• Published on Dec 1, 2019
  • Randy wanted to get his ears pierced and we decided to visit the worst reviewed tattoo & piercing shop in Singapore....
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Comments • 298

  • Trevis Voon
    Trevis Voon 4 days ago


  • Paul Virgona
    Paul Virgona 15 days ago

    G’day from Australia. I really love your straightforward and fun approach in your review videos.
    My request is, could please review, who has the best and worst coffee (hot or iced) in Changi airport? Thankyou, Paul.

  • Victor Lesmono
    Victor Lesmono 20 days ago

    that place is quite popular actually

  • Hanim
    Hanim 22 days ago

    the worst reviewed piercing place is primitive tattoo at far east plaza hahaha they’re known for being grossly overpriced 🤢

  • yummiee tly
    yummiee tly 24 days ago

    my place $7 one only 😂

  • Hui Ru
    Hui Ru 24 days ago

    kinda glad yall didnt go to the worst reviewed kne but needle is honestly better, i went to jewellery shop to pierce w gun before and it got a very bad infection but w needle it was alright

  • nicky ko
    nicky ko 25 days ago

    Ask Ben for nipple piercings

  • kareen siu
    kareen siu 26 days ago

    omggg Ben sibei 贴心 wor .

  • Evadne Lim
    Evadne Lim Month ago


  • LouLou
    LouLou Month ago

    look like kpop star after piercing

  • millions of cutie junkyu

    omg dun do dangerous stuff leh we still want to watch ur weekly vids🤪 but ok la at least y’all backed out

  • GummySoda
    GummySoda Month ago

    I pierce $8 for both side

  • Benedict Tan
    Benedict Tan Month ago

    Xcraft pierce $5 onlyy $48 too high price alrr

  • choco jkk
    choco jkk Month ago

    You guys are so cute 😍

  • Lisa Oppa
    Lisa Oppa Month ago

    Good that he didn’t do it at the worst reviewed shop but i feel that if you didn’t really go you shouldn’t put this title saying you’ve gone. Like clickbaiting again basically...

  • CCKPS school
    CCKPS school Month ago

    Omg I went to the same shop to pierce my ears and I just realise

  • Hikarin Chan
    Hikarin Chan Month ago +1

    He have sensitive skin he should not go the the piercing with gun.... Must use needle is better it heal better ...No try to say bad thing but I just said the true

  • Yuhan Kao
    Yuhan Kao Month ago

    isn't it click bait tho

  • Smilin han
    Smilin han Month ago

    Ben piercings I am looking forward to

    CRYSTAL KOH Month ago

    i did my piercings at cineleisure beadstreet last time it was $4 for one hole if i didnt rmb wrongly . now i dont rmb

  • Jerrie
    Jerrie Month ago

    Ben pierce too! Should look quite good

  • ElliDiary
    ElliDiary Month ago

    lmao even my double helix cost lesser than a lobe piercing on one lobe

    ALICIA NG LEE EN Month ago

    ben should go nex and pierce only $5 each side but cant film inside the shop

  • cherishkth
    cherishkth Month ago

    bro i got my ear pierced for $5 each wtf

  • gracefvhl
    gracefvhl Month ago

    ben pierce your earsssdd

  • Farahh Farishasha
    Farahh Farishasha Month ago

    Ben so caring 😍😍 so cute lol

  • Karin D.
    Karin D. Month ago +1

    Of course is a bad idea to go to the worst piercing shop, but actually titanium is the best material for a piercing and using a needle is also the best to avoid infections and other issues!

  • Jane Goh
    Jane Goh Month ago

    Better to go with needle than gun - it's a better healing process. Tattoo parlors are surprisingly good places as they know how to handle needles. Goes without saying you should go to best (not worst)) reviewed place.

  • kpopcorn
    kpopcorn Month ago

    Omgg Randy's creepy smile at tammy 8:18

  • Ksq
    Ksq Month ago +2

    Can they even say that they are going to the worst place to pierce but end up they dont?! A total waste of my time wth

  • Mochi oky
    Mochi oky Month ago +3

    The way ben stare at tammy at 7:41 omg my heart melt loh 😍

  • Calvin Tan
    Calvin Tan Month ago

    knn 35 for 1 piercing? back then only 3 to 4 bucks only

  • Pei Jun S
    Pei Jun S Month ago

    Can you go to the worst reviewed doctor in Singapore? There is this 24 hour clinic at Bukit Panjang that has super bad reviews. That's scarier!

  • Neo Cecilia
    Neo Cecilia Month ago

    I both side $10 only

  • Wern Ying
    Wern Ying Month ago

    I went to pierce my ears tdy it's Rm150 for one side they use needle as well I think it's very safe and I really recommend this place although it's pricey but it's really safe👍🏻 I have very sensitive skins as well. Mandala tattoo and Piercing 👍🏻👍🏻

  • yalla ella
    yalla ella Month ago

    Please best reviewed salon shop and I think Ben it's nice for you to have piercing aswell...

  • RayrayTgh
    RayrayTgh Month ago

    far east

  • ahn kimnds
    ahn kimnds Month ago


  • D Entertainment SG
    D Entertainment SG Month ago

    Lol! Nice one~ lets see when we get to see u do the piercing 😂

  • Henry Tok
    Henry Tok Month ago

    I love Tammy!

  • J H
    J H Month ago +1

    i done my at the one in the Far East , their needle method makes sure that the hole stays on for quite long even if u dont wear a ear stud!!! those cheap S$5 -10 type like what tammy done will not last (if u stop wearing)
    I admit that the one at Wisma is indeed a daylight robbery

  • grxcy
    grxcy Month ago

    wah so ex ah i pierce one side 5$

  • Verlyn Tan
    Verlyn Tan Month ago

    Go to the worst rated cinema next

  • _im a palm tree _
    _im a palm tree _ Month ago +1

    Like if you want him to pierce

  • Rui Hao烎壡嗥
    Rui Hao烎壡嗥 Month ago

    The 5 star reviews are all written by the staff 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • lamia ashlea
    lamia ashlea Month ago

    My piercing wasnt even 34$ in all

  • lamia ashlea
    lamia ashlea Month ago

    5* reviews could just the the workers themselves creating a new acc to review

  • Miho's KPOP Channel
    Miho's KPOP Channel Month ago +1

    Actually randy looks good in the piercing 👍

  • Joanna Evangeline
    Joanna Evangeline Month ago

    Omg. I’m so glad you all didn’t do the piercing at the worst reviewed place !! My friend pierced her ears there and she had infection. The pain radiated from her ear lobe till her neck and had to be on antibiotics for awhile.

  • jes chong
    jes chong Month ago

    Click bait

  • Suthesh Sidhu
    Suthesh Sidhu Month ago

    What the fuck. The piercing parlour with the needle is actually much better and safer. The rating would have been given partly because the staffs there would not have been rude and infection from piercing usually comes from the lack of the care, not the piercing procedure. Plus its kinda common that you Singaporeans always complain on little things, which would have contributed to that low rating.
    Jewellery shops have no sense of hygiene (no gloves and sterilisation of the studs and the tools used for piercing) and piercing guns like the ones used on Randy is not practiced in piercing shops partly because it takes time to heal (piercing gun method is blunt force, hence longer time to heal and the Redding in the area is cause by the blunt force trauma)
    If it's expensive, it's usually better. The needles for piercings are packed in a sterile packaging, which is one reason why the piecer did not want to take it out and show to you guys. Also, ppl with sensitive skin should not use gold or silver but other material so titanium studs would have done justice for Randy.

  • Little Sheep
    Little Sheep Month ago

    when i pierced my ear, it wasn't even red!!!there'ssomethingwrongwithme

  • shawn lim
    shawn lim Month ago

    Hi ban your video are not boring and please make more video because I watch your video everyday!!

  • emilyhuien goh
    emilyhuien goh Month ago

    I just went to visit that shopping mall yesterday but never see that shop

  • Lim Jovan
    Lim Jovan Month ago

    Yes Ben should pierce

  • Rachel Shim
    Rachel Shim Month ago

    are yall a couple ?

  • X1 is the cause of my death

    Ben reminds me of Dongpyo from X1 lol

  • LOL whats
    LOL whats Month ago

    Ben please pierce industrial one

  • Sticky Chuckle
    Sticky Chuckle Month ago +2

    Both side $48 so expensive you should go to bugis two side $8 only