CREEPIEST Things Ever Found by Deep Sea Divers!

  • Published on May 19, 2019
  • Remains of fallen ships, strange creatures, mysterious monuments, unique phenomena--who knew you could find all these things in the darkness of the ocean? Here are some of the intriguing and eerie sights those who have dared to explore our mysterious seas have found.
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    6. The Yonaguni Monument
    While trying to observe hammerhead sharks, the director of the Yonaguni-Cho Tourism Association, Masaaki Kimura, came across one of the most mysterious sea discoveries yet. Kimura fund rock formations that appear to be human-made monoliths. Why does Kimura think they are not natural features? Much of the rock seems perfect in shape as if someone carved them. Divers will come across two pillars called "Twin Megaliths," columns, a straight wall, a formation known as "the Turtle." Some scientists who have studied Yonaguni argue that these are most likely natural emergences of rock that may have been used and modified by past humans. What ancient humans could have done here under the water remains a mystery.
    5. The Antikythera Mechanism
    When the device known as the Antikythera mechanism was first extracted from the sea near the Greek island of Antikythera, no one was sure what the ancient Greeks used it for. Following its discovery in 1901, this artifact had long eluded researchers when it came to its purpose. Now, most agree that it is an ancient analog computer that predicted planetary positions and eclipses. Experts consider it the first known analog computer, dating back to the Hellenistic period around 323 BCE to 31 BCE.
    4. Waterfall In The Water
    It may seem as though the Earth is falling into itself and it's the end of the world, but relax! That is what many people call a "waterfall in the water." How does water fall in the water? Trick question, it doesn't, but it can look this way! The so-called underwater waterfall can be found off the cost of Le Morne, the southwest of Mauritius. That you see is not water flowing down, but sand and silt on the ocean floor that is running off. From above the sea, it looks like a waterfall!
    3. Like A Termite
    If the sight of an isopod makes your skin crawl, don't worry. You're not alone. The image of a larger than life termite would scare anyone! Over 20 species of giant isopods exist. You'll find them in abundance living in the cold waters of the Indian, Pacific, and Atlantic Oceans. Biologists call them pill bugs as they are similar to rolly pollies. Their enormous size is attributed to a phenomenon known as "deep sea gigantism" or "abyssal gigantism." Scientists think this type of evolution occurs due to an animal's adaptation to a lack of food resources, colder temperature, and higher pressure.
    2. The Inky Dracula
    The name "vampire squid" sounds menacing, but when you see how big this cephalopod is, you probably won't be so scared. Vampire squids measure 1 foot or 30 centimeters at the most, counting its umbrella-like tentacles. Its body alone is only 6 inches or 15 centimeters long. The vampire squid is similar to octopuses and squids but isn't quite either. When first discovered in the 1900s, German teuthologist Carl Chun originally described it as an octopus! Because of its inability to fit perfectly into those categories, biologists placed the vampire squid into its own order, Vampyromorphida. This inky Dracula uses its light-producing organs called "photophores" to disorient another creature it perceives as a threat.
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    We need to study the deep sea!

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    Deep sea!! It's important to know our planet's surroundings but we haven't fully explored our own planet nor do we know everything that lives right here with us

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    Discover the sea ! Learn, discover and understand what's here before we leave and learn what's out there

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    I think the sea will offer up for more answers and wonders than space ever will.

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    Travel through space is taxing on our time. A person physically traveling to the nearest star system at 1.3 light years away, would take him/her about 55,000 years traveling at our current rates of speed. We don’t live that long and the information bought back would be useful to those living over 55,000 years from now. We may be able to transmit images at the speed of light in 1.3 years once we get there. Plus there are other problems involved, i.e., medical, food replenishment, suspended animation, etc. Hence not as feasible as exploring the deep oceans. I know, we have powerful telescopes, computers and high tech which will have to serve as a proxy until then.

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