FIFA 20 Career Mode | BUILDING BOLTON #1

  • Published on Oct 13, 2019
  • Welcome to my BRAND NEW FIFA 20 Career Mode on Bolton Wanderers, recently saved from experiencing the same fate as Bury did! #FIFA20 #FIFA20CareerMode #BuildingBolton
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Comments • 900

  • Peter Northime
    Peter Northime Month ago +225

    Great vids keep ‘em up

  • Itz_Tommy54 Rules
    Itz_Tommy54 Rules 13 days ago

    Chong, Eric Garcia and billy gillmour who all have at least 74 potential and Chong with 84

  • A Random Pacybits Youtuber

    get foden

  • Gearóid Howley
    Gearóid Howley 18 days ago

    Get Jack Byrne Danny mandriou troy Parrott Harry Cochrane Aaron Connolly and Juan hurtardo
    Jack Byrne and Danny mandriou both great players on fifa
    Troy parrot has a great potential and a great striker
    Aaron Connolly great striker deadly shooting and class potential
    Harry Cochrane great mid and great potential
    Juan hurtardo amazing potential great striker

  • Patrick Richardson
    Patrick Richardson 19 days ago

    relax champ ! viva la crack ...!

  • Tom Lohmus
    Tom Lohmus 19 days ago

    is this lad ok? he looks and seems ill

    • REEV
      REEV  19 days ago +1

      Funny you say that, I actually was I’ll recording this haha

  • Maja Erenji
    Maja Erenji 19 days ago

    Im 12 and i play on ultimate and play better than you

    • REEV
      REEV  19 days ago

      You’re also a better liar than I am it seems

  • Cirina Harvey
    Cirina Harvey 20 days ago

    Half of the Bolton team look like old Brighton players

  • Linda Collier
    Linda Collier 20 days ago

    I’m a Bolton and I’m saying take a few long shots with Crawford he’s insane at them

  • Willie garbage mayte Peters

    “I’m not female, obviously” Ummmmm

  • Rohan Arstall
    Rohan Arstall 21 day ago

    Phil foden

  • con or
    con or 21 day ago

    Who is here after boltons first win against bristol rovers

  • Donny Dwi Hambodo
    Donny Dwi Hambodo 22 days ago

    how can you suddenly get 35 million?

  • luke Neylon
    luke Neylon 22 days ago

    Being brutally honest ultimate team youtubers doing a career mode is just wrong

  • Green Water
    Green Water 22 days ago

    I'm a Middlebrook fan and I'm proud.

  • Gaz S
    Gaz S 22 days ago

    You had better do my home town proud. We expect European football or you’re out sunshine.

    REFLEXZ OP 23 days ago

    What is that hair

    Not bad

  • Charlie Fretwell
    Charlie Fretwell 24 days ago +1

    Get calvert - lewin

  • Agustín
    Agustín 24 days ago

    Karlan grant: 3.7 mill "quite a lot"
    Buys a 58 rated player for 6 mill

  • Tommy Hunter
    Tommy Hunter 25 days ago +1

    I live in Bolton

  • Safc Lads
    Safc Lads 25 days ago

    Build Sunderland

  • Joel Mathew
    Joel Mathew 25 days ago

    eric garcia

  • Harry Tolmie
    Harry Tolmie 25 days ago +1

    Buy saka

    SPORTS EDIT 26 days ago

    Green wood and foden or Ollie younger

  • Ben Patchick
    Ben Patchick 26 days ago +1

    I've done a Bolton career. Got them to the Prem. He needs to sign Mason Mount and Sandro Tonali. Also get Tammy Abraham and Axel Tuanzebe on a 2 year loan. Also sign Michael Hector. In February, look at players with contracts expiring at the end of the season. Get them for free.

  • Georgi Zaykov
    Georgi Zaykov 26 days ago +1

    How does this man have 700k he should have 3000000

  • emily.a .bee652
    emily.a .bee652 26 days ago

    BOLTONNN !!!!!! BOLTONNN !!!!
    And it's Bolton Wanderers, Bolton Wanderers FC! We're by far the greatest team the world has ever seen!

  • csmicwlf 99
    csmicwlf 99 26 days ago +1

    You should try Gerard Deulofou
    Or musonda , or maybe a Bamsford because well Leeds did win the poll

  • SO i am Scott
    SO i am Scott 27 days ago


  • Finlay Macleod
    Finlay Macleod 27 days ago +1

    People that you should buy,
    Solet he is a 19 year old Feanch CB with potential 66 rated,
    Maolida he is a 20 year old French LW/ST with potential 71 rated,
    Tonali he is a 19 year old Italian CDM/CM with loads of potential Mid 70s rated,
    Dragowski he is a 21 year old Polish GK with potential 71 rated.

  • Finlay Macleod
    Finlay Macleod 27 days ago +1

    People that you should buy,
    Solet he is a 19 year old Feanch CB with potential 66 rated,
    Maolida he is a 20 year old French LW/ST with potential 71 rated,
    Tonali he is a 19 year old Italian CDM/CM with loads of potential Mid 70s rated,
    Dragowski he is a 21 year old Polish GK with potential 71 rated.

  • Bolton Lad
    Bolton Lad 27 days ago

    Feels good to see bolton win for a change.

  • Bolton Lad
    Bolton Lad 27 days ago

    Great video pal as a Bolton fan I really enjoyed this. Laughed out loud when tried our accent aha

  • Bolton Lad
    Bolton Lad 27 days ago

    Bolton wanderers fan here it's great to see you play as Bolton.

  • Amanda Kakembo
    Amanda Kakembo 28 days ago


  • Zak Burns
    Zak Burns 28 days ago +1

    Get Alfredo Morelos

  • Liv3 Caming
    Liv3 Caming 28 days ago

    U need youth academy!

  • Dipo Mutale
    Dipo Mutale 28 days ago


  • Lloyd Cokoa
    Lloyd Cokoa 28 days ago

    You should get Jerry Mbakogu, he’s like 6-7 mil and is honestly a beast

  • agostino dassa
    agostino dassa 28 days ago

    Moise Kean

  • Myron Chetty
    Myron Chetty 28 days ago

    Dan James on loan

  • Andy Lord
    Andy Lord 29 days ago +1

    Dwight Mcneil

  • AFM
    AFM 29 days ago

    Everton Sousa Soares from Gremio

  • James Official
    James Official 29 days ago

    Reev your a legend for doing a Bolton Wanderers career mode!

  • Carson Stille
    Carson Stille 29 days ago

    You can get Timothy Weah for 6 mill

  • littleman100105
    littleman100105 29 days ago

    Get Tarique Fosu

  • Will Connor
    Will Connor 29 days ago

    get tyler roberts from leeds

  • Donald Astley
    Donald Astley 29 days ago

    Haha i went school with Nicky Adams

  • sam malson
    sam malson 29 days ago

    “Okay guys Leeds won the poll”
    *Checks title*

  • Louis Johnston
    Louis Johnston 29 days ago

    Get Alex iwobi since he's jay-jay okochas nephew and okocha used to play for bolton

  • sausage squad
    sausage squad 29 days ago

    Born in Bolton blood... Pls make us relevant again

    GAMER N 29 days ago

    Sign nicky adams

  • Joshua Moriarty
    Joshua Moriarty 29 days ago

    Why you get greenwood

  • Ethan N
    Ethan N 29 days ago

    Kubo and Almada. Kubo has a potential of 88 in the first season, 68 rated within the first season for me he became 75. Almada potential is 92, 72 rated and got to 77 within first season. For a decent keeper I’d recommend Plogmann, he’s overpowered for a young keeper (19)

  • Daniel Spurs
    Daniel Spurs 29 days ago

    Buy Daniel James

  • LG 92
    LG 92 29 days ago

    It is funny watching someone practically brand new to career mode, trying to bring zagado and upanacano to league 1 is brilliant.
    Keep it up Mr. McGeev

  • Jake Tildesley
    Jake Tildesley 29 days ago

    All Sheffield Wednesday fans are happy you chose Bolton and not the worst team in Yorkshire Leeds United.

  • Lauren Carrier
    Lauren Carrier 29 days ago

    You should of done leeds miles better team

  • CrazyDameMkd
    CrazyDameMkd 29 days ago

    You massively paid more for the arsenal bloke

  • Sofus BL
    Sofus BL 29 days ago

    Buy saliba, ihaarten and almada