PETA Forgot To Correct These Anti-Animal Phrases

  • Published on Dec 6, 2018
  • PETA volunteered alternatives to 'anti-animal phrases' like 'kill two birds with one stone' and 'beat a dead horse.' But they missed a few.
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Comments • 1 272

  • CaptEoNinja83
    CaptEoNinja83 2 days ago

    Kudos to the text guy for pausing at the right moment and wait till Stephen can collect himself.

  • Haujaf
    Haujaf Month ago

    get two balls with one stick

  • dereckdominguez17 Rrrr

    Peta in Doom: Demon is an offensive term, instead call them mortally challenged

    THE SNAKE 2 months ago

    I think peta should stop forcing veganism because there are bigger problems happening in the world then animal cruelty like global warming.

  • Carson Dolezal
    Carson Dolezal 2 months ago

    I love how both parties joined together to stop PETA

  • Slav stars Polska
    Slav stars Polska 2 months ago

    this guy is freakin' brillant!

  • Bush did 9/11
    Bush did 9/11 2 months ago

    I hate colbert but any enemy of peta is a friend of mine nothing but respect

  • Sean Barrett
    Sean Barrett 2 months ago

    Peta should stop beating a rotting horse

  • ROOK T
    ROOK T 2 months ago

    I am Chinese and PETA is banned in China. Do you like this organization?

  • Incineroaster2319
    Incineroaster2319 3 months ago

    Next time peta starts a protest,
    Hold signs that say PETA is Gay

  • Francis Friesen
    Francis Friesen 3 months ago

    1:40 there's more than one way to catch a bat

  • itzpattyy TCS
    itzpattyy TCS 3 months ago +1

    Orkid didn’t have a bad life he actually has a good dorsal fin

  • Popler Ent Co
    Popler Ent Co 3 months ago

    Peta doesn't realise scones contain clotted cream which has *M I L K*

  • Shrek Ogreton
    Shrek Ogreton 3 months ago

    Can we officialize PETA as a hate group? Towards non-vegans?

    • Shrek Ogreton
      Shrek Ogreton 3 months ago

      And the large amount of dogs and cats and stuff they kill?

  • Zenithx3
    Zenithx3 3 months ago

    “As long as Man continues to be the ruthless destroyer of lower living beings, he will never know health or peace. For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”
    ― Pythagoras.

    • Mr Bambista 2
      Mr Bambista 2 2 months ago

      Zenithx3 pythagorous screwed that one up, plants are lower beings as well and if we didn’t eat animals and instead ate crops, then we would instead be a ruthless destroyer of plants...

  • Jonathan Meyer
    Jonathan Meyer 3 months ago


  • Meme Wanderer
    Meme Wanderer 3 months ago

    I love animal activist, throwing lobster into fresh water rivers

  • Jackson Worthman
    Jackson Worthman 3 months ago

    What is wrong with peta they used to be good but have turned by since 2010. I hate it!!!!!!!!!

  • Keilan Coontz
    Keilan Coontz 4 months ago

    Well you can tell he eat meet

    • Keilan Coontz
      Keilan Coontz 2 months ago

      Mr Bambista 2 nothing I was just saying you can tell he eats meat I eat meat I hunt deer and bear

    • Mr Bambista 2
      Mr Bambista 2 2 months ago

      Keilan Coontz what’s wrong with that ?

  • Jason Skiles
    Jason Skiles 4 months ago

    I think peta is the kid who wasn't invited & shows up anyway

  • Thomas Abed
    Thomas Abed 4 months ago

    0:51 So now humans and animals are equal? #fuckpeta

  • Jacqueline Wernett
    Jacqueline Wernett 4 months ago

    I am the only Prophet walking th oh s Earth...exceedingly funny.

  • Lime Eirfan
    Lime Eirfan 5 months ago

    Just wait until Elon Musk buys PETA and delete them.

  • vvgamer
    vvgamer 5 months ago

    PETA: Phrases that trivialize cruelty to animals will vanish.

    Me: no u

  • Cobra Coral
    Cobra Coral 5 months ago


    • Mr Bambista 2
      Mr Bambista 2 2 months ago

      Cobra Coral ??? Are you a PETA lover ?

  • Cee Nova
    Cee Nova 6 months ago

    Don't go on as WILD spruce race!

  • Bendy Kirby
    Bendy Kirby 6 months ago +1

    *The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse*
    Famine: PETA
    Death: Global Warming Deniers
    War: Flat Earthers
    Pestilence: Anti-Vaxxers

  • Tbone Mr. Meme
    Tbone Mr. Meme 6 months ago

    Ooh snap this is amazing

    DARIAN WHITON 6 months ago

    Wow I hate peta, I..I mean peta bread, there we go

  • Dead Bang
    Dead Bang 6 months ago

    Instead of saying “pig-headed”
    Say “PETA-headed”

  • Bendy Kirby
    Bendy Kirby 6 months ago

    PETA in a nutshell:
    ☺️👍 Trying to correct simple phrases because they have animal “cruelty” in them while dissing an actual wildlife conservationist and euthanizing innocent animals
    😑👎 Actually helping animals

  • Kaiser Isaiah Foo
    Kaiser Isaiah Foo 6 months ago

    I would try these phrases, they sound kind of nice.

    • Mr Bambista 2
      Mr Bambista 2 2 months ago

      Kaiser Isaiah Foo you would try ridiculous phrases to not offend an animal that doesn’t understand you nor cares at all ? Why ?

  • Faddey fox
    Faddey fox 6 months ago

    Thanks peta for showing theres more than one way to skin a cat

  • Lachy Davies
    Lachy Davies 6 months ago


  • PSCGaming 7600
    PSCGaming 7600 7 months ago

    Love ya steve

  • benyboy animations
    benyboy animations 7 months ago

    Yeah well now they have attacked steve irwin, of all people. 😡😡

  • Happy Jif
    Happy Jif 7 months ago

    Do you think one day that PETA will say
    "April fools, a company as daft as ours couldn't possibly be real... It is still April right?"

  • Ezra Bean
    Ezra Bean 7 months ago +1

    Oh um well, we uh, um, - PETA

  • brendon lewis
    brendon lewis 7 months ago

    Lol thanks for the laugh

  • Dalekov
    Dalekov 7 months ago

    Can we just shut down PETA please this is the only outcome of the PETA-Internet War I would except

  • Daniel Murrill
    Daniel Murrill 7 months ago

    "Peta loves animals" should be "Peta "frees" animals by taking and killing them while hating animal lovers like Steve Irwin"

  • Gamer's Gazette
    Gamer's Gazette 7 months ago

    Anyone here after the Steve Erwin incident, because I certainly am

  • DabberDeveloper - Topic

    Instead of saying
    I don’t like T-series
    I don’t like PETA and T-series

  • Deep Dish
    Deep Dish 7 months ago

    And no more choking my chicken or spanking the monkey
    I got a divorce
    I'm back in the game

  • mini masked entertainment

    Where's peta comment? Do they already know they cant win?

  • E A SPORPS its in the dlc

    wait the giraffe one is real

  • E A SPORPS its in the dlc

    well steve we dont always meet eye to eye always this is one of the times we do

  • Sir Jedsalot
    Sir Jedsalot 7 months ago

    Do one on insulting Steve Irwin

  • Mitchell Bewick
    Mitchell Bewick 7 months ago

    And now they've managed to piss of an entire country.
    Never. Ever. Insult. Steve Irwin.
    Or the whole country of Australia will destroy you

  • musa e
    musa e 7 months ago

    Its good to see the main stream media bashing on peta

  • Tristen Arctician
    Tristen Arctician 7 months ago

    Peta tries to do good

  • Spider Lilly
    Spider Lilly 7 months ago +1

    0:05 oh I don’t know, insulting Steve Irwin?

  • Nadz
    Nadz 7 months ago

    Do the animals even care though?

  • SuperJuancho21
    SuperJuancho21 7 months ago

    What if I bought PETA
    And deleted it?

  • Raphael Sanchez
    Raphael Sanchez 7 months ago

    The best part about this is you can put @peta and #donate in any sentence and the bot will reply.

  • Cat Boi
    Cat Boi 7 months ago

    Is this real?

  • Kryo The Night
    Kryo The Night 8 months ago

    The first time I agreed with Stephen Colbert this is utterly stupid.

  • Thi Le
    Thi Le 8 months ago

    Oh now some joke or a way to talk is a way that hurt animal? Nice PETA

  • shorly
    shorly 8 months ago +1

    Wait animals can read?

  • F is the bomb
    F is the bomb 8 months ago

    Hope they dont ruin good vegan people such as Joaquin phoenix