"WHAT A PIECE OF SH*T: Jussie Smollett" | Louder With Crowder

  • Published on Feb 19, 2019
  • Steven breaks down Jussie Smollett is a pile of sh*it
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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder  6 months ago +4197

    So... when did you realize the Smollett story was a hoax? What was the detail that tipped it from believable to not?

    • Eric Smith
      Eric Smith 4 days ago

      When CCTV footage showed Smollett walking home from the "attack" WITH THE ROPE STILL AROUND HIS NECK.
      You just got a "hate crime" against you, and your first reaction ISN'T to take off the thing a real attacker could have used to kill you?!?
      That was my suspicion at the time.

      When I realized he was completely full of shit:
      When police body cam footage showed him STILL WEARING THE ROPE IN HIS APARTMENT, before asking the officers to turn off the body cams at which point he took off the rope.

    • Adog 00
      Adog 00 12 days ago

      Love these man

    • SomeCatchyName
      SomeCatchyName Month ago

      Because it was on Fake News sad to say I trust TMZ over CNN

    • My Account
      My Account Month ago

      Since the beginning

    • dominic Dominations
      dominic Dominations 2 months ago

      As soon as I heard it

  • FistoftheWorldKing
    FistoftheWorldKing 8 hours ago

    He's a piece of shit, but hearing far sounds is annoying as shit.

  • Daddy
    Daddy 10 hours ago

    Every fart made me laugh

  • Keke Banks
    Keke Banks 16 hours ago

    Anyone from Chicago right or left knew he was lying right off the bat 🤣 whadda pos

  • Cynthia Nations
    Cynthia Nations Day ago

    Almost everyone in Chicago knew it was fake when we first heard it. It was well below freezing that night. He was walking in a liberal neighborhood. He showed up wet at his hotel not possible because of the temperature.

  • Ethan M
    Ethan M 5 days ago

    I wish I could make as much money as steve does roasting and laughing at people

  • Logan Johnston
    Logan Johnston 6 days ago +1

    When I saw the first Washington Post article, instantly I predicated that he was full of it

  • Chris Brizuela
    Chris Brizuela 7 days ago

    am i a bad person if I'm laughing along with them?

  • Aterhallsam
    Aterhallsam 11 days ago

    The bell doesnt work dude

  • Luke Milbocker
    Luke Milbocker 11 days ago +1

    Jesse: "Justice will be served." No. It was not you awful human being, you deserve to be some ones play toy in prison not being a free, rich man who plotted a moronic lie, lol!

  • Mahjid Tarantino
    Mahjid Tarantino 13 days ago

    Lol! But, who put Jussie up to it? Who got him off? He is clearly not the one in charge of the hoax. #ijs

  • jbot91
    jbot91 15 days ago +1

    Remember. Jussie was willing to point out two random unlucky white people and send them to jail.

  • Christian Rehtorik
    Christian Rehtorik 17 days ago

    It was a fucking HATE CRIME!!! Against every white man in the United States of America!!

  • Chance Masters
    Chance Masters 18 days ago

    Greatest segment ever... Change my mind

  • Nehemiah Martz
    Nehemiah Martz 20 days ago

    I realized it was fake literally the second i heard the story

  • Bastiaan Boon
    Bastiaan Boon 22 days ago

    those farts are the best LMFAO

  • Brian Kimball
    Brian Kimball 23 days ago

    Thank God he's ok!

  • Akilles
    Akilles 24 days ago

    These actors are the most ridiculous people in the world. Bunch of idiots who act in front of cameras and think they're God's gift to mankind and have all the answers.

  • Mariana Faria
    Mariana Faria 26 days ago

    I don't know who these people are. thank God for me having kids to care for and a husband to love. Meaning, a life.

  • Keke Banks
    Keke Banks 26 days ago

    I live here in Chicago and knew immediately he was lying 🤣

  • Kelly B
    Kelly B 28 days ago

    1.6k snowflakes that actually believe that trash

  • Roy Fairchild
    Roy Fairchild 28 days ago

    I wish I didnt have to do the amount of searching for Stephens content that I do. I'm subscribed.

  • goku black
    goku black Month ago

    Im here looking fir the comment that defends shitting smolet

  • Douglas Denham
    Douglas Denham Month ago

    My generation didn't do right...this generation can't get right.

  • Todd Dietlin
    Todd Dietlin Month ago

    She is completely pathetic.

  • Christopher Perisho

    New favorite segment behind your Bernie impressions!


    Fuk smullette

  • Metalbear 81
    Metalbear 81 Month ago

    Who are all these new people?

  • timmythealien
    timmythealien Month ago

    I don't know why this is so funny, but it is

  • Metalbear 81
    Metalbear 81 Month ago

    I started to question happened is when I heard all the details, the hate crime he described was so outlandish, it had like every aspect of a crime, the lie was just so overdone, and when you looked at his face, you can kinda tell he's a lying p.o.s., but he's not the behind the wheel.

  • Metalbear 81
    Metalbear 81 Month ago

    Maybe cuz I haven't watched the whole video yet but why is everyone apologizing

  • acf2802
    acf2802 Month ago

    Ellen Page is retarded.

  • kathy
    kathy Month ago

    I realized Jussie was lying the VERY 1ST TIME I heard the "story". It didn't add up then, it doesn't now......NEVER WILL!!!

    THE PERSIAN 777 Month ago

    He disgraced the entire Alien movie franchise.

  • Zokes The Cat
    Zokes The Cat Month ago

    Ever notice the co workers of Steven are always fake laughing watch the fat guy. He is planning on a backstab soon I'm calling it

  • Daymian Ricca
    Daymian Ricca Month ago

    Do a video on what guns you have

  • Daymian Ricca
    Daymian Ricca Month ago

    Why Walther? Just curious

  • Galen Gerrish
    Galen Gerrish Month ago

    Ellen Page?? Oh, so that’s what happened to Jim Laheys daughter!

  • Galen Gerrish
    Galen Gerrish Month ago

    Wow, what a piece of shit!

  • Bow Arma
    Bow Arma Month ago

    Pile of shit.

  • handy1 arnwald
    handy1 arnwald Month ago

    The second his personal check to the brothers became public knowledge along with their red hat , hoodie and rope purchases.

  • Old Andy
    Old Andy Month ago

    In a couple years it will be pronounced "Smole ay", because he's probably part French.

  • # 63G774298
    # 63G774298 Month ago

    Actors acting.

  • Melissa Someone
    Melissa Someone Month ago +1

    Right off the bat. The first time I heard about this story I said it was a bunch of shit. It sounded made up from the get go.

  • 0 0
    0 0 Month ago +1

    His story Smollets I can smell it.

  • Alx Singler
    Alx Singler Month ago +1

    Jussie Smollett's actions are simply indicative of the average mentality of the Black community.
    Its easier to be a victim that is owed compensation, rather than be an honest, smart, hard working person.

  • cap crew101
    cap crew101 Month ago

    I love the sound guy

  • Paul Evans
    Paul Evans Month ago

    I'd never heard of him until he did this.......what a piece of shit

  • Kendo Extendo
    Kendo Extendo Month ago

    Ellen Page has the biggest fucking forehead. She also doesn’t know when to stop acting. The whole thing was a farce.

  • Betty Hancock
    Betty Hancock Month ago

    Just came to make sure this made it over two million views.

  • J D
    J D Month ago

    Too funny, unfortunately Jussie doing this himself smh

  • Buck E
    Buck E Month ago

    5:12 what about a gay Asian conservative? Jussie? Does that count?

  • Destiny Pratt
    Destiny Pratt Month ago

    Someone already made it 2 million views. 😔 I tried...

  • tim powell
    tim powell Month ago

    Hey Crowder... just want to let you know, that I'm still getting notifications for your videos. Keep up the good work. I love how you mix comedy with politics. You tell the truth in the most funniest way possible, and you're literally one of my favorite places to get news from

  • cmiller8492
    cmiller8492 Month ago

    7:29 is best one. Great dramatic pause interruption.

  • Mike White
    Mike White Month ago

    Suck it RU-clip

  • itzz_anime
    itzz_anime Month ago

    What a piece of shit..... lol

  • Dakk
    Dakk Month ago

    Sorry, i'm a rebel. You said don't watch the link from the i'm sorry video so naturally i had to.

  • Tom Best
    Tom Best Month ago

    "The only difference is truth". * sigh *

  • kahopukehau
    kahopukehau Month ago

    Every time you come across an “I’m sorry Crowder I watched anyways” comment you have to take a shot.....
    Ready, set, go!

  • godmodeforever
    godmodeforever Month ago

    Man, you have to do something on David Hogg.

  • Byron Holmes
    Byron Holmes Month ago

    when did gollum go on the steven colbear show lol

  • cody griffin
    cody griffin Month ago

    Did Ellen Page apologize? Hahaha.

  • Victory Saber
    Victory Saber Month ago

    Dontcha love this new community guidelines thing above the comments? Of course they mean nothing because if you upset a leftist they throw the rules out and ban you anyway...

  • NPC homosexual commie liberal #88

    cONNECT tHE doTS

  • Skip Stones
    Skip Stones Month ago

    Yeah, #metoo...I’m so sorry that I watched your video and even more sorry for having laughed so hard and for hitting the like button...please forgive me...

  • Chee Chalker
    Chee Chalker 2 months ago

    I don’t want to brag
    I don’t want to boast.....
    But as a life long Chicagoan I knew Jussie was toast
    In all seriousness, I knew immediately and anyone who has grown up in Chicago knew it was shit
    Heard the report on the radio - my first comment was “Jesse who?”
    My second comment “that didn’t happen”

  • Teddygalbis
    Teddygalbis 2 months ago +3

    Sorry for watching this on an 18 hr. endless loop. I know I was told not to, warned, but I blame my lack of sense of responsibility on my parents and the way I was raised and on Pee Wee Herman and his idol Captain Kangaroo. Sorry too, for spouting off to my friends claiming that Smollett's actions could have caused a race riot/war, which I now know was a total impossibility. Wish to hell I had attended Oberlin University...I hear they have a great bakery nearby.

  • Philip J. Fry
    Philip J. Fry 2 months ago +1

    What a piece of shit...

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago

    So are the people who got him off the hook

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 2 months ago +1

    What a piece of SHIT!

  • P Sam
    P Sam 2 months ago +1

    2M!!!!!! Awesome

  • JohnEnigma
    JohnEnigma 2 months ago

    Four months later and it's still funny to me.

  • Smedleydog1
    Smedleydog1 2 months ago +1

    I don't understand why all of you people are watching this after Steven specifically said not to........ link in the description.

  • Eury
    Eury 2 months ago +1

    "My village"....OMG....Village idiot