BEST Drugstore Highlighters that BEAT Highend!!!🤑 | Roxette Arisa Drugstore Series

  • Published on May 29, 2019
  • Hi guys!! Today's video is all about the BEST drugstore highlighters that BEAT HIGHEND!!!! I really took my time to find the top drugstore highlighters that work better than soooo many high end makeup products! It's honestly INSANE!!! Most of these highlighters are around or under $10 so super affordable makeup products that honestly work so amazing you guys are gonna be SHOOK!!! I have drugstore highlighters that are creams, powders, liquids everything and I know I've said this but these are literally the best highlighters money can buy lol!! I love love love doing my drugstore series so I was so excited to do this video but let me know if you guys want more "best drugstore makeup" sorts of videos with other makeup products!! But without further ado - here are the best highlighters drugstore edition/ best highlighters 2019 all affordable!!! Don't forget to subscribe and turn those notifications on so you never miss a video!!
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    Drugstore highlighters mentioned:
    Wet N Wild Hello Halo in Goddess Glow:
    Wet N Wild Loose Highlighter in Hustle & Glow:
    Elf Power Glow Highlighter in Gold:
    Maybelline Master Chrome in Gold and Rose Gold:
    Milani Soft Focus Glow:
    Maybelline Master Strobing Liquid in Deep Gold:
    Milani Stellar Lights Highlighter Palette in Rose Gold:

    My go-to Hair Mask by ST. TROPICA:

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  • lula0975
    lula0975 2 days ago

    Love your tutorials and recommendations! I got the Wet n Wild Hello Halo highlighter after watching this and LOVE it!

  • 宮崎のぞみ
    宮崎のぞみ 4 days ago


  • Julbby
    Julbby 16 days ago +1

    Love this video. Straight to the point!

  • Raluca Florentina Golea

    Girls help ! 😞How can i buy the wet n wild loose highlighter in UK?

  • Jenn Saldaña
    Jenn Saldaña Month ago +1

    I’ve been looking for an amazing highlighter and im so dumb I have the goddess glow one and It is so beautiful but Im gonna buy the lose highlighter thank you so so much 🥺🤩✨⭐️

  • Sweet Rainbow
    Sweet Rainbow Month ago

    I have a highlighter palette named "Face lights" with 4 shades from "Trend it up" (that's a dm brand) and it was 7€ (in my country). And omg... I like it so mutch and it was so cheap.

  • canela ramirez
    canela ramirez Month ago

    wow what’s going on with her chest?! is it really hot or something

  • Autumn Verde
    Autumn Verde Month ago

    I need it all!!! Thank you!!!🙌🏼💕💕💕

  • Dana Lagomarsino
    Dana Lagomarsino Month ago

    Just grabbed from Ulta! Thanks for the advice babe! xo

  • Eman Alhaddad
    Eman Alhaddad Month ago

    What shade is the milani soft focus glow ?

  • s.a
    s.a Month ago

    Please help...Which one would be best suitable for beginners?

  • A C
    A C Month ago +4

    Okay but how did you get the all over body glow? Like what is on your chest and shoulders 😍😍😍😍

  • RyanTylerSmith
    RyanTylerSmith 2 months ago

    Did you just say that the master chrome isn’t glittery? That’s exactly why I don’t use it, it has TOO much glitter. Wet n Wild is where it’s at.

  • Krusha Patel
    Krusha Patel 2 months ago +1

    If I had a dollar for everytime she said "SOO"....

    • Shae C
      Shae C Month ago

      Krusha Patel you’d be a millionaire

  • Anadia Les Sombres
    Anadia Les Sombres 2 months ago

    I love the fact that you immediately got into the products ! Most other beauty gurus spend like five minutes plugging their merch and codes and life updates that no one asked for

  • Richa Arora
    Richa Arora 2 months ago

    We need a makeup tutorial on this look ASAP 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  • BuT wHy
    BuT wHy 2 months ago

    What foundation do you use? Your skin looks so amazing and natural😫

  • Twinkleiz
    Twinkleiz 2 months ago

    i know you mentioned a palette at the end, but you should try the soph highlighter palette, its such an amazing drugstore highlighter!

  • Melodee Marable
    Melodee Marable 2 months ago

    Is it me our does she sound just like Jaclyn hill? Im new to her channel but ive been watching Jaclyn hill for years. And 30 seconds into the video she reminded exactly of Jaclyn hill.

  • Reuben Syer
    Reuben Syer 2 months ago

    Your so beautiful and fun

  • Maria Gu
    Maria Gu 3 months ago


  • Mrinalini Sharma
    Mrinalini Sharma 3 months ago

    Hi, what shade is the milani soft glow in ?

  • nadss x
    nadss x 3 months ago +2

    sis you’re gonna need to tell us where those earrings are from x

  • Kai Marie
    Kai Marie 3 months ago

    LA Colors liquid highlighter is good. I use it for my inner corner and brow bone.

  • Waqiya Wahid Beigh
    Waqiya Wahid Beigh 3 months ago

    I can't find master strobe liquid anywhere online. There's only Maybelline master strobe cream... N i think they r 2 different things

  • Xinyi Yeow
    Xinyi Yeow 3 months ago

    U kinda reminds me of Miley Cyrus

  • Maggie Mags
    Maggie Mags 3 months ago

    Ur nose is the best thing ever

  • Danique Davis
    Danique Davis 3 months ago

    Made me feel like buying almost every single product on here

  • julianne holderman
    julianne holderman 3 months ago

    I absolutely love ur videos! I’m obsessed with highlighters. I’m ordering most of what you just showed on this tutorial right now! Your just so amazing ❤️

  • Pamela Fuentes
    Pamela Fuentes 3 months ago

    I love highlighters Roxy my favorite these days I will try the wet n wild stuff

  • Violet Henrich
    Violet Henrich 3 months ago

    Liar I just got highlighter today it is glittery it does not look like blinding it separate it give me a reaction my skin

  • Kathia Ayala
    Kathia Ayala 4 months ago

    I love the liquid highlighter

  • 4booky
    4booky 4 months ago

    Try the flower beauty highlighting palette!!!! It's so beautiful 😍

  • Rin Lee
    Rin Lee 4 months ago

    Ur skin❤️

  • Valerie Luna
    Valerie Luna 4 months ago

    I want the Fenty one but I’m so broke rn😂😂

  • Julie Nguyen
    Julie Nguyen 4 months ago

  • T. hossain
    T. hossain 4 months ago +2

    "I am like beyonće now" I'm ded😂😂😂😂

  • mollyjane01
    mollyjane01 4 months ago

    OMG! So check it: after I saw a video of you initially using the Wet N Wild highlighters mentioned above, I immediately went out to purchase them for myself because I knew they’d end up being some of your holy grails and now LOOK-you’re making a video confirming just what I thought!!! I have fair skin so got different shades but the same, ladies & gents, if you’re fair to light skin tone, I got the W & W Megaglo liquid highlighter called Hello, Halo” in the shade “Halo, Goodbye” & the W & W loose highlighter powder in the shade “I’m So Lit”-it’s a bomb combination!!!!! And best of all, affordable! Thanks for the recommendation, Roxette, I 💖 it!

  • Shella Smith
    Shella Smith 4 months ago +1

    You should try the LA girl powder highlighter, it is BANGING!

  • K6
    K6 4 months ago

    Wow how many teeth do you have🙄

  • G Delgado
    G Delgado 4 months ago

    Went and bought hustle and glow. DID NOT DISSAPOINT 🙌🙌🙌

  • Sunem Patino
    Sunem Patino 4 months ago

    You should make a peach highlighter video ❤️

  • April Little
    April Little 4 months ago

    But what is on your body???? Because this made me want to go grab my vegetable oil, but I'm sure you have a better option. 🤔

  • Carla Rivera
    Carla Rivera 4 months ago

    This was lovely! You are awesome!!

  • Malaika J
    Malaika J 4 months ago

    So visually appealing

  • Malaika J
    Malaika J 4 months ago

    Girl knows her highlighters ✨

  • Malaika J
    Malaika J 4 months ago

    My fave video by u literally ever

  • Sidney Rae
    Sidney Rae 4 months ago

    Wow. Buying this. Right now

  • Aspen Fiorentino
    Aspen Fiorentino 4 months ago

    Love your videos!! This has nothing to do with highlighters but I do have a question about primers and foundations. I struggle with combo skin, LOTSS of texture, large pores, and darkness in certain spots. No matter what primer and and foundation I use I can’t seem to cover the texture. I’d love your recommendations on skin care/ primers/ foundations that would help

  • Valona Klobucista
    Valona Klobucista 4 months ago

    Those bloopers 😭😭 the wet n wild ones are sooooooo bomb🙏🏼

  • Niccho Johnson Maione
    Niccho Johnson Maione 4 months ago

    They were all beautiful... I've added both Wet n Wild Megaglo products to my wish list 💕💕💋

  • Seydi Lainez
    Seydi Lainez 4 months ago

    Amoooo tus looks

  • Makubu Malotane
    Makubu Malotane 4 months ago

    Yooooooooo u so pretty
    I love ur channel

  • Jackie Pedro
    Jackie Pedro 4 months ago

    Nice ❤️ I love you so much so cute ❤️

  • Diana Hernandez
    Diana Hernandez 4 months ago +1

    You should try the makeup revolution highlighting quads! Those are so blinding 😍

  • caroline kouri
    caroline kouri 4 months ago

    Can you do a makeup tutorial for this look?

  • Nancy Napolitano
    Nancy Napolitano 4 months ago

    OMG I meant Ms Roxanne Dam that spell check! It stinks sorry

  • Nancy Napolitano
    Nancy Napolitano 4 months ago +2

    Rams Roxanne you don’t give a specific color for the Milani liquid glow? Please give color thank you

  • Alyssa Gonzalez
    Alyssa Gonzalez 4 months ago

    I watched this video Wednesday and made sure I went to Ulta today to buy the wet n wild liquid highlight and loose highlight, can't wait to glow like a roxstar ✨❤️

  • Sneha Dhanawade
    Sneha Dhanawade 4 months ago

    U look little bit like Miley Cyrus