Meet my giant pair of scissors

  • Published on Apr 21, 2019
  • Weird flex, but ok. We made a pair of giant scissors. Because [INSERT PLENTY OF REASONS]. Thanks NordVPN for keeping my shop lights on and for keeping my data safe. Go to and use code SIMONE to get 75% off a 3 year plan and an extra month for free.
    Also thanks to Marcos and Trevor for helping me make the scissors, and for Scott for helping filming, and to JACKIE GRIEFF FOR HELPING ME EDIT THIS VIDEO! New person, new person! Welcome onboard Jackie.
    And last, but not least: thanks to Lincoln Electric for sending me a welder and a plasma cutter! PROBABLY UNCALLED FOR DISCLAIMER: I'm not sponsored by Lincoln, but they did send me the stuff for free. ANOTHER UNCALLED FOR DISCLAIMER: I thoroughly want to befriend all their employees, because they are very kind and funny.
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  • Cristian Correa
    Cristian Correa 5 days ago

    Next up, big crayon or big pencil

  • Rogue
    Rogue 8 days ago

    GIANT SCISSORS!!! Will they make the cut?!?!?!?!?

  • Gio & Mike's Fun World
    Gio & Mike's Fun World 9 days ago +1

    I am a new fan after seeing Truckla video! Loving the unusually very clean tools! :)

  • SomeJoe7777
    SomeJoe7777 10 days ago

    Your scissors are left-handed. Was that intentional?

  • Claireeds0
    Claireeds0 10 days ago +1

    No one:
    Lesbians: "meet my giant pair of scissors."

  • Hiteshere
    Hiteshere 12 days ago

    Watching your videos put a smile on my face everytime. Hi five. #simonegiertzmoment

  • Alistair B
    Alistair B 12 days ago

    I'm gonna order a wife bag so I can bag her up and wife her.

  • Piyush Issar
    Piyush Issar 15 days ago

    This was refreshing to watch and i for one enjoyed this whole process. That was so funny when you were running 🤣.. Cool scissors though.

  • No Neck
    No Neck 15 days ago

    Watching that plasma cutting hurt

  • thepixelpusher
    thepixelpusher 16 days ago

    She is the Kylo Ren of RU-clip!

  • thepixelpusher
    thepixelpusher 16 days ago

    Lame video! Sucks!!

  • fear
    fear 22 days ago


  • Eli the Drift Panda
    Eli the Drift Panda 25 days ago

    There's something adorable about the "okay byeeee" at the end with a mouthful of banana.

  • greg rafieck
    greg rafieck 29 days ago

    Give me a haircut.

  • Josh Art Vandelay
    Josh Art Vandelay Month ago

    Was anyone else watching the drill going across the table thinking like 🤪 " it's gonna fall!!!" hahahaha 😂

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. Month ago +1

    9:15 "why aren't you tighter!?"
    - that's what *he* said
    i'll see myself out

    • Uthwyn
      Uthwyn 10 days ago +2

      Thats what she said, cause you know...scissors...
      Ok bye 👋🏼

  • Frosty.
    Frosty. Month ago

    rolling pressure on a small point > sharpness

    if you take a look at those manual precious paper cutter things with the long handle, the "blade" isn't actually sharp, its square

  • Ich Liebe Landwirtschaft

    To solve the problem of cutting, you just have to bend the blades a bit to each other. This will create a force that presses the cutting edges together.

    DUCK FACE Month ago

    scissors have the blades bent towards eachother, it makes it way easier to cut stuff, butehhh.... good luck bending those blades and making the scissors "easy" to use with the friction with that...
    oh and i dont wanna be seen as mean, i loved the video! just wanted to share knowledge!

  • Caroline Nilsson
    Caroline Nilsson Month ago

    "I get welding helmets" well if that's not a life goal I don't know what is

  • Jasmine Jenner
    Jasmine Jenner 2 months ago

    omg I love this!! can you make a giant carabiner next!?? and then hang yourself from it :D
    also... I'm in love with your personality :P haha ok bye...!

  • Morrigan mitchell
    Morrigan mitchell 2 months ago

    Don’t run with spoons! You could fall and gouge your eye out. But we don’t care! Run with spoons!!!!! Whoop

  • David Issel
    David Issel 2 months ago

    OK, so, now you have huge scissors to go along with your huge spool of thread and needle... what are you up to?

  • Jake Suarez
    Jake Suarez 2 months ago

    what's the bg music title at the beginning? ty

  • Code Nesta
    Code Nesta 2 months ago

    1930: In future people will make flying cars.
    2019: People making useless stuff for Views.

  • Sofos XIII
    Sofos XIII 2 months ago


  • Ellie Sharp
    Ellie Sharp 2 months ago

    I ran with scissors as a kid and ended up with 6 stitches. What your parent say is true 😅

  • La banane Studio
    La banane Studio 2 months ago


  • ExileOnDaytonStreet
    ExileOnDaytonStreet 2 months ago

    0:35 Yes, that's pretty much exactly the reason, Ms. Giertz

  • BrickbuilderX
    BrickbuilderX 2 months ago

    The knights and warriors of old ran with swords and why can't we?

  • Sherilyn L
    Sherilyn L 2 months ago

    ummm i was told not to run with knives and forks and barbeque skewers...

  • Peter Bozickovic
    Peter Bozickovic 2 months ago

    Ohhhh, cut that out.
    Can I cut in?
    Finally cutting edge technology.

  • David Gardiner
    David Gardiner 2 months ago

    Weta Workshops used the term ‘bigatures’ for massive miniatures - would that apply?

  • EnvyTokyo_
    EnvyTokyo_ 2 months ago

    Reminds me of sheele from Akame ga kill

  • Jessica Cymone
    Jessica Cymone 2 months ago

    That was so dope, I was so rooting for you! So glad it cut at the end!!! You put so much work into it! Congratulations!

  • Fredrik Johansson
    Fredrik Johansson 2 months ago

    Can't stop laughing at your crazy ideas 😂😂😂😂

  • Leah Osborne
    Leah Osborne 3 months ago

    Do u have anymore neighbors

  • captain_Ratchet
    captain_Ratchet 3 months ago

    Ryuko Matoi wants to: *know your location*

  • Z Bit Plays Games
    Z Bit Plays Games 3 months ago

    World of macros

  • Руслан Юрьев

    They are... Scissor sisters! *badam-tsss*

  • Hush
    Hush 3 months ago

    Bonus Banana Cut!

  • Andres 2100
    Andres 2100 3 months ago

    Hola hermosura viva subscribe dv

  • PaulusFirky
    PaulusFirky 3 months ago

    Cutting-Edge Technology

  • Gaurav Prakash
    Gaurav Prakash 3 months ago

    Her voice is so similar to Diana Cowern.

  • darkenmarr
    darkenmarr 3 months ago

    I would love to get tools and equipment instead of makeup and stupid shit like that! I'm working on making a functional fabrication studio where I can build puppets and armor...

  • Cosmic Microwave
    Cosmic Microwave 3 months ago

    Now tie it to a drone and then cut your hair with them

  • nozmoking1
    nozmoking1 3 months ago

    Has anyone told you that you look really hot in jeans and safety glasses with a "I don't give a shit" look on your face?

  • Kirstin Duffley
    Kirstin Duffley 3 months ago


  • Paula Gibson
    Paula Gibson 3 months ago

    Make a large hamer

  • Stephen Abbott
    Stephen Abbott 3 months ago

    8:07 Coolest welding helmet ever!

  • Madison
    Madison 3 months ago

    You are living my dream life, like I need me a workshop to just make whatever I wanted. 10/10 I want to be Simone when I grow up (says the 27 year old 😂)

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S 3 months ago

    Anyone watch akame ga kill?

  • Dominic's Curiosity
    Dominic's Curiosity 3 months ago +1

    This was before truckla

  • Frank Green
    Frank Green 3 months ago

    That looks like the park they filmed an episode of the original 90s show charmed. I think it took place in San Francisco so that makes sense.
    I'll see myself out.

  • Sāfto Rangen
    Sāfto Rangen 3 months ago

    more puns pls

  • magic myth2
    magic myth2 3 months ago

    mom to little kid; dont run with scissors , kid 25+/- years later i am barly runing with giant scissors. ;)

  • I didn’t think so but oh well

    Didnt know Jenna marbles had an actually talent daughter wow

  • Ricardo Becerra
    Ricardo Becerra 3 months ago

    He said at the end "Good Job"!

  • ToBeLoved
    ToBeLoved 3 months ago

    7:46 *sparks*

  • ToBeLoved
    ToBeLoved 3 months ago

    5:19 the scissor pun is criminally unrecognized