Sean Evans Tackles Season 8 Controversies and Answers Fan Questions | Hot Ones

  • Published on Apr 25, 2019
  • Sean Evans is back in the hot seat for a look back at Season 8-from Gordon Ramsay all the way through to Scarlett Johansson! Watch our intrepid Hot Ones host tackle #ShaqGate, break down his favorite interviews, and unveil another tear-jerker of a season-ending montage. Thanks for watching, spice lords!
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Comments • 7 554

  • First We Feast
    First We Feast  2 months ago +1051

    What was your favorite episode of Season 8?

    • Daniel Brown
      Daniel Brown 6 days ago

      My first question is why I wasnt alerted to this before I could alert you to ask my question?? Is it bc I dont have a twitter or an IG?? You racist fucks!! What does an anti-social white guy have to do to be considered important??
      #whataboutcoldsauce #isthatafrequentdumbjoke #becauseicanimaginethatbeing #a #dumb #joke

    • White Alliance
      White Alliance 16 days ago

      More youtubers more intellectuals more women

    • Iam Silvie
      Iam Silvie 27 days ago

      Gordon deserves to be in the wall of shame for being a classless trashing dick on the show.

    • Iam Silvie
      Iam Silvie 27 days ago

      Scarlet Johansson 💪❤

      RED SHIRTS Month ago

      Really any episode with Sean Evans

  • Tanya Denner
    Tanya Denner 3 hours ago

    mr beast put your guys through this :D

  • Daniel Galvan
    Daniel Galvan 20 hours ago

    Yo Sean lemme get fanny pack if you got extra 😆. And if you decide to you should totally sign it

  • Steph Steph
    Steph Steph Day ago

    Billie eilish is overrated

  • Lee Harvey Oswald
    Lee Harvey Oswald 3 days ago

    Cannibal Holocaust, Dr. Strangelove and Spice World

  • Momma G
    Momma G 3 days ago

    That chair needs to go. So distracting

  • Edward Crow
    Edward Crow 3 days ago

    21 savage would be a good interview

  • MiniChipper
    MiniChipper 3 days ago

    Collusion with whom? Sujeet's Curry Hut on the corner? ;)

  • Mr.Simplistic18
    Mr.Simplistic18 4 days ago

    Let's get Davon Schlegel on the show

  • Kayla Maldonado
    Kayla Maldonado 5 days ago

    God damn it I love your success!

  • Jeff Beaudoin
    Jeff Beaudoin 5 days ago

    Sean should have his own talk show, for real.

  • darktemplar441
    darktemplar441 5 days ago +1

    I learned about Billie Eylish on your show and I went to listen to her music, i enjoyed it

  • adamantz
    adamantz 6 days ago

    for some reason i thought this would be about GoT season 8.. no idea why haha

  • MrMeeGuel
    MrMeeGuel 6 days ago

    Lmao Sean is completely smacked in this😂

  • mike paxton
    mike paxton 6 days ago

    no collousion

  • daniel -
    daniel - 6 days ago

    snoop dog! that would be great

  • Kevin Wyman
    Kevin Wyman 6 days ago

    What a gem of a show i just stumbled on months ago and can't stop watching

  • cardiac19
    cardiac19 7 days ago

    I still can’t believe ScarJo wore white.

  • William DiBlasi
    William DiBlasi 7 days ago

    Wait this season was brought to us by Miles and Miles? I love those guys

  • Xchel Dominguez
    Xchel Dominguez 8 days ago

    I just want to know how cold it is in that studio

  • sphiedd
    sphiedd 8 days ago

    Season 9 : Conan, Jason momoa, will smith : Do it

  • Otimofication
    Otimofication 8 days ago

    Dude, all nibblers belong on the WoS.

  • Mike
    Mike 8 days ago

    It was gross watching Gordon Ramsay.

  • Charlie Weber
    Charlie Weber 8 days ago

    Yo you got me into Eric Andre and Billie Eilish just absed off watching your show. ya'll doing gods work. Thanks Charlie, from Canada

  • Graham Drummond
    Graham Drummond 8 days ago

    Do Eminem

  • shimmyshimmygman
    shimmyshimmygman 9 days ago

    Genuine honesty here. I'm now a massive @postmalone fan because I watched his hot ones episode. Before then I just seen him as another shit "musician" with tattoos all over his face, wearing his sister's clothes. I was SO SO SOOO WRONG. He is a seriously talented, down to earth, honest legend. Hot ones has a knack for bringing out the 'real' in people, that other interview forums do not. Sean Evans is a massive part of this. He is in offensive and a nice guy, so people tend to show their real selves to him. THANK YOU HOT ONES

  • frankiesfavour
    frankiesfavour 9 days ago

    Love the show! Have been since you ate that CR with Klaus. Can you guys do a video on making the wings when you make it for the show?

  • frankiesfavour
    frankiesfavour 9 days ago

    Hello First We Feast!
    I'm a long time fan, and I love the new season. Can you please don't leave the part where you talk about the sauces, and taste? Part of the reason I started watching the show.
    Have a great weekend!
    Sincerely Fettpudding!!

  • Dave Holcomb
    Dave Holcomb 9 days ago

    Bobcat Goldthwait eating wings

  • Dave Holcomb
    Dave Holcomb 9 days ago

    Mike Tyson on the show would be bad ass

  • TheRockwell25
    TheRockwell25 9 days ago

    Whole wing or no win!

  • smithn
    smithn 9 days ago

    Love the show! Keep it up!

  • Elizabeth Harttley
    Elizabeth Harttley 9 days ago

    Taylor Swift
    Clint Eastwood
    Martha Stewart
    Emma Stone
    Billy Crystal
    Jayden Smith

  • Hersson Preciado
    Hersson Preciado 9 days ago

    Soft corn tortilla tacos...viewer for life. The only good flour tortilla tacos are made south of the border.

  • Jesus Christ Denton
    Jesus Christ Denton 10 days ago

    0:26 goosh goosh

  • CJ Jover21e
    CJ Jover21e 10 days ago

    -Joe Rogan
    -The Rock
    -Keanu Reeves

  • ayr1225
    ayr1225 10 days ago

    If ninja would ban than you must ban. Ban their ass’s. No question. Later suckaaaaasss.

  • Chelsea Lauren
    Chelsea Lauren 11 days ago

    You should have tony hinchcliffe on the show! Love that guy

  • Projekt Movie
    Projekt Movie 11 days ago

    We need the Rock on this show !! Tons of content to go over and info to do deep dives into his Instagram ! Ask about him playing Black Adam for DC!

  • Juan Sanchez
    Juan Sanchez 11 days ago

    Fuck Fair Life milk!

  • Terry Poulin
    Terry Poulin 11 days ago +5

    I’d like to see Conan O’Brian, Bill Hader, or Dave Bautista.

  • jenesuispasbavard
    jenesuispasbavard 11 days ago

    What an amazing highlight reel.

  • Melissa Wong
    Melissa Wong 12 days ago

    Kawhi leonard should be a guest....

  • CopyNat
    CopyNat 12 days ago

    also found out about billie eilish from you guys and I love her music, visuals, and persona now

  • chas hastings
    chas hastings 12 days ago

    Sean I think 🤔 Chris Evans and his brother Scott would be great 👍 for the show

  • L Choi
    L Choi 13 days ago

    Try a matcha smoothie with boba!

  • badritual423
    badritual423 13 days ago

    Keanu Reeves and Elon Musk

  • Jolly Joe Rants
    Jolly Joe Rants 13 days ago


  • Le gros Criss d'épais

    Pauly Shore! think he could be great!

  • Kristi Kinasz
    Kristi Kinasz 14 days ago

    Okay I guess I’ll go watch the Russell Brand one now then.

  • salvador suave
    salvador suave 15 days ago

    please invite some vegetarian celebs! please? shouldn't be too hard to figure something out to put hot sauce on for veggies in 2019

    • Edgar rodriguez
      Edgar rodriguez 13 days ago +1

      Natalie portman . He does tofu wings for vegetarians

  • White Alliance
    White Alliance 16 days ago

    "They are the same wings from 4 or 5 seasons now".
    Now i know you didnt serve gordon the 500 lbs. Wings you brought for $100 in 2015 lmao buy new wings!

  • Ben Campbell
    Ben Campbell 18 days ago +1

    It really hasn't been the same since we lost Flyersfan8282

  • Adrian Mei
    Adrian Mei 18 days ago

    Do they need a wardrobe director for Sean?

  • Rogue Inferno
    Rogue Inferno 20 days ago +1

    Behind every great show, there is one hell of great Editor.. Keep Up the Great Works Collins ! and Keep Up the Great Show Guys !!

  • Daniel Walters
    Daniel Walters 20 days ago

    (an idea for those who'd want to be on the show) Presenting "Hot Ones: Last Man Standing" a spice eating contest where the only thing that matches the stakes are the scovilles . The victor in each city wins a trip to the finals, hosted by Sean Evans and Chili Klauss, in NYC. The grand prize... a trip to Puckerbutt Farms to try the pepper x and a lifetime subscription to Heatonist.

  • Bas van der Meer
    Bas van der Meer 20 days ago

    The compilation at the end was so well put together. Mad props

  • Laura Weiss
    Laura Weiss 21 day ago

    That squeaky leather chair, though.

  • Savage Salvage
    Savage Salvage 21 day ago

    You should have the Reckless Eating guys on, they are veterans who have been doing it for years, very goofy personalities

  • fernanda lepe
    fernanda lepe 22 days ago

    Pleaseeee don’t let little bitches in the wall! Lol it’s not fair for the ones that cleaned the plate

  • Everett Schoenke
    Everett Schoenke 22 days ago

    please get Jordan Peterson on

  • Jovelle Epistola
    Jovelle Epistola 24 days ago

    I am obsess/addicted to this show. I have class tomorrow!!!! 😂

  • Camilla Fladberg
    Camilla Fladberg 24 days ago

    Lauren Graham would be fun to see on the show😊👍🏼.

  • VindreKane
    VindreKane 24 days ago

    Did he say cheeba chew?

  • ChOkO B.
    ChOkO B. 24 days ago

    If you haven't ordered a bottle of the official Hot Ones Sauce. You're buggin!!

  • ChOkO B.
    ChOkO B. 24 days ago +1

    First off, Shout out to Desus and Mero! Gang Gang all day!! Period.
    Now let's continue with this Hot Ones video. Keep doing you're thing Sean! I mess with you the detour way!!!

  • Anto Fortier
    Anto Fortier 24 days ago

    It's funny how they all ask ''what are you doing?'' before he puts out that last dab, like they have no idea what the show is about

  • Jose Chavez
    Jose Chavez 25 days ago

    Shaq was trash with that bet. Nibbles don't count. All wall of shamers

  • Jaysin Static
    Jaysin Static 25 days ago +1

    I want Alex Jones on the show. It would be a absolute riot.. lol

  • Braden Busby
    Braden Busby 25 days ago

    I cant be the only person who lost it when he looked at the camera all dramatically and said "what tha fuck"

  • Phil DA
    Phil DA 26 days ago

    Sean is blazed af

  • Czeckie
    Czeckie 26 days ago

    please, invite Brie Larson

  • Jhonalyn Apostol
    Jhonalyn Apostol 26 days ago

    but Sean is such a daddy hello

  • Abby Haines
    Abby Haines 26 days ago

    Flouncers are the *woooooorst*

  • Stephen Sanchez
    Stephen Sanchez 26 days ago

    It would be amazing if RDJ came on the show.. love all the content! I can’t get enough of what you all do

  • Rudy Endsley
    Rudy Endsley 27 days ago

    my nigga was talking his shit. Leave that “who?” shit at the door!

  • A P
    A P 27 days ago

    Sean, love the show! fuck those haters, lol! keep on rockin' it!

  • Iam Silvie
    Iam Silvie 27 days ago

    Scarlet J. and Halle Berry

  • Kyle Morrison
    Kyle Morrison 27 days ago

    Dude that chair squeak is real

  • alxcooldude 3
    alxcooldude 3 28 days ago

    Rachel Ray was one of my absolute favorites !

  • I-HaZeInGeR-I
    I-HaZeInGeR-I 28 days ago

    Keanu reeves!

  • Paul Schroeder
    Paul Schroeder 28 days ago

    I would love to eat some wings.

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 28 days ago +1

    Place your favorite movies here:

  • Jin Wong
    Jin Wong 28 days ago

    Can you bring on more models and actresses.

  • Jin Wong
    Jin Wong 28 days ago

    Nibblers oughta be on the wall of shame.

  • jonald lalas
    jonald lalas 29 days ago

    It makes me wanna do something every time I hear you talking Sean. You sound very motivational even when you talk shit.

  • Chilli Insanity
    Chilli Insanity 29 days ago

    ey Sean bro get some teeth whitener bro those wings doing mad damage to your grin, coming from a dentist.

  • JH T
    JH T 29 days ago

    Why so many jackets?

  • Breanna Smith
    Breanna Smith 29 days ago

    Honestly I want to see you interview Elon Musk

  • William Bannatyne
    William Bannatyne Month ago

    Clean the wings!

  • Omar J
    Omar J Month ago

    Keanu Reeves please

  • Zahirah A.
    Zahirah A. Month ago

    Hi! A new fan here. Just want to give a shoutout to you for giving Malaysia our own Hot Ones!

  • Brinson M. McBride
    Brinson M. McBride Month ago

    We Need Keanu Reeves

  • NigelGB
    NigelGB Month ago

    How about an episode to show how you make your hot wings? How you prepare and cook them? How much hot sauce do you put on each wing?

  • ranchlingger
    ranchlingger Month ago

    I'd love to see Jessica Alba on this show

  • Douglas Lewis
    Douglas Lewis Month ago

    I hope you're kidding about the "Wall of Shame". A huge reason this show works is because at its core, it's a first-rate interview show first, and a spice challenge second.

    VITA LOKO Month ago

    Does he spray his hoodie with hairspray? That shit to stiff and perfect yo 🤣

  • cinanglai
    cinanglai Month ago

    It's funny when Sean said some people claimed Ramsey's wings looks better !
    Do you know who else has this "that grass are greener" mindset?
    The monkeys.
    That's why they always fighting over the food, even thought there's piles of food in front of them. Not wonder some are so sure human evolved from the monkeys.

  • Dad by Day
    Dad by Day Month ago +1

    You guys should do some kind of contest that the winner gets to be on hot ones

  • MrsBungle78
    MrsBungle78 Month ago

    Sean, my man! Soft corn tortillas are necessary for a soft taco! Hard tacos are corn so it only makes sense that the soft tacos should be corn also...besides, there is nothing like a good corn tortilla! I have had this discussion with multiple people & you’re the first person I’ve come across to understand! I knew I liked ya for a reason!