[Simply K-Pop] ATEEZ WOOYOUNG 'WONDERLAND' (에이티즈 우영 직캠)_Ep.384

  • Published on Oct 18, 2019
  • #에이티즈 #우영 #WONDERLAND
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Comments • 8

  • addy ray
    addy ray 15 days ago

    y’all hoes sleeping on a god 👌🏻💖

  • liiprxvxt
    liiprxvxt 26 days ago +2

    love him

  • Atiny
    Atiny 27 days ago +4

    He is So Adorable and so handsome💕this Haircut really suits him! his dancing is fantastic💕

  • JeLa Lo
    JeLa Lo 27 days ago +7

    OMG he is just adorable! Even if you look at him that the costume is really annoying xD
    I am always back and away from his charisma!
    OMG er ist einfach bezaubernd! Auch wenn man ihn ansieht das das Kostüm echt nervig ist xD
    Ich bin einfach immer wieder hin und weg von seiner Ausstrahlung!

  • hoho jojo
    hoho jojo 27 days ago +8

    I love his hairstyle so much cuz he reminds me a lot of Say My Name era😍 and of course the color suits him well.

  • Tamara Pereira
    Tamara Pereira 27 days ago +6

    The focus he puts on the coreo and still manages to serve some looks😍😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️

    • hoho jojo
      hoho jojo 27 days ago +1

      I know how u feel😭

  • Ryeoren Singson
    Ryeoren Singson 27 days ago +4

    Omg 😍 my bias on Ateez