Vocal Coach Reacts to Pentatonix - Hallelujah

  • Published on Dec 18, 2018
  • Watch as celebrity vocal coach Tara Simon critiques and reacts to Pentatonix performing Hallelujah! Be sure to subscribe and join the TSS Fa
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  • Fallen
    Fallen 2 hours ago

    i would kill to have a voice like Avi

  • Michelle Cole
    Michelle Cole 5 hours ago

    I'd also love to see your reaction/analysis of Avi's Change on the Rise: ru-clip.com/video/382BTxLNrow/video.html

  • Hannah Nigrin
    Hannah Nigrin Day ago

    Avi lookin like jesus over here

  • Pastor Amos Carmichael

    thank you they are one of my favorite groups

  • Allan Aneslagon
    Allan Aneslagon Day ago

    i always wonder what happened with you in x factor

  • Michelle Cole
    Michelle Cole 2 days ago

    Perfect example of how 1+1+1+1+1 equals so very much more than 5

  • Daniil Schultz
    Daniil Schultz 4 days ago +1

    Your beauty is distracting 🥴 cheers from Russia. Love watching your videos

  • David Graf
    David Graf 4 days ago

    rip lenord cohen and Jeff buckly

  • Ocean Martin
    Ocean Martin 4 days ago

    Thank you for your explanation. I too am hooked by these artist and the power of this song!
    Aloha Mahalo and God Bless

  • Stella Antdorz
    Stella Antdorz 7 days ago

    React to 'Mary did you know' by Ceelo Green😉

  • Ryan Vinit Bharathan

    pls react to ptx dance of the sugar plum fairy!!

  • Michael Fleming
    Michael Fleming 10 days ago

    Yoooo she is soooo good !! There’s nothing like having a REAL vocal coach that can actually sing!!

  • Nick Ruffin
    Nick Ruffin 11 days ago

    Love this group, and this song...one of my FAVORITE Pentatonix songs. I wish I could sing...its the one thing I wish I could gain.

    • Tara Simon Studios
      Tara Simon Studios  10 days ago +1

      Who says you can’t sing? If it’s something you love and you’re willing to put in the work, you could be amazing. Don’t let your own or other peoples perception of you keep you from what brings you joy! Why don’t you try our free workshop tarasimonstudios.safechkout.net/3secrets?RU-clip and then give us a call (404-437-7919) and we can see if we can set up some private vocal lessons for you🤗 why not live in what you love today? Tomorrow is not promised!

  • Breeyah Smalls
    Breeyah Smalls 11 days ago

    Avi was so underrated:(

  • MyPsychoLogic
    MyPsychoLogic 12 days ago

    React to imagine by pentatonix it's absolutely amazing, one of my favorite covers by them

  • Gibby Cates
    Gibby Cates 13 days ago

    Love your videos, Tara. I am not a trained musician, but I love a cappella music. You help me understand why.

  • Mac con
    Mac con 14 days ago

    I hope you can react to the voice teens philippines version of halelujiah

  • TaeTae! !!!
    TaeTae! !!! 18 days ago +1

    The zipper analysis is me with my old school skirts that would get stuck on EVERYTHING!!!

  • Jovelle Manzo
    Jovelle Manzo 21 day ago

    Ms. Tara Simon, if you have a time I'd really much appreciate it if you could listen to the live performance of Ms. Tori Kelly on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Thank you.

  • Clarence Hairston
    Clarence Hairston 22 days ago +1

    I’m on a RU-clip spiral and came across your videos. They’re great. Love you

  • jimmie crackcorn
    jimmie crackcorn 25 days ago

    Mitch is perfect

  • Michelle Hawk
    Michelle Hawk 26 days ago

    I still get amazed by how full and great Avi's Voice spunds when he sings but if you consider that he used to perform in Operas before joining Pentatonix, it is no surprise really. I guess it's just that you're used to him being the bass all the time and that he doesn't show his full vocal ability all to often, that i sometimes forget how great he actually is....

  • Clarissa Gordon
    Clarissa Gordon 27 days ago

    Please react to this version of Hallelujah. It’s live and it really shows how they sing the song.

  • Ashley Lawson
    Ashley Lawson 28 days ago

    React to Alyssa Lies by Jason Carroll

    • Ashley Lawson
      Ashley Lawson 27 days ago

      @Tara Simon Studios It definitely show what an impact music can have on people's lives. Thank you for listening to my comments.

    • Tara Simon Studios
      Tara Simon Studios  27 days ago

      Ok thanks!

  • xboxbml
    xboxbml 28 days ago

    Tara, is really like you to check out Sam Robson! He’s a phenomenal acapella arranger and singer. His videos are pretty cool, but obviously not live performances. ru-clip.com/video/44Pq_9bG15w/video.html

  • tommy murphy
    tommy murphy 29 days ago

    Check out their live version it's even better. I was in chior in school and I made the national chior when I was a teenager. I can still sing but choose not to because everyone thinks they are a rapper and a singer these days.

  • Janmher Aninon
    Janmher Aninon Month ago

    React the voice teens philippines hallelujah andrea the battles

  • CrippledMerc
    CrippledMerc Month ago

    I love how Avi’s bass and Kevin’s beatboxing gives the other such a solid foundation. It’s like they’re the base of a tree allowing Scott, Kirstie, and Mitch to branch out. I’m sad that Avi’s no longer with them but Matt fills that bass role excellently. This is my favorite cover of this song too. I think they did a wonderful job with it from start to finish.

  • Bob Fritz
    Bob Fritz Month ago

    I love, love both the song and the group. I was so lucky when a when one of your videos popped into my video stream. I am enjoying you critique the various singers/groups and their music. Thank-you.

  • Fairyplace
    Fairyplace Month ago

    I agree with everyone on some of your other videos of theirs. Do the aha Singapore live

  • Sir David Robinson
    Sir David Robinson Month ago +1

    6:41" uh-eEH-uh" .... Leave me breathleeess
    Did anyone else immediately sing that? ahahah

  • francois Buys
    francois Buys Month ago +1

    Wow, do you have any albums yourself? It really sounds like you can achieve most of these notes quite effortlessly. (I'm not artistic at all, so I could be way off here). You also seem to know your stuff incredibly well

  • Marley Dreamurr
    Marley Dreamurr Month ago

    Not to mention but to most people, the music in the background, and the harmony just give it the power to move you.

  • Andrea Yelle
    Andrea Yelle Month ago

    Pleeeaaaasseee react to ''imagine'' from them... it's so emotional and amazing!!!!

  • Alex TheBadassBadger

    Mitch is such a gift to the world ❤️

  • Hermioneswish
    Hermioneswish Month ago

    Please react to them singing Radioactive and Perfect

  • G Crievous
    G Crievous Month ago +3

    I love how she explains and demonstrates why and how certain vocal techniques work and what their effect is. Not snobby, not nasty, just an honest appraisal of work done with respect. Hats off.

  • Kim
    Kim Month ago

    React to avi’s songs pleaseee

  • Alfred Eromosele
    Alfred Eromosele Month ago

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  • Лелик Болик
    Лелик Болик Month ago +1

    And want to enjoy aliluya in Russian performed by angels ? Sabirov, Sirenko, Ponomarenko - Hallelujah | The Voice Kids 2016 3 Fights

  • Sarah Harris
    Sarah Harris Month ago

    Plz Jennifer Hudson car karaoke ru-clip.com/video/nGze8bbBQ-A/video.html

  • david tanguma
    david tanguma Month ago

    You're pretty awesome yourself, thanks for such a comprehensive review.

  • Ashley Arce
    Ashley Arce Month ago +2

    Did anyone else say “ leave me breathless” at 6:42 😂😂😂

  • Exequiel Gavina
    Exequiel Gavina Month ago

    That's why I subscribe to pentatonix

  • Dave schmidt
    Dave schmidt Month ago

    Not only are you stunning to look at, but I'm finding myself mesmerized by how articulate you come across... and might I add I would absolutely love to live under the same roof just to hear your voice sing on a daily. Keep up the great work on his videos

  • mrsfrodo9
    mrsfrodo9 Month ago +1

    Mitch reminds me a bit of Jimin from BTS

  • Bee Simone
    Bee Simone Month ago

    Please react to Rebecca black, “Friday”

  • Bee Simone
    Bee Simone Month ago

    People need vocal coaches like her.

  • Brent & Cindy Carey

    Have you thought of reviewing the live version of "No More Night" by David Phelps?

  • Daaria Naharis
    Daaria Naharis Month ago +1

    You know, there's live versions to most of these. Maybe you could find them when you get a request. There's one out there for Hallelujah that's awesome quality.

  • Dave C
    Dave C Month ago

    Every time I listen to this amazing rendition of this lovely song I end up with tears running down my cheeks. But I'm just a mug who doesn't know squat about professional singing. So thank you, Tara, for your most enlightening review of, and professional insight into, this marvelous version. It's just made me appreciate it even more. Cheers

  • Iris Clark
    Iris Clark Month ago

    So smooth just like silk..so beautiful 😍

  • J. Gona
    J. Gona 2 months ago +1

    Straight MitchSlapped...

  • lappen 99
    lappen 99 2 months ago

    Sometimes I feel like she‘s flexing on us...


  • Zach Landis
    Zach Landis 2 months ago

    Ok I want to see you sing all these songs best be well placed like you said yet like us judge you

  • Evan VanSkyock
    Evan VanSkyock 2 months ago

    You’re definitely just putting on a show. You don’t really know what you’re doing. You’re trying to use larger, more complex terms to give the illusion that you know a lot about music. I could just as well pointed out what you did in this. I’m 15 without a serious music education. I just feel like you should stop

  • Matthew Baird
    Matthew Baird 2 months ago

    "And then, there's Mitch" is a mood.

  • Mary V Snow
    Mary V Snow 2 months ago

    I have always wished I could sing this well. Accidentally found your channel. Love love love it!! ❤

  • Georgie Sherek
    Georgie Sherek 2 months ago +1

    You should respond to the amazing highschool group that did this after a concert and someone just to happened to record it on their phone.

  • wayne titus
    wayne titus 2 months ago +1

    Might I suggest a reaction to Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton?

  • quinton washington
    quinton washington 2 months ago

    I loved this arrangement and it took watching this from a vocal coach view point (as a singer) to appreciate it at another level

  • Armando Wuisan
    Armando Wuisan 2 months ago

    Congratulations, you just found another subscriber

  • Patrick Brown
    Patrick Brown 2 months ago

    and then there's Mitch..

  • Roman Dust
    Roman Dust 2 months ago

    ru-clip.com/video/35Dwo4QVLqs/video.html reactions pleese, Diana akudinova, magic voice!

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M 2 months ago

    You do know this is auto tuned right ??!!!! We all can sound great with auto tuned help. You should review real live performance only. These videos are so edited it’s pointless

  • Andrea Yelle
    Andrea Yelle 2 months ago

    please react to superfruit defying gravity!!!!

  • Uber Man Tampa
    Uber Man Tampa 2 months ago

    My opinion of the female: She wants to sound big, uses to much vibrato thru most of her performances, and her higher register needs to stop because it sounds strained.

  • Uber Man Tampa
    Uber Man Tampa 2 months ago

    You're voice proves you know what your doing

  • tzuk25
    tzuk25 2 months ago

    I literally close my eyes at the end and it does sound like instruments!!!

  • Patrick Hofmann
    Patrick Hofmann 2 months ago

    Please please please react to avi kaplan change ob the rise. Please

  • Princess Halsey
    Princess Halsey 2 months ago

    This The First Time I've Watched You & I Absolutely Love The Advice Youre Giving About The Vocal Zip-Ups And The Base Tone ❤️❤️

  • Dan Gardner
    Dan Gardner 2 months ago +1

    Dyou should do a reaction video to pentatonix version of " say something " might be their best ever imo

  • Pear
    Pear 2 months ago

    What's crazy is that they sound exactly the same live... i thought i was hearing the studio version during their concert

  • Thomas
    Thomas 2 months ago

    Hi, check out truthsurge

  • Bea Botha
    Bea Botha 2 months ago +1

    Tara, please react to Pentatonix cover of Ride by 21 Pilots :-)