Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Back on the job. Back in the fight.
    Season 2 of Marvel’s The Punisher debuts exclusively on Netflix January 18.
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    Marvel’s The Punisher: Season 2 | Official Trailer [HD] | Netflix
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Comments • 12 463

  • Flaming Tomohawk
    Flaming Tomohawk 2 hours ago

    Fucking hell, Why was this Cancelled!?

  • Tudi
    Tudi Day ago

    Season 3 plsss

  • 52footballoak
    52footballoak 2 days ago

    Bring back the punisher you no good people that hate good things.

  • Gist432
    Gist432 3 days ago

    Netflix has gotten more and more shitty stuff. Why the hell do I need them? Without the Punusher... fuck off.

  • Slyness69
    Slyness69 4 days ago

    Fuck you netflix cancelling the best show you have. Cancelling my subcrption

  • Kinowe Sunga
    Kinowe Sunga 6 days ago

    Why this show was cancelled? Bunch of Morons

  • s hudson
    s hudson 7 days ago

    too bad the show sucked

  • sedoxXx _
    sedoxXx _ 7 days ago

    Why does it end pls netflix it was super

  • Hkm Saharan
    Hkm Saharan 7 days ago +1

    Fuck you Netflix for cancelling the best show you guys ever had!

  • Johnathan M.
    Johnathan M. 7 days ago

    Season 1, AWESOME! Episode 1, Season 2... Wow, what can one say? I'll try. :)
    The bathroom fight scene. Any woman (2 butch looking dykes in this case) who thinks they can go hand to hand with a man like Frank Castle, should be beaten until they can't reproduce and their psyche caves in to where memories of their father raping them on any given night seems like a loving date.
    Point is, in a world where I've been brainwashed by political correctness, where at once I was a gentleman, believed in chivalry and respect for women, I am now, totally convinced, that most are whores and deserve more beatings if they truly want to be equal.
    Thank you Netflix for giving us a clear demonstration how it's done!
    PS - Too strong? So is life and the hypocrisy of social attitudes in general. Puritanical on one hand, giving no f*cks on the other.

    • Johnathan M.
      Johnathan M. 7 days ago

      I think I understated things a bit on my earlier post. If I said I wasn't jealous of these characters who get to punch a man's skull in with brass knuckles until there was no more life in him, I'd be lying. Why more people don't do what Billy Russo did and make some real cash by killing scum who nobody will miss is beyond me. This show honestly makes breaking the 6th commandment look like the one worth breaking most.

  • Crystal Box
    Crystal Box 9 days ago +2

    Who here after ghost recon breakpoint trailer?

  • Raiden wd
    Raiden wd 11 days ago +5

    How did I come from the ghost recon breakpoint to here ?!

  • Lowkey Arki
    Lowkey Arki 11 days ago

    Some company better pick this up and make the movie we all deserve

    DOKI COW 11 days ago

    Now, i WOULD watch punisher but it got canceled...

  • MetalAsPhuk
    MetalAsPhuk 11 days ago

    Heard the song a million times, seen the season more than once.. watched these trailers a bunch cus i love what they did with One as well... yet every time it finally kicks in with laynes voice fading in "INTO THE FLOOD AGAIN" I get chills. Dont know why its just awesome. So disappointed this show is done.

  • Mustafa bacanak
    Mustafa bacanak 12 days ago +1

    Season3 please

  • Son
    Son 12 days ago

    I think that's the greatest show of all time seriously

  • Casey
    Casey 12 days ago

    Why was this cancelled? I’ve read a couple things but nothing was clear. Is it because there isn’t a girl in black tights riding a motorcycle shooting at space gods?

  • φιλιππος μανωλης

    Dont cancel it

  • musa hasdemir
    musa hasdemir 12 days ago

    Güzel film e benziyor.

  • Юзэф Сталин
    Юзэф Сталин 15 days ago

    Why u canceled punisher.... FUCK YOU.. .. Kurwaaaa

  • Surya Mohan
    Surya Mohan 20 days ago

    if it were just 4 or 6 episodes of crazy fight scene after fight scene this been of a different level

    M1K BLEACH 20 days ago

    The Punisher: Season 2 was Cancels ?

  • Timmy Turok
    Timmy Turok 21 day ago

    Would? I? Hell yeah

  • gangstarap623
    gangstarap623 22 days ago +1

    Now frank castle coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands Operation Oracle xD

  • Batuhan Burhanlı
    Batuhan Burhanlı 22 days ago

    Fuck you billy russo

  • H1V1
    H1V1 23 days ago

    This season sucked. Bad.

    I really liked the Ellie and Joel relationship that was going on, but other than that, it was just messy and boring. Everything having to do with the alt-right nazi was extremely boring and I almost skipped some of his scenes because they gave him no character what so ever. He wasn't scary after the police station, but before that it was kinda intriguing. Russo (jigsaw) was completely thrown wayside for no reason and instead they gave us a worse billy russo as jigsaw. season 1 was god tier compared to this garbage of a send-off.

    • Dylan Brown
      Dylan Brown 9 days ago

      And little bits Throughout the season

    • Dylan Brown
      Dylan Brown 9 days ago

      H1V1 Episode 10 and the finale

    • H1V1
      H1V1 9 days ago

      +Dylan Brown How do people like season 2? Explain one thing that is good in season 2 apart from the beginning

    • Dylan Brown
      Dylan Brown 9 days ago

      H1V1 You’re probably the only person that doesn’t like season two in the comments

    • H1V1
      H1V1 9 days ago

      +Dylan Brown Yeah? elaborate a little more

  • Manie Isaacs
    Manie Isaacs 23 days ago

    I hope season 3 will be full of action to the max

  • Devon
    Devon 24 days ago +1

    Really, netflix? Cancelled. Fuck off. You had one good show and this was it. All the rest of your content is usually garbage. I don't even stream on your service anymore because you recommend me junk. I would seriously be just fine if I stopped paying for your service.

  • Nihad Quluzade
    Nihad Quluzade 24 days ago


  • Omar Ramirez
    Omar Ramirez 24 days ago

    Season 2 conclusion was damn satisfying.

  • Mooky Blaylock
    Mooky Blaylock 25 days ago

    S2 was so goddamn overrated and they completely nerfed Frank so bad. They have so much source material to work with how could they mess this up?

  • Ciaran Hufsky
    Ciaran Hufsky 27 days ago

    You mean to tell me Megadeth's Holy Wars, literally about the Punisher, doesn't get in a trailer?

  • Robert Bowser
    Robert Bowser 27 days ago

    The Punisher maybe cancelled but he lives on in us. By us protecting the weak doing what’s right. And one day we will see Frank Castle again

  • Ian Olsen
    Ian Olsen 27 days ago


  • Spencer Hawley
    Spencer Hawley 27 days ago

    They shouldn't have cancelled it, Billy should've remembered and it should've been a lot better tbh but it wasn't bad...

  • اسبيرت قيمر
    اسبيرت قيمر 28 days ago

    احلى الافلام

  • Painmore
    Painmore 29 days ago


  • The shane Effect
    The shane Effect Month ago

    I wanna season 3 pleaaaase 😭😭😭😭

  • What Boy
    What Boy Month ago

    หน้าเหมือน เซน ในเดอะวอกกิ้งเดสเลย

  • Garfield attacker
    Garfield attacker Month ago

    Season 1 trailer: Metallica
    Season 2 trailer: Alice in chains
    Can it get any better?

    • TheBanana Man
      TheBanana Man 28 days ago

      Apparently not since there won't be anymore trailers :(

  • Games Droid
    Games Droid Month ago +1

    Netflix 2017: We have achieved very high profits and the number of views exceeded the expected when the launch of the first season of The Punisher
    The Punisher: Hello, is there anyone here? The place is empty What happened, did everyone have the application for The Punisher ?? , Oh damn !!

  • Games Droid
    Games Droid Month ago +1

    Netflix : Canceled The Punisher ,
    Translate : you have to Cancel your subsicrption from Netflix And Delete The App , You don't need it anymore

  • emre kadir gökova
    emre kadir gökova Month ago

    3.kısım acilen gelsin

  • EmilyElla11
    EmilyElla11 Month ago

    I didn't find it as good as season one I found this season was kind of boring it took forever for anything to happen

  • Neo Neo
    Neo Neo Month ago

    Man this Belongs to HALL OF FAME with Breaking Bad, True Dedective S1, Narcos S1....

  • Coque Games 99
    Coque Games 99 Month ago

    mejor que la basura de deadpool

  • Edgar Allan Pie
    Edgar Allan Pie Month ago

    so upset they discontinued this show! the soundtrack of this trailer makes it all so much better ❤️👏🏻

  • M H
    M H Month ago

    Since this is cancelled its time to drop netflix!

  • M H
    M H Month ago

    Cant fucking believe you can cancel this shit. This is the best show in 20 years!!

  • Byq
    Byq Month ago +1

    Best serial

  • Jan C.
    Jan C. Month ago

    I'm halfway season 2 now, but the show's kinda tedious to me. This could be way better without all the dull unnecessary scenes. Someone pls tell me, is it worth watching till the end.

  • Chris Cr
    Chris Cr Month ago


  • Daniel Joslin
    Daniel Joslin Month ago

    season one was awesome , Season 2 ....... really ! jigsaw is just a few scratches nothing like the comic he should be mutilated :(

  • j ram
    j ram Month ago

    So one time I ate shit on my skateboard face planted the floor I got a damn scar on my face and I feel ugly with it, Billy got his face scraped against a shattered mirror and basically destroyed and he still looks good? Is it the surgeons or something haha

  • Marla Wilcox
    Marla Wilcox Month ago

    Let me be what I'm meant to be

  • Ash 火
    Ash 火 Month ago +1

    LOL Billy and Frank decided to switch haircuts.

  • sLaYsHeR _offical
    sLaYsHeR _offical Month ago

    I love punisher ❤️

  • N7 Nomax
    N7 Nomax Month ago

    Thank fuck he died on the walking dead that show went shit in season 4 at least he got a better role

  • mohid khalid
    mohid khalid Month ago

    finally some good news

  • jaggededges
    jaggededges Month ago

    Loved the first season , the second was so disappointing on so many levels couldn't even finish the second season. And that doctor I wanted to throw my tv out the fucking window

  • mac mittens
    mac mittens Month ago

    Aic 😉

  • Jimmy
    Jimmy Month ago

    I really like The Punisher a lot and hope another network picks it up, but that girl in season 2 is so annoying I can stand any scene she’s in. I’m sure she supposed to be that way, but geez.

    • RobM
      RobM Month ago

      you need a bit of comedic relief in such a violent and depressing show

  • Aman
    Aman Month ago

    The actually canceled it.....

  • DiTech
    DiTech Month ago

    The Punisher logo actually came from Chris kyle shirt

  • CringeWorthy Corgi 999

    Damn Shane is Punisher 😂

  • HarushMusic
    HarushMusic Month ago

    Song ?

  • Johnny Warlock
    Johnny Warlock Month ago

    1:59 I got chills, Ben Barnes is killing it.

  • Loay Fraih
    Loay Fraih Month ago +1

    Still give chills to this day

  • Adam Gordon
    Adam Gordon Month ago


  • See Thomas Howl
    See Thomas Howl Month ago


  • Mr S
    Mr S Month ago

    Season two is a train wreck. It should've been called the Punisher; Group Therapy. It's just a series of scenes that involves two people standing around talking about their feelings. These guys do not understand the punisher. Why don't they ever read the core material? And a little cinematic device called, show don't tell. Just skip it.

  • Ki Phillips
    Ki Phillips Month ago

    Just came here to here Laynes voice.

  • Nathan Cook
    Nathan Cook Month ago


  • Zboy 115
    Zboy 115 Month ago

    A sad day came...

    The Punisher got canceled,

  • Arthur Guimaraes
    Arthur Guimaraes Month ago

    S1 was better than s2. Hope they make another one

  • Aa Ra
    Aa Ra Month ago +7

    Season 1: 9/10
    Season 2: 4-5/10

    • JeLisa Sowels
      JeLisa Sowels 3 days ago

      While I’m enjoying a different side of castle the story line is trash I’m hating the whole billy storyline with amnesia and midani. I wish they’re went in a different direction

    • glen white
      glen white 9 days ago

      You’re crazy. Season 2 showed a Castle who gave a shit again. 10 out of 10. Never should have been cancelled!

    • Clarisse
      Clarisse Month ago +1

      I personally liked season 2 more

  • max volter
    max volter Month ago

    Season 3 please !!!

  • Stephen Sims
    Stephen Sims Month ago

    I liked the series but I have a problem with Frank getting shot, knifed or beaten up in near ever episode yet still able to walk etc five minutes later...

  • Vibhor Gosain
    Vibhor Gosain Month ago +1

    Deardevil was too the best Deardevil I ever saw and story and action sequences were movie level.

  • Vibhor Gosain
    Vibhor Gosain Month ago +1

    Never knew The Punisher will have his own series, thought he was just a supporting actor in Deardevil.
    This was amazing and the best punisher but it's sad it's cancelled,he deserved one more season (3) to end the story but season 2 was pretty much good ending for punisher.

  • absofreakinglutelyjemima

    The director must be an Alice in chains fan. I will watch this because of that. Good choice of music. Love lots!

  • Phil Buckhouse
    Phil Buckhouse Month ago

    Entertainment is slowly becoming Logan's Run. Disney's going to control all music, movies, and television within 30 years.

  • MotokingX
    MotokingX Month ago

    This series it's so good recommend highly

  • oncorpse
    oncorpse Month ago +2

    just finished season 2. OMG. WHAT AN AMAZING THING TO WATCH.

    I love love love Frank. 100/100

  • Rose wambui Kiarie
    Rose wambui Kiarie Month ago +1


  • mario bosse
    mario bosse Month ago

    Wooouw ... i think the season 1 more more better than season 2, bad stories too easy ... c’mon you can make more better than this !

  • Skinny Minny
    Skinny Minny Month ago

    The memories :(

    BSONE Month ago

    I'm trying so hard to watch this second season of Punisher...but if this young girl that franks needs to protect losses or Leaves another backpack behind with a Laptop in it.... I'm going to scream!!! Oh Wait sorry my bag Frank made her get her stuff...After killing everyone😀
    Whew that was close......
    I wonder how Beth is ?
    This Female Doctor who is as Crazy as Billy.
    Her in the like
    No!!! No!!! No!!! And No!!!! She gets on my nerves and I don't know why yet❇

  • Salty Miks
    Salty Miks Month ago

    He could make a good bat man
    Just saying

  • riya mandal
    riya mandal Month ago

    One 1 complain from punisher ,frank and karen should be together at the end a new life punisher should starde with karen. I m dying to seem them together but they are not its disaapoint me

  • Hammad Ahsan
    Hammad Ahsan Month ago

    Season 3 please GODDAMNIT

  • The Last Ghost
    The Last Ghost Month ago

    Punisher: You do what you gotta do.
    *Cancels The Punisher*
    But seriously it was a great show.

  • ballisticmonkey999
    ballisticmonkey999 Month ago +1

    I still watch this trailer just for the AIC mix

  • Angel 412
    Angel 412 Month ago +2

    Alice In Chains, awesome

  • Disgusted Batman
    Disgusted Batman Month ago

    This season was so boring

    • Try Hard
      Try Hard Month ago

      The creators wanted to humanize the punisher in this season.

  • pine marten
    pine marten 2 months ago +1

    lol I just came for Alice In Chains. I have no idea what this is😝

  • Hamiisii M.
    Hamiisii M. 2 months ago +1


  • I'm a be groovin till the world stop movin

    This series is so good everybody acting is so good... why they canceled it I dont know why they are crazy for that for real

  • Jobie Sotelo
    Jobie Sotelo 2 months ago

    I want the version of Would they used in this trailer OMGGG