Remembering George H.W. Bush

  • Published on Dec 4, 2018
  • Stephen remembers President George H.W. Bush's life, legacy, and a video he shot for 'The Colbert Report' in 2009.
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Comments • 1 428

  • vineet aggarwal
    vineet aggarwal 27 days ago

    R I p to the last greatest president of the greatest generation

  • John A. Calderon
    John A. Calderon Month ago

    The only problem with President Carter is that he did not fight any battles in World War II. While George H. W. Bush, flew 58 combat missions in the pacific against the Japanese. Also, was the youngest navy fighter pilot in World War II.

  • Dario Sandholm
    Dario Sandholm Month ago

    Says: ''That's the spirit we should have, your success is our success'' then goes right to dissing trump. What a idiot this guy is.

  • vineet aggarwal
    vineet aggarwal 2 months ago

    He was the last good president in the ww2

  • Aussie Raver
    Aussie Raver 3 months ago

    But...he was evil? I'd rather not remember a satanist.

  • Abdimajid Rashid
    Abdimajid Rashid 4 months ago +1

    Wow what a shallow way to remember a guy who changed the lives of innoncent civilians in middle east not in a good way obviously and for generations to come......its so funny how american media covers on there criminals and how they cover on criminals from other countries......a crimimal is a criminal even if he feeds you and gives you the best live .....injustice anywhere is injustice everywhere😑

  • A H
    A H 4 months ago +1

    This makes me want to puke.

  • Mr233191962
    Mr233191962 5 months ago

    Let the "dumb and dumber" tells how his grandfather helped the Nazis,when American soldiers were dying in Europe,Prescott Bush supplied them with spare parts and grief lubricants and gasoline. ! ! SHAME and more SHAME on such BASTARDS !!!

  • Auston
    Auston 5 months ago +2

    George HW Bush ran drugs with the CIA in Arkansas and played a huge role in the JFK assassination and cover up.

  • UnderStructureRepair
    UnderStructureRepair 5 months ago

    The last president at all is the only real president, Jimmy Carter. all the rest are hoods. america sunk itself electing royalty and holy hell is coming home in march. it will be nice watchin these lazy assed americans standing in the goddamn soup line like turds. we were charged with one thing watch over the GD governemnt like houds, we didnt and we will GD pay with every posession, every ounce or hope of happiness and for many like myself, our lives. colbert is a patsy. bush was a mass murderer. any questions?

  • Roderick Harper
    Roderick Harper 5 months ago

    He also helped to usher in the crack epidemic.

  • Dak Lamerbusch
    Dak Lamerbusch 5 months ago

    . . . or as trump would say it, "Happy Hanaka Christ-killers! Muhgah!" (sic)

  • Michael Amankwaa
    Michael Amankwaa 5 months ago +1

    Rip 41 you were much more of a president than 45 will probably be.

  • Jack Nunez
    Jack Nunez 5 months ago +1

    Comments on this video are embarrassing. The man dedicated his life to the service of this country, and right or wrong, the fact that people want to trash him after his passing shows how badly people fall into their party line in this country. Is there no decency?

  • KingAlpaca
    KingAlpaca 5 months ago

    As always, Colbert is selling out or being a hypocrite.

  • Whisperer Charlie
    Whisperer Charlie 5 months ago

    Colbert still cracking Trump jokes even when trying to honor George H.W. Bush. That is really low man.

  • Totally Nameless
    Totally Nameless 5 months ago +1

    Kellogg-Briand Pact! He is a criminal; just because you hold a fancy office and have a lot of money doesn't mean that you are not a murderer. Why do people suck off these monsters? War is illegal, it is antithetical to women's liberation/rights, it accomplishes nothing! There are other ways to deal with your problems then to murder civilians (most casualties in war are civilians), and if a politician isn't smart enough to think beyond "it time fo wor!", then they shouldn't be in politics in the first place! Why do Americans just shrug and accept it as normal for a politician to declare war? Probably because the fighting isn't happening in their front yard. It's not okay, and it shouldn't be normal! It's defeatist, lazy, and just downright intellectually stunted to think that war is inevitable. It's not. For all the countries we are at war with, there are many more that we are not at war with. That alone is proof that we don't need to murder civilians just to facilitate a rich men's pissing match. Like any other atrocity, war needs to be outlawed. So once again, the Kellogg-Briand Pact.

  • theTrackSuitSlav
    theTrackSuitSlav 6 months ago +1

    For all the people saying that he is a war criminal FOR DEFENDING KUWAIT, you seem to forget that Iraq invaded Kuwait first. Maybe some of you were too young to remember, as it seems much of the people in the comments are very immature.

    • Michael Amankwaa
      Michael Amankwaa 5 months ago

      Thank you for speaking out on the misinformation out there.

  • Robinsinpost
    Robinsinpost 6 months ago

    Don't mention the war......... DONT MENTION THE WAR.
    Scene from Fawlty Towers with John Cleese when Basil served Germans.

  • sealinski
    sealinski 6 months ago

    God, this is so sad...

  • jan morgan
    jan morgan 6 months ago

    OMG Trump only feeds Stephen Miller 3 crickets a day before he goes to his cage?

  • Patrick Shenton
    Patrick Shenton 6 months ago

    _Quiz question: Which song did the US Marines blare out of giant speakers day and night in order to deprive Manuel Noriega sleep and force him to come out of the diplomatic compound he was holed up in?_

  • Gerasimos Christoforatos

    The bush family is nothing but war criminals. they desecrated the grave of Geronimo, they overthrow democratically elected governments, the lied to get us into war, the kill masses amounts of people. There is absolutely nothing good that they could have done to make up for the murder and crime that the Whole family has done.
    Jeremy Scahill laid it out best,

  • c. j. macq
    c. j. macq 6 months ago

    bush was a warmonger and a criminal; much like Reagan and EVERY president that followed him.

  • Manuel M
    Manuel M 6 months ago

    Yeah such a great leader. Too bad this dipshit only served one term. Can we talk about his connection to drug traffickers, and dictators?? Saddam, Noriega?? His bombing of retreating Iraqi soldiers on Highway of Death. Orchestrating coups in latin america. Trafficking drugs into American cities to pay for the Contras in Nicaragua.

  • Robert McGarry
    Robert McGarry 6 months ago

    The Intercept: One of the last remaining Real Journalistic entities left in the Media. They said it, and have video of the things that will never be undone. H.W. Bush WAS A WAR CRIMINAL. Just watch, it explains everything.

  • foulpotato
    foulpotato 6 months ago

    Guys he means Bush sr was the last person elected from the greatest gen. If dole would have won he would have been the last.

  • IHeart MMT
    IHeart MMT 6 months ago

    Why do I want to bother my beautiful mind about the Tasmanian devil of terror and the mounds of corpses in his wake?

    • IHeart MMT
      IHeart MMT 6 months ago

      I still can't believe Barbara Bush said this!

  • IHeart MMT
    IHeart MMT 6 months ago +1

    AMY GOODMAN: Your final thoughts, in the last 30 seconds, on the review of President George H.W. Bush’s life that we’re seeing in the media today?
    JOHN R. MacARTHUR: Well, I’m horrified. There was a column in The Wall Street Journal yesterday by William McGurn headlined “George Bush’s Wonderful Life,” where he literally compares him to George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life, which is crazy on its face, because George Bailey is a kind of populist. He’s opposed to the power of Mr. Potter and his bank and so on and so forth.
    But George Bush was not a peace-loving guy. I’ll never forget George McGovern saying to me-and George McGovern-having been a bomber pilot in World War II-saying, “You know, most of us who came back from World War II had had enough. Bush didn’t get enough, didn’t get enough violence.”

  • Rin Rin
    Rin Rin 6 months ago


  • Amber Gordon
    Amber Gordon 6 months ago

    One term because of Ross Perot

  • Bev Ascah
    Bev Ascah 6 months ago

    Last great generation president - what about Jimmy Carter??

  • MGR1900
    MGR1900 6 months ago

    Why is the left suddenly praising President Bush? They despised him while in office. They're lying!

  • Stephen Pelletier
    Stephen Pelletier 6 months ago

    The whole bush family should be hunted down for war crimes

  • Kinky
    Kinky 6 months ago

    Way to honor a monstrous war criminal Stephen! Bravo!

  • Fredrick Mboma
    Fredrick Mboma 6 months ago

    If he was so good why did he get only one term?
    Dying doesn't make you a good person.

  • Joy Popoola
    Joy Popoola 6 months ago

    That was hilarious 41

  • Bombiss_
    Bombiss_ 6 months ago

    So late to the party

  • Bardyman
    Bardyman 6 months ago

    why are dead people suddenly seen as so awesome and nice?

  • Dan Garcia
    Dan Garcia 6 months ago

    Bush is not the last President from the Greatest Generation. President Jimmy Carter is the last one.

  • SteadyROK
    SteadyROK 6 months ago

    Why is THIS loser even talking? Didn't realize he was still alive.

  • Frank Castle
    Frank Castle 6 months ago +1

    He was a RINO

  • dojinho
    dojinho 6 months ago

    Let's not forget the invasion of Panama and Iraq #1, under false pretences and the crippling sanctions that killed millions of Iraqi children!
    He may have been charming to his close circle of friends, but numerous innocent civilians died because of his policies, which should make him a war criminal.

  • linda deadrick
    linda deadrick 6 months ago

    I hope they finally bury 41. Was he really in the casket that went from Houston to CS back to Houston on plane to Washington back to Houston then to CS. I haven't seen MSNBC or The View all week. I'm having a meltdown.

  • vargo hoat
    vargo hoat 6 months ago

    sorry, i have no love for that war criminal.

  • Maggot50000
    Maggot50000 6 months ago

    Shit bootlickers say

  • Old Man Mercenary
    Old Man Mercenary 6 months ago

    After playing World of Warplanes and ATTEMPTING (even in a game) to be as Bad@zz as HW a torpedo bomber and failing..please teach my your skills Sir

  • EuroDragon71
    EuroDragon71 6 months ago

    Stephen, are you forgetting Jimmy Carter? Yes, yes you are. He was also part of the Greatest Generation and served in WWII. (Why is everyone glossing over him like he never existed?? C'mon, media and comedians!)

  • Rachel El
    Rachel El 6 months ago Stephen has visited the troops and Trump hasn't?! You've gotta be fucking kidding me....

  • Chris Arseneault
    Chris Arseneault 6 months ago

    So much hatred in these posts. All towards George HW Bush. He was not a perfect man, nor is anyone. May he rest in peace.

  • goon303
    goon303 6 months ago

    He may have conducted himself well and as a gentlemen, but behind all of that facade was a war mongering monster, who would stop at nothing to advance the interests of his wealth and his family, including sending soldiers to die for pointless causes, and having those soldiers bomb and murder innocent civilians, children, women and old people.

    • squamishfish
      squamishfish 6 months ago

      goon and did you join up like Bush did when he was 18 years old and did not have to he could have gone to Yale , but chosen to serve as a fighter pilot in WW-2 and was even shot down ., He could have made a lot more money in the Oil Business but instead he served as a politician

  • Alice Wolfe
    Alice Wolfe 6 months ago

    i just realized he shaved his beard. lol dumb. where have i been?

  • AKACalebErvick
    AKACalebErvick 6 months ago

    I feel like I shouldn't have to say this but...GHWB was president AFTER Jimmy Carter and no president since was of the Greatest Generation making him (you guessed it) the last one.

  • BulletTheEnforcer
    BulletTheEnforcer 6 months ago

    @3:17 Is that note written in Cheeto Dust, or is it Macdonald's special sauce?

  • AthenaGoddess
    AthenaGoddess 6 months ago

    I'm not an American, I don't live in your country but didn't that guys assault some girl this year or something? I swear the last time I heard about him it was because he grabbed a womans ass. But yes lets celebrate how honourable he was.

    • AthenaGoddess
      AthenaGoddess 6 months ago

      Also why are people saying the last of the greatest generation? Wasn't that the generation that cared nothing for the rights of Women, LBGTQIA and minorities amoung many others? I could be wrong but seriously.

  • Sophia Gyger
    Sophia Gyger 6 months ago

    Sure Bush was far from perfect, and he did a lot of bad stuff, but a MEMORIAL just days after his death is actually a time to acknowledge the good he did. There will be plenty of time to speak ill of the dead later.

  • Emma The Dilemma
    Emma The Dilemma 6 months ago +1

    Hey everyone, could we give it a rest? Maybe give everyone a few months before attacking Bush? Look, I get it, he wasn't perfect, hell, he wasn't even necessarily a good person, but he wasn't terrible either. He served as President during a tough time and anyone in his position would have made choices that ended up killing people. He supported his son as any father would even if his view was skewed. Let him rest.

  • Gabriele Kennedy
    Gabriele Kennedy 6 months ago

    You forgot about President Carter!!

  • george nolte
    george nolte 6 months ago

    We really could have done with him getting sick at that State Dinner . He deserved better than that . You fucked up bigtime Steven .That is something I would except from Trump .

  • Giordano Franchetti
    Giordano Franchetti 6 months ago

    Fuk Bush and his Skull and Bones egomaniacs/

  • Donna Powell-Weston
    Donna Powell-Weston 6 months ago +1

    Steven you are forgetting that president Carter is also from the greatest generation and he is still with us.

  • Henrik Thrane
    Henrik Thrane 6 months ago

    You forgot Jimmy Carter; he is still alive

  • Rima Coates
    Rima Coates 6 months ago

    Sub joke! Awesome!!

  • Stan Clarkson
    Stan Clarkson 6 months ago

    Your forgeting Jimmy Carter

  • Dad S
    Dad S 6 months ago

    0:38 President Bush is NOT the last of the Greatest Generation! Jimmy Carter is!!!

  • Titus McCarthy
    Titus McCarthy 6 months ago +1

    Only a filthy centrist would memorialize a dead war criminal like this. Pretty disgusting Colbert.

  • BillyBobBue
    BillyBobBue 6 months ago +2

    He was a terrorist, and war criminal and he is burning in hell.

  • chance goode
    chance goode 6 months ago

    RIP George H.W Bush.

  • Michael Burgess
    Michael Burgess 6 months ago +3

    I like Cobert but why the gushing nonsense about a war criminal like Bush Sr. Why does he ignore Iran Contra and the first Iraq War...Listen to the Intercept (Jeremy Scahill)...thats the real Bush and it aint pretty.

  • Bonnie Robinson
    Bonnie Robinson 6 months ago

    Will miss President Bush, 41, he was a great man. Trump is a stark reminder of how low America has fallen.

  • Good Idea Adia
    Good Idea Adia 6 months ago

    I never got why people say "happy Hanukkah to those who celebrate " why that exception?

  • Juan Pirir
    Juan Pirir 6 months ago

    He died one day before World AIDS Day. May the thousands of people he didn’t help be remembered far beyond he is. 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍🌈

  • Mark Alan
    Mark Alan 6 months ago

    It shows you the plutocrats only use human rights as a talking point. They rally around their leaders when the time comes.

  • Backpacker One64
    Backpacker One64 6 months ago

    Even Trump's base won't give Trump the accolade _"BELOVED"_ .

  • hynixx
    hynixx 6 months ago +3

    War criminal! Ask 1 millions Iraqis, mostly children.

  • Dee Lish
    Dee Lish 6 months ago

    Come on, Stephen. Compared to 45, maybe Bush was a decent president, but that's saying nothing. Don't forget what he did.

  • Hirnlego999
    Hirnlego999 6 months ago

    I Will Not Speak Kindly of the Dead. Bush Was Detestable.
    He had some qualities of course, he wasn't fully in the pocket of NRA, he could speak in complete sentences and generally like an adult unlike Trump but there is quite a lot of revisionism from many articles on how his policies were.
    Clinton and others deserve a lot of criticism once they go as well.

  • ArchCraftGaming
    ArchCraftGaming 6 months ago +1

    Hey Stephen Colbert why don’t you try to memorialize the man and not make jokes about things like Trump which have nothing to do with him. Nice touch bringing your ego into it too.

  • Allie S
    Allie S 6 months ago

    H.W. was also the only president in history to start a war in order to defeat an invader from a foreign country, and then win that war while still in the presidency. It was one of the quickest defeats, ever.

  • Ben Hudson
    Ben Hudson 6 months ago

    Greatest generation? Greediest generation? You decide

  • nuwavghost
    nuwavghost 6 months ago +2

    The evil that bush perpetrated while in power lives on.

  • TurkGallant
    TurkGallant 6 months ago +1

    Wow you Russian trash trolls are really active on this one...

    LONE WOLF 6 months ago


  • Troy Fisher-Harper
    Troy Fisher-Harper 6 months ago +1

    Ugh, really Stephen?

  • Stimulator7
    Stimulator7 6 months ago


    DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS 6 months ago +1

    All the bushs are war criminals .
    May he burn in hell.

  • Tiago Lavadinho
    Tiago Lavadinho 6 months ago +1

    War criminal

  • Surgien Heorte
    Surgien Heorte 6 months ago +2

    This story was a fake. Criminals fabricate gladiators in order to keep the imperial audiences entertained. True heroes die in combat! Let's not forget that his father was a banker who helped Hitler rise to power and made his fortune out of collaborating with the Nazis. He was convicted under the Trading with the Enemy Act. John Kerry is another fake hero, . . .

  • Deanna Demers
    Deanna Demers 6 months ago +1

    Hw was a war criminal!

  • C345 OFR
    C345 OFR 6 months ago +4

    Oh please, Stephen ¬.¬ . That handover note to Clinton was for show. 41 wrote in his diary what he _really_ thought of 42:
    "I must say I thought to myself, 'How in God's name did this country elect a *draft dodger*? I didn't feel it with bitterness. I just felt it almost generational. What I am missing?'"

  • Juan Nagle
    Juan Nagle 6 months ago

    This is an end of an era of failures that culminated in civil unrest i.e. Dallas shooting. A Failed Leadership. Nothing is really accomplished except more fear and loathing amongst left and right wing supremacists, followed by confused and insecure people in America trying to live an American dream that is really for White people and the privileged "Haves". And the current POTUS isn't helping to further compassion, understanding, and love for the fellow human.

  • George Foster
    George Foster 6 months ago

    It would do my Christian heart good to see Stephen Colbert die while spewing his lies on TV.

  • alice alice
    alice alice 6 months ago +1

    Americans celebrating another war criminal. No surprise there. Jon Stewart WHERE ARE YOU????

  • EM V
    EM V 6 months ago

    Hey what about Advent?

  • blue_pearl_22
    blue_pearl_22 6 months ago

    Did John just reference a tune from Community after that Subway joke in 1:11? If so, that was pure genius!

  • Munish K
    Munish K 6 months ago +1

    After the warship USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian commercial airliner, killing 290 civilians on July 3, 1988
    “I will never apologize for the United States - I don’t care what the facts are.... I’m not an apologize-for-America kind of guy.”
    - George H. W. Bush

  • Zeek M
    Zeek M 6 months ago +1

    Bush Crime Family = Skull and Bones

  • Franz Finav
    Franz Finav 6 months ago +4

    Ah yes, good old pres 41. Who can forget the massacre of *retreating* Iraqi troupes at the end of the first gulf war, or the incineration if innocent civilians by an American missile during the aforementioned war, or the shooting down of Iranian flight 655 (290 people, 66 children) for wish 41 explicitly refused to apologise, or the completely invented story about Iraqi soldiers ripping babies from incubators, or the sponsoring of the contras in South America which resulted in the death and disappearance of tens of thousands, or the training of counterinsurgency groups in the Middle East, which gave rise to the likes of Al- Qaeda, or the Iran Hostage crisis...?
    I’ll tell you who: practically everybody including, evidentially, Mr Colbert and his writing team. Though I accept that the vile track record of Bush Sr. is a tough thing to make jokes about.
    Trump’s a hideous clown, to be sure, but he will literally have to go nuclear in order to to come even close to 41’s body count.
    Don’t speak ill of the dead? Who of these eulogising comedians and journalists is this week remembering Bush’s victims?

  • Deiby Beras
    Deiby Beras 6 months ago

    Why do you have to make everything about Trump?? Just to get a few laughs and applause??

    • T Bone
      T Bone 6 months ago

      Deiby Beras:Because it gets him rating. He's a POS

  • Tomas Delgado
    Tomas Delgado 6 months ago

    It would seem to me that at least one person on your staff would know the truth about this President and his CIA participation in the assassination of JFK!!
    See the investigative reporting of the late and true Jim Marrs here on RU-clip!!
    It is an abomination that all National newscasts Wii not tell you the truth in their absurd adulation!!
    Once again they make fools of you by not acknowledging the facts!!
    I would like to have been there when he met his maker!!
    Shame on him and include his racist wife!!
    In his reincarnation he will be assasinated!