Why Kobe was at the Lakers game, and what it means for LeBron James | The Jump

  • Published on Nov 18, 2019
  • Amin Elhassan, Ramona Shelburne, Zach Lowe and Chiney Ogwumike react to Kobe Bryant showing up to Atlanta Hawks vs. Los Angeles Lakers, and what his presence -- and his dapping up LeBron James -- means for all parties involved. They then (2:54) discuss whether Anthony Davis is keeping his promise to be a Defensive Player of the Year candidate in the 2019-20 NBA season.
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Comments • 808

    AWAWA BO 19 hours ago

    I love that chocolate thunder 😍 beautiful

  • FireStarter
    FireStarter 6 days ago

    Chiney is on point with her outfit lol. Smart woman, athletic, and has her game on I envy her.

  • Tol Enid Naya
    Tol Enid Naya 6 days ago

    He just reminded the people in LA that the supreme Alpha Dog Mamba is still the king in LA even if Lebron is recognised as King Lebron!.

  • OG Flaws
    OG Flaws 9 days ago

    Kobe is that type of guy who's good at everything and everyone hates him because he thinks hes better than everyone

  • Shy Babii
    Shy Babii 9 days ago

    This man can’t do nothing without the media questioning

  • Candice Adams
    Candice Adams 11 days ago

    how do they if Lebron or Kobe talks?????

  • Keep it real
    Keep it real 14 days ago

    She need to cover up in the red.. next She’ll be screaming harassment

  • Mindless ix
    Mindless ix 14 days ago +1

    I’m laughing at how many people read the title as a question rather than a leading statement.

  • Joseph Moya
    Joseph Moya 14 days ago

    you all make a bigger deal out of it then it has to be. This is Lebrons team now. It's his squad. Doesn't take away from Kobe at all.

  • Nicolás Reyes
    Nicolás Reyes 15 days ago

    Marcus Smart is the DPOY

  • Yarmis Potter
    Yarmis Potter 16 days ago

    I saw Kobw in the crowd at a LA Denver last year Oct. 25th last season.

  • Jesse Diaz
    Jesse Diaz 16 days ago

    it’s not that deep lol

  • MrCreative242
    MrCreative242 16 days ago +1

    Kobe is still KING OF LA! No one can take that from him!

  • MrCreative242
    MrCreative242 16 days ago

    Kobe is just at the game cause he’s at the game! Stop making it about fucking Lebron!

  • Bat Mane
    Bat Mane 17 days ago

    The jump is embarrassing, where’s Ryan Hollins and Paul Pierce?! No wonder espn had to let go hundreds of employees, been on the decline

  • Julian Berriel
    Julian Berriel 17 days ago

    Lebron is the MVP every year. That award is literally who is the most important player other then Lebron award. I’m tired of people acting like he hasnt been the best player in the league for like 15 seasons

  • Yung Dul
    Yung Dul 18 days ago

    They treating this like a cold case, it’s a game, mf that hoop like watching hoops, talking bout standard bearers of the Lakers, twww 5 min of repeating nothing

  • Mark Anthony Porlaje
    Mark Anthony Porlaje 18 days ago

    I'm just here for the drama!!

  • Orlando Curtis
    Orlando Curtis 19 days ago

    Respect is find, but we all know who town it is!!!!!!KB8.............no doubt!!!!!!!!!

  • King C
    King C 19 days ago +1

    Who gives a chit about wnba games lol Lady please drop it.

  • Rawest
    Rawest 20 days ago

    ? He was advertising epoca.

  • Mr. Franklin Jackson
    Mr. Franklin Jackson 20 days ago

    It was comedy night at Staples, watching wanna be Lakers.

  • frederickcook87
    frederickcook87 21 day ago

    Wow, how to make something outa nothing... there is no significance with Kobe showing up to watch this game...

  • Sarig Hasenfeld
    Sarig Hasenfeld 21 day ago

    Sorry AD, but Marcus Smart is dpoy

  • Jessica Jenkins
    Jessica Jenkins 21 day ago

    Kobe is a rapist! He vicariously lives through LeGroin 😮🤪They both washed up😂🤣😂🤣

  • Big O
    Big O 23 days ago

    Kobe came to see the lakers lets move on

  • TheHawkdaddy
    TheHawkdaddy 24 days ago

    That's a nice story and all but nobody cares

  • MrDrago1954
    MrDrago1954 24 days ago

    I heard Gigi kind of has a crush on Atlantas Trae Young. She probably just realized she could use Dad to get them in up close at the Lakers/Suns game. If I was Trae I would be beaming! kekekek

  • Rick Kilo
    Rick Kilo 24 days ago

    This is why I drink, get drunk and hopefully to under stand these geniuses.

  • Mo Kush - Hip-Hop?
    Mo Kush - Hip-Hop? 24 days ago

    Kobe Bryant, most disrespected legacy ever.

  • H. Maldonado
    H. Maldonado 24 days ago

    I get that all the time @ my hometown... why are you @ Walmart... lol

  • Onur Aksoy
    Onur Aksoy 24 days ago

    she s rapping nice

  • Music Man Joe
    Music Man Joe 24 days ago

    Kobe was only there because his daughter is a huge Trae Young fan. Nothing more nothing less 🗣💯.

  • John Watson
    John Watson 24 days ago

    It has been truly amazing looking at some lakers fans hate lebron. and it does exist I know several lakers "fans" that hate that lebron is on the team. The bring up kobe and say they want LJ gone. It just tells me they aint really lakers fans just kobe fans. Its kind of amazing. I tell my friend I dont want to see you in your lakers gear if Lebron brings a chip to that city. Stay consistent lol.

  • JF L
    JF L 24 days ago

    Talking about Kobe: "[...] giving support to former rival LeBron James (shows LeBron James) and former teammate Dwight Howard (shows Anthony Davis)."

  • Low Low
    Low Low 24 days ago

    Officially the gayest thumbnail I've seen all day

    LJTHESECOND TV 24 days ago

    Did mans just say Danny Green is the best transition defender ever😂

  • Myron Feltner, Jr.
    Myron Feltner, Jr. 24 days ago +1

    Quote of the night: “Lebron is King James...Kobe is the Supreme Leader.”

  • lloganmusic
    lloganmusic 25 days ago +1

    Poor Lebron looking for Kobe approval.

  • unicorn harry
    unicorn harry 25 days ago

    this has women written all over this piece

  • Trucker Baty
    Trucker Baty 25 days ago

    That woman in the red dress is beautiful

  • Y Hilton
    Y Hilton 25 days ago

    Magic is the actual king of LA...

  • Marc Bible
    Marc Bible 25 days ago

    how does she know all this...
    lies..misinformation...unethical...and down right trifling

  • Armando Koz
    Armando Koz 25 days ago

    The two goats 🐐🐐

  • Shaun Brooks
    Shaun Brooks 25 days ago

    Media and Kobe lovers are the ones who create, bron vs Kobe beef its funny

  • jasyn zangari
    jasyn zangari 25 days ago

    Why did one of the all time laker greats go to a laker game? Lol this show is an absolute joke

  • Farfel Goldendoodle
    Farfel Goldendoodle 25 days ago

    Good Lord, who cares?

  • Joshua Frick
    Joshua Frick 25 days ago

    It was a dab & shoulder hug. +ESPN thirsty af for content.

  • Kacey Starks
    Kacey Starks 25 days ago

    Wish I knew he was going, every time Kobe show up to any b ball game regardless of gender, the la team blow out the opposing team.

  • pimpjuicedp
    pimpjuicedp 25 days ago

    Its called passing the torch M.J did the same handshake and hug to Kobe and wave to the crowd that Kobe did to Lebron

  • Kevin Bray
    Kevin Bray 25 days ago

    Nahhh, he saw Paul Pierce at the Celtics game. Always a step behind The Truth.

  • John L
    John L 25 days ago

    no one else gonna mention they said "former teammate dwight howard" yet showed anthony davis

  • selfie kroos
    selfie kroos 25 days ago

    Ramona is an attractive man.

  • Jamirimaj
    Jamirimaj 25 days ago +1

    This is like when Skip "dig down" on why Lebron went to a restaurant or something

  • The Freaky Robber
    The Freaky Robber 25 days ago

    Amin still hate Kobe smh. The greatest Laker of all time can't go to a Lakers game??? Kobe could care less about LeBron and the Lakers, he came there for his daughter to see Trae Young.

  • Tadi
    Tadi 25 days ago

    Why would you do this to me Cobe? How can you go to basketball game? I didn't know you like basketball

  • Ree
    Ree 25 days ago

    ESPN gon headline why LBJ eats tacos next.

  • Aleksandar Markovic
    Aleksandar Markovic 25 days ago

    Imagine being Kobe's daughter, meanwhle WNBA sucks ballz :D that's rough...

  • Michael Kayseryan
    Michael Kayseryan 25 days ago

    This girl talks a lot of bull

  • Cool Azz Kobe
    Cool Azz Kobe 25 days ago

    0:52 Curry tf you laughing at