10 Failed McDonalds Products

  • Опубликовано: 25 июл 2014
  • Just because they rule the fast food universe doesn’t mean that McDonald’s hasn’t made some mistakes along the way.
    Here are 10 failed McDonald’s products.
    Number 10.
    Chicken Fajita. Even at 99 cents, this item couldn’t make it. Except for in Canada. Some restaurants there still offer it.
    Number 9. McDLT. Mostly, it was just a burger with lettuce, tomato, and onion, but the unique part was that it was presented in a dual-compartment Styrofoam container that kept the hot side hot and the cold side cold. Some attribute its failure to being too much work to put together while others cite growing concerns about Styrofoam and the environment.
    Number 8. McPizza. The pizza industry is huge, and although McDonalds wanted in on the action they weren’t able to break into the market. It debuted in the late 80s and disappeared shortly after.
    Number 7. McAfrika. Served in a pita the sandwich was meant to be a nod to African cuisine. It was interpreted as an insensitive act due to the famine sweeping across southern Africa at the time of the sandwich’s release. Due to public outcries, the item was taken off of the menu.
    Number 6. Onion Nuggets. Originally released to go alongside the Beefsteak sandwich, the plug was pulled on the nuggets in 1979. Apparently, people could not be swayed to stray from the more traditional ring variety.
    Number 5. McGratin Croquette. Believe it or not, the French-sounding food was made for Japanese consumers. Even though the country at large didn’t take to the seafood, mashed potato, and fried macaroni sandwich, it intermittently shows up on the menu there.
    Number 4. McPasta. McDonalds played around with the pasta idea in the 90s, but it never really went anywhere. More recently they decided to try to sell it to the people of Italy. In advance of the menu item launch one paper likened it to a pool party with "the devil and holy water."
    Number 3. McLean Deluxe. Offering a burger option with less than half the fat of a Big Mac sounds like a good idea, but how they leaned down their beef is far from appetizing. Most of the fat was removed from the patty and replaced with water, seaweed extract, and beef flavoring.
    Number 2. Arch Deluxe. A whole lot of money was poured into marketing this burger to adults. Ads even showed Ronald McDonald doing decidedly grown-up things like playing golf.
    Number 1. McHotDog. Even though there was nothing particularly wrong with the offering, customers just didn’t seem to want it. It was deemed to be too random an item for the chain’s well-branded other offerings, so away it went.

    Which menu item do you wish had made it?

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  • Dead Head
    Dead Head Месяц назад

    The chicken fajita for a $1 on the dollar menu was fantastic. - The McDLT is better than the crappy "Mc-special" burgers of today (crappy hot burger comes to mind.) - The Arch Deluxe was great as well/

  • Bizare Smiff
    Bizare Smiff Месяц назад +1

    mc pasta should return
    but hula burger never!

    • Dead Head
      Dead Head Месяц назад

      The chicken fajita for a $1 on the dollar menu was fantastic. - The McDLT is better than the crappy "Mc-special" burgers of today (crappy hot burger comes to mind.) - The Arch Deluxe was great as well/

  • Barbara Jenkins
    Barbara Jenkins 2 месяца назад

    The P I Z Z A Should Come Back To McDonald's!

    • Dead Head
      Dead Head Месяц назад

      The cooks can't get burgers and fries right. Would you trust them with your pizza?

    GHOST GUARD 2 месяца назад +1

    Although I kind of like the idea of a McDonalds Pizza, you just KNOW it would be TERRIBLE.
    The McAfrika would be the one I'd bring back. Possibly the onion nuggets too.

  • bebe oloughlin
    bebe oloughlin 2 месяца назад

    Onion nugget

  • Koldeman
    Koldeman 3 месяца назад

    I'm getting tired of all these lettuce & tomato hamburgers in my town that aren't quite making it.

  • Bingo The One-eyed Wondercat
    Bingo The One-eyed Wondercat 3 месяца назад +1

    I actually loved the McDlt. It was delicious. Wish they'd bring it back. As for the packaging, don't folks realize how many other products still use that material?

  • Ken Pentalow
    Ken Pentalow 3 месяца назад

    Should've kept the Onion Nuggets

  • Declan Blue
    Declan Blue 4 месяца назад

    Mmm... Onion nuggets.

  • Cookie Master
    Cookie Master 5 месяцев назад +1

    It’s the krusty krab pizza....

    • Dead Head
      Dead Head Месяц назад

      Squidward knocking out the crybaby customer at the end was priceless.

  • Greg Bolls
    Greg Bolls 5 месяцев назад

    Mcdlt was the best. Bring it back.

  • sportster1988
    sportster1988 5 месяцев назад

    What about the "Triple Ripple" Mr. Announcer Guy? It bombed in 1972, or was that before your time?

  • Colbyen Dinehart
    Colbyen Dinehart 5 месяцев назад

    I wish the chopped beefsteak sandwich and the mighty wings both made in still.

  • Alan Sasek
    Alan Sasek 5 месяцев назад +1

    The Arch Deluxe was a pimp-ass burger for sure- I was only 14-15 when it came out but I do remember ordering them several times during it's brief run... I actually still have the red Arch Deluxe promotional baseball cap that McDonalds released as part of their massive marketing campaign in 1995- still in the box, never worn once. It's got the Arch Deluxe large graphic, it's loud as hell haha.

  • JOSHUA Montoya
    JOSHUA Montoya 6 месяцев назад

    Big and tasty

  • eva cameron
    eva cameron 6 месяцев назад

    1:06 believa has my name in it, you can hear them saying it

  • Jay G.
    Jay G. 6 месяцев назад

    From time to time I order a qtr pounder, with lettuce, tomato & mayo added, in other words, a McDlt....

  • egap98
    egap98 7 месяцев назад

    this is a nice short and sweet video. just like mcdonalds small ice cream. for an incredibly low 60c! (from where i come from)

  • Jack Harter
    Jack Harter 7 месяцев назад

    I think they should close all McDonald's

  • Tmp866
    Tmp866 7 месяцев назад

    Salad shakers :(

  • Dale Massicotte
    Dale Massicotte 7 месяцев назад

    Robot voices are becoming indistinguishable

  • raynarayskye
    raynarayskye 9 месяцев назад

    You guys forgot Mighty Wings.

  • normal name
    normal name 9 месяцев назад

    Mc BLT

    DAWN JOHNSON 10 месяцев назад

    F Mc donalds

  • Mouloud Rafidoui
    Mouloud Rafidoui 11 месяцев назад

    Onion nuggets looks actually really good

  • chefsonic'skitchen show
    chefsonic'skitchen show 11 месяцев назад

    there is mcpasta in philipines

  • mylogicisundenyable
    mylogicisundenyable 11 месяцев назад

    What about the wings?

  • Jonathan K.
    Jonathan K. Год назад

    Mc Afrika is back called pita and the Hot Dog also!

  • ThatBaldGuy90
    ThatBaldGuy90 Год назад

    I heard Arch Deluxe is making it's come back

  • AdamGT Channel
    AdamGT Channel Год назад

    I say I want McPizza

  • Robpop123
    Robpop123 Год назад

    The McPizza is still at the McDonald's at the worlds biggest Mickey D's at Orlando Florida

  • Sim 8845
    Sim 8845 Год назад

    The mc.dlc didnt seem bad

  • Digimon’s Republic Xros Heart
    Digimon’s Republic Xros Heart Год назад +1

    McPasta still in the Philippines as far as I remember, also it's a good thing McPizza fails it could trigger PizzaHut and Greenwich to have rival as Greenwich, Shaicky's and PizzaHut are rivals.

  • Phillip Mennor
    Phillip Mennor Год назад

    I would love to see chicken fajitas make a comeback. They were so good. Also would love to see grilled chicken flatbread make a comeback.

  • snakehips3131
    snakehips3131 Год назад

    The fajitas were around for a long time and were only $1 each. They were great.

  • graalanimations
    graalanimations Год назад

    mcdonalds was originally gonna be a hot dog stand before going to burgers.
    btw onion nuggets look soooo identical to the chicken mcnuggets

  • Tuco Benedicto Pacifico Juan Maria Ramirez

    Jesus saves.

  • TITAN19731
    TITAN19731 Год назад

    I loved the pizza

  • Tammythederp
    Tammythederp Год назад

    mcdonalds doesn't rule the fastfood universe BURGER KING DOES

  • Mikey D
    Mikey D Год назад

    "Except for in Canada"...Never seen a chicken fajita ever in Canada. Ever.

  • kul478
    kul478 Год назад

    dangerous food

  • bloody gauntlets 27
    bloody gauntlets 27 Год назад


  • Don't read my Profile Picture
    Don't read my Profile Picture Год назад

    This brings back memories
    I was born when McPizza was Introduced

  • old4mat
    old4mat Год назад +1

    I honestly loved the McArch Deluxe. It was probably my favourite item there. Also was a huge fan of the pizza. I think the pizza lasted til about the mid 90's IIRC. I remember the McDonalds pizza blimp flying over my house.

  • Melody Heart swirl
    Melody Heart swirl Год назад

    I want pizza and pasta

  • Caitlin Brooks
    Caitlin Brooks Год назад

    When I was a kid, my mom was quite fond of the fajita at McDonald's. I used to play in the play structure in our local McDonald's.
    Who knew I would end up totally cut off fast food due to health issues and other reasons?

  • O.M.G MIR
    O.M.G MIR Год назад

    mcpizza?? aw man i wish i was mcborn when that came out

  • Stone Camis
    Stone Camis Год назад


  • hhh we awsome time
    hhh we awsome time Год назад

    the.pizza only igsist in 2 staets

  • Danny Carlino
    Danny Carlino Год назад +1

    I liked the Arch Deluxe

  • Jake the Snake
    Jake the Snake Год назад

    I wish the pizza, hot dog, and spaghetti was still at McDonald's

  • Stone Camis
    Stone Camis Год назад

    Onion nuggets are the sad cheap and easily disposable version of chicken nuggets

  • the best in the west
    the best in the west Год назад

    this nuts

  • SBha30
    SBha30 Год назад +1

    The Arch Deluxe was pretty good. I love Big Macs, but I always feel terrible about 1 to 2 hours afterwards. I worked at a McDonalds when I was a teenager. They were extremely efficient and it was a great job for me at the time.

  • Lemon Fresh
    Lemon Fresh Год назад

    what about that awful mcrib sandwich

  • lucyluvs clutch
    lucyluvs clutch Год назад +1

    Arch deluxe was sooooooo good! 😛

  • MadeByJ
    MadeByJ Год назад

    The McPizza has 3 locations all in America, one in Ohio, West Virginia, and one in Orlando, I've never had it but I want to

  • Jonathan Malec
    Jonathan Malec Год назад

    I've tried and plentifully enjoyed nearly all of these. That McFajita, Arch Deluxe, McLean, and McDLT need to come back. Also, onion nuggets sound fantastic. I'm a big, greased pig at heart.

  • Vape Kings
    Vape Kings Год назад

    The pizza

  • monkeybollox66
    monkeybollox66 Год назад

    in the UK we no longer have the McRib which is very sad?

  • Rainbitz. .
    Rainbitz. . Год назад

    What about the mcrib

  • JamesEcho
    JamesEcho Год назад +1

    Sigh the mchotdog

  • Erik Hertzer
    Erik Hertzer 2 года назад

    They forgot the McRib and the Brat on a bun...

  • Big Bank Hank
    Big Bank Hank 2 года назад +1

    The fajita was good from what I can remember.

  • Know it all Guy
    Know it all Guy 2 года назад +1

    I loved the arch deluxe. The round bacon was delicious. Wish they brought back as a LTO

  • Alpha X
    Alpha X 2 года назад

    you forgot the fish pit bites

  • Lee Roddy
    Lee Roddy 2 года назад

    They Need To Bring Back The Mc DLT ..the best sandwich from McDonald's Ever

  • goofyfoot2001
    goofyfoot2001 2 года назад

    McDonald's just needs to stop listening to liberals and all the other people that dont eat there and start cooking their shit in animal fat like they used to. shit was addictive.

  • Sup3r Ry4n
    Sup3r Ry4n 2 года назад

    I wish the McDLT, McLean Deluxe, McHotDog, and McPizza.

  • ALottaMan1
    ALottaMan1 2 года назад

    Nice and succinct top ten video!

  • Shortlady82
    Shortlady82 2 года назад

    Eff you the mcdlt was the shit!!!!!!!!

  • Eric s
    Eric s 2 года назад

    there pizza was quite good or I could have been drunk.

  • Greg Szarama
    Greg Szarama 2 года назад

    I think the pasta sauce is still a popular item in many countries' McDonald's.

  • Wanda Neal
    Wanda Neal 2 года назад

    I wish the onion nuggets made it, or the mcpizza.

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 2 года назад +1

    arch deluxe

  • peter papadimitriou
    peter papadimitriou 2 года назад

    man I remember that pizza up here in Canada and it was bad but I miss the mcextra burger that was good

  • WarthogRacer
    WarthogRacer 2 года назад +3

    I wonder if the McHotdog will make a comeback? Since Burger King sells hotdogs now.

  • BigMac Mick
    BigMac Mick 2 года назад +1

    the McPizza is still available in a couple of stores in the US

  • Nova
    Nova 2 года назад

    The pizza

  • Navdeep Kaur
    Navdeep Kaur 2 года назад

    onion nuggets

  • Seth Thomas
    Seth Thomas 2 года назад +1

    The first "New Coke" I ever had was when McDonalds ran out the old syrup for the fountains. I remember everyone trying theirs and laughing at how much it tasted like Pepsi and why in the hell would Coke want to taste like a flat Pepsi? The whole restaurant was buzzing with how shitty New Coke tasted. "If your in marketing go kill yourself, no, really. Go kill yourself." -Bill Hicks.

  • rock dawg
    rock dawg 2 года назад

    The mc DLT was the best tasting burger ever

  • tee jaymz
    tee jaymz 2 года назад +1

    The arch deluxe was good.

  • Copelonian Productions
    Copelonian Productions 2 года назад

    i wish that mcdonald's still sell the hotdog

  • Misty Harrell
    Misty Harrell 2 года назад +1

    McDLT. I loved that sandwich 😍

  • Sudrian Signal Man Studios
    Sudrian Signal Man Studios 2 года назад

    here in West Virginia there is a McDonald's that serves pizza still, and there is one in Ohio, there owned by the same person

  • mac163
    mac163 2 года назад

    The steak sandwich of the early 80´s was pretty good, better than the mc rib.

  • Shawna Green
    Shawna Green 2 года назад

    They are offering the McHotdog these days in France. Gross!!

  • Duy Nguyen
    Duy Nguyen 2 года назад +4

    I liked the arch deluxe.

  • bill presser
    bill presser 2 года назад

    The Arch Deluxe was really good.

  • Bill Smith
    Bill Smith 2 года назад +1

    # 1 Mickey D Fail was the HULA BURGER. Ray Kroc liked it, so it was on for a while.

  • DarknessHero
    DarknessHero 2 года назад

    mc donner lol xD

  • Youtubelife
    Youtubelife 2 года назад


  • Cameron Bernard
    Cameron Bernard 2 года назад +1

    The McPizza, I've heard, is still served in two location in the US. One of the locations being in Ohio and the other in West Virginia

  • Troy Cooper
    Troy Cooper 2 года назад +9

    The McDLT was the best burger McDonald's ever had. Why couldn't it have been saved?

    • bbodinefan11
      bbodinefan11 2 месяца назад

      Apparently Styrofoam packaging.

  • John Hill
    John Hill 2 года назад

    I loved the chicken fajitas back then. They were quite tasty.

  • thesnakeman8006
    thesnakeman8006 2 года назад +1

    Well if you want my opinion in this day and age they should bring everything back and let the public decide what could stay and what will have to go for good...... But hey that's just me

  • Bruva Galathos
    Bruva Galathos 2 года назад

    McDonald's Pizza. Was a fan of it back in the 90s and it's a shame it disappeared like most edible childhood memories.

  • Sean dineen999
    Sean dineen999 2 года назад +3

    I like onion nuggets

  • Angel Bernardo
    Angel Bernardo 2 года назад