How Did the Vikings Meet Muslims?

  • Published on Jan 18, 2019
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Comments • 2 560

  • alican göl
    alican göl 2 days ago

    arabs killed turkish villages just like spain and forced to them convert muslim from shamanic religions so dont believe arabs when islam is strong becoming evil
    paganism and death cult both are same in vikings and turks and this is better than any religion.

  • Vladimir Trotsky
    Vladimir Trotsky 8 days ago

    Norwegians and danish viking would be proud of their descendants. Swedish vikings would kill their pathetic descendants

  • OnlyMyPOV
    OnlyMyPOV 8 days ago

    A moor is a type of land that is not used for farming (aka heath). A Moor was not a farmer. They made Celtic blue from woad or were Arab traders of indigo or blue Spaniards.

  • typical dane
    typical dane 13 days ago

    It all started with Obama...

  • zakaria bahloul
    zakaria bahloul 16 days ago

    muslims are king in this word

  • syed musa
    syed musa 25 days ago

    Was there really a thing as Swedish vikings or Norwegian vikings back then or is this is a modern interjection? Because as far as I know there was no concept of norway ,Denmark or sweden back then.

  • Larry Ballenger
    Larry Ballenger Month ago

    Complete bullshit if your going by Muslim accounts esp going by ibn who never met saw or to any viking contact ...they were only their for silver and when silver ran out no more contact and their were no viking converts to Islam either utter bullshit! You can't tell the name Islamic name for them and how this missed name disproves ibn who never even met a viking and went by stories he heard alone! Bullhit

  • bgcvetan
    bgcvetan Month ago

    By selling them christian slaves.

  • George Fucking Washington

    Havent watched this video even though it keeps popping up on me. Im gonna guess, in Spain, Constantinople, or the Mediterranean

  • Lanzy Fabian
    Lanzy Fabian Month ago

    Muslims meet Vikings 2019= Congresswoman Ilhan Omar

  • bersan Bugdayci
    bersan Bugdayci Month ago

    Hilbert Can you also do What hitler though about muslims

  • Daithi McNally
    Daithi McNally Month ago

    The reason why as Gaeilge black men are "fír ghormacha" ie blue people is because the black man "an fear dubh" means the devil!

  • appie D
    appie D Month ago

    En de koning van spanje heeB ik alllllTijd ge Eerrd ooh shit wtf I’m from Somalia !! Why did you have to bring the Dutch in to it !! Hire I go again

  • إدارة اليوتيوب

    لقد سحقوهم المسلمين ‘ أتو الى أسبانيا عندما كانت للمسلمين ٥٠ سفينه ودمروها المسلمين وبقى ١٥ سفينه فقط
    وبعد بضعة شهور عادو وأعتذرو .

  • Muslim Mystic
    Muslim Mystic 2 months ago

    I doubt if the Muslims ever fought with the Vikings, I believe they only traded

  • Abdullah Ijaz
    Abdullah Ijaz 2 months ago +1

    All hail king ragnaa

  • Umed Iraqi
    Umed Iraqi 2 months ago +1

    الي عربي او مسلم لايك

  • Fearless Wolf
    Fearless Wolf 2 months ago

    just imagine meeting muslims in a war with swords They got their ass whooped and slept

    • Fearless Wolf
      Fearless Wolf 2 months ago

      i mean vikings got as slept and whopt

  • Arastushukooh
    Arastushukooh 2 months ago

    Gad Yariv the term "Moore" referred to people who were mostly from North Africa (Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco etc.) and who were /are Berbers, plus ethnic Arabs! So I agree with you and that the "popular" image conjured up by this term of them being black is largely due to European art and literature that showed a Moore being black (and often portrayed as ruffian too!). All this owes very much to this less than accurate portrayal of the "Moores".

  • DMC
    DMC 3 months ago

    The proof:

  • Mohamed Blaiech
    Mohamed Blaiech 3 months ago

    Scandivians are too white so eventhough we're not black we're still black to them

  • Margaret Handley
    Margaret Handley 3 months ago

    The Moors and related Berbers are not exactly "black" as subSaharan populations are. Many had blonde or reddish hair and blue eyes. This fact is pre-Viking contact as the pre-Kingdom Egyptians populations also had people with reddish hair (ie the oldest mummy found to date) and had blue eyes, as exhibited by the blue eyes on many, many statues from ancient Egypt.

  • Lemurai
    Lemurai 3 months ago

    I'm just going to be honest and say, I don't believe anything pertaining to history written by white Europeans. It's got nothing to do with racism atleast not on my part and what sense does it make to take a white persons word on the history of another race of people when many cultures have their own written, oral and photographic histories, seriously why would you believe any of it? Especially anything hailing from 1400's-1900 and most certainly anything written by British hands. It just boggles my mind that even in academia where many biased assumptions about historical takes were recently reevaluated and refuted, some professors still refuse to accept the idea that their people were not the big bad wolves and thinkers of all on the historical block. Hell Indians and Chinese were doing math before Europeans figured out how to make thatched roof huts.

  • XCX3000
    XCX3000 3 months ago

    Arabs not muslims as a race

  • Fruzzy
    Fruzzy 3 months ago

    Some vikings worked as personal bodyguards for some important person in Constantinople (can't remember who it was)

  • Mohammad Karimabad
    Mohammad Karimabad 3 months ago

    According to a danish history book, some of the Danes traveled to the Arab world and then purchased camels to travel further indland. There was also a failed viking raid in Spain where the survivors settled down, converted to Islam and was known for their cattle and cheese.

  • Tomas Jak
    Tomas Jak 3 months ago
    Ex Muslim explain everything what is wrong with Islam.

    • Toka Sab
      Toka Sab 3 months ago
      A new Muslim explains everything that is true in Islam.
      *You can compare. But let me tell you what God has promised.
      [47.38] There you are! You are called upon to spend in the Way of Allah. Some of you are mean; yet whoever is mean is mean only to his own soul. Allah is the Rich and you are the poor. If you turn away, He will replace you with another nation, and they will not be like you.

  • reinout kerkhof
    reinout kerkhof 3 months ago

    hilbert, are you dutch?

  • Ant Nam
    Ant Nam 3 months ago

    A lot of pathetic Middle Easterners are trying their hardest here to claim the Moors are not black, while doing it bringing out their most racist elements. These fuckers are meant to be Muslims, which promotes oneness rather than one race being superior. In real life they are bunch of soyboys who wouldn't do shit in real life when confronted.

  • Capitano900
    Capitano900 3 months ago +2

    This video lacks so much historical accuracy it's quite sad and horribly put together, plus you throw in some shitty mobile game when talking about countries history? Björn Ironside was a Swedish viking ruler and founder of the dynasty of Munsö, how the fuck can you forgot to mention that and instead talk about Denmark? And the Ru's were Vikings settled in Sweden descending from what is today Roslagen (back then it was called Roden) in lake Mälaren, also Sweden. Please stop pretending you actually know history just because your weird uncle gave you some shitty tomahawk and you bent over to get sponsored by a horrible mobile game. You had so much potential to put focus on the right Norse regions but you most spectacularly fucked up. Danish, Norwegian and Swedish vikings settled in what is today England and did several raids, however danegäld (the tribute you had to pay the vikings) was claimed almost entirely from vikings descending from Sweden or Denmark. Hope you're aware that almost ALL of the "England Runestones" are located in Sweden. How the fuck can you mess this up so bad?
    "The vast majority of the runestones, 27, were raised in modern-day Sweden and 17 in the oldest Swedish provinces around lake Mälaren. In contrast, modern-day Denmark has no such runestones, but there is a runestone in Scania which mentions London. There is also a runestone in Norway and a Swedish one in Schleswig, Germany.
    Some Vikings, such as Guðvér did not only attack England, but also Saxony, as reported by the Grinda Runestone Sö 166 in Södermanland:[1]"

    " The term Danegeld did not appear until the early twelfth century. In Anglo-Saxon England tribute payments to the Danes was known as gafol and the levy raised to support the standing army, for the defence of the realm, was known as heregeld (army-tax). Danegeld was mostly taken by the Norsemen from Sweden and Denmark."

    "The runestone U 241 in Lingsberg, Uppland, Sweden, was raised by the grandchildren of Ulfríkr circa 1050 in commemoration of his twice receiving danegeld in England."

    "The runestone U 344 in Orkesta, Uppland, Sweden, raised in memory of the Viking Ulf of Borresta, says that three times he had taken danegeld in England. The first one was with Skagul Toste, the second one with Thorkell the Tall and the last one with Canute the Great."

    "The runestone U 194, in a grove near Väsby, Uppland, Sweden, was raised by a Viking in commemoration of his receiving one danegeld in England."

    Also another fun fact almost ALL fucking runestones are located in Sweden.

    "The runestones are unevenly distributed in Scandinavia: Denmark has 250 runestones, Norway has 50 while Iceland has none.[4] Sweden has as many as between 1,700[4] and 2,500[3][7] depending on definition. The Swedish district of Uppland has the highest concentration with as many as 1,196 inscriptions in stone, whereas Södermanland is second with 391.[7]"

    "The Rus' people (Old East Slavic: Рѹсь; Modern Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian: Русь (Rus'); Old Norse: Garðar; Greek: Ῥῶς (Rhos)) are generally understood in English-language scholarship as ethnically or ancestrally Scandinavian people trading and raiding on the river-routes between the Baltic and the Black Seas from around the eighth to eleventh centuries CE. Thus they are often referred to in English-language research as "Viking Rus'". The scholarly consensus is that Rus' people originated in what is currently coastal Middle Sweden around the eighth century and that their name has the same origin as Roslagen in Sweden (with the older name being Roden)."

  • aziz farhat
    aziz farhat 3 months ago

    Funny thing is, in Tunisia we call darker skinned people Blue :^)

  • Urius Tosh
    Urius Tosh 3 months ago +1

    Remove hotdog

    See what I did there, see, fighting racism with reflecting satire? see? see?

  • G M
    G M 3 months ago +7

    Now imagine you're a simple farmer in medieval southern France when an army of viking raiders screaming allah akbar charge your village.

  • Zionist Kitty
    Zionist Kitty 3 months ago

    The reasons for mass migration from muslim countries into Europe is due to America and Russia "intervening" in the middle east and africa as well as idiotic immigration policies by far left EU governments. They're taking in alarming numbers of rapacious, young, single guys and spending millions per year in welfare state money on them while entire families are still stuck in Syria, Iraq, Libya and elsewhere with little to no aid whatsoever.

  • Sassan Durrani
    Sassan Durrani 3 months ago

    I'm an Afghan but when i did a DNA test, it turns out i'm made of six races which 14.8 percent of my DNA is Scandinavian. i found this odd because most my DNA is west asian Persian/Turkish

  • Murry Kong
    Murry Kong 3 months ago

    Another fun fact. A few years ago, a viking ring was found with 'ya Ali' (or 'Ali') written on it in Arabic, who is a very important religious figure in Islam, especially among shias.

  • C W
    C W 3 months ago

    You really are an all round attractive man.

  • kaelthelion
    kaelthelion 3 months ago

    Find a better spot for your adverts, please. Having to skip forward right in the middle of the video is quite inconvenient.

  • Expality
    Expality 3 months ago +1

    Age of empires ❤️❤️

  • Dingo Egret
    Dingo Egret 3 months ago +5

    Of course a Viking hero teller would exaggerate about their successes. We do however have a proven account that 9 Andalusian Lancers routed a Viking raiding party of 20 ships.

    • صالح المري
      صالح المري 2 months ago

      Dingo Egret thats why the arabian ummayads used them to initiate the first attack on lberia then they send musa bin nuseyr with an army of hilali arabs to support the berbers and tariq bin ziyad

    • Dingo Egret
      Dingo Egret 2 months ago

      @صالح المري the amazigh were particularly brutal. there's a reason carthage used them as heavy infantry and the romans completely avoided them. the moors were lucky that the "berbers" converted to Islam and became allies. poor viking bastards

    • صالح المري
      صالح المري 2 months ago +1

      Dingo Egret when the arabs arrived by sea to support tariq bin ziyad the amazigh general who conquered lberia they destroyed 49 viking ships

  • black man
    black man 3 months ago

    This video is about fake history
    Their just bullying about our religion of being and this tring to make us beliving just like old people who died by that so yeah thats i don't belive you idiot faker history guy whatever you call your self

    PRINCE KRAZIE 3 months ago +2

    the "peaceful" abbasids. Tell that to Abu Muslim, who killed over 100000 in the Abbasid rebellion.

  • Saiga-12 Bear
    Saiga-12 Bear 3 months ago

    Should I buy more Silver 🤔

  • 1xrxaxrxex1
    1xrxaxrxex1 3 months ago

    blármen here

  • Meric Ekinci
    Meric Ekinci 3 months ago

    They farted.

  • Dusty Scrolls
    Dusty Scrolls 3 months ago

    Hard to believe moors were black but easy to believe Jesus was white with blue eyes lol

  • Osh
    Osh 3 months ago

    Vikings Vs Muslims

  • Mr. CU NT
    Mr. CU NT 3 months ago

    I always assumed they just met on Tindr like everyone else

  • Ibra Sal
    Ibra Sal 3 months ago

    You didn’t mention the wars between muslims and vikings in Iberian peninsula. I came a cross many mentions of vikings landing at Portugal 🇵🇹 and launching raids. They had different tactics from muslims as they fought with axes

  • Kram
    Kram 3 months ago

    Can't wait for the Rus videos!

  • No Name
    No Name 3 months ago

    A horrible union that white supremacists can't stand!

  • فؤاد العباس العسقلاني

    Wtf, you claim the ummayeds were violent and the abbasyids were economic? Hahahaha... The ummayeds actually established all regulations and laws of Muslim rule and were much more willing to negotiate rather than fight. The abbasyids were much more aggressive and prone to waging wars.

  • Randy Ralls
    Randy Ralls 3 months ago


  • TheBlackSwordsman
    TheBlackSwordsman 3 months ago

    Antonio Banderas adventured there and became the 13th warrior.

  • The Irreligious Nationalist

    I really hope that this century will see a united muslim empire that would finally bring peace to the middle east and end terrorism and poverty.

    • hassam Kkkk
      hassam Kkkk Month ago

      EverydayCringe EverydayCringe arabs were barefooted tribes who literally no cultural or impactful importance, we literally barely have anything pre-islamic from the arabs , ALL they did was because of islam , like or not , we and the west would not be anywhere near this technologically and philosophically advanced without the works of muslims or arabs during muslims rule (be they muslims or not) , so saying islam holds arabs in any way shape or form , is an ignorant , narrow minded and pathetic view of history and a misreading of it entirely

    • EverydayCringe EverydayCringe
      EverydayCringe EverydayCringe 3 months ago

      This Man Islam holds back the Arabs so it will never happen

  • k_God
    k_God 3 months ago

    For the people saying that north africans werent subsaharan and why were they considered black.
    Don't forget muslims utilized slave armies which usually comprised of black africans and other subjagated cultures/races.

  • Marie Julshede
    Marie Julshede 3 months ago +1

    Good to know.
    Now, how do we ‘unmeet’ them?

  • edmund blackadder coc
    edmund blackadder coc 3 months ago

    Was gonna sub, but full of lefties, i'm going clear!

  • Abdulrahman Almashaal
    Abdulrahman Almashaal 3 months ago

    The comment section will be great!

  • TheCrowdsOpinion
    TheCrowdsOpinion 3 months ago

    Muslims are very powerful when united, the only way to beat them is to make them fight each other, history proved it few times, and some Englishman if I remember well whos objective was for Britain to become the superpower during the 17th century wrote how their only hope to win against the True qahlifat was to make them fight each other, no assault from the west only could make them victorious.
    And until today they fight each other in the name of self-created identities ...

    • Amin
      Amin 3 months ago

      We'll re unite as one soon my brother.

      Oh yeah yeah

      And fuck ISIS

  • Alric Studio Art
    Alric Studio Art 3 months ago

    So fake

  • Alric Studio Art
    Alric Studio Art 3 months ago

    those blackys nevery stayed in Ireland for a longtime thay most likely were slottered via sacrifice ,saying the Africans were a part of European history before the 1750 is like saying hitler was right it is completely racest , plus charles the great stoped the muslim army from every invadeing Europe an ever mixing with the native ethnic white populations.

  • from the sahara
    from the sahara 3 months ago

    I am moorish maroccon salam

  • Manchester Chris
    Manchester Chris 3 months ago

    hsrald baldr went to pakistan

  • King Tut3
    King Tut3 3 months ago


  • White Pill
    White Pill 3 months ago

    So you'd believe a netflix show made by canadians and not scandiniavians

  • Davide Barbetta
    Davide Barbetta 3 months ago


    ALMUIZ FATIMI 3 months ago

    I’m Algerian, living in the Capital Algiers, my department name is Murad Rais, it’s the name of a Dutch convert to islam who became later a captain in the local navy.

  • Gabriel Galban
    Gabriel Galban 3 months ago

    I have meet Berbers peoples moors and they are not black sub Sahara and they can be white skin, olive and brown skin tone olive with black hair or brown and some Berbers hate Arabs

  • Hatti Younes
    Hatti Younes 3 months ago

    I live in Algeria (North Africa) and there's a small city in the upper plateaus there are a group of big family who are all very white with blue eyes, they seem to be there for long time for they own lot of Land.

  • INĐRA prod
    INĐRA prod 3 months ago

    How come they found "blue men" when indeginous north Africans are very much alike Greeks,Spaniards and southern french..? As is shown in ancient roman mosaics ..This is coming from a Moroccan berber.

  • ICEV Al Mu'iiz
    ICEV Al Mu'iiz 3 months ago

    It's actually the spanish that asked for help from the Muslims to defeat the viking barbarians, and in few years tariq ibn ziyad defeated the vikings till toledo, and it was the time where andalousia reached greatness, there was freedom of religion and the flourishing of education and science. before the Muslims the spanish were enslaved. and btw tariq ibn ziyad was a white person, yellow hair, and blue eyes, not brown or black, but the berbers that conquered andalousia there was people from diffrent colors. its just so funny how Europeans use their imagination and draw every muslim person who ever lived as a brown angry person even muslims from the ottomans but luckily the ottomans started painting their characters after they knew this.
    Andalousia has many amazing Islamic sites, ive seen the first public garden that was constructed there in the world, the architecture, its just amazing. and ive seen the modern made statuses for great islamic rulers of spain that were constructed by the spanish as a sign of respect of people that accomplished national unity.

  • Eleventh
    Eleventh 3 months ago +1

    Watch the last kingdom it's way better than the Vikings series

  • MD Arif Haque Quraysh
    MD Arif Haque Quraysh 4 months ago

    I am a Muslim

  • james green
    james green 4 months ago


  • Yassine bounifly
    Yassine bounifly 4 months ago

    Aren't viking terrorists?

  • dirtymonkey55
    dirtymonkey55 4 months ago

    Thank you for naming it The British and Irish Isles. Much appreciated.

  • Takeru Yamato
    Takeru Yamato 4 months ago

    The Vikings were very lucky they didn't reach our Japanese homeland. They would have met with the same fate as the Mongols unless they had a couple of atomic bombs.

  • Adam England
    Adam England 4 months ago

    The Vikings should’ve wiped them out!!

  • hisc 2141
    hisc 2141 4 months ago

    When the RedGuard/Khajit met the Nords.

  • Anon Ilyas
    Anon Ilyas 4 months ago +1

    You do realise its the same people who were converted back to Christianity and sent to Latin America? they mixed for 600 years. They would have looked like Latinos and Arabs, not black.

  • zinaa
    zinaa 4 months ago

    The moors (muslims) had different skin colors.. dark, brown light, white ...just like nowadays .....

  • Corey Ambrew
    Corey Ambrew 4 months ago

    I find ironic that some black people describe very dark skinned people as "blue black" when the northmen were already doing it😂😂😂

  • Corey Ambrew
    Corey Ambrew 4 months ago

    4:43 We waz vikings and shit

  • Frederick Röders
    Frederick Röders 4 months ago

    Did somebody say Dutch? S p e c e r i j e n

  • mynthecooldude
    mynthecooldude 4 months ago

    They didn't have curved swords at this time.

    • Jack M
      Jack M 4 months ago


  • AbdulRahmane
    AbdulRahmane 4 months ago

    Muslims have thicker beards tbh

  • AbdulRahmane
    AbdulRahmane 4 months ago

    here in north africa ( algeria ) we describe a person with a strong brown skin ( not subsaharian ) as Blue " Zrag " which came from the arabic word " Azrag " meaning yhe color blue,

    SQUARED CIRCLE 4 months ago

    Do u think the Isiah travellers possibly originated from those first captured black peoples brought back to Ireland?

    SQUARED CIRCLE 4 months ago

    Do u think the Irish travellers originated

  • A. Aznadi
    A. Aznadi 4 months ago

    What a great load of crap this video is, please don't call this history! The vikings never raided Cabo Tres Forcas, they raided the kingdom of Nekor which is like 70km to the west (and then continued to Sicily). If any slaves were taken those could in no way be black as this place (called nowadays the Rif) has the whitest people in north Africa, although different in their facial morphology their skin is as white as that of a typical European which the viking had already encountered, so there is no way a writer would have used these people's skin colour to describe them. The name Mauretania is the romanisation of the old berber word Mourt-Nagh which means "our land", it was the name of a kingdom north of what is now known as Morocco and Algeria (and has absolutely nothing to do with black people/the country known today as Mauritania (written with an 'I' instead of an 'E'))... I wonder what other crap you've included in your video!

  • hhbp3
    hhbp3 4 months ago

    time to give dawah to odin's followers right?

  • sorry not you
    sorry not you 4 months ago

    dutch, i gave you all i had !

  • Jackzoob
    Jackzoob 4 months ago

    I'm suprised how civil this comment section is 😮

  • dickus biggus
    dickus biggus 4 months ago

    This almost sounds like the title for some really bad fanfiction.

  • Ale city
    Ale city 4 months ago

    your pronounciation of spanish is awful good video tho

  • Goran Omar Bockman
    Goran Omar Bockman 4 months ago

    The owner of this site needs to weed out some of the violent speech here, especially from a certain Nazi, calling himself "anti Antifa".

  • funny vines 3
    funny vines 3 4 months ago

    i am kabyle berber from algeria and all my people are white more than Europeans and when i had my test adn i am 70 percent from north Europe and juste 20 berber and that because vikings are bailed their city salday in my region which is now tizi ouzou and bejaia in north of algeria and we live in Mounties with snow

    • ferhat hamdi
      ferhat hamdi 4 months ago

      That's lie I'm kabylie we don't all of this percentage of north European genetics

  • Van Ivanov
    Van Ivanov 4 months ago +1

    Why did you mention the fur trade, but nothing of the slave trade? Slaves were a major product the Vikings exported to the Caliphate.

  • Alex Patriot
    Alex Patriot 4 months ago

    Great video! As an ex-muslim I never thought vikings had anything to do with muslims let alone trading with them! Awesome work there pal