WAN Show DENNIS EDITION - July 20, 2018

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
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    Timestamps courtesy of Jesse Ferguson
    3:20 - Intro
    3:55 - Headline Rundown
    6:10 - Dennis explains a certain poster
    10:53 - LTX 18 Discussion
    21:35 - Future of Floatplane (Creators)
    23:45 - Disney Streaming Service is resurrecting 'The Clone Wars'
    34:57 - Sponsor: Squarespace
    37:14 - Sponsor - Spektrum Glasses
    38:47 - Sponsor - FreshBooks
    39:35 - 2018 Apple MacBook Pro thermal throttles
    45:15 - The new MacBook Pro has fixed the keyboard problem with switches
    46:23 - Ryzen 3000 may have more then 8 cores
    47:42 - WD Shutting down 1 hard drive factory
    49:40 - Gorilla Glass 6 announced, improves drop protection
    50:27 - Wal-Mart might launch a video streaming service
    51:10 - Outro
    Timestamps courtesy of JJMC89.
    00:06:13 - Dennis's Hitler poster
    00:10:55 - LTX
    00:23:50 - Disney's streaming service to resurrect The Clone Wars
    00:35:04 - Sponsor: Squarespace
    00:37:15 - Sponsor: Spektrum Glasses
    00:38:49 - Sponsor: Freshbooks
    00:49:40 - MacBook Pro throttling
    00:46:25 - Ryzen 3000 series might have more than 8 cores
    00:47:43 - WD closing a hard drive factory
    00:48:44 - Gorilla Glass 6 announced
    00:50:28 - Walmart might launch a video streaming service
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Comments • 1 679

  • gazzacroy
    gazzacroy Month ago

    love dennis hes funny

  • Andrew Morris
    Andrew Morris 2 months ago

    20:00 Dennis was on the right track, but wasn't thinking big enough. LTX 747-8!

  • Sivan Sharma
    Sivan Sharma 3 months ago

    I love Dennis!

  • Fairest Moss
    Fairest Moss 4 months ago

    If I had to come up with a product to sell millennials... it would probably be... scarves. Really horrible scarves. I'm talking tiger stripes and polkadots and mismatched colors, so-thin-they're-useless kind of scarves. Because for some reason that kind of thing seems to be a staple of my generation's sense of fashion. And ugly Christmas sweaters that are probably more ugly than the usual ones. Honestly if I had to I'd market it exactly as the joke it would be instead of trying to pretend that they're legitimately good products, because people also like jokes and parodies, often doing things "ironically" to the point where they then become an actual thing. If I were to try and make things specifically according to what I think my generation would like, I could be responsible for a whole new wave of super hipsters. Thankfully, that's not how I intend to play that game, as I'm more interested in making things I actually like than I am in just purely making cash.

  • Thomas Bielz
    Thomas Bielz 6 months ago

    Dennis is so funny

  • Wobbly
    Wobbly 6 months ago

    There's no reason that East Asian who came to the West probably in last ten years to know anything about Monty Python, unless he happens to hang out with people who are into Monty Python.

  • jotaroxtreme
    jotaroxtreme 7 months ago

    I agree with Dennis, some American accents and Canadian accents sound VERY close. That said, a southern American, Texan, Cajun, east Canadian, and all along the US east coast all sound very different.

  • Marth Sadreli
    Marth Sadreli 8 months ago

    kinda sacrilegious to not like star wars and be on a tech channel but dennis gets a pass on this one

  • Craig Penfold
    Craig Penfold 9 months ago

    as a brit its weird hearing that every area of the country

  • Monkey D. Luffy
    Monkey D. Luffy 10 months ago

    You guys bully Kevin too much

  • awesomeferret
    awesomeferret 10 months ago

    So NOW I know why I can't spot a Canadian accent. Neat.

  • PH10 AD600
    PH10 AD600 10 months ago

    OMG Dennis: No 'character murder' necessary. He does his own character suicide. 😖

  • Just FX
    Just FX 10 months ago

    41:05 Was such a good rant! Oh my goodness!!

  • T H I C C boi
    T H I C C boi 10 months ago

    they put an i9 in it for the marketing aspects, they can say 6 CORES!!!, A BILLION TIMES FASTER!!!, i9 BEATS i7, apple fanboys will buy it anyway

  • Sergey Yastrebov
    Sergey Yastrebov 10 months ago

    Let Dennis see Rick and Morty

  • Vin
    Vin 10 months ago

    Wait i can understand Canadian

    FAUKNYOU FAUKNYOU 10 months ago

    Luke and Linus. End.

  • Erland Johansen
    Erland Johansen 10 months ago

    What do they mean when they say Linus' car is "a standard"? Is that an expression for a car with a regular stick shift?

  • I_ am_ BLuR
    I_ am_ BLuR 10 months ago

    Dennis is pure happiness. 💙

  • Benjamin Wallace
    Benjamin Wallace 10 months ago

    I bought hot glue on amazon that is made in Taiwan

  • Aidan Wiggins
    Aidan Wiggins 10 months ago

    Dennis the mennis.

  • wetub3e
    wetub3e 10 months ago

    How about hanging the microfon from the ceiling?

  • Raven Drakearud
    Raven Drakearud 10 months ago

    I'm betting the reason his first topic was Dennis's Hitler poster, is so that he didn't get called a Nazi and have that spread like wild fire.

  • Martin Medrano
    Martin Medrano 10 months ago

    Linus is the coolest youtuber ever

  • Bachmann Manuel
    Bachmann Manuel 10 months ago

    Gosh Dennys... i would fire you anytime... no star wars, no LOTR, no Python.... whats wrong with you?

  • Benjamin Ruege
    Benjamin Ruege 10 months ago

    I agree with Dennis, keep streaming services simple. I did unsubscribe from Netflix for political reasons, but still it would take a lot for me to subscribe to something other than Amazon Prime, which I'll have anyways. Also picture quality is definitely better.

  • Roni Väärälä
    Roni Väärälä 10 months ago

    15000 people showed up???

  • Dispie Dark
    Dispie Dark 10 months ago

    Nooo, Im not gone join Disney streaming,
    I just stopped watching movies series for 5-8 years now because of this shit. the movie industrie is so far removed form reality, and that reality is there illegal streaming for free and even do the sites are male ware heaven there still popular for 1 simple reason its one site with everything and with a simple search and 1 click you can watch! and not searching what account had what serie again.
    10 episodes a year with 3 months break in between, how is that nice to watch or really getting into the series. but your payment just goes on all year and lets face it most platforms have 1 a 2 good series the rest is filler. 120 euro a year 60 euro a serie, you can buy for less then 30 euro on dvd and binch it. Now this move i find even more discussing taking a really popular series and baiting people. But we don't know its disney they could have pulled a Rebels (pegi 12 year). Aldo every sith in Rebels would still kick kilorans wuss ass.
    I like to see this happen 1 platform, with every serie/movie ever made on there you pay 20 euro max a month, No commercials in the middle of a serie or movie, if i pauze the movie then you can put up your commercial. no more summer breaks or 3 months break. 1 weekly or 1 monthly episode for a series and they dont stop untill they are finisched. Its ok to make a pilot session, and then start the real serie 2 years later but when you start there no stopping just a continued 1 weekly or monthly episode. If you want to see the newst movies like last 2 years you pay 2 euro extra, simple 1 account, 1 software, 1 bill, new movies paid strait up.
    Same with games if you make games and there not on steam, you suck! get your game on steam or i wont play it looking at you ubisoft, untill you all get it trough your thick skulls and put it on steam im just gone ignore your brand and games. nobody wants extra software if you really want your own software make it a option but also get on steam ! think i made my point.
    Rgb software got 5 programs all not able to work together. I'm not gone be force into fans or a light stips, i dont like or are overpriced, or fans that are below par just because that is the only ones my mainboard, case or otherwise supports, make a standard make 1 software to sync all devices or let your software detect other brands devices so people can use there favorite software to control everything. Don't care what or how as long as i end up with one good working software to control all my lights, all i ask.
    I see a trent here, every company is inventing there own wheel, the wheel has already been invented, wake up look around you work together to make a ecosystem that benefits us all, that improves our lives instead of making it harder and annoying!
    Im done now sorry

  • Peter Pain
    Peter Pain 10 months ago

    Stagefright is pretty normal m8. When i was younger i actually puked before speaking in front of couple hundred people ;)

  • Jamal Taylor
    Jamal Taylor 10 months ago

    This was way more watchable at 1.5x.

  • Matt Adams
    Matt Adams 10 months ago

    "What would appeal to me? Money."
    SAME, DENNIS, SAME. I want to have a job that pays well enough that I can afford housing and groceries and bills and saving at least a little every month. I'd like not to have to spend an arm and a leg on health care (You now know I'm a US citizen and that I pick wonderful idioms sometimes).

  • Archie Johnston
    Archie Johnston 10 months ago

    Resist another all baby pepper photographer settlement stomach beyond invisible suburb shine free.

  • dLzzz. Judas Ezekiel
    dLzzz. Judas Ezekiel 10 months ago

    This was really fun and funny. Good shit, Denis

  • IMarkovic1995
    IMarkovic1995 10 months ago

    Dennis's english is so good now!

  • Don. Timeless
    Don. Timeless 10 months ago

    Timestamps courtesy of Jesse Ferguson
    3:20 - Intro
    3:55 - Headline Rundown
    6:10 - Dennis explains a certain poster
    10:53 - LTX 18 Discussion
    21:35 - Future of Floatplane (Creators)
    23:45 - Disney Streaming Service is resurrecting 'The Clone Wars'
    34:57 - Sponsor: Squarespace
    37:14 - Sponsor - Spektrum Glasses
    38:47 - Sponsor - FreshBooks
    39:35 - 2018 Apple MacBook Pro thermal throttles
    45:15 - The new MacBook Pro has fixed the keyboard problem with switches
    46:23 - Ryzen 3000 may have more then 8 cores
    47:42 - WD Shutting down 1 hard drive factory
    49:40 - Gorilla Glass 6 announced, improves drop protection
    50:27 - Wal-Mart might launch a video streaming service
    51:10 - Outro

  • Mike Oleksa
    Mike Oleksa 10 months ago

    Do we know what Dennis actually does at LMG yet? :-P

  • Atlantic Coop
    Atlantic Coop 10 months ago


  • The Hunter
    The Hunter 10 months ago

    Dennis is starting to get decent at English

  • Benjamin Reid
    Benjamin Reid 10 months ago

    Please force Dennis to be in front of the camera more often! He’s great!

  • David L
    David L 10 months ago +1

    Who's this Linus guy? More of Dennis on Tech Linked. :D

  • heybitch43
    heybitch43 10 months ago

    Dennis is based and redpilled

  • Aaron Madsen
    Aaron Madsen 10 months ago

    No offense to Dennis or anything, but I honestly feel like he just doesn't know enough about tech or anything to be on the show sorry Dennis...

  • Wynken
    Wynken 10 months ago

    dennis enrages me with his ineptitude. why does someone this intellectually lazy have an opportunity to be part of this brand?

  • Michael Summers
    Michael Summers 10 months ago

    Denise listens to what Linus says about standard transmission cars. I feel more confrontable using a standard vs an automatic car. The only problem is you at a stop light facing uphill with a car 1 ft behind you. and it's raining. As soon as you take your foot off of the break you gonna start rolling backward and you gonna end up spinning your back tires. I only had that kind of problem couple of times out of 40 years driving a standard

  • L. Scott Music
    L. Scott Music 10 months ago

    It appears to me that Apple is full of people who love their jobs but don't really love the company. Steve Jobs loved his child deeply and made sure it was the best it could be. He was gone from Apple once and it began to bomb (meanwhile he built another amazing company). Now he's gone forever and unless someone take control that has the company first in their heart it is doomed. Although it is so huge it will take time to fall. Most unfortunate. IMHO

  • Yahli Mendler
    Yahli Mendler 10 months ago

    Dennis doesn't have protection. his *"screen"* is just too strong.

  • Rax Savvage
    Rax Savvage 10 months ago

    aight hte definination of a millenia is fucked
    80's children aint millenias , those are fuckheads

  • Henboy10
    Henboy10 10 months ago +1

    Give Dennis a raise

  • Rockman
    Rockman 10 months ago

    Dear linus, there are weird people out there no doubt. being interviewed while nazi flag at the back is super weird and strict no no for hire. But theres no problem with that. Because people are weird. But what worries me is you hired asian nazi. I cant even.

  • Henry Cracknell
    Henry Cracknell 10 months ago


  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 10 months ago

    Yeah, not even going to bother with Disney's crap. I have no issues with supporting alternative services, but I'm not going to support Disney for the same reason that I don't support Hulu.
    Fuck Disney and fuck Comcast.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 10 months ago

    I can't say I'm surprised. There is a TON of downtime where things just drag on and on in LotR. If he's not into it, that's not an unreasonable reaction.

  • ShroudedWolf51
    ShroudedWolf51 10 months ago

    You may not want to take PewDiePie on even if it wasn't for current issues. Having someone associated with your brand that can't stop "accidentally" saying the n-word on streams and videos.

  • Rye Hots
    Rye Hots 10 months ago

    haha no life of brian for dennis

  • Bumpy Carter
    Bumpy Carter 10 months ago


  • Tuncay D
    Tuncay D 10 months ago

    I remember when Dennis was a newborn baby and was testing with Linus a hardware piece for automatically translating. Someone remember?

  • Incee Netinai
    Incee Netinai 10 months ago

    I would buy a Dennis did nothing wrong shirt.

  • KDS Tech
    KDS Tech 10 months ago

    oh.. and Dennis is awesome!

  • KDS Tech
    KDS Tech 10 months ago

    I loved listening to your banter and such about the tv shows and understanding of accents. it was funny and interesting at same time.

  • no u
    no u 10 months ago

    I want Ivan.

  • Mark Davy
    Mark Davy 10 months ago

    this is hilarious. oh man, Dennis needs more screen time. And yes, Crave TV is for Canada only, really.

  • GenBloodLust
    GenBloodLust 10 months ago

    81 to 96 thats not the right dates for millennial. That is a bit of gen X and the new sub division of millennial called gen Y

  • Broken Syntax
    Broken Syntax 10 months ago

    So... something to do about Taiwanese independence from the People's Republic?

  • Sir Sophisticate
    Sir Sophisticate 10 months ago +1

    Please don't improve your English, Dennis.

  • Budred123
    Budred123 10 months ago

    I fuckin love Dennis, I don't know why, but he just makes everything he's in a little better.

  • Robert Peters
    Robert Peters 10 months ago

    Is Dennis human or does he just get shut down and put in a closet at night?

  • Vaughn Nottingham
    Vaughn Nottingham 10 months ago

    The only reason millennials exist is because people love to say the word "millennial." It is actually an insulting term. Technically anyone alive during the millennium is a millennial.

  • Johnny D. Wicked
    Johnny D. Wicked 10 months ago +3

    New tshirt design = Dennis did nothing wrong. DO IT! =P

  • nakyer
    nakyer 10 months ago

    I know I'm several days late, but I'm just at the start of the video, and I can't help but ask...
    Is Dennis changing his name to "Luke", or is the chair just wrong?

    MOTO/R/SPORT NEJ 10 months ago

    Future is bleak for laptops. TDP is going up ever since the 80s and while you can make better batteries there isn’t really any magic when it comes to thermal solutions. Soon we are going to see multicore solutions where you have 1-4 super cores that run 5 GHz and then you’ll have however many that run some very low frequency for background tasks and thread heavy loads.

  • HeadlessHorsemanMC
    HeadlessHorsemanMC 10 months ago

    Oh my god he is so funny (Dennis)

  • Logan Huwe
    Logan Huwe 10 months ago

    yttx 2019
    (youtube tech expo)

  • Klob
    Klob 10 months ago

    I've been watching WAN all day ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • See Sharp
    See Sharp 10 months ago

    Dennis is funny because he's like Kark Pilkington.

  • Pickle Rick
    Pickle Rick 10 months ago

    louis rossman's video on the throttle is hillarious

  • ForTheVoyeur
    ForTheVoyeur 10 months ago

    Picture and lighting this week...
    ... pretty much perfect. Don't change anything!

  • Joshua Edwards
    Joshua Edwards 10 months ago

    Someone show him parks and rec!

  • IncapableLP
    IncapableLP 10 months ago +1

    "You are not supposed to encode on a laptop!"
    That is BULLSHIT and you know, that it is!
    The Macbook Pro is marketed as a mobile workstation! That is EXACTLY what you do with this thing!
    FinalCut is one of THE arguments for a Mac!
    Also: if this thing is not supposed to do this kind of work, then WHY THE FUCK does Apple sell a Laptop with a goddamn Core i9 (be it mobile) inside of it, that is MEANT to tackle such workloads?
    I tell you why: Because it looks good on paper! Nothing else!
    I mean they said it throttles below the base-clock!
    That proves, that the cooling is not designed to tackle this CPU and a lower end CPU would've been better!
    Also apparently the VRMs are also running very hot!
    That whole thing is stressed over the limit!
    I am sorry but the cooling is totally not up to task, to support the hardware!
    This is a design-fail!

  • Ray Lau
    Ray Lau 10 months ago

    One of the fans from Hong Kong wants to join the LTX.

  • Danestyan Pradana
    Danestyan Pradana 10 months ago

    I personally think that LTX was a success simply because of the fact that it was made as something unique and not a competitor to other existing events like Computex or even CES;
    they're making their own thing and because of that they don't really have to make comparisons to other events or comparisons as they were planning the event out; there was nothing that can be used as a benchmark for comparison anyway
    And also, the media isn't going to cover positive convention because it wouldn't attract viewers. Duh. Media wants drama which is why they would rather cover these recent "failed" convention that stir a shit ton on controversy.

  • Petar Graso
    Petar Graso 10 months ago

    so i buy gta V on social club and after i stoped playing it i gave it to friend, so tell me can i do same with steam if i have more
    games then only gta V there ??? i buy 2 games i cant play both at same time and my friend is playing other ??? so my friend that is the reason i woud rather have 20 independent launchers rather then 1 communist based :D

  • Kinkajou1015
    Kinkajou1015 10 months ago

    You have 29 months till Episode IX, give Dennis homework to watch and review Episodes I-VIII between now and then and Episode IX when it releases, record his reviews, post to Channel Super Fun. Just do one like every other month. And also do Episode III a second time with Backstroke to the West audio and subtitles.

  • HJOTech
    HJOTech 10 months ago

    I love watching Dennis on the WAN show because it's like Linus talking to his little brother

  • Xander Vice
    Xander Vice 10 months ago

    On the subject of saying positive things to someone's face, in the situation of wait staff at a restaurant:
    Yes, I will tell them if the food is bad. I paid for what I would expect to be at least decent. Will I bitch and blame the wait person? No, unless it's their fault. Example: This past weekend, on vacation, we had breakfast at a place that had been open for almost five months. Food came out cold, my french toast, which was the easiest to make, took longer to come out. Nobody was to blame but our incompetent waitress, who did a poor job of even checking on drinks or even coming to the table after we were seated for 15 minutes, who then tried to argue the point and blame the kitchen. Talked to the manager, who was covering in the kitchen, took care of the situation. But the only person to blame here was the waitress, who couldn't do her job, because cooked food doesn't come from the kitchen cold unless it's been sitting for awhile; in our case, a solid half hour or more.
    I have no problem complaining about a bad meal. I don't do it in a negative way, I just ask for it to not be on the ticket, because I won't eat more than a couple bites if it isn't good, or ask for a fresh dish if the first was bad. I do this kindly, until they get disrespectful, then I have no problem being a bitch right back.

  • Xander Vice
    Xander Vice 10 months ago

    Limited merch isn't the best idea. I understand the point of it, but coming from someone who doesn't always have the money for time limited merch, and can't afford to go to events, it really bums me out if it's a design I want. Plus it feeds into the whole limited drop and scalper bullshit that larger clothing brands pull.
    Instead, release it as a limited run, then a year later release it as a standard product. People get into the limited hype, but those who miss out eventually get it too. In the end you'll profit more anyways.

  • Wintermute
    Wintermute 10 months ago +1

    Dennis reminds me of Jian-Yang from Silicon Valley.

  • cheese burger
    cheese burger 10 months ago


  • Untouchable Players
    Untouchable Players 10 months ago

    The hook. LOL

  • Ari Putra
    Ari Putra 10 months ago


  • MaxSantos
    MaxSantos 10 months ago

    LOL "I don't get British humor"... "Ohh"

  • Dittygaming 2
    Dittygaming 2 10 months ago

    I'll give him a hard time for it... Jesus..

  • mcmillan1810
    mcmillan1810 10 months ago

    LINUS, you need to do a Scrapyard wars in Wales, preferably around Swansea (close enough to the Welsh Speakers), and have Dennis as a third person in the competition. He will understand the British actors then.

  • mcmillan1810
    mcmillan1810 10 months ago

    My opinion in Dennis has fallen.... Linus face when he says he doesn't like British Humor.

  • playmaka2007
    playmaka2007 10 months ago

    I'm seriously curious though, what does Dennis do for you? He has to be the least tech inclined person in this entire generation and a tech RU-clipr hired him, obviously not to do tech stuff. Why?

  • playmaka2007
    playmaka2007 10 months ago

    Holy crap Linus, try saying "SOWthern" one more time!

    BACON STORM 10 months ago

    if your laptop has a I9 you should be able to incode on in and whatever the hell you want. fuck apple

  • jubuttib
    jubuttib 10 months ago

    Just a guess: The streaming space splintering and going the way of cable-tv like packages, with multiple subscriptions needed to see what you want, will probably lead to an increase in piracy. A lot of people stopped doing that when Netflix became a useful thing (just like a lot of people stopped when Steam became a useful thing), there will probably be at least some amount of relapsing.

  • Ted Vitale
    Ted Vitale 10 months ago

    Im with Dennis on the LOTR stuff. Fell asleep in every movie.

  • John Kesl
    John Kesl 10 months ago

    Time is a blur for me too.

  • rayleverkunst
    rayleverkunst 10 months ago

    Why is Linus such an asshole to everyone?