Duplicity | Critical Role | Campaign 2, Episode 55

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • The Mighty Nein engage in an intense battle with some nasty fiends below the city of Asarius as they search for the source of the rifts.
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  • Flando Maltrizian
    Flando Maltrizian 6 months ago +2525

    HEY, there might be some SPOILERS under the thing
    1:20 Sam helps out my job search
    4:45 Critiquing Marisha’s notes
    10:25 Intro cinematic
    12:00 Episode Starts
    15:20 Recap Ends
    18:25 Nott’s weakness
    22:35 First battle begins
    25:40 Marisha’s football sounds
    37:00 Not sure if that was Beau or Marisha
    38:30 Charge blindly
    40:40 Messing with Fjord
    44:35 Messages from beyond the veil
    45:25 Called a quasit
    48:35 Stay (feat. Nott)
    50:25 Detect Dicks
    53:45 Suspicious high five
    55:20 I don’t cat with my paw, I cat with my heart
    59:05 Looking for Nott
    1:03:10 Caleb betrays the party
    1:07:15 Second battle begins
    1:10:50 Zemnian joke
    1:12:20 Metagaming pigeon
    1:15:35 Picking spells to kill the party
    1:20:00 A great spell to celebrate the Kickstarter
    1:22:35 Bidet
    1:37:55 Luckily, Fjord was useless
    1:42:00 Eeeldrith blasts
    1:51:15 Break Starts
    1:52:05 A message from Ashley
    2:00:20 Art Montage
    2:013:50 Break Ends
    2:15:50 The final battle begins
    2:22:45 Return of the rhymes
    2:24:10 That was a pun too far
    2:32:20 HDYWTDT
    2:35:25 Sam, don’t be vulgar with Laura
    2:43:25 Marisha monks Liam
    2:45:50 Punch Liam for luck
    2:46:40 Sam has the power to ruin rolls
    2:59:15 YEEHAW
    3:08:30 Make Ashley kill Caleb
    3:18:00 It’ll be better when we’re dead
    3:20:55 Fudge, man
    3:25:10 The most devastating rhyme yet
    3:37:00 Matt is accidentally the worst
    3:32:10 Yasha finally listens
    3:46:55 UP THE BUTT
    3:51:20 Caleb gets a turn
    3:53:35 HDYWTDT
    4:03:30 HDYWTDT (twice in one shot!)
    4:05:05 Saving a life
    4:07:25 Cad gets his vision
    4:08:45 Max blood effects
    4:25:10 Episode Ends
    Twitch live viewership of this episode peaked around 55,000 people. The in-game start date for the episode was the 20th of Horisal 836. Sam’s flask says, “What Would Rammstein Do?”
    The 7.5-million-dollar mark has been passed. If they get to 8.8 in the next month, we get the full Briarwood arc.
    Any moments I missed? Feel free to post them here. Is it Thursday yet?

    • Michael Moody
      Michael Moody 17 days ago

      57:30 Scanlan's Mug

    • Capheus
      Capheus 21 day ago

      Flando Maltrizian SPOILER so at 3:25:10 Sam unknowingly makes a joke and says Beau’s Dad’s actual name which is why Marisha had that reaction

    • Lightning Point
      Lightning Point 3 months ago

      3:26:35 Beau converts to Travelerism

    • Joseph Sawczyn
      Joseph Sawczyn 3 months ago +1

      2:13:50 Break Ends

    • Davis Straus
      Davis Straus 3 months ago +1

      Just a weird glitch I noticed but the time stamp for when the break ends is 2 separate things (just a happy accident) the actual break ends at 2:13:05

  • rkp0718
    rkp0718 12 hours ago

    I really do hate Beaus luck with her die rolls most of the time her attacks barely hit and if they do her damage fucking sucks it really sucks man

  • Janet Hilliard
    Janet Hilliard 14 hours ago

    You can see the happiness on Matts face when Fjord tries to use control water against wall of fire. Lol

  • Spencer Cox
    Spencer Cox Day ago

    Matt: So, he's going to strike against, you Jester (rolls to attack) that misses... (rolls to attack again) that hits.... you know what? scratch that, he's going to use his full action to use his lightning javelin.

  • Hairy Cherub
    Hairy Cherub Day ago

    3:31:00 Nott feels the essence of imminent facial consumption.

  • Rudy Torres
    Rudy Torres 2 days ago

    I know how Liam feels about not being able to do anything for thirty minutes. My DM who is obsessed with challenging encounters and homebrew beefed up a chimera and for the whole encounter all I did was get up then down and dealt 8 damage all together. Every time I got up the chimera would shoot a fireball and I'd go down, it earned my character the role of useless fighter in an impossibly hard homebrew campaign

  • Nad Chan
    Nad Chan 3 days ago

    Jester: Well you got a big heart!

    that was cute.

  • Fuzzee Pea
    Fuzzee Pea 4 days ago

    Could they, if the spell was prepared, used blink to get the incubus/succubus when they were in their ethereal forms? Obviously is a risky move but if that worked it would've took them out sooner preventing all this charmed tomfoolery (not all the way through the episode so idk what's gonna happen apart from a few spoilers)
    No hate to the cast, I'm sat here watching it without their level of stress so ofc I'm thinking a bit more clearly

  • Jacob Briggs
    Jacob Briggs 4 days ago

    4:11:48 Matt - the smell that you heard...

  • Captain kiwi
    Captain kiwi 4 days ago

    Jester should have said “I don’t think you understand, I’m not locked in here with you... YOU’RE LOCKED IN HERE WITH ME!!!”

  • Captain kiwi
    Captain kiwi 4 days ago

    God damn, Liam’s poetry is majestic

  • Captain kiwi
    Captain kiwi 4 days ago

    I think sometimes Sam and many others playing rogue in a chase seen forget that they don’t have to just bonus to dash, they can in fact still use the dash action as well, so you have 3X speed instead of just double.

  • Pappy Drone/Airsoft
    Pappy Drone/Airsoft 5 days ago

    4:04:37 sam....lol...taliesen's look...OMFGLOLOLOLOLLERSKATES...

  • Jon Bailey
    Jon Bailey 5 days ago

    "Cadeucus, you're up!"
    Cue ten minute wait while Taliesin stares at his character sheet.
    I love Taliesin, but he drags the pace of every single combat right down.

  • Matthew Thomson
    Matthew Thomson 5 days ago

    Jesus Matt cut Talisen a break 😂😂

  • Dinosaur Hunter
    Dinosaur Hunter 5 days ago

    Laura's like mad at Liam for being charmed lol. Was he supposed to pull his punches? That's metagaming, being charmed sucks and he handled it really well. I hate when they're mean to each other -_-"

  • Miklós Pál Márton Molnár

    Deafness means you don't hear not that you don't speak. That's mute or in dnd case: silence.
    Now we see where the open hand monk is way superior. If you hit w/ FoB you can pending a failed save knock an enemy prone. 15 ft up falls, d6 damage and everyone gets advantage in melee until it's turn.
    Also, divination wizard would shine here and throughout the campaign with portent.
    Totem barb BMf.
    Assassin GSr.
    Instead of trickster domain a war domain or more preferably paladin - for party efficiency, ancients, take eladrin for a free misty step and not to be a second cleric.
    Lock is ok.
    GC is ok.
    I know I'm bashing the party composition almost every second I get to don't get me wrong I'm well aware of that. I'm doing it so people can learn to optimise even if they have amazing backstories and personalities.
    Main tank off bruiser totem barb BM fighter.
    Main bruiser off tank open hand monk.
    Main nova, melee support/healer and off tank ancients paladin. Take 2lv fighter for AS.
    Main striker, scout and party survivalist assassin gloom stalker.
    Full support, arcanist divination wizard.
    Main healer, off support grave cleric.
    Melee support striker, off caster hexblade bladelock blades bard OR spell/party support - you've seen it last campaign - lore bard (with better spell selection).
    Multiple roles covered by overlap, one is taken out others can take over aside from the GC. It sucks but protect your healer guys. Some GMs - as do myself - love to use a striker type class to ambush unprotected backlines so this means someone has to hang back in the middle but cooperation is the key here.

  • Tilia Cordata
    Tilia Cordata 6 days ago +1

    3:48:40 She is lesbian, get your dirty ass hands of her!

  • Blazicken
    Blazicken 6 days ago

    Can they please point out to marisha that Haste gives you an extra action, not just one extra attack.
    Should be attack + extra attack, attack + extra attack, bonus action...

  • Zyfus
    Zyfus 8 days ago

    Omg it's so hard to kill someone :O i mean it's not fun having to reroll a character but the ending was just irritating. Back and forth. But props to the cast for doing everything they could! Otherwise awesome episode

  • Joseph Gooding
    Joseph Gooding 8 days ago

    Holy FUUUCK I cannot wait to see this animated!

  • Rik Remmerswaal
    Rik Remmerswaal 8 days ago

    Sam, you beautiful magnificent FOOL! He nearly toasted Duci.

  • EagleLord117
    EagleLord117 8 days ago

    Hasted Marisha experiencing the Monk Curse. So many attacks. So few hits.

  • Designator
    Designator 8 days ago

    But what *would* rammstein do?

  • Sir Science
    Sir Science 9 days ago +1

    The cr team are so dumb strategically when it comes to fights, so much so it become hard go watch but also very entertaining. 🤣

  • Henrique Erzinger
    Henrique Erzinger 10 days ago

    Shouldn't Yasha be immune to charm effects while raging?

    • CR Fan
      CR Fan 9 days ago

      No, rage does nothing for charm effects.
      Berserkers have an ability called Mindless Rage that protects them, but that's it.

  • [PANIC]
    [PANIC] 10 days ago

    1:03:10 well thats the point when Liam should´ve made an Evoker,
    ´cause sculpt spells is op

  • KosmoNIN
    KosmoNIN 10 days ago

    3:18:53 Get in the fight fa..... You weakling!

  • Rtrodz16
    Rtrodz16 11 days ago

    When Cad asked Jester if’s had died by asking her if she needed more diamonds

  • lily125
    lily125 11 days ago

    Why does Taliesin NEVER know what he is going to do on his round? He has played this game forever and every time he stutters and stammers and hems and haws before finally picking something that half the time he isn't able to cast because he doesn't realize it's concentration or only can be cast 60 feet or somesuch. Come on!!

  • Robin Hice
    Robin Hice 12 days ago

    I feel like Matt gets a little sad when someone doesn't die.

  • chainer8686
    chainer8686 12 days ago +2

    Casting Fire Ball at his highest level for only 1d6 more damage was actually pretty smart, as now the higher level slot is no longer available for other spells that could be even more detrimental to the party.

    • Thor8151990
      Thor8151990 7 days ago

      Essentially 5d6 because targets, still scary.

  • Johan Wittens
    Johan Wittens 13 days ago

    Question: Does the dispel magic sword yasha has work against any magic user? If she hits with the sword while using the dispel magic ability of the sword, does it cancel all spells the enemy was using at that moment?
    If yes: Why the f have they not been using this ability for 20+ epsodes?
    If no: What is the point exactly of dispell magic ability?
    Second question: If a creature becomes etheral like the succubus and incubus did, they are still vulnerable to magic force damage aren't they? Doesn't the spiritual weapon deal force damage? So couldn't jester attack the incubus with her spiritual weapon while it was etheral?
    I'm really interested in D&D, but never had the opportunity to play. So i'm not ripping, just not very knowledgeable about D&D, but genuinly interested in an explenation!

  • Black Shadow
    Black Shadow 13 days ago

    A'ight, it's time to start gathering those top 5 moments from this campaign... And y'know what?
    The "It's an explosive arrow" bit and the following sequence is glorious in its sheer "ooooooh shit biscuits" factor :D

  • Cormorant Colors
    Cormorant Colors 14 days ago +2

    I’m stupid. I just noticed two of Caleb’s signature spells are HASTE and SLOW

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 15 days ago +1

    these people have been playing dnd for years and still dont know the rules, how is this even possible?

    • Thor8151990
      Thor8151990 7 days ago

      The rules change every edition.

  • ThatGuy
    ThatGuy 15 days ago

    Yasha's character is so broken...in a bad way.

  • Jenna Saito
    Jenna Saito 15 days ago

    And i oop, sksksksksksk

  • TheCthultist
    TheCthultist 15 days ago

    Liam reading off Marisha’s notes has only made me love her that much more. That’s exactly how my notebooks read...

  • Lucas Fernandez Paz
    Lucas Fernandez Paz 15 days ago

    So Cad technically dies, Yasha leaves him with a save throw, then he gets hit again by the inccubus. Right?

  • TitaniumTeddyBear
    TitaniumTeddyBear 15 days ago

    BDE: "Blue Dick Energy...."

  • Jono Casuyon
    Jono Casuyon 16 days ago

    2:19:00 my own timestamp

  • Michael Koegler
    Michael Koegler 17 days ago

    So 55 episodes in and I still just really don't enjoy Taliesin.

  • Cass Smith
    Cass Smith 18 days ago

    Hey why don't we let the glass canon go ahead of us into a cave with known enemies all by himself! (Face palm) And they wonder why they get themselves into these situations. Can't believe this wasn't a TPK.

  • George Balderas
    George Balderas 18 days ago +1

    I'm screaming at them to have yasha dispell it

  • George Balderas
    George Balderas 18 days ago

    I'm pretty sure that yasha actually failed that but everyone forgot she has a minus one and travis just let it slide

  • Thej Yhome
    Thej Yhome 19 days ago

    Spoiler warning:

    Twice in one campaign?? Omfg I feel so sorry for Tal, my poor anxious baby DX

  • Lina C
    Lina C 19 days ago

    the fact that Sam accidentally got Beau's dad's name in this as a joke is hilarious

  • MrFalcon343
    MrFalcon343 19 days ago


  • Lokmen ben Hmida
    Lokmen ben Hmida 20 days ago

    so I know this is a long lost episode... and that we're not supposed to shout out rules or whatever.. but I thought Tifelings are Fire resistant. so those attacks of caleb on jester should have been half damage.

    • Lokmen ben Hmida
      Lokmen ben Hmida 19 days ago

      @sadleebear oh really ! she does ? it's probably house rule... because I checked it and Tieflings have fire resistance... you know because they are half devils.

    • sadleebear
      sadleebear 19 days ago +1

      Jester actually has cold resistance. I'm not sure if it's because she's a blue tiefling and its a house rule or if it has to do with her dad.

  • Tupinamba
    Tupinamba 20 days ago

    Be careful.

  • Uncle Vivid
    Uncle Vivid 21 day ago

    yasha was taking half damage from magic monk attacks.

  • Midgeman
    Midgeman 21 day ago

    Can everybody stop killing Talison

  • 5ardino
    5ardino 22 days ago +1

    "His jaw save isn't super high." LMAO

  • Helx94
    Helx94 22 days ago

    This was insane! I love it!

    FLUXXEUS 23 days ago +1

    honestly I was rooting for Caleb to die 🙃

  • Dylan Grimm
    Dylan Grimm 24 days ago

    Sam almost got his giant teeth punched in for all those bad rolls.

  • John Willis
    John Willis 24 days ago

    This intro is so damn good I can't bring myself to skip it like I eventually did with the others!
    I would LOVE to be a minion of Sam's!!!
    Poor Taliesin!!!

  • Lilith2014
    Lilith2014 24 days ago +1

    Am I the only one who kept thinking "Nott's visible now because she cast a spell?"

  • AngryTrout
    AngryTrout 24 days ago

    Thought reckless wasn't a thing on opportunity attacks?