Beyoncé - 7/11

  • Published on Nov 22, 2014
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  • João Felipe Silva
    João Felipe Silva 2 hours ago

    2019? Clap clap clap 👏👏

  • Tatiana Corado
    Tatiana Corado 8 hours ago

    2014 had the best songs

  • rixxy
    rixxy 11 hours ago

    Beyoncé - 9/11

  • mike uzo
    mike uzo 12 hours ago

    radio: pffft nobody cares about this song
    me: *whispers* i know you care

  • Kavita Iyer
    Kavita Iyer 16 hours ago

    its so good to see her having so much fun
    I am going to see this another 10000 times

  • Kavita Iyer
    Kavita Iyer 16 hours ago

    off my period jamming to this song hard as hell

  • aly
    aly Day ago +1

    Beyonce said fuck making a professional music video I’m going to make my own in my house

  • Kim Lee
    Kim Lee Day ago

    Girl you look so fucking ugly like a street rat

  • C.S.L Sisters
    C.S.L Sisters Day ago

    Big mood 🤣💀

  • Blah Blahblah
    Blah Blahblah Day ago +1

    She used her foot as a phone

  • Giorgi Karseladze
    Giorgi Karseladze Day ago +1

    When u buy a new clothes for school 😏🙂

  • Giorgi Karseladze
    Giorgi Karseladze Day ago +1

    Parents leave
    Me two seconds later

  • Alex 123
    Alex 123 Day ago

    this song may be 4 years old but it still makes me feel like a bad biiiitch

  • Alex 123
    Alex 123 Day ago


  • Victo MK
    Victo MK Day ago

    Am i tripping really i thought this was made in 2016😱😱Well I guess i was madly in love with song that i even forget.I only rember being in Capetwon Goodwood

  • Elgenia Walker
    Elgenia Walker 2 days ago

    She mumbles Voodoo at the end I hurriedly turned off

  • Sun Shine
    Sun Shine 2 days ago

    I can feel beyonce

  • Zain
    Zain 2 days ago

    Beyonce will alwayz be the baddest

  • Ryan 88
    Ryan 88 2 days ago

    Tranny sicko. Good luck x mas week sheeple

  • Gianna Gregory
    Gianna Gregory 2 days ago +1

    Me partying with my three brain cells at 3 am

  • Escanor
    Escanor 2 days ago

    change that 7 to a 9

  • Almond Milk 생명
    Almond Milk 생명 2 days ago

    Me home alone

  • Kaki
    Kaki 2 days ago

    I love it, Beyonce's so silly :-)

  • eyebelieve3
    eyebelieve3 2 days ago +2

    1:49 to 1:55 is fire

    SARA PLAYS 3 days ago

    Beyoncé queen diva 🇧🇷😍

  • Fat Frog Legs
    Fat Frog Legs 3 days ago +1

    i remeber dancing to this song hahha with my friend we knew all the lyrics

    SHARE ALL IH 3 days ago

    Clap apa sieh

  • Jon Hagen
    Jon Hagen 3 days ago

    Hi. It’s Jon. How are you?????

  • Lidiani da Silva
    Lidiani da Silva 3 days ago


  • Chema Chema
    Chema Chema 4 days ago

    Big ass baby

  • Henri-Eerik Reintal
    Henri-Eerik Reintal 4 days ago

    If you like this shit you have really bad tase in music

  • Shams El
    Shams El 4 days ago

    Check this out

  • Bria Carter
    Bria Carter 4 days ago

    This is my favorite beyonce video

  • selvia soumokil
    selvia soumokil 5 days ago

    Beyoncè: *on the phone* ok Girls come to my house, but wear your bra and underwear ok!

    1 of the girls: why B?


    Girls: K k chill my queen

    Beyoncé: Ok I'm chill just go here fast!

  • Luis Diaz
    Luis Diaz 5 days ago

    Director: ok in this scene you are going to be spinning while standing on a chair.
    Beyonce: ok that should be easy enough.
    Director: while outside on the balcony.
    Beyonce: wait what?!

  • Jessie Cruver
    Jessie Cruver 5 days ago +1


  • Jessie Cruver
    Jessie Cruver 5 days ago +1


  • Vladimir Trichov
    Vladimir Trichov 6 days ago

    Homeless Trash🤣

  • Isi 123
    Isi 123 6 days ago

    When you’re bored.

  • Alberto
    Alberto 6 days ago


  • Melody McKane
    Melody McKane 6 days ago +3

    This whole song was just Beyoncé goofing around in the studio, but because everything she does becomes a hit...

  • Sara King
    Sara King 6 days ago

    Is this song a out her doing a workout to get into her pink bikini?

  • Derek Hawkins
    Derek Hawkins 6 days ago


  • koko xoxo
    koko xoxo 6 days ago +4

    SEPTEMBER 2019🤪🤪🤪where y'all at

  • Lucrecia Brown
    Lucrecia Brown 6 days ago


  • Tiuana Mitchell
    Tiuana Mitchell 6 days ago +1

    Lmao she living the life 😂


    I still can't move on that MNet's SIXTEEN survival show trainees danced this.....

  • Kenny Kdel-Scales
    Kenny Kdel-Scales 6 days ago

    Man I wish that I could hang with Queen Bey for a day😍!!!

  • lick lick lick lick
    lick lick lick lick 7 days ago

    *is gonna be weird for the neighbors who have to explain this to the landlord.*

  • Vivih13 ;-;
    Vivih13 ;-; 7 days ago +2

    Beyoncé predicted baby shark song

  • That's on whut Period luv

    I dropped the alcohol 😭

  • NappyFro
    NappyFro 7 days ago

    fav vid on youtube

  • Donya P
    Donya P 7 days ago +1

    I feel so gangsta fresh right about now thanks to Miss B 👑!

  • Мария Андрусёва

    that's f_cking amazing thing girl!!!

  • Oh maranhense
    Oh maranhense 8 days ago +2

    2019/indo pra 2020 Alguém ainda vivo ?

  • Aaliyah’s life Out the shell

    I miss this Beyoncé

  • Louise Thomas
    Louise Thomas 8 days ago

    I love your music videos

  • ايناس ميلود القطعاني

    _Prophet Muhammad said_
    *There is no difference between* _white and black_ 💕
    *only with piety and good deeds*

  • Kay 36007
    Kay 36007 8 days ago

    Don't drop my coffee dog lol

  • Kay 36007
    Kay 36007 8 days ago

    Still me @ 5am 😆