Film Theory: Don't Look Away Don'ẗ̶̖́ Loo̶̹͑͜k Aẃ̸̗ạ̵̕ỹ̵͙ Look̵̪͊̈ Away (Local 58)

  • Published on Jun 15, 2019
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    A little while ago I was told to check out a mysterious RU-clip channel called Local58. So, I did. What I found was a creepypasta like story told in fragmented pieces in using footage from a "local news station". Theorists, I am hooked! Today we are going to figure out what is going on in the creepy world of Local58!
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    Poppy's Hidden Conspiracy EXPOSED! ►
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    Writer: Matthew Patrick and Stephanie Patrick
    Editors: BanditRants and Koen Verhagen
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman
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Comments • 100

  • Gacha Eggo
    Gacha Eggo 5 hours ago

    Alienz: GO OUTSIDE NOW
    Me: Sorry, I am going to Arizona soon and I have to stay inside for two weeks. Plus I haven't even wanted to go outside in a year. Go ask your mom. Oh wait, you cant. *You dont have one*

  • Howlina the wolf
    Howlina the wolf 12 hours ago

    They posted another “broadcast” called Skywatching. It follows what Matpat’s saying perfectly.

  • izzy chan Nyan Cat
    izzy chan Nyan Cat 19 hours ago

    The moon was really bright last night then I remembered this theory and I got creeped out (plus I had a creepy song stuck in my head)

  • Its Chris9879
    Its Chris9879 Day ago

    DHMIS: Finally a worthy opponent

  • Connor Varson
    Connor Varson Day ago

    Viewers: Who watches children’s cartoons at 4 in the morning?
    Local 58 kids: *Oh boy, 4am!*

  • Duckway
    Duckway Day ago

    Holy baloney you put more attention into these vids than i ever could.

  • Farha Ahmed
    Farha Ahmed Day ago

    There is an 8th episode.
    *There is an 8th episode.*

  • Tim Wright -Masky-

    There's a new video from Local 58

  • Maheski FTW
    Maheski FTW Day ago

    It's terryfying that I watched the Mary Mary videos and then watched this and now I keep checking behind my chair and under my bed

  • Mrmimbo ,
    Mrmimbo , 2 days ago

    The moon one is just scp-001 when day brakes

  • Jimena Nunez
    Jimena Nunez 2 days ago +1

    I remember this playing on my tv and I couldn’t find my remote...


  • liana vargas
    liana vargas 2 days ago

    I know you’ll probably never see this but I think it be cool and I hope you do you see this it’s a theory I thought of on my own for a while now and I think it be cool to see you make a video about it even though I know you’ll probably never see this I appreciate what you do especially during this time we all do so here’s a theory@ thefilmtheorist Cqn you theory about Rick and Morty that the adventures that they go on is all in ricks head and the adventures is just a way that Rick manifests tragedies due to his mental illness

  • Nathan Sweeney
    Nathan Sweeney 2 days ago

    Me: well the channel COULD be a joke...
    Mat pat: AliEnS
    Me: well he’s gone insane.

  • SquidBazooka
    SquidBazooka 2 days ago

    You have probably been told this already, but...
    There is a new episode of Local58 called:
    "Sky watching".

  • Zhi Zheng Lim
    Zhi Zheng Lim 3 days ago

    It's the Infinite Tsukuyomi by Uchiha Madara!

  • Dumble Dax
    Dumble Dax 3 days ago

    Well.... we're waiting for the second video come on mat where is it?

  • morgan's mumbles
    morgan's mumbles 3 days ago

    does nobody else think this is just a commentary on social media? the “view the moon/dont view the moon” is like people shouting conflicting ideas that dont have any evidence to back them, the random subliminal messages are like advertising messages shown to us online, “we are our own gods” because social media makes every normal individual into a brand..... sounds a lot like twitter to me lmao
    edit: regarding the sleep stuff, social medias are known to use blue colours because they disrupt our sleep colours, and regarding the facial recognition stuff, the anonymity of social media makes us dehumanise each other and fail to recognise other people online as human,,,,, am i onto something here??

    ATOMIC PLAYZ 3 days ago

    me hears people screaming outside my tv GO OUTSIDE

  • 90% salt
    90% salt 3 days ago

    I don’t believe in aliens
    I don’t believe in aliens


  • Tom Balls
    Tom Balls 4 days ago

    Are clickbate

  • I Forgoted
    I Forgoted 4 days ago

    welp, i aint slepping tonight

  • Erin Colvin
    Erin Colvin 4 days ago

    They released a new one called Skywatching and it’s one of the most silently disturbing ones yet.

  • Chase Rhea
    Chase Rhea 4 days ago +1

    They’re is a new episode, SkyWatching!!

  • Eric V Duval
    Eric V Duval 4 days ago +1

    There's a 8th video uploaded to the channel called "skywaching" and it is a very odd one especially calling the moon "his throne" with extreme close ups of the surface,one of which showed what almost appeared to be a city on the moon and then it ends with the word "rejoice". Also before that it shows Orion's belt and a cluster of stars(I forgot the name of that cluster) do a part 2 PLEASE because this is new and exciting evidence that reveals something sinister...

  • Raven Ryder
    Raven Ryder 4 days ago

    Lmao I saw the clip of real sleep at the beginning and impulsively thought 'there are no faces'

  • Sem Schellevis
    Sem Schellevis 5 days ago

    A creepy pasta looks like this

  • bucky
    bucky 5 days ago

    i think @nexpo did a better job at going over this topic

  • Connor Frost
    Connor Frost 5 days ago

    If you are reading this comment
    You have looked away

  • Panguu Party
    Panguu Party 5 days ago

    So, im rewatching bc of quarantine, and then someone comes upstairs and now im scared again like heccc

  • One
    One 5 days ago

    MCLV - TV: 12:00 am sky watching
    Thank you veiwers
    Look up

  • Gavin Hernandez
    Gavin Hernandez 5 days ago

    For those of you who have not seen it yet, his theory was proven through skywatching.

  • chase Russell
    chase Russell 6 days ago

    More hiimmarymary

  • Madi W
    Madi W 6 days ago

    "In 1987-"
    Oh no

  • MisceryYT
    MisceryYT 6 days ago

    To be not scared:
    1. Do the cross ✝️ (or whatever is that in your religion)
    2. Do a prayer for your religion's god protection (Ask to be forgiven for all major sins or moderate sins if you need it. This may increase your chances of getting protection)
    3. Repeat or do whatever you think is needed

  • Eldar Arnautović
    Eldar Arnautović 6 days ago

    11 months later I'm still too scared to watch this

  • Kitt Katt Kate
    Kitt Katt Kate 6 days ago

    My pic may make me look older then i am

  • Kitt Katt Kate
    Kitt Katt Kate 6 days ago


  • Lauren Smith
    Lauren Smith 6 days ago

    Yep I am not gonna sleep tonight

  • yeet
    yeet 6 days ago

    It's called scp 001 when day breaks

  • Weed Whacker
    Weed Whacker 6 days ago

    Well whenever he’s talking about seeing a UFO might have been a Russian Spaceship cause on the day that the moon landing took place there was a Russian Spaceship going to land on the day of the October Revolution but the mission went horribly wrong but possibly either they knew that the Russians were also trying to land on the moon so they wanted to get back to earth as soon as possible to either beat them or for their own safety or they had no idea what it was and were just really spooked in fact when you back back to when Neil Armstrong is climbing down the ladder to go plant the American Flag you can see something in the distance drifting across the sky

  • Shonte Kizzee
    Shonte Kizzee 6 days ago

    I know your other channel Five Nights at Freddy's bendy's I literally watched game theorists

  • Benedict Benaro
    Benedict Benaro 7 days ago

    I watched this bcus of Nexpo sub to him guyssss he’s like creepy MatPat

  • Benedict Benaro
    Benedict Benaro 7 days ago

    I watched this bcus of Nexpo sub to himguyssss he’s like creepy matpat

  • Tyler MG / Tyler mega games


  • Alycia Martinson
    Alycia Martinson 7 days ago

    *sʟᴏᴡʟʏ ᴘᴜᴛs ғᴇᴇᴛ ʙᴀᴄᴋ ᴜɴᴅᴇʀ ʙʟᴀɴᴋᴇᴛ*

  • Umbral Assassin
    Umbral Assassin 8 days ago +1

    Destiny 2 was right!
    The Moon's Haunted!

  • Evil Bud
    Evil Bud 8 days ago

    Their domain, what if that means the entities live in the wavelengths of reality, entities that we harm by our broadcasts and such, they want to get revenge for the 1000s we've killed

  • Xenø Phœnix
    Xenø Phœnix 8 days ago +3

    5:58 *the messages are:*
    Cognition is a lie
    I dream the world awake
    There are no faces
    Dreaming is a vestige
    Sleep is pretend
    A dream is a cowardly thought
    Sleep is not civilized
    *(the rest is said by MatPat)*

  • Pixel Pirate22
    Pixel Pirate22 8 days ago +2

    There’s a simple solution to all of this

    *And then you take the moon*

  • Dr Roomfoam
    Dr Roomfoam 8 days ago

    #creepy #scary

  • pig lover
    pig lover 8 days ago

    Me:oh finally I fixed my sleep schedule
    Me after seeing this:why

  • Wait I forgot it
    Wait I forgot it 8 days ago

    Can you do no through road?

  • Type-1-Awesome !
    Type-1-Awesome ! 8 days ago

    We’re already great at destroying our selves we don’t need anyone else

  • Elijah Ouellet
    Elijah Ouellet 8 days ago

    ( people screaming )
    "Ha!... drugs...

  • Miles Hill
    Miles Hill 9 days ago +3

    If you haven’t finished the series, it’s definitely *not* aliens.

  • C M
    C M 9 days ago +2

    My boyfriend showed me this and I don’t regret dating him lol

  • Dairy Cream5
    Dairy Cream5 9 days ago +1

    HEY MATPAT! Theres a new video on Local58. I haven't watched it because I'm a huge baby, but there's probably something important there. You should check it out.👍

  • Æther
    Æther 9 days ago

    Kris have disproven the alien theory so... it is something other

  • I am a Survivor... I think

    I have never been so relieved to hear "Hey there Internet, welcome to Film Theory"

  • AwesomeManPlayz
    AwesomeManPlayz 10 days ago

    Only 3 minutes in and I’m creeped

  • Luke Herring
    Luke Herring 10 days ago

    Are you saying aliens are real or in the local 58 thing are aliens real

  • ES Hicks
    ES Hicks 10 days ago

    Anyone notice yet that, in the US, 476Mhz is channel 15 and not 58? Should we be looking for a Local 15 next?

  • Derptube
    Derptube 10 days ago +1

    I... Will... Subscribe... To... Film... Theory...

  • Craig Farside
    Craig Farside 10 days ago

    Watch this at 12 by yourself.

  • BFthelegend
    BFthelegend 10 days ago

    There is a new episode of local 58 please do a theory

    • Æther
      Æther 9 days ago

      No theres not

  • bella ashby
    bella ashby 11 days ago

    i was gonna watch local 58, but its 3:30 and i trust mat pat more

  • Kiera Gardner
    Kiera Gardner 11 days ago

    why do i watch these right before bed?

    • Elite Gamer
      Elite Gamer 11 days ago

      Honestly, I don't know, I am kinda wondering why I am doing the same thing too

  • Elite Gamer
    Elite Gamer 11 days ago

    More episodes have been released on that channel, I think that there is two more that were released, go check out Nexpo's video about it, that one is more up-to-date.
    Nexpo's video:

  • Fa Znow
    Fa Znow 11 days ago +1

    Imagine your GPS tells you to go down an unnamed road and turn your headlights off and you just fuckin hear *ding* good luck

  • Fae Hammy
    Fae Hammy 11 days ago

    In Real Sleep it says the tape was made for Phillip Gernhardt!!!!!! Idk who dat is doe

  • noob gamer
    noob gamer 11 days ago

    there has been 1 more video since, has he covered it?

  • Fae Hammy
    Fae Hammy 11 days ago

    Hey Matpat so I was rewatching Local 58 videos and in the episode Contingency around the time stamp 2:21 it says “the 51st state does not exist” idk if that’s of any importance to your theory but I figured you’d find it interesting

  • 。l o v e l y 。
    。l o v e l y 。 11 days ago

    Seriously, when I put my head down- the static went on-
    *is this a sign?*

  • iiHoneydew
    iiHoneydew 11 days ago +1

    Me: *watching the beginning and being disturbed*


    Me again: *Jumps*

  • Sofia Meade
    Sofia Meade 11 days ago +1

    Have yall seen the new video Local 58 uploaded? Sky watching?

  • Ella Meyers
    Ella Meyers 11 days ago +2

    This is so scary I’m eating frosting out of the jar

  • The Living Gamer
    The Living Gamer 11 days ago


  • Runecoop
    Runecoop 11 days ago

    I end up staring at the moon for long times every time I see it in the sky... I just can’t resist it for some reason

  • INGDO 446
    INGDO 446 12 days ago +1

    Wait did he say Appalo 11-teen at 13:04

  • sharq attack
    sharq attack 12 days ago +3

    "Look at the moon"
    Nice try Madara

  • Gene Autry
    Gene Autry 12 days ago

    Fallout, anyone
    also good theroy

  • Considering Life
    Considering Life 12 days ago

    Wait is the intro song from rich Bryan history like I saw this episode of film theory before the song and iv always just liked the intro and have been trying to find the song

  • Puffish
    Puffish 12 days ago +1

    haha i recommended

  • D Y
    D Y 12 days ago

    by many common theories on the work of space stage civilizations and extra terstial lifeforms, a race that can get in space, is a race that could extinct others. so the "moon aliens" are trying to defend themselves

  • The Singing Angel
    The Singing Angel 12 days ago

    Did anyone else's eyes just start tear up when he said, "The message will repeat until there is no one left to read it"?
    edit: or anytime he says it.

  • Galaxy Potato
    Galaxy Potato 12 days ago

    I really hope MatPat sees this.
    There’s this channel called CXXI Diebus that you might want to check out. Me and my friend made it and there’s a little mystery I’d like to see you try to solve. We’re working hard on it and the first episode should be coming out soon. Thanks to anyone reading this!! We’d appreciate if anyone would like to try solve it! If you make a video on it, put the link in the reply section because I would love to watch!! :)

  • Y'golonac ℵ
    Y'golonac ℵ 13 days ago

    Local 58 is just the news from Majora's Mask

  • That one guy
    That one guy 13 days ago

    They posted another called Skywatching and it implies that the moon might be either biological or is engineered to be, well, weird. If they post more episodes, you might want to make another video explaining new uploads, juts a suggestion. Have a good day!
    it also reminded me of, "Await for Further Instructions," with the TV trust thing and all, just with a lunar twist. They seem to be connected, just another suggestion.

  • HutchOutdoors
    HutchOutdoors 14 days ago

    That skin colored alien scared the heck out of me

  • William Payne
    William Payne 14 days ago

    Have yal ever heard of Eckva?

  • Prolific Wealth
    Prolific Wealth 14 days ago


    • Prolific Wealth
      Prolific Wealth 14 days ago


  • Prolific Wealth
    Prolific Wealth 14 days ago +1


  • Melanie Burnett
    Melanie Burnett 14 days ago

    also there is a new episode

  • Melanie Burnett
    Melanie Burnett 14 days ago

    Me: Watches this video and goes to the channel
    Also me: Is to scared to watch any videos

  • The Gaming God
    The Gaming God 15 days ago +1

    Hey guys, please *DON'T* add your age or gender because there are perverts around every corner

  • Light Cloud6177
    Light Cloud6177 15 days ago +1

    I saw three video and dident go insane

  • Bluelion,Kenji and the bois

    It might be talking about the end or aka Armageddon.

  • Nonanonymous
    Nonanonymous 15 days ago


  • TheCuteSpider
    TheCuteSpider 15 days ago

    Hey Film Theory, There is a new video on the channel. Skywatching.

  • Biscuit -
    Biscuit - 15 days ago