Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts

  • Published on Feb 9, 2018
  • And he makes the big return on his bday!
    Fair number of people mentioning the spelling of extravert as extrovert, which is much more common and I probably should have used it in hindsight, but for context, extravert with an A is usually preferred for the "I'm doing a psych report" format, while extrOvert is more common in everyday common use to mean outgoing.
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  • Calista
    Calista 11 hours ago

    The reason why we aren’t in the front row at a concert is because tickets are so fucking expensive

  • Unholy Devourer Of All Worlds

    "the biggest fear of an extravert would be losing their tongue because then they couldn't eat ass."
    *I'm deceased*

  • Z1NE Edd1Ne
    Z1NE Edd1Ne 2 days ago

    Im extravirgin

  • DazyAqua
    DazyAqua 3 days ago

    I like that, average..

  • •kailyn•
    •kailyn• 3 days ago

    friend: wyd
    me: nothing
    friend: oh ok so u can hang out
    me: no Im busy doing nothing

  • Ruben Reis
    Ruben Reis 4 days ago

    I can tell your abit of a casanova

  • ArloHax
    ArloHax 7 days ago

    Am I the only introvert who would rather punch back at the crappy society that did me wrong than make fun of myself? Please tell me I'm not the only one.

  • KaidaCestro
    KaidaCestro 7 days ago +1

    Saturday night and I have no friends
    Gonna stay home do the the lonely dance

  • xXBlackKZoruaXx
    xXBlackKZoruaXx 8 days ago

    I’m a socially awkward pile of embarrassment if I’m alone in public, but if I’m around friends, I’m an incredibly extroverted pile of embarrassment.

  • Chloe
    Chloe 11 days ago

    "You're probably just on a different type of s p e c t r u m." that made me wheeze

  • Lord Current
    Lord Current 12 days ago +1

    I hate being alone, but I always am :(

  • noob master69
    noob master69 15 days ago

    I eat ass

    KONG HALVARD 15 days ago +1

    Omg you litteraly just described the only date ive been on, im dying (the movie date)

  • LowerTheBoom
    LowerTheBoom 16 days ago

    What's tinder?

  • XenoG
    XenoG 26 days ago +1

    Hey Casually Explained, I made my own version of this video with my native language. I create my own script and animation. But the style and some material i get from you looks like I plagiarize. Thanks for inspiring me

    • XenoG
      XenoG 26 days ago +1

      Here is the ny video

  • Sur man
    Sur man 28 days ago

    i introvert but i love google earth.

  • HOBBIT cadillac
    HOBBIT cadillac Month ago

    i identify as lil uzi vert

  • Danrey Banzuelo
    Danrey Banzuelo Month ago

    What if i like going out but i hate going out, what does that mean

  • Yggdra666
    Yggdra666 Month ago

    "I'm not doing anything on Sunday..." as an introvert, I can confirm.
    Many Sundays of not doing anything, and they were all great. Except for the ones that weren't, which would be those Sundays on which I couldn't do what I like doing. Avoid doing things.

  • Tam Dyoll
    Tam Dyoll Month ago

    O just dont like being around people that long,i get annoyed an those people probably haven't even said anything to me.

  • Reanetse Moleleki
    Reanetse Moleleki Month ago

    That sounds like the perfect date.

  • Liamrups
    Liamrups Month ago

    778... I know that area code...

  • BBQ Sauz
    BBQ Sauz Month ago

    The Uber driver thing ... hit really close to home. :/

  • K D
    K D Month ago

    “Louis CK has performed in front of what? A dozen women?” Brilliant.

  • mike Tyson gamer
    mike Tyson gamer Month ago

    "I have never experienced much positive emotions since the big accident....Being conceived"

  • Joseph frg
    Joseph frg Month ago +1

    3:39 you were probably watching wall-e that shit is impossible to not look at

  • Herman Rajala
    Herman Rajala Month ago

    i'm introverted but don't lack social skills. I don't really like being with other people excpecially in a big group. But I can talk to people without being awkward

  • ChickenPepParm
    ChickenPepParm Month ago +1


  • NoobMaster 69
    NoobMaster 69 Month ago +1

    I'm an introvert because I'm ugly, its that simple

    • Diabolus
      Diabolus Month ago

      Or because you play fortnite

  • MinifigureXtreme
    MinifigureXtreme Month ago +4

    The whole introvert extrovert thing seems like BS to me. It all depends on the mood you’re in

    • JustAnotherTroll
      JustAnotherTroll 2 days ago

      +MinifigureXtreme so you're similar then

    • MinifigureXtreme
      MinifigureXtreme 2 days ago

      Fs. That happens happens to me all the time

    • JustAnotherTroll
      JustAnotherTroll 2 days ago

      +MinifigureXtreme no yea I'm not an introvert by any means, but I really just think it's different personalities

    • MinifigureXtreme
      MinifigureXtreme 2 days ago

      That’s not being an introvert, that’s called social awkwardness

    • JustAnotherTroll
      JustAnotherTroll 2 days ago

      +MinifigureXtreme that's pretty true. Though, at least for me, even on a good day I'll only feel like talking and being with friends for a couple of hours, or at least until I start feeling excluded from conversations

  • Drew Rodgers
    Drew Rodgers Month ago +1

    Bro, why are you so tall?

  • Momoneylee
    Momoneylee Month ago +3

    1. Casually knock her popcorn over
    2. Say “oh here have some of mine babe”
    3. She reaches into your bag of popcorn (upon which presumably you’ve already cut a hole 3 inches in diameter at the bottom)
    4. If you got layered butter, enjoy the massage :p

  • Katie Lyons
    Katie Lyons Month ago


  • Cachor
    Cachor Month ago +1

    E X T R A VERTS.

  • Viktoria Benova
    Viktoria Benova Month ago

    i wonder if you misspelled extrovert on purpose

  • Andreas Postolache
    Andreas Postolache Month ago

    I'm average I guess. In the sense that I really enjoy social events and being the center of attention at them but they dont energize me they still drain me, so I always need alone time in between the social events to recharge.

  • MrSilentstealth
    MrSilentstealth Month ago

    Amazing date

  • Shashwat
    Shashwat Month ago

    being concived

  • innerFire
    innerFire Month ago

    As a real introvert I sometimes get amazed by how "normal" people or extroverts call some things normal, but for me those things are so weird in so many ways. Ofc I pretend that understand them and I go with the flow so they don't think I am weird (which I am) but in the back of my mind I am like : "wtf ? why? "

  • Roy Greem
    Roy Greem 2 months ago

    A group of introverts is called an awkward

  • Gameboy
    Gameboy 2 months ago

    So yeah 5 stars

  • AhBao阿宝
    AhBao阿宝 2 months ago

    So yeah... Five star

  • SuperSuper-Z-Man
    SuperSuper-Z-Man 2 months ago

    "...since the big accident; being conceived"
    Me: "Wow " *clicks subscribe*

  • Jure Manfreda
    Jure Manfreda 2 months ago


  • ashly wilson
    ashly wilson 2 months ago

    an introvert

  • BlackStar Senpai
    BlackStar Senpai 2 months ago +72

    "Rating uber driver 5 stars because he doesn't talk to you."
    Why am I being attacked?

  • ZMan1471
    ZMan1471 2 months ago

    & then there are those who simply pick & choose their friends carefully to deter the bimbo superficial crowd

  • RedJive213
    RedJive213 2 months ago

    I’m 100% an introvert
    But that doesn’t mean I’m 100% introvert

  • Frank Gio
    Frank Gio 2 months ago

    Movie... Rookie mistake

  • Osman Cildir
    Osman Cildir 2 months ago +7

    As an introvert in want to be extrovert but, SOCIAL ANXIETY.

    • Hey 123
      Hey 123 5 days ago

      Osman Cildir same! I actually want to show people more of my emotions and thoughts and be more outgoing but I just care too much about what others think of me sometimes. Lets say if I’m in a house party, I will usually try to be more extroverted and the start but if I have just one or two awkward social interactions or someone says something slightly negative about me, I immediately turn off

    • David Yang
      David Yang Month ago


  • Le Portugeek
    Le Portugeek 2 months ago

    I got a gf, Im pretty sure that I love her, I'm so fucking sure, but I feel like I'm not me with her, I don't know what should I do... I'm so lost, I really wanna talk....

  • Elodie Wang
    Elodie Wang 2 months ago

    i am average :/

    REAPER 2 months ago

    Choose *PERVERT* introvert ambivert extrovert

  • Carson k
    Carson k 2 months ago

    Comments: OMG I’m so introverted.
    Me: OMG I’m so introverted.

    LOLOLOL LOLOL 2 months ago +3

    1:14 I think this is an autism joke

    • Darticus the Great
      Darticus the Great 2 months ago

      LOLOLOL LOLOL might also be referring to the schizophrenia spectrum because of avoidant personality disorder but that's more of a stretch

  • Lord Noxx
    Lord Noxx 2 months ago

    1:40 killed me.

  • ThatOneWeaboo
    ThatOneWeaboo 2 months ago


  • Ice Kitty
    Ice Kitty 2 months ago

    I'm probably intentional but I wish I was aborted

  • callison caffrey
    callison caffrey 2 months ago

    Being conceived gets a like.

  • Vovical
    Vovical 2 months ago +2

    Casually Explained: Introverts and Extraverts
    Introverts = Me
    Extraverts = Not me

    • Valerii Topovskii
      Valerii Topovskii Month ago

      You're the only one introvert I assume, good explanation, I understand

  • K W
    K W 2 months ago

    It's called hobbies young people watching this. I'm not Grammer police neither.

  • paddfoot
    paddfoot 2 months ago

    the shot at louis ck tho xD

  • Nadine Sjuhada
    Nadine Sjuhada 2 months ago

    *watching this on a sunday with nothing to do*

  • Stone Cold Austin
    Stone Cold Austin 2 months ago

    One of the biggest misconceptions I see people have about introverts is that being alone also means staying in your house all day. It doesnt. At all. Dont get me wrong, that does happen. But the getting out of the house and doing so alone are not mutually exclusive.

  • PengG VEVO
    PengG VEVO 3 months ago

    I’m more extrovert

  • Kevin Fuk
    Kevin Fuk 3 months ago +1

    Extrovert:Lets work together as groups
    Introvert:I work alone

  • Matt Shears
    Matt Shears 3 months ago +2

    I'm loving the subtle psychology

  • mr mann
    mr mann 3 months ago

    Take that introvert extrovert test 14 times a week, you'll get 14 different answer a week

  • Marc Vincent Klitgaard
    Marc Vincent Klitgaard 3 months ago

    Shred the gnar dude

  • The Gale Travels
    The Gale Travels 3 months ago

    I caught that Mitch Hedberg joke in there =)

  • Ben Florence
    Ben Florence 3 months ago

    Coughing fits from that lewis c.k joke

  • Christian Armenta
    Christian Armenta 3 months ago

    Legit watching this video in a pitch black room, while wearing a black jacket.

  • Bcuniverse
    Bcuniverse 3 months ago

    Holy fuck the Louis C. K. Joke at the beginning. I hope that was on purpose

  • Feefs Manwelli
    Feefs Manwelli 3 months ago

    Hilarious 😂😂😂

  • Baptiste Pholoppe
    Baptiste Pholoppe 3 months ago

    i'm on another level ... i'm just ... dead inside ...

  • jay mora
    jay mora 3 months ago

    Is it extravert or extrovert? Im a bit confused

  • First name Last Name
    First name Last Name 3 months ago

    I don't feel it in any of these catigories

  • sleazy potato
    sleazy potato 3 months ago

    Anyone average?

  • TheSnoopKat
    TheSnoopKat 3 months ago

    I have a really hard time talking to new people. Regardless of the situation I just feel like I'm bothering them. Other than that I think I'm pretty normal. Besides my inability to love people anymore.

  • GRBTutorials
    GRBTutorials 3 months ago +1

    I think I’m an introvert but I’m not sure because I have no one with who I can compare to, as I very rarely go out of my house.

  • Voltorb2
    Voltorb2 3 months ago +1

    Is there such thing as a socially awkward and lonely extrovert? I dont enjoy being an introvert

  • Pour me some Bleach
    Pour me some Bleach 3 months ago +1

    SoMeone: “so how was ur day?”
    Introvert: “yeS.”
    Introverts 101

  • Birdstar
    Birdstar 3 months ago

    Me watching this whole video:

  • C A
    C A 3 months ago

    I can perfectly be both. Is really easy for me to interact with new people and make friends but I really love to be by myself most of the time.

  • Joshua Hall
    Joshua Hall 3 months ago

    Lol that Louis CK joke though...

  • Eusy B
    Eusy B 4 months ago +1

    I took personality psychology & I think this video's really good and hilarious =). Keep up the good job, I'm going to take a look at your other videos.

  • guul66
    guul66 4 months ago

    half of this video is pretty good, half of it sucks.

  • Robert Malonzo
    Robert Malonzo 4 months ago +1

    Introverts unite!

    At home...


  • 240pixel
    240pixel 4 months ago

    I love the level of self deprecating humor in your videos.

  • Mert Solak
    Mert Solak 4 months ago

    3 stars from me, the guy in the video just didnt stop talking :/

  • Dashon Spriggs
    Dashon Spriggs 4 months ago

    Very informative

  • Memestealer_chungles 05

    I wasn’t an accident really more of a mistake

  • Mousek801
    Mousek801 4 months ago

    Always thought I was an introvert. Apparently I just hate people.

  • Musaab 7
    Musaab 7 4 months ago

    The Louis Ck joke has a new double meaning now

  • Mohamed Khaled
    Mohamed Khaled 4 months ago

    1:42 lol so hard!!😂

  • Marco Polo
    Marco Polo 4 months ago

    I dont know what i am. I hate socializing but when i do, i am the heart of the conversation, speaking all the time and joking around.

  • Patrick Bateman
    Patrick Bateman 4 months ago

    Introvert = weak jaw
    Extrovert = strong jaw

  • GryptpypeThynne
    GryptpypeThynne 4 months ago

    Area code 778! are you in Victoria??

  • Melkers Teknikhörna
    Melkers Teknikhörna 4 months ago

    I am a introvert

  • BronillaBear
    BronillaBear 4 months ago

    Lol we had the same tinder experience