Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel | “Destiny” TV Spot

  • Published on Mar 6, 2019
  • “I’m ready.” Be the first to see Marvel Studios’ Captain Marvel in theaters tomorrow night. Get tickets now:
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Comments • 503

  • vivek sonara
    vivek sonara Month ago

    Very good movie

  • Gustiningsih Marda
    Gustiningsih Marda Month ago

    I'm from indonesia, I really like this movie, so awesome until I watch it twice

  • Siervo Del Demonio
    Siervo Del Demonio Month ago

    I see a lot of people liking the movie, for me it was meh. It has a lot of build up, and the movie around the end it's really cool, but i feel like it's too slow/boring on the way there. In my opinion, it's not worth your money, i would wait for endgame. Also, really mad at how Fury lost his eye...

  • Pallabi Sarkar
    Pallabi Sarkar Month ago

    juss give us endgame promos alrdy man n we would be THE HAPPIEST!
    ps-watched captain amrvel tho..its amazing!

  • Jeffery Warfield Jr

    Funny thing about destiny you don't know what it is

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy Month ago +1

    Captain Marvel x Spider-Man = Spider-Marvel!

  • Amazing Guy
    Amazing Guy Month ago +1

    Why did you completely change Carol's origins?

  • D
    D Month ago +1

    I’m a white male, should I be worried?

  • TheKingOgx
    TheKingOgx Month ago +1

    Like if you’re just waiting for Avengers Endgame

  • Dynamic Cube64
    Dynamic Cube64 Month ago +1

    the logo intro tho mad respect for stan lee

  • Wendy Williams
    Wendy Williams Month ago

    Yay is all I have to say about the movie. I thought it was well wrote. I hope that the ray/stream has more of her life in the Air Force in it. If you shot enough PLEASE make a short movie fleshing out those two women how they met and what happened on Earth after Photon lost Avenger. Another short showing Fury bonding with Goose too. Thanks.

  • Mark Miedema
    Mark Miedema Month ago

    Removing committee and down votes ?

  • Jeff Mohler
    Jeff Mohler Month ago

    This is gonna be bad

  • ketsia makambo
    ketsia makambo Month ago

    Just watched it today, so good!

  • Salvador Melgoza
    Salvador Melgoza Month ago

    ⭐I will remember the MCU when I grow old, waiting for the trailers, where the infinity stone might show up, and the majestic moments that DC couldn't even come close. ⭐
    R.I.P Stan Lee😢😔

  • ankit raj
    ankit raj Month ago

    Just watched captain marvel 😍

  • X -MAN X MAN
    X -MAN X MAN Month ago

    Best marvel movie.waaaoo

  • Diamondsea The dolphin

    I already watched it. It was one of my favorite marvel movies.

  • Luis Miguel Calatrava

    Don't read the reviews! This movie is amazing... I got chills from watching the end credits scene.

  • Shihan Easton
    Shihan Easton Month ago

    she can fight kree with one hand. Not my imagination but my belief is that she will cut loose and may God ops "may CAPTAIN MARVEL SHOW MERCY ON KREE" I am happy that I got to see the rise of the MARVEL 10 years ago and now on behalf of MARVEL FANS "We born at the time to see the rise of *CAPTAIN MARVEL* "

  • Chris Corley
    Chris Corley Month ago

    I will totally be there. It's Marvel. 🗽

  • kdoty
    kdoty Month ago


    Brie Larson is the perfect Captain Marvel

    • Lina Hidayati
      Lina Hidayati Month ago

      I agree. I have only watch her acting in king skull island and i kinda like it. I love her as captain marvel though

  • Timothy Rosario
    Timothy Rosario Month ago

    8/10. It was a very enjoyable origin story. I look forward to seeing more. I mostly feel the same after seeing CM as I did after watching the first CA, IM, etc. Not THE best of course, but definitely entertaining. Despite being in the "hot seat", having to follow Infinity War and BP, it mostly worked, and it was fun! I thought the cast worked well together. Brie Larson did the role well, and I cant wait to see where it goes from here.

  • Alex Clark
    Alex Clark Month ago +1

    I’m seeing this tonight 😃

  • Nico Miño
    Nico Miño Month ago

    Amazing movie!!!

  • Mr. Pupú
    Mr. Pupú Month ago +1

    The post credits scene is epic! .....

    Is an scene from avemgers emdgame

  • Geico
    Geico Month ago

    This movie sucks I can't take it female superhero seriously

  • sutikno Kusyono
    sutikno Kusyono Month ago

    Disney said that they didn't want
    another Star Wars The Last Jedi in disney's hands but I don't think they will

  • Nacirema
    Nacirema Month ago

    Captain Marvel > Wonder Woman

  • Copyright Channel
    Copyright Channel Month ago

    Finally captain marvel come 😁

  • DJ Crisp Vlogs
    DJ Crisp Vlogs Month ago

    Next Saturday, me and my friends we’re watching Captain Marvel because we’re having a Movie Night at the Movie Theater and we’re all hanging out

  • guitarhamster
    guitarhamster Month ago

    Lol hot women are usually really dumb and selfish

    • Lina Hidayati
      Lina Hidayati Month ago

      That generalisation is so stupid. Are hot men usually really dumb and selfish too ?

  • Murali Karthick
    Murali Karthick Month ago

    Any Tamil....

  • Gautam Bolt
    Gautam Bolt Month ago

    Kill nemesis

  • David Smith
    David Smith Month ago

    Another feminist Mary Sue just like Rey.
    Feminist Brie Larson's Captain Marvel will make Rey look like a Padawan. You MCU fans enjoy the upcoming feminist, LGBTQ, and forced ethnic diversity characters.

  • A D
    A D Month ago

    Love you Brie

  • LoudAswin GT
    LoudAswin GT Month ago

    24 hours!

  • prasanna vlogs
    prasanna vlogs Month ago

    Why not in Nepal? Why ? Why?

  • x. x.
    x. x. Month ago

    Wow!today is international Women's Day):)I almost forget it

  • Wildan Sakti
    Wildan Sakti Month ago

    This my another favourite marvel movie!. This is worth to watch!

  • irfanprm
    irfanprm Month ago

    a cat do something on fury eyes

  • Gurmukh Singh
    Gurmukh Singh Month ago

    Booked for 1st day 1st show💪

  • just some guy without a mustache

    I'm not sure if iwant to watch a movie about a white woman that hates myself and many others just because of my skin color, even though i never misses a marvel movie i will pass on this one.

  • steve blum
    steve blum Month ago

    Some people haven't purchase their "captain marvel" tickets but not me cause I got my ticket for tomorrow & yes I so hyped

  • Nawas Naz
    Nawas Naz Month ago +3

    I swear Brie gonna drown Marvel will her "Feminism"

    • Sawga Vasi
      Sawga Vasi Month ago +3


    • Lina Hidayati
      Lina Hidayati Month ago +1

      No, she's not. But hater like you could try to drown marvel. Try it, dont give up your dream, it might come true some day

  • FlareRC
    FlareRC Month ago

    OMG, the cgi looks amazing! CANT WAIT

  • TheMarvelStark
    TheMarvelStark Month ago +1

    Watched it yesterday It's so good that post credit scene looks so good it melts me literally.

  • Записки Холостяка

    Thank you for this movie !! Finally!!! Finally you entered her into the Universe, this is something. The film is a bit tight, but told at 5! From and to, and we understand that the strongest hero in the Avengers will not just appear! She's like Superman in DC - she came, she punished, she left. And its level is incredibly high! I liked the movie, I would go to it again! Great!

  • Appsro Gaming
    Appsro Gaming Month ago

    Spoiler the intelligence lady us main villain

  • madhur sharma
    madhur sharma Month ago

    Waiting 4 avengers endgame trailer dropping out

  • Coen Conradie
    Coen Conradie Month ago


  • Hell Arrow Noe
    Hell Arrow Noe Month ago

    I am absolutely hyped for this movie. Can't wait.

  • Doge
    Doge Month ago +1

    Will someone pls tell me the post credits of captain Marvel?

    • C-MC Official
      C-MC Official Month ago

      go watch in the theaters...I ain't spoiling anything

  • fty ujs
    fty ujs Month ago +1


    skrull is good
    kree is bad
    skrull want to meet family
    captain marvel give power from space stone
    Nick Fury lose eyes cause cat
    end credit captain marvel and thor
    vs thanos but lose (just power stone and space stone)
    end credit 2 captain marvel vs thor
    but thor win very good

  • Codeq Muziq
    Codeq Muziq Month ago

    cant wait till 2mommorow, why do things always arrive late in africa😩

  • Ruslan Novruzov
    Ruslan Novruzov Month ago

    End game Trailer!!!

  • Nexie  Terithu
    Nexie Terithu Month ago +2

    That is why we should not underestimate the MCU.

  • Elin Voksoy
    Elin Voksoy Month ago

    ay i already watched it on the 6th
    I will just say 1 2 more things F to stan lee. favorite scene is the post credit scene.
    Nice work marvel

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago

    Love you

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago

    Women now powerful

  • optimus439
    optimus439 Month ago

    Here A real world fact about Captain Marvel, She is one of the most boring character in the MCU, she C-list at best and Marvel kept her in character by get one of the most blah actresses to play her... THE BEST THING THAT EVER HAPPENED TO CAPT. MARVEL WAS WHEN X-MEN'S ROGUE GOT HER POWERS AND BECAME A WAY BETTER HERO

  • Ankur Gupta
    Ankur Gupta Month ago

    No Matter How awesome this movie is gonna be...half of the universe is going to theaters for The Post credits...

    • Ankur Gupta
      Ankur Gupta Month ago

      +Lina Hidayati Seriouslyy!!

    • Lina Hidayati
      Lina Hidayati Month ago

      Thats kinda stupid, why easting your money and time just for 1 minute end credits. You can just find spoilers about it in internet

  • Tamsyn Shaw
    Tamsyn Shaw Month ago +2

    I am seeing this coming Sunday with my friends and I am pumped

  • Kartika Dewi
    Kartika Dewi Month ago +4

    I just watch Captain marvel already from Indonesia. All of you. Watch the film until post credits scene cause there are 2 post credits scenes

  • Im Future You
    Im Future You Month ago

    Looks like you like it now eh

  • Flutter Shy
    Flutter Shy Month ago

    2 words: POST CREDIT

  • Alex Stewart
    Alex Stewart Month ago +5

    The movie was awesome. Go and see it!

  • Sorn Ratana
    Sorn Ratana Month ago

    Gotta rewatch CA: TFA to refresh my memory how the “core” got “there”

  • MagicalGirl4
    MagicalGirl4 Month ago

    This movie was epic and so much fun! I heavily recommend it

  • SmallBudget19
    SmallBudget19 Month ago

    Where is Dr. Strange.

  • harsh brwal noob
    harsh brwal noob Month ago

    tomorrow is my exam i can't see this movie in therther but i can see end game

  • Axe Battler
    Axe Battler Month ago +1

    DC fans will be even more upset by the box office

  • John Powell
    John Powell Month ago +1

    Shills everywhere in the comments.
    Fake positive comments...this will get noticed for sure good job marvel/Disney employees

    • Lina Hidayati
      Lina Hidayati Month ago +1

      Thats really toxic comment. How do you know its fake ? Theres something calles preference. You might dont like it, but it doesnt mean others too. Ive watched this movie yesterday and i like it very much and i wish i'm disney employee.

  • John Powell
    John Powell Month ago

    Really stop advertising this boring movie it's nothing special

  • Sarbast Taha
    Sarbast Taha Month ago

    end game ??

  • Motion Kings
    Motion Kings Month ago +2

    I am excited

  • Redha A Rachman
    Redha A Rachman Month ago +1


  • Eden Rahav
    Eden Rahav Month ago +16

    One of the most excellent movies of Marvel Studios

  • T.A.G - The Average Guy

    23 hrs and 8 min ... I'm so excited

    NEW GALAXY Month ago

    Instead of uploading all scenes before release just go and upload full movie and take rest

  • Kree Larson
    Kree Larson Month ago

    0:23 Deadpool gonna love the superhero landing... 😀

    • Paulafan5
      Paulafan5 Month ago

      I really hope Deadpool 3 slams Captain Marvel. "It's like Green Lantern without any smiles!"

  • Ernesto Herrera
    Ernesto Herrera Month ago +4

    Just cameback! Its amazing! The plot and the story feel very fresh and the characters are great!

  • Whisper Wind
    Whisper Wind Month ago +3

    Thanks Marvel..Asian got the first Captainn Marvell movie...

  • Tatlı Bilgiler
    Tatlı Bilgiler Month ago

    2605. TV spot

  • Steve Walker
    Steve Walker Month ago +1

    I'm HYPED AF FOR...


  • Dalf 18
    Dalf 18 Month ago +1

    Im very excited to watch captain marvel!

  • Gamer Idronplayz
    Gamer Idronplayz Month ago +7

    my cousin lives in Paris, so he already saw captain marvel

    I told him not to spoil it, but he said it was funny, and that a cat ate them

  • Justin Bibir
    Justin Bibir Month ago +1

    Wanna hear a spoiler?

    Captain marvel will return to avengers endgane

  • Miguel Ayala
    Miguel Ayala Month ago +3

    So i take the film is good, i knew Marvel Studios and Kevin made a good job. Ignore the hate and Higher, Further, Faster...

    • Paulafan5
      Paulafan5 Month ago

      Why do you assume that? Even the pushover critics have their reservations about the film.

  • jeffrey stark
    jeffrey stark Month ago

    Marvel no mo hypes, y'all need to chill 😑

    FANS INDIA Month ago


  • King Maker
    King Maker Month ago +2

    It's just a beggining 😍

  • Rohan Jadhav
    Rohan Jadhav Month ago

    Where is fury?

  • krono069
    krono069 Month ago


  • Haryanto
    Haryanto Month ago

    the reviews are mixed, some say its good some say its bad. I guess I'll watch it myself this sunday and wish it's worth the hype.

    • Jayden Hughes
      Jayden Hughes Month ago +1

      +When you are Bored no

    • When you are Bored
      When you are Bored Month ago

      Ya mixed reviews....
      Some say it is bad and some say it is very bad

    • Dwagon
      Dwagon Month ago

      Haryanto it’s mostly the comments that tell the truth reviewers just repeat the same thing over and over but never make the point straight. So you will probably have to listen to the fans that like it cause everyone that hates it is saying how they are not gonna see it but probably are. I can’t wait personally

  • Zimmipiminimipipi
    Zimmipiminimipipi Month ago +2

    Why is there words like destiny on every tv spot lol

    • Dwagon
      Dwagon Month ago

      Zimmipiminimipipi dreaded run from it destiny still arrives with more tv spots

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago

    A hero

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago +1

    Women of marvel

    • Paulafan5
      Paulafan5 Month ago

      Scarlet Witch, Black Widow, Lady Sif, Gamora, Agent Carter.... They're already here.

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago

    I book 100 tickets now
    And You
    Booking your tickets now

  • Nilu New
    Nilu New Month ago +1

    Everybody happy with
    Marvel entertainment