The Book of Life - Dia De Los Muertos Sugar Skull Halloween Makeup Tutorial


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  • Iry Wallenholm
    Iry Wallenholm 3 года назад

    What a fantastic video! :) Keep up the good work ;) Hugs xoxox

  • Healthy Bookworms
    Healthy Bookworms 3 года назад

    you did a good job real simple. yet good.

  • ごんざぇzじおヴぁな
    ごんざぇzじおヴぁな 3 года назад

    Its awesome I'm going to use it for next halloween

  • dimples Lupita
    dimples Lupita 4 года назад +1

    I love this makeup better than the rest what kind of makeup did you use, so I could get them (:

  • Ambers Beauty
    Ambers Beauty 4 года назад

    great video! Can't wait to see me! New Subbie here! Xx

  • KittyLa Luna
    KittyLa Luna 4 года назад +2

    I am not going to lie, this is super overdone and is much easier if you checked out a more popular RU-clip who actually knows what she is doing: Tiffyquake. Check out her channel it is x10 better. Xp

    • Dinie Hardy
      Dinie Hardy 3 года назад

      +rainbowshydoes MC I watched TiffyQuake's vid, but I love this one 10x more.

    • Healthy Bookworms
      Healthy Bookworms 3 года назад

      +rainbowshydoes MC she painted a mask. some people, like myself, dont want to wear a mask. so.......

    • d yyy
      d yyy 4 года назад

      i watch her but i actually liked this better than what i just searched up (other youtubers)i was looking for make up for la muerte specifically from The Book of Life and they weren't as good as this one. so far this video and tiffanys video is my favorite.