1200 Horsepower Nissan GTR: Time Attack + Hillclimb Monster

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • Rolling in with dried champagne still on the hood from his 2019 Super Lap Battle win at COTA, Cole Powelson shows us what the Lyfe Motorsport GTR is all about: big aero, big tires, and a high carbon diet.
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Comments • 719

  • Hoonigan
    Hoonigan  5 months ago +152

    You, Sydney, any track in the world... where you going?

    • Zues Toots
      Zues Toots Day ago

      Mazda Raceway.. Gonna Nail that fucking cork-screw and that tight turn 1, or the right followed by the final left turn onto the straight.

    • Dylan Van Rensburg
      Dylan Van Rensburg 4 months ago


    • 6RIE
      6RIE 5 months ago


    • sam b
      sam b 5 months ago


    • Don Pablo 77
      Don Pablo 77 5 months ago

      @Christopher Bishop im cumming

  • mike dragon
    mike dragon 4 days ago

    Been gone for a while. Whose the new host?

  • Stevie Jo
    Stevie Jo 8 days ago

    I love it
    60 thousand dollar car ...let's tear it down and modify the hell outta it!

  • MrCorvusC
    MrCorvusC 25 days ago

    Do you need a pilot's license to operate this thing?

  • Shnibberbbits
    Shnibberbbits Month ago

    Did anyone else have to rerun what he said at 11:05 more than once or is it just me?

  • hillclimbracingfan
    hillclimbracingfan Month ago

    Glad to see this beast made it here.
    My favorite R35 and for a good reason.Thanks for sharing this Godzilla with us.

  • Daryl Nolan
    Daryl Nolan Month ago

    Testicles in the anus time

  • Carlyons Customz
    Carlyons Customz Month ago

    Nissan My Ass! Theres nothing left.

  • Carlyons Customz
    Carlyons Customz Month ago

    Thats NOT A SKYLINE! Theres Ferk all left of it! Get it Right!. Its Completely Custom nothing Nissan ledt here.

  • Ash Weber-Campbell
    Ash Weber-Campbell Month ago

    The front lip is too much

  • John Kaschak
    John Kaschak Month ago

    Don’t kill me for this, I’m not super familiar with time attack. I’m curious, but at this point, who cares, and what does it matter if the car can/was what was bought in the showroom. There is so much money and work into that, that at this point it shares little with any car off of a line. It has much more in common with a custom built race car.

  • Hivolt Arc
    Hivolt Arc Month ago +1

    I STRONGLY disagree, that ride is GORGEOUS!

  • J Rod
    J Rod Month ago

    When you buy a GT-R but needed a pooper scooper.

  • Tuzz Nation
    Tuzz Nation Month ago

    sweet car but engine sounds like my overheated airbrush pump

  • Joshua Plummer
    Joshua Plummer Month ago

    Does it shovel snow to when its going up the hill?

  • Mr potato
    Mr potato 2 months ago

    How much downforce u need like when driving 10M still in the road not flying (☞ ಠ_ಠ)☞

    DRIFTINCIRCLES 2 months ago

    Mom: kids dinner is ready
    Kids: where are we eating
    Mom: yes

  • Vt Daodao
    Vt Daodao 2 months ago

    this car is so ugly,,,

  • Richard Conner
    Richard Conner 2 months ago +1


  • Israel Diaz
    Israel Diaz 2 months ago

    Less talk more runn, c 'mon dudes..

  • Trey Lott
    Trey Lott 2 months ago

    Was interested, then saw Nads.

  • james corvett
    james corvett 2 months ago

    i need one of these to scoot around town and get groceries n shit

  • Khanyiso Mapuma
    Khanyiso Mapuma 2 months ago

    Can it clear speed bumps?

  • Dixie Normis
    Dixie Normis 2 months ago

    Would this be considered a good beginner bike ?

  • Captain Atheist
    Captain Atheist 2 months ago

    This is like a car one would make on a Need For Speed game.

  • night Rider
    night Rider 2 months ago

    If 50 talk bad about U and 50 talk good about U yea all 100 is still talking about U Because UR GD

  • zavatone
    zavatone 2 months ago

    And you didn't even start it up so we could hear how it sounds. : /

  • joe woof
    joe woof 2 months ago

    wow 1st car that i think looks like shit,,,,, and i lov nissans,,, sad...i thought the fast and the furious stickers was lame many years ago,,,,, guess not for some lame peole

  • joe woof
    joe woof 2 months ago

    I lov Nissan sadly this one sounds like a cheap lawn mower

  • Kj16V
    Kj16V 2 months ago +1

    St Patrick's Day in Ireland - where actual Irish people live: everyone drinks, dances and has fun.
    St Patrick's Day in America - where people think the name Murphy makes them Irish: *Everyone. Loses. Their. Shit.*

  • Ibraiyn Lopez
    Ibraiyn Lopez 2 months ago +1

    a show car can never be a race car but, a race car can always be a show car... this summarises it perfectly, i see this winning on tracks and car shows

  • mteske1
    mteske1 2 months ago

    That’s a cool airplane.

  • Zeke O
    Zeke O 2 months ago

    A little over 4 liters... “4 and a half”

  • mr freedom
    mr freedom 2 months ago

    Way to old to be wearing them skinny jeans..

  • Cloud 9
    Cloud 9 3 months ago

    It would win at my car show.

  • adrian W
    adrian W 3 months ago

    So it's coming to Sydney this year for another crack 🤔?????

  • Conrad Sealy
    Conrad Sealy 3 months ago

    Time attack beast now. This damn GTR is setting records with a map setting of 6 out of 11. What the hell will this monster do at 11? As for the car shows? When it wins enough the car shows will follow. Godzilla dont play.

  • Kenny Tejeda
    Kenny Tejeda 3 months ago

    why does this dude always have a drink in his hands?

  • wockiesha
    wockiesha 3 months ago

    Its Fresh As F*ck 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Ice Breakers
    Ice Breakers 3 months ago

    Hold up

  • Justin Harrell
    Justin Harrell 3 months ago

    hey sydney

  • Adam Courchaine
    Adam Courchaine 3 months ago

    can't tell if clumsy edit at 5:39 ... talking rear wings - "this isn't an infinity wing" - well no, those go at the front, there is no rear infinity wing... yet ;)

  • Difuz0r 1988
    Difuz0r 1988 3 months ago +1

    This car... It needs more wings!

  • Buddy.
    Buddy. 4 months ago

    " I'Can't Believe You've Done This "

  • MasterYannlr
    MasterYannlr 4 months ago

    With that front splitter it could be a snowplower

  • Plainjupiter724
    Plainjupiter724 4 months ago


  • SushiRex
    SushiRex 4 months ago

    So much downforce

  • Fat Cat
    Fat Cat 4 months ago

    its also very good at removing snow from the driveway

  • NO
    NO 4 months ago

    Damn whered you get the advan slicks theyre 360 grip i guess but whered ya get those

  • Cody Hawkins
    Cody Hawkins 4 months ago

    Why does it sound like a lawn mower?

  • muscleman369
    muscleman369 4 months ago

    Is this awd? And the great debate between my father and I is, what's is faster rwd or awd

  • Santos Jerez
    Santos Jerez 4 months ago

    Car was designed by Jr High Industrial Arts class during summer school ...with snow removal in mind .

  • Muhammad irfan fakhrullah Ahmad

    funny car

  • redchickenproduction
    redchickenproduction 4 months ago

    Worlds fastest snowplow.

  • Nick Smith
    Nick Smith 4 months ago

    my favourite part about this video was the driving

  • mikey puvid
    mikey puvid 4 months ago

    I legit thought someone left the air compressor... But it was the exhaust lol

  • Not THEO
    Not THEO 4 months ago +1

    **Sees a wing**

  • Dylan Van Rensburg
    Dylan Van Rensburg 4 months ago

    I would like to see this dramatic bodywork go head to head with the hks gtr....... Oh snap already did it 😢😂

  • R Stands For Race
    R Stands For Race 4 months ago

    We were at CotA competing in the Limited class. Got to see this thing all weekend. It's pretty crazy to watch.

  • Daniel Percent
    Daniel Percent 4 months ago

    Legend goes that this car fears the Tesla machines.

  • BestBroseph
    BestBroseph 4 months ago

    when you remove 90% of the car and change it but the vin still says gtr

  • RocketLife954
    RocketLife954 4 months ago +4

    I'll take hitting a snow bank over the cliffside ANY DAY !!

  • Eiður Kristinn Guðmundsson

    that's not street legal

  • morphman21
    morphman21 4 months ago

    For this car to be in a hurricane, it looks good for a race car now

  • A34
    A34 4 months ago +1


  • Jordan Fenwick
    Jordan Fenwick 5 months ago

    correct me if i wrong. i get it can make more power, but to compare engines at such a price difference saying its the next 2jz seems unfair. Maybe i am miss understanding what he means by it.

  • nohal02
    nohal02 5 months ago

    Why do you need more cooling for pikes peak car? Is it because of the extra heat generated from pushing the engine for hill climbing? Or thinner air at the top of the mountain? or else?

  • bomatt
    bomatt 5 months ago

    Nads gets so carried away with himself.

  • Darrin Keith
    Darrin Keith 5 months ago

    Love my GTR but Such a horrible sounding engine.

  • Ben G.
    Ben G. 5 months ago

    But can it beat the hoonicorn in a drag

  • Eliah Hughes
    Eliah Hughes 5 months ago

    "nothin fancy"

  • Jrod Knard
    Jrod Knard 5 months ago

    Hey if this dude was in Carcaine rehab he'd be a Car-Lord

  • Remi Ramos
    Remi Ramos 5 months ago

    Thanks guys for giving us the engine sounds and revs at the beginning. Please make this a thing with all Build Bios 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  • Ling Ling
    Ling Ling 5 months ago +2

    When you get an extra wing by mistake and decide to glue it to the front side.

  • Brian 15:-
    Brian 15:- 5 months ago