easy or hard

  • Maryam Zro
    Maryam Zro 17 days ago

    David with red eyes !!! wow twilight vibes!!!

  • Maryam Zro
    Maryam Zro 17 days ago

    He is sexy

  • Loud Nyan
    Loud Nyan 17 days ago

    Is no one going to talk about how he swore in front of a baby?

    • 똪 Top Liroko
      똪 Top Liroko 16 days ago

      ... that baby probably wont even remeber who he is a week after

  • Black Axes
    Black Axes 17 days ago

    Why does he look like Jim from the office 😂

  • Sharlene Marie
    Sharlene Marie 17 days ago

    He's adorable!

    AMABRI TIME 18 days ago +1

    I wish i was that baby🤣😂

  • Gacha girl101
    Gacha girl101 18 days ago

    When it said to wear colored contacts I thought it said colored condoms I was like whaaaa

  • Ivebeeenthinkntomuch YT

    David dobrik is the most precious thing except in his own videos

  • Coconutuser
    Coconutuser 18 days ago

    I wish I was that CPR dummy

  • Sophilipino
    Sophilipino 18 days ago

    Honestly I think David can be a great dad his kid would get there first car at age 5 (lol)

  • Boro Project
    Boro Project 18 days ago

    imagine being told when you’re older “you were swaddled by david dobrik”

  • may jailer
    may jailer 18 days ago +1

    3:15 i had a mini heart attack when i read that

  • Skye Tice
    Skye Tice 18 days ago

    When he put the contact lenses in his eye it made me cry 😢

  • Adrian Lee Rose
    Adrian Lee Rose 18 days ago +1

    Jason: With the contacts, he finally looks like his true form... The devil.

  • Fez Sanity
    Fez Sanity 18 days ago

    After the video David proceeds to shoot the baby with a paintball gun

  • Kitty Stetson
    Kitty Stetson 18 days ago

    Did I just fall in love? Help.

  • Claudia Hernandez
    Claudia Hernandez 19 days ago

    The way he was so gentle and afraid with the baby’s 😂 😭

  • GG xox
    GG xox 19 days ago


  • dylan s
    dylan s 19 days ago

    4:11 david’s got the sharingan

  • Kate Stierle
    Kate Stierle 19 days ago

    Who's babies are those😂😂

  • Keira Gloeckler
    Keira Gloeckler 19 days ago

    4:12. Edward Cullen who?

  • Charlie Damcevski
    Charlie Damcevski 19 days ago

    The barista = mood

  • Ok
    Ok 19 days ago

    I want to be that dummyyy

  • Char Love
    Char Love 19 days ago

    David climbing ion the table to help the dummy was so hot

  • Goofy Goober
    Goofy Goober 19 days ago


  • Isabella Moran
    Isabella Moran 19 days ago

    David holding that baby gave me joy and anxiety

  • Hailey Marroquin
    Hailey Marroquin 19 days ago

    I always come pack to this video so many times and I never get bored

  • mira mira
    mira mira 19 days ago

    Is it only me who's wondering how did Lisa react after seeing this 😭

  • Praisilia Parengka
    Praisilia Parengka 19 days ago

    Imagine him holding married to Liza and holding his own baby...

  • no u
    no u 19 days ago

    ive never wanted to be a dummy more in my life

  • Prapti Choudhuri
    Prapti Choudhuri 20 days ago +1

    two babies in one room

  • Jørdyn Shae
    Jørdyn Shae 20 days ago

    That's a lucky baby

  • Joslyn Velez
    Joslyn Velez 20 days ago

    I love how he is so gentle with the babies.

  • Vivian Acosta
    Vivian Acosta 20 days ago

    HEs so adorably innocent 😂😊

  • Eliott Toyota Tot
    Eliott Toyota Tot 20 days ago +1

    4:07 *Bella waking up in breaking dawn*

  • Chaseschanel123
    Chaseschanel123 20 days ago

    imagine being a baby and seeing you were held by david dobrik

  • Ruben Villatoro
    Ruben Villatoro 20 days ago

    David: *cant fold the sheet*
    Also David: NATALIE!!!!

  • sydsyd
    sydsyd 20 days ago +1

    when david put the contacts in it was like a scene right out of twilight

  • Suzineeya
    Suzineeya 20 days ago +9

    Ive realised how sweet david is off camera when hes not torturing his friends

  • Cloe Marks
    Cloe Marks 20 days ago

    9 more reasons to love David right here haha❤️😂

  • Nalín Prem Rajaram
    Nalín Prem Rajaram 20 days ago

    When he had the wig on he looked exactly like the little girl in bridge ro terabithia🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Proud Hufflepuff
    Proud Hufflepuff 20 days ago


  • Madison Mcgwier
    Madison Mcgwier 20 days ago

    david with red eyes 🤭

  • Karen Trejo
    Karen Trejo 20 days ago

    Why is seeing cute guys being good/gentle with babies so hot

  • Honey Edits
    Honey Edits 20 days ago

    why not 10? THAT'S KILLING ME!

  • the yeet boi
    the yeet boi 20 days ago +1

    Swaddling a baby sounds like murder

    MIMI KU 21 day ago

    Missed opportunity to make the video 4:20

  • wig
    wig 21 day ago

    and i oop-

  • ROBLOX NewsChannel
    ROBLOX NewsChannel 21 day ago +4

    When that baby grows up and sees this he will be famous because he never even knew he was being held my David dobrik

  • Alanna Slate
    Alanna Slate 21 day ago

    David looks so cute with a baby..most guys do but it's so cute

  • RonnieType Hugh
    RonnieType Hugh 21 day ago

    I cringed when david whenput his contacts in

  • Layne K
    Layne K 21 day ago

    "oh its like the baby" *knees it*

  • Baker Family
    Baker Family 21 day ago

    Ok David dobrik can swaddle babies ! He's ready to br a daddy ! 😍

  • stainthegemini
    stainthegemini 21 day ago

    So cute

  • Emily Jessup
    Emily Jessup 21 day ago

    Where did they get the babies from that’s what I want to know

  • shouto -
    shouto - 21 day ago +2

    We're talking about giving a baby to David Dobrik so this could either go really good or really bad😂

  • Paris Girl
    Paris Girl 21 day ago