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  • Published on Nov 15, 2011
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    Harley-Davidson established the Harley Owners Group (HOG) in 1983 to build on the strong loyalty and fraternity of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts as a means to promote not just a consumer product, but a lifestyle. The HOG has also served to open new revenue streams for the company, with the production of tie-in merchandise offered to club members, numbering over one million strong. Other motorcycle brands,[117] and other and consumer brands outside motorcycling, have tried to imitate the Harley-Davidson's success in this endeavor by creating factory-sponsored community marketing clubs of their own.[118] HOG members typically spend 30% more than other Harley owners, on such items as clothing and Harley-Davidson-sponsored events.[119]
    In 1991, HOG went international, with the first official European HOG Rally in Cheltenham, England.[120] Today, more than one million members and more than 1400 chapters worldwide make HOG the largest factory-sponsored motorcycle organization in the world.[121]
    HOG benefits include organized group rides, exclusive products and product discounts, insurance premium discounts, and the Hog Tales newsletter. A one year full membership is included with the purchase of a new, unregistered Harley-Davidson.[122]
    In 2008, HOG celebrated its 25th anniversary in conjunction with the Harley 105th in Milwaukee Wisconsin.
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Comments • 29

  • dentitov77
    dentitov77 6 months ago

    Теперь харлеи рекламируют сраные тощие хипстеры.

  • Ryan Palermo
    Ryan Palermo 8 months ago

    Harleys are yuppie toys.

  • Terry McGeary
    Terry McGeary Year ago

    So now I know what HOG was for on the HD bikers' leathers! I videod a stack of HD bikers and bikes at Lake Bled in Slovenia last month. Impressive to say the least. They are towards the end of my final Slovenia RU-clip I did for my hiking club at the end of our fabulous week there. Please have a look. The thumbnail is a biker. I will put the link on another comment if you don't mind. Thanks please share it around as there were Harley-Davidson bikers from all over the world on their way to an Austrian meet-up.

  • Matthew Gilliland

    kind of dumb

  • gaskan666
    gaskan666 Year ago +2

    Why are they riding girls bikes???

  • Florida Man
    Florida Man 3 years ago

    "Harley lifestyle" is what they call being a fake biker now.......

  • ChrisAdams1985
    ChrisAdams1985 4 years ago +7

    I cannot believe this is the official HD advertisement. Bunch of Hipsters suddenly become cool bikers. Embarassing.

    • Chris Dixon
      Chris Dixon 3 years ago

      +ChrisAdams1985 I think its a SPEC ad. Meaning it's not an official HD ad, but kind of like a fan made ad, probably made by advertising student.

  • Randall Paul
    Randall Paul 4 years ago


  • garth tree
    garth tree 4 years ago +8

    crap..95% of film is of two hipsters mincing to their bikes

  • pranad harshan
    pranad harshan 4 years ago

    Ugran annaaa...

  • Steve Kioussis
    Steve Kioussis 4 years ago +4

    Hipsters are the new bikers.

    • shahriar mzm
      shahriar mzm 4 years ago

      sadly. the one on the right is wearing a converse. I feel bad for the bikes

  • Pye Khine
    Pye Khine 5 years ago +1

    Why didn't they park a little closer??

  • El Peligroso
    El Peligroso 5 years ago

    Might be a Bell

  • ams914
    ams914 5 years ago

    Pretty anticlimactic, but still awesome

  • citisite
    citisite 5 years ago

    NEW Commercial: The Stanford Rebels.
    enjoy it!

  • Dimitrios Karagiannis
    Dimitrios Karagiannis 5 years ago

    cool stuff. whats the brand of the helmet at 0:57 ? like the chrome line!

    • tmarcum
      tmarcum Year ago

      Dimitrios Karagiannis looks like a Bell model 500 3/4 open face. Bellhelmets.com

    • Robert Thomas
      Robert Thomas Year ago


  • Simo ACE
    Simo ACE 6 years ago

    no sorry ;)

  • Simo ACE
    Simo ACE 6 years ago

    0:52 .... it's OPIE?

  • Alan Turnquist
    Alan Turnquist 6 years ago +1

    Nice commercial..I don't care what sneakers the guy is wearing. He's riding a Harley. That's good enough for me

  • James M.
    James M. 6 years ago

    I've found HOG to be yuppie posers who believe that 25k and 15k mi makes you a biker.

  • Nickp1218
    Nickp1218 6 years ago

    Judgement & pretentiousness doesn't go with Harley...the cloth on your feet should be the least of your worries.

  • Ezequiel Valverde Gómez

    Asesinatos, guerras, suicidios, crisis, despidos, pobreza, problemas y mas problemas hasta que al final ... Pruuuurrumm plof plof plof !!!

  • stealthnoodle12
    stealthnoodle12 6 years ago

    That's probably why is he wearing Vans and not Converse.

  • Crayolla
    Crayolla 7 years ago

    Ohhh goooddd!!!! O.O

  • bigboybast
    bigboybast 7 years ago