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  • Published on Jul 30, 2017
  • Watch this amazing **Award-Winning** sci-fi short film called "The Space Between Us" as we find the world choking on pollution, and needing oxygen masks to survive. However, the key to humanity"s survival may be held by a captured sea-creature named "Adam"! For more information, please see the details and links below:
    We follow Juliette, a cleaning lady in a research institute called Beacon. The world of Beacon is a desolate place where the remainder of the human race is forced to use oxygen masks to survive because of severe air pollution.
    In their search for finding a new way of living they manage to capture a sea creature, they name Adam that could prove vital in mankind's salvation. The short film explores the theme self-sacrifice in a fast-paced action, sci-fi setting. The main selling point is the VFX done by a crew of 10 students at The Netherlands Film Academy.
    A solid pipeline was set up which ensured a coherent workflow across various disciplines. Most of the indoor action was shot on an extensive location at a concrete factory.
    The outdoor scenes were shot with the actors on a green screen set and composited with fully rendered backgrounds. The Netherlands Film Academy first ever high - profile CG creature Adam was a big achievement for the small team.
    FX was also an integral part of the film as a large chunk of the action takes place underwater. The film has received a lot of positive feedback from audiences during the screening at Eye Film Museum.
    The film has won four awards at the 2015 edition of the Scifi Film Festival in Australia.
    Directed by
    Marc S. Nollkaemper
    Elsa May Averill ... Juliette
    Adrian Brine ... Joseph
    Jurandy Martien ... Fisherman #2
    Phi Nguyen ... Scientist
    Sarita Ospina ... Drunk Pedestrian (as Sarah Ospina)
    Simon van den Broek ... Guard
    Leon van Waas ... Fisherman #1
    Kiefer Zwart ... Adam
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  • SEMA Chaîne secondaire

    Ça me fait penser au film "la forme de l'eau"

  • ghanshyam mishra
    ghanshyam mishra 7 days ago

    It's copy paste content of file.. The shape of water

  • Olá, Novamente!
    Olá, Novamente! 14 days ago


  • Jeremy Jimenez
    Jeremy Jimenez 20 days ago

    The copy of shape of wather..

  • caterpillarnana
    caterpillarnana 20 days ago +1

    No, they don't live happily ever after. "The girl" sacrifices her life to save Earth from the evils of humanity.

  • Echotale Empath
    Echotale Empath Month ago +1

    Why wasn't she wearing gloves? I like the story, but that part grossed me out!! Even the men that were just walking around were wearing gloves. Than here she was cleaning blood + filth bare handed.???

  • deburca
    deburca Month ago +5

    The Shape of Water ???

  • Teresa Carotenuto
    Teresa Carotenuto Month ago

    La creatura marina è una favola sia nelle movenze che nelle forme e i suoi occhi somigliano molto a quelli dei pesci ma hanno un'espressione molto molto dolce sarebbe meraviglioso poterne incontrare uno 😍❤️💋💋💋

  • Astarta Black
    Astarta Black Month ago

    форма воды?

  • alexmaff1
    alexmaff1 Month ago +1

    An underground facility, dirty as hell, litter everywhere and she's vacuum cleaning and mopping the floor, really ? And, by the way, I've never seen such a beautiful maid.
    A selfless act to save something that will be chopped to pieces and served by a highly skilled japanese chef.

  • Reme A
    Reme A Month ago +2

    WTF! She can't live in the water.

  • Dolmо
    Dolmо Month ago

    Что в итоге с бабой?

  • Fishoเพลงสากล Mobile


  • Alson Siler
    Alson Siler Month ago

    Love it.

  • Susana 7
    Susana 7 Month ago

    And they happy ever after the end 😊

  • Nelson Soto
    Nelson Soto Month ago +1


  • lunarvision
    lunarvision Month ago

    Absolutely gorgeous and haunting.

  • Otti Kim
    Otti Kim Month ago +1

    no one noticed at 0:42 the manifest with the readhead girl saying ' get your gils today ' and literally showing them?

  • jo x
    jo x Month ago

    why is she mobbing a floor with papers lying al around it

  • oskari lepisto
    oskari lepisto 2 months ago +1

    So did she die bcouse She didnt have oxygen and She was in a bottom of at least 100 m deep waters

  • Blackjack Stable 99
    Blackjack Stable 99 2 months ago +1

    Я полна злобы и ненависти к данной девчёнке теперь. Если разобраться: на планете случился катаклизм,люди умирают,кислорода отныне не хватает - был создан проект,который наделил бы выживших - жабрами,ибо вода всё ещё достаточно обогащена кислородом. Для проекта поймали зверьё,возможно,некогда - неудачный эксперимент. И что делает эта девушка,с драгоценным шансом всего человечества? Верно,она сбрасывает его в океан,откуда оного и достали! Идиотизм! Будь я на месте одного из солдат,ослушалась бы приказа - и пристрелила эту девушку,не жалея патронов,естественно,стараясь не прибить этого зверя.

  • lw216316
    lw216316 2 months ago

    COPY WRITE problem because of The Shape of Water ?

  • Yoonsang Rhee
    Yoonsang Rhee 3 months ago

    Well made and a good story.

  • Suzie Black
    Suzie Black 3 months ago

    Please long film

  • M7AMD
    M7AMD 3 months ago


  • Sudip Gyawali
    Sudip Gyawali 3 months ago

    Better than "The shape of water" 😊

  • A L
    A L 3 months ago

    BBB - - -

  • tourney
    tourney 3 months ago


  • 7ven
    7ven 4 months ago

    I had unzipped, lotion in place .... and then ... the damn closing credits started rolling, smh

  • Samuel Abela
    Samuel Abela 4 months ago

    I wouldn't stay that close to that jellyfish...

  • Maura Serena
    Maura Serena 4 months ago

    La forma dell'acqua di del Toro di è ispirato a questo?

  • hitdannyboy
    hitdannyboy 4 months ago

    the shape of water??

  • Sergio Gustavo Trejo
    Sergio Gustavo Trejo 4 months ago

    So beautiful!!!

  • Haven't Stopped Receiving.....

    That is 💯% BEAUTIFUL.

  • Nech Tuazon
    Nech Tuazon 4 months ago

    Love it!

  • Muhammad Ali
    Muhammad Ali 4 months ago

    Hey! .... That's Jake Sully's avatar (the Amphibious version, of course) :-P

  • David Dahl
    David Dahl 4 months ago

    why she do that at the end, could have just went into under water cave and live in bubble. now just will die? so... yeah

  • joey poobots
    joey poobots 5 months ago +1

    always important to clean up biohazards without gloves....

  • Mr Turrão
    Mr Turrão 5 months ago

    Plágio descarado do filme do Del Toro. Ridículo isso.

  • Loup sweiss
    Loup sweiss 5 months ago

    So similar to shape of water movie...

  • Richard Sanders
    Richard Sanders 5 months ago


  • Noel Aguilar
    Noel Aguilar 5 months ago

    Este filme fue ganador?!

  • Fred Davis
    Fred Davis 5 months ago

    Putting this video and a few others on Linkedin group
    We might start a paid competition and look for what might be a great short/Trailer for a feature.

  • im phenomenal
    im phenomenal 5 months ago

    All that for an alien dick

  • Sandra Gutierrez
    Sandra Gutierrez 6 months ago


  • G. T. Void
    G. T. Void 6 months ago

    So, the Abyss done abysmally. The most unbelievable part is her wiping up blood without gloves. Such a lefty trash vid.

    HONIA J 6 months ago

    Najpierw oglądałam "KRZTAŁT WODY" Toro podobał mi się bardzo ale po pogłoskach o plagiacie obejrzałam ten film krótkometrażowy z Holandii i jestem w szoku!!! To to samo! Jednak zmieniłam zdanie ten krótkometrażowy jest o niebo lepszy! Jest fantastyczny! Oglądam go już 8x i coraz bardziej mi się podoba. Muzyka jest przepiękna. OSCAR w każdej kategorii!!! Żałuję że nie znam angielskiego... Komentarze widzów napewno są ciekawe( i nadal nie wiem kto kogo skopiował). Pozdrawiam z Polski

  • Sagar G
    Sagar G 6 months ago

    Idiot girl.
    Also no kissing, so boring. 😛

  • tac tac
    tac tac 6 months ago

    What the wierdo shaped thing at 11:01 I don't get what happened their

  • Marius Sârbu
    Marius Sârbu 6 months ago

    The shape of water parody.! :)) Anyway just a sick mind will think about a love story between a human and a fish. In the future we will make love with the frogs and different animals because we are a species of sick homo sapiens.

  • Cebas Visual Technology

    ah, beautiful. For one thing, this water creature is so much more endearing.

  • Pak De
    Pak De 6 months ago

    There are lots of stories about aquatic humanoids interacting with humans, even romantically, going back to legends of mermaids, silkies, creature from the black lagoon and many others, however the cleaning lady feeling sympathy for the caged water creature is too much of a coincidence. The scene should be called a reimagining of del Toro's story.

  • Leicester Blackthorne
    Leicester Blackthorne 6 months ago

    Waste of 12 minutes of my life.

  • Jupiter Seng
    Jupiter Seng 6 months ago


  • emrullah akti
    emrullah akti 6 months ago


  • Vae Vobis
    Vae Vobis 6 months ago

    Bioshock meets The Shape of Water.

  • Jessie Martinez
    Jessie Martinez 7 months ago

    Guillermo Del Toro has art work, transcripts and the films rights to fox for this particular story since 2011, How obvious can it be, that not only the monster came out of his brain; but from Abraham Sapien being behind the inspiration. A character from the movie HellBoy, released back in 2004. So the real question is, could have The Space Between Us gotten their inspiration from Del Toros HellBoy? Both filmmakers have reached out to one another already. Complimenting each other’s work. There’s Mutual respect there. Don’t take away Del Toros resume because of one great short film. If there was a case of fraud, you would have heard it by its filmmakers on both sides.

  • Sneek Sheets
    Sneek Sheets 7 months ago

    So many people quoting Shape instead of Space. lot of illiterate people on the web.

  • Sneek Sheets
    Sneek Sheets 7 months ago


  • Oscar Ivan
    Oscar Ivan 7 months ago

    Yo digo que Quisiera ser un pez Para tocar mi nariz en tu pecera Y hacer burbujas de amor Por donde quiera ¡Oh! Pasar la noche en vela Mojado en ti Un pez Para bordar de corales tu cintura Y hacer siluetas de amor Bajo la luna ¡Oh! Saciar esta locura Mojado en ti

  • Alessandro Ciompi
    Alessandro Ciompi 7 months ago

    a me pare na bella strunzata!!!!

  • Snoopdog mynigga Joww
    Snoopdog mynigga Joww 7 months ago

    ow yeah LA BEAST is the Best

  • Snoopdog mynigga Joww
    Snoopdog mynigga Joww 7 months ago +1

    top gear is a infection so you know it you low life mutherfuxker

    • Snoopdog mynigga Joww
      Snoopdog mynigga Joww 7 months ago

      ow yeh hope all you uber ritch guys fukking die in this world nobody should be so wetlty and others suffer

  • Trek Fan
    Trek Fan 7 months ago

    Son of a are right.....The Shape of Water!!!! This is wayyyy hilarious! Pretty, pretty jellyfish. Ah, I wonder why we have to torture things we don't understand. We better hope that aliens don't come to Earth en masse....then WE get tortured, or eaten, or some such nonsense.

  • Itz me THE JOKER
    Itz me THE JOKER 7 months ago

    Fishes have chicks too,
    And here I am still single 😔😔😔

  • Laura Meyer
    Laura Meyer 7 months ago


  • procious
    procious 7 months ago


  • RetroFX
    RetroFX 8 months ago

    If it’s not too much to ask, I have just uploaded my own Sci-fi film, it would mean the world to me if you gave it a little look and leave your feedback!

  • Михаил Александрович


  • ShortFilms 31297
    ShortFilms 31297 8 months ago
    EXPERIMENTAL SCI-FI Short film. Check out!!

  • Glenn Crawford
    Glenn Crawford 8 months ago

    Looks like from the movie shape of water

  • jm gee
    jm gee 8 months ago

    She just wants his one eyed sea monster.

  • believe and do
    believe and do 8 months ago

    Shape of water...or like many others m also confused

  • Rafael Rojas
    Rafael Rojas 8 months ago

    Why this film looks like Shape Of The Water by Gillermo Del Toro?