Top 10 Worst Parents in Anime

  • Published on Jul 7, 2016
  • If Child Protective Services had a wall of shame, you’d bet this collection of parents would be included on it. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Parents in Anime. Suggestion Tool►► Subscribe►► Facebook►► Twitter►► Instagram►► Channel Page►►
    For this list, we’re looking at folks who are hardly Parent of the Year material. They’re cruel to their kids and sometimes have an unhealthy obsession with taking over the world. We’re also looking at official parents or adoptive guardians. So father figures, such as Bleach’s Mayrui Kurotsuchi or Berserk’s Gambino, won’t be included. Also, we may be going into some spoiler territory regarding just how bad these parents are, so be on alert.
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Comments • 3 632

  • Marjorie Johnston
    Marjorie Johnston 12 hours ago

    Ghetsis from the Unova region is the worst parent, James of Team Rocket's parents are almost as bad. Ash's mom knows he has Pikachu with him

  • Xafire
    Xafire 4 days ago

    Delia Ketchum being here just tells me that you haven't played any pokemon games, have you?

  • natsuki kawaii
    natsuki kawaii 6 days ago

    Finally ragyo and dario in a worst parents list! 🌟

  • Wolf Witch
    Wolf Witch 9 days ago

    Anyone else a little annoyed this guy can NEVER fucking pronounce anime character names correctly?

  • Usagi Necromantist
    Usagi Necromantist 10 days ago +1

    What about Hiromi Shiota, Nagisa's mom from assassination classroom

  • Fairy eater reborn
    Fairy eater reborn 17 days ago

    What about Medusa from Soul eater

  • JJ Supreme
    JJ Supreme 18 days ago


  • Rat Studios
    Rat Studios 20 days ago

    You’re gonna be gon, and I’m gonna be gone.

  • Ravesti
    Ravesti 20 days ago

    I mean, yeah I agree Kyoko Sakura’s dad deserves a place on this. He basically started a Christian cult, was responsible for his family falling into poverty and then committed murder-suicide when he found out Kyoko was a magical girl. That’s terrible, and considering he thought Kyoko was evil/a witch, she’s lucky to have not been killed first.
    Ash’s mom doesn’t deserve a place on this, however. She didn’t abandon him, she let him go on his Pokémon journey just like he wanted. If she’s a bad mom, than by extension every parent of a Pokémon trainer is.

  • BioMatic2
    BioMatic2 29 days ago

    tharmt was some rought competirion at the top 3

  • SasparillaGreg -
    SasparillaGreg - Month ago

    I actually was wondering why Mrs ketchum was on the list but then I remembered that she let her son go off into the world too fight crime bosses, Pokémon who are basically gods, and have the occasional death but then be resurrected

  • Wolfy Furry
    Wolfy Furry Month ago

    Isshin Kurosaki Bleach

  • • SouthernBellsBunny •

    Professor Oak should be on here because he forgot his own grandson’s name

  • Tre'Quan Gregg
    Tre'Quan Gregg Month ago

    Killua’s mother

  • Enrique Solis
    Enrique Solis Month ago

    What about goku

  • Enrique Solis
    Enrique Solis Month ago

    What about goku

  • Terrence Brown
    Terrence Brown Month ago

    Baki the Grappler

  • Derrick Haggard
    Derrick Haggard Month ago

    Shou Tucker being on this list doesn't surprise me at all also other good candidates for this list Ragyo from Kill La Kill for obvious reasons, the biological father to the main protagonist of My Bride is a Mermaid while his new father-in-law hated him at first at least our main hero gains his new father-in-law's respect to the point where said father-in-law actually calls him a worthy heir as for the biological father he actually verbally abuses the main hero all the time just because he feels like it and physically abuses him by punching him whenever he decides to again just because he feels like it, and then there's Yujiro from Baki the Grappler I think we all know why Yujiro is perfect for this list.

  • Wildcard120
    Wildcard120 Month ago

    Shou Tucker is definitely# 1. That was downright horrible. Scar wound up doing him in.

  • Julie B Litob
    Julie B Litob Month ago

    Number 10 is how pokemon goes.

  • Shaney Zamora
    Shaney Zamora Month ago

    Daigo from Dororo if the list is updated.

  • Alex Johnson-Fry
    Alex Johnson-Fry Month ago

    Firelord Ozai!!!!!

  • Adi H
    Adi H Month ago

    No.1 is deserved so much! Shou Tucker TERRIBLE!

  • Sean C
    Sean C Month ago

    Ging needs to be way higher on this list. He's an absolute worthless piece of shit as both a father AND a human being, illustrated perfectly when Gon is for sure going to die and he doesn't give 2 shits so doesn't bother to visit him at all. The only reason Gon didn't die was a possessed wish granting girl that literally nobody but the Zoldyck's even knew existed. When Gon does recover, wanna talk son? Well too fu@$ng bad, climb this big ass god damn tree if you want to talk to me. Seriously Ging should go die quietly somewhere by himself.

  • Anime Lover
    Anime Lover Month ago

    Ragyo Kiryuin is one of my favorite villains

  • Giga Derek
    Giga Derek Month ago

    Lelouch straight up drags his parents to death

  • DeadlestSpartanGroup
    DeadlestSpartanGroup 2 months ago

    You put pokemon parents but not one of the several shut parents fo. Yugioh.

  • Jedd
    Jedd 2 months ago

    What about Kikyo and Silva

  • Dawn Akatsuki
    Dawn Akatsuki 2 months ago

    yuno gasi's adopted parents should have been here too I mean the father worked all the time ignored his wife and daughter and ahe literly created the monster that is yuno by being verbally and psychology abuse as well as locking her ways in a cage and not feeder her.

  • Sarah Mossman
    Sarah Mossman 2 months ago

    Where’s grisha

  • Maxmillian200HP
    Maxmillian200HP 2 months ago

    Gambino WAS A dick, glad he got a mention at least.

  • Konton McKenzie
    Konton McKenzie 2 months ago

    And here I thought Medusa Gorgon would at least get a dishonourable mention for what she did to her son. (Supposedly rotten parenting runs in that family if the rumour about what happened to her niece is true.)

  • Belle French Gold
    Belle French Gold 2 months ago

    Thank you for showing that scene from Kill la Kill. I now will never watch it. I can't watch anything where a baby is killed. :( Real or animated. I guess that's the mother in me.

  • Paula Utrera
    Paula Utrera 2 months ago

    Dude where's Endeavor

  • David Gonzalez
    David Gonzalez 2 months ago

    Mitsumasa Kido

  • huzama Ahmad
    huzama Ahmad 2 months ago

    Yujiro from Baki the grappler.

  • doom8589
    doom8589 2 months ago

    I have a New number one Daigo from Dororo that guy litterally sold his infant to demons to save his land and they divided up the child leaving him with practically no semblance of his humanity.. and the bastard tries to kill him Repeatedly as a young adult. Why because he cares about his land and his people more than his own child, that child whom didn't deserve such a horrid fate. The needs of the many versus the needs of the one and reverts in tandem to the opposite to being the needs of the One versus the needs of the many. When the One is the victim and the many are suffering who's right and who's wrong?.This is the base plot of this anime.

  • Andrew Attard
    Andrew Attard 2 months ago

    What about Bondrewed from Made In the abyss. That scene with nanachi and mitty still gives me nightmares

  • Milan Shaw
    Milan Shaw 2 months ago +2

    Tucker is the most hated anime character ever. RIP Nina 😭

  • mijin boobie
    mijin boobie 2 months ago +1


  • Leon Stølen
    Leon Stølen 2 months ago

    Meliodeses dad is nr1

  • VNK 21
    VNK 21 3 months ago

    How come Ging Freecs is in the list but not Killua’s parents? Let me remind you that they feed their kids poison, torture them and even teaches them how to make money by killing......

  • Tristan DeBeurs
    Tristan DeBeurs 3 months ago

    Number one should have been yujiro hanma

  • damien the wolf
    damien the wolf 3 months ago

    Way is endevour from my hero academia not thare

  • Rufus
    Rufus 3 months ago

    If you ever do a Best Anime Moms list please please PLEASE make Hana from Wolf Children Number 1!

  • Free De Le Hoya
    Free De Le Hoya 3 months ago +1

    Gaara's parent

  • Mekibos Zuvorg
    Mekibos Zuvorg 3 months ago

    Irene Belserion? (FairyTail)

  • adunyea collins
    adunyea collins 3 months ago


  • Takumeme
    Takumeme 3 months ago

    two words: Dario Brando

  • I_Am_A_Cow_ I_Eat_Grass

    I don't think Dragon is a bad father at all he saved Luffy before and had he stayed with his family they would be first to be hunted and killed

    • I_Am_A_Cow_ I_Eat_Grass
      I_Am_A_Cow_ I_Eat_Grass 3 months ago

      by marines an it was made clear in water 7 marines have no problems with hurting or killing children just saying no offense

  • random trash can
    random trash can 3 months ago

    ash mom? are you fucking kidding me watchmomo wtf

  • Hetalian 101
    Hetalian 101 3 months ago

    Let'a lock away Shou Tucker for good. He deserves the punch that Edward gave him. Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood fans out there???? Where are you.....

  • Jonathan Thomas
    Jonathan Thomas 3 months ago

    I wish they would break the insanity down, but THEY RELATE THEM TO REAL LIFE TOO OFTEN! Come on! Where are the best parents in anime?

  • Josh Heartzel
    Josh Heartzel 4 months ago

    No. 1: Akizuki Kouzou

  • Sarah Pyro
    Sarah Pyro 4 months ago

    *sees number 2* Who the hell is number 1 then??
    *sees number 1* FUCK YOU!! YES!! YOU DESERVE THAT SHIT FUCKER!!!

  • Raleigh Hudock
    Raleigh Hudock 4 months ago

    What about Yuno gasis mum and Nagisa shota's mum

  • nini pham
    nini pham 4 months ago

    bruh where's goku

  • Divyanshu Mohanty
    Divyanshu Mohanty 4 months ago

    Every parent from Pokemon should be on this list. Truly. Agreed. I mean, haven't you seen Dorkly and Gumbino's videos?

  • Ojas Paudyal
    Ojas Paudyal 4 months ago


  • Anthony Ramirez
    Anthony Ramirez 4 months ago

    Ragyo should have been higher than number 4. Shou Tucker murder one child. She murdered many of her children and molested one. By mathematics of evil, that would make her first.

  • Cheri Lady
    Cheri Lady 4 months ago

    Pretty much every parent from Detective Conan...

  • Firelord Aang
    Firelord Aang 4 months ago


  • Lihardistin qweafy
    Lihardistin qweafy 4 months ago

    3:36 am I the only one that thinks she sounds like starfire from teen titans

  • Miss NothingSpecial
    Miss NothingSpecial 4 months ago

    a couple more weeks and you could have added Judge
    Vinsmoke from One Piece

  • Donisha Linlin
    Donisha Linlin 4 months ago

    Yusuke's Mom?
    Judge Vinsmoke?
    Big Mom?
    Hiroshi Morenos?
    Gyro's Dad?
    Professor Tomoe?

  • Nicholas Raharjo
    Nicholas Raharjo 4 months ago

    How about gaara’s father

  • GalacticFairyWarrior
    GalacticFairyWarrior 4 months ago

    Kazekage Raza from Naruto should also be here, he was like the worst.

  • Izaya
    Izaya 4 months ago

    Anri's father from durarara

  • wowjennawow
    wowjennawow 4 months ago

    medusa gorgon from soul eater, killua’s parents from hunter x hunter, and endeavor from bnha!

  • Dylan Bullock
    Dylan Bullock 5 months ago

    Enji Todoroki (My Hero Academia), Medusa (Soul Eater), and Mrs. Shiota (Assassination Classroom), anyone?

  • Happycat_j
    Happycat_j 5 months ago

    What about medusa from soul eater?

  • Niya Chan Russia's Waifu
    Niya Chan Russia's Waifu 5 months ago +1

    Where is Aph France?

  • Gameboynitro 9
    Gameboynitro 9 5 months ago

    Even hell is not a satisfying punishment for that scumbag Tucker.

  • Nur zum Kommentieren da sonst für nix

    *Cough cough* Ragyo should be number 1. Take every other person from this list, multiplie that by 100 and you get the idea. She also wanted to blow up the world so the Life fibers could spread throughout the universe. She already took over the world in a more insidious and metaphorical way. So she already checked that point. See? And heres the cherry on the cake: She tries to make her daughter angry by molesting her. She is a total Sociopath. So if anyone deserves number one on this list it is her! The daughter of Hitler and Lady Gaga- Oooopss! I meant the great Ragyo Kiryuin! The worst parent in any media imaginable! By the way her Theme is also unbeatable.

  • Notorious K.A.J
    Notorious K.A.J 5 months ago +1

    I wanna be the very best but I am only ten years old,