• Published on Nov 17, 2019
  • WE ARE FINALLY GETTING THE TEA! And Shane and Jeffree are taking accountability for some of the issues people have had with the palette. I'm happy Shane is once again excited about what he's editing. We also talk about so much more and I can't wait to spill all the weekly tea!
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  • John Phillips
    John Phillips 16 days ago

    Your faget ass does not deserve to get $45 because you a pink pig to a black hoodie you piece of s*** c*********** little f*****

  • Hilary Little
    Hilary Little 19 days ago

    Are y’all really surprised about tanna using facetune??? Y’all some clowns

  • Gloomixsh
    Gloomixsh 19 days ago

    why do u have merch 😳

  • Kimberly Lozano
    Kimberly Lozano 20 days ago

    Facetune to smooth blemishes or change the color if you looked washed out fine but SO many change there entire face/body and dont look themself. That is just showing you were not happy with how you look period. With young girls who idolize you you should promote self love and not needing all of that makeup to feel pretty.

  • Alyssa Cakes
    Alyssa Cakes 21 day ago +1

    I think it has something to do with Chris klemens
    He used to be friends with Christine and made lots of vids with her but not anymore and now I see Chris making videos with Carly and Erin 😏🤔. Idk

    RHOAZ 21 day ago

    Why is Christine so bitter these days?

  • nim zey
    nim zey 21 day ago

    I wish people would talking ab every drama in. My school it would be so entertaining 🤣🤣🤣

  • Christina Lin
    Christina Lin 21 day ago

    Your read that as.... Random online creators... When it obviously says CRETINS... That's not another way to say creators, it literally means stupid..... And tbh... The vlog squad bitches straight stupid... All of them... The men are more entertaining, the women on the vlog squad are just surfing coat tails, they really offer nothing of interest.

  • Franzy Lee
    Franzy Lee 21 day ago

    Beautybay is kinda weird when it comes to JS.
    I ordered the Jawbreaker palette on launch day and... It never came 🙃 got my money back after a month and when you go on their instagram account you'll see backlash on hate and negative comments

  • Reva Walker
    Reva Walker 21 day ago

    As for the hair- I believe
    It's glue.

  • Reva Walker
    Reva Walker 21 day ago

    James doing a competition for cash... surprised he don't choose himself lol.... I like James though.

  • Amber The Magnificent

    Was Christine or was she not friends at one point with members of the vlog squad when they were still Viners or am I remembering wrong? Because something feels so off here.

  • Amber The Magnificent

    I'm confused, didn't Christine try to transfer from vine to youtube a few years ago? I can never tell if shes trolling or not, like when she trashed talk Scotty Sire. Also when Heath's truck got stolen I 100% thought that was her in the security footage they showed, goofing off with her guy friend whose name escapes me lol😅🤣🤣

  • mara together
    mara together 22 days ago

    Anyone that kisses his assss will win James is so narcissistic....

  • 🦇🎃Jo🎃🦇
    🦇🎃Jo🎃🦇 22 days ago

    I didn't even realise that was tana. Editing photos is one thing but making a whole new face is something else.

  • ashlyn02
    ashlyn02 22 days ago

    wtf if she was a man she’d be getting RIPPED APART. men are way more subjected to hate than women. she needs to sit down

  • Haley Christine
    Haley Christine 22 days ago +1

    y’all need to chill, we arent entitled to their drama!

  • Syrena Milani
    Syrena Milani 22 days ago

    So worth subscribing to... 🙅💟❇👏👀🔍🍵

  • Tessa Desormeaux
    Tessa Desormeaux 22 days ago +1

    I can’t stand Carly and arin. 🤦‍♀️

  • Melanie Thaiz
    Melanie Thaiz 22 days ago

    Weren’t like Christine and Chris Klemens really good friends? And idk now, cuz on his bday thing she wasn’t there but I think both Carly and Erin were! Maybe that triggered Christine! Idk just a thought DONT HATE ME

  • ukhoneybee
    ukhoneybee 22 days ago

    I got my palette from beautybay as well! There was no bubble wrap or anything just a little scrunched up paper which didn't seem to do anything. Somehow the mini got wedged and stabilized both palettes? I guess that's what happened. When I opened the package I had to almost pry the mini out of the package but luckily none were broken or busted....

  • Kelly Haywood
    Kelly Haywood 22 days ago

    There are so many young people setting up make-up lines that have been defected or damaged in some way due to the manufacturing of the product. It’s not entirely impossible to think that maybe these people are being scammed by these companies to help sell shit merchandise. These people claim it’s there product but they are only the face of it, I think maybe there is a scam in the air, it disappoints me to know these companies producing these products do not face the same or worse backlash as these are the ones entirely responsible for making these products safe.

  • MaddyMcQ
    MaddyMcQ 22 days ago

    what's crazy is: i discovered carly and erin FROM christine's vlogs with elijah, not the vlog squad

  • Erica Swan
    Erica Swan 22 days ago

    I like that you spill tea, but are like doing it in an understanding way for the people on both sides of the tea.

  • T0xic Ice
    T0xic Ice 22 days ago +1

    I don’t necessarily think if you edit your photos doesn’t automatically equate that you’re insecure or don’t like yourself but people see social media as their online resume and they want to put there best photos out there and sometimes the photo straight from you phone or camera don’t be hitting or doesn’t give you the look you had in your head

  • T0xic Ice
    T0xic Ice 22 days ago +18

    I meaaaaaan Christine didn’t say any lies tho ☕️ just because an opinion isn’t favorable doesn’t make it less valid

  • 000
    000 22 days ago

    "inspiring others" that sounds ironic coming from james

  • Summer Valentine
    Summer Valentine 22 days ago

    Idk I feel like Shane’s kisses Jeffrey ass ode, I unfollowed Jeffree after the harsh words he said to James & not showing his so called proof

  • Summer Valentine
    Summer Valentine 22 days ago

    I think she’s salty they chill with Chris klemens

  • Rae Cass
    Rae Cass 22 days ago

    “To see if you got what it takes” sounds like ANTM. Does James think he’s the Tyra Banks of the beauty community💀😂

  • Angel Face
    Angel Face 23 days ago

    She is nasty. Weird. Christine- Not nice..Tana...looks like a completely different person...So yeah it's weird to change yourself- Everyone already knows what she looks like, so what is the point?

  • PgirlRangerz
    PgirlRangerz 23 days ago

    The pallet being cracked...its not jeffree or Shane's fault probs the mailman..

  • mame hoshi
    mame hoshi 23 days ago

    "bad influence for young girls" are you serious ….her whole brand is based on that .. what do you even expect from her XDDDD ….it's tana .....

  • Elisa Valeska
    Elisa Valeska 23 days ago

    People really love to be victims in every situation. They think that they are relevant in things they are no part of. It's almost hilarious.

  • Sylvia Bellie
    Sylvia Bellie 23 days ago +3

    When you showed the edited tana picture, I didn’t even think that was her. Looks nothing like her.

  • NXVI
    NXVI 23 days ago

    is it Billie... sphilly or spill.E or spilly?
    the autotune makes it confusing 🙃

  • Trendy Golbin247
    Trendy Golbin247 23 days ago

    People complain about any and everything 😂 it's sad but like someone trolling would say welcome to the internet. They give you entertainment y'all complain they give you eyeshadows y'all complain damn give this dude a break LMAO 🤣. They don't have to give you'd hit really 😂.. love your videos thanx for the tea love

  • Lauren Gallagher
    Lauren Gallagher 23 days ago

    Hot take but I like Christine's tweets. She's right 🤷‍♀️

  • Kelsy Wilkinson
    Kelsy Wilkinson 23 days ago

    Unpopular opinion: it doesn’t bother me that Tana uses Facetune and filler. She is very open and honest about the fact that she does these things and if you actually watch her videos you know what she really looks like. I don’t think she’s trying to hide the way she really looks or anything

  • m6cutiepie
    m6cutiepie 23 days ago

    I'm so annoyed with Shane's Jeffree series. He needs to find other people to do a series on. Jeffree is overexposed.

  • Jenny Benners
    Jenny Benners 23 days ago

    I liked Christine.. I wonder what’s going on with her. Struggling with life choices..? 🤔

  • Alyssa Alvarez
    Alyssa Alvarez 23 days ago

    I got the mini controversy and it STILL has yet to arrive.. smh.. I'm really starting to get impatient man

  • Egg Cellent
    Egg Cellent 23 days ago

    Ehhhh... we don't need another mua who's good on camera.. we need talent and creativity.

  • emma duke
    emma duke 23 days ago

    sorry but like what would've happened if the majority had voted for drama?? i still feel like it wouldn't be in the series to the extent that they advertised it to be.

  • Aleksey Cram
    Aleksey Cram 23 days ago

    when is James gonna fix his hair color

  • Aleksey Cram
    Aleksey Cram 23 days ago

    theres nothing wrong w editing pics a little but when it doesn't even look like the person anymore, thats taking it way too far

  • Karmen Letourneau
    Karmen Letourneau 24 days ago

    I also think Tana looked AMAZING in her original picture also. Our world is such a cynical bitter place these days as Tana is naturally BEAUTIFUL and I hope she realized this some day soon. ❤

  • Gracyn Tenille
    Gracyn Tenille 24 days ago

    i... i like christine a LOT... what a badass

  • Rimuru Tempest
    Rimuru Tempest 24 days ago

    As someone who worked in the postal service.... trust me when I say, the company or the store are not at blame. We have a timeframe and managers will be throwing your stuff 40 feet. Live animal? Fragile written on it? A hazardous chemical? They dont care.

  • María Caamaño
    María Caamaño 24 days ago

    Beauty Bay sold me a MOLDY palette this summer and still haven't replied yet, so sit down girl.

  • Butter MyBread
    Butter MyBread 24 days ago

    Damn, honestly I think Christine is just it telling how it is. I didn’t think she was targeting anyone she was just stating her opinion. She didn’t come across as bitter to me but 🤷🏽‍♀️ I’m not gonna judge if it did to you

  • Flamingo Williams
    Flamingo Williams 24 days ago

    That was a very classy response from Carly.

  • Maerwynn
    Maerwynn 24 days ago

    my boyfriend said the first photo of tana looks like a character from the movie antz

  • jaz kasteler
    jaz kasteler 24 days ago

    fixing one thing you dont like or making something look better is one thing, but literally making you look like a completely different person is another. like i did not think that was tana, it looked absolutely nothing like her like jesus christ.

  • Whatever_AJ
    Whatever_AJ 24 days ago +2

    I heard beauty Bay has been rough with their product and those that shipped have been badly damaged. Don't go with them

  • JaiC Bacote
    JaiC Bacote 24 days ago

    I think we should care about editing photos. What happens if they get kidnapped?! What picture would we use to find them? 🤷🏾‍♀️😂 no really...🤔

  • Meeka
    Meeka 24 days ago +1

    Sounds like they need to ditch beauty bay. Those crushed pallets are not acceptable! I wonder what’s causing the fibers tho

  • hannah a
    hannah a 24 days ago

    i still havent received any of the makeup i ordered during the launch lmao

    • hannah a
      hannah a 24 days ago

      no shipping updates either just a confirmation

  • Amy Maynard
    Amy Maynard 24 days ago

    That edited photo of Tana looks like a completely different person!! Who is she trying to kid? 😂😂😂

  • AnA S
    AnA S 24 days ago

    Eww , wtf happened to Christine .. she loves to talk shit on the very platform that paid her bills . Someone IS bitter 😂