Here's Why I'm NOT Throwing Out My Cheap Ferrari's Burnt Engine (IT'S A MIRACLE!)

  • Published on Jan 4, 2019
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    Today I make the choice to save my burnt Ferrari's engine, because it's looking better than I thought. MUCH better.
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Comments • 1 879

  • Piglet6256
    Piglet6256 2 days ago

    Btw that belt is mighty tough!

  • Piglet6256
    Piglet6256 2 days ago

    the Ahhh yeah sounds are funny haha

  • smoothkaos2
    smoothkaos2 2 days ago

    Anybody else cringe when he pried the valve cover open with that Ferrari repair toolkit (screwdriver)?

  • neitherlink
    neitherlink 4 days ago

    I don’t think it’s a very good idea for you to be prying around your engine with a metal screwdriver.

  • Tu`ng Tu`ng
    Tu`ng Tu`ng 6 days ago

    Ferrari approved fire damage deletion kit
    *Shows screw driver*

  • jrbbikerx
    jrbbikerx Month ago +1

    my name is Tavarish and i have 10 projects going at once and never finish any of them!

  • Steve Dynan
    Steve Dynan Month ago

    dewd! look what turned up in OK.

  • DR NO
    DR NO Month ago

    Set it on fire again to get rid of the remaining plastics

  • My Cool Moral Lay Ha
    My Cool Moral Lay Ha 2 months ago

    The f355 next to a supra... your fast and furious game is on point lol.

  • Igor Solovyanchik
    Igor Solovyanchik 2 months ago

    Wow the engine looks better than i thought

  • a456987
    a456987 2 months ago

    I still think you should LS swap the Ferrari

  • AlyxNorelle22
    AlyxNorelle22 2 months ago

    I will name this car Pompeii

  • Jay Grimes
    Jay Grimes 2 months ago

    did this get put on the back burner? I know you are doing the Lambo now...

  • Andrasoni Emanuel
    Andrasoni Emanuel 2 months ago

    Can’t wait to see how it goes on

  • A. A.
    A. A. 2 months ago +1

    I miss the Ferrari build :'(

  • Mr. Info
    Mr. Info 2 months ago

    Nice vlog..
    Subscribe my frend

  • Ryan Poulin
    Ryan Poulin 2 months ago

    Eyes and fingers crossed 🏔🏔

  • Mandela Effect
    Mandela Effect 2 months ago

    Fire is nothing to an engine, except of course the stupid plastic parts these use now on modern engines that melt and make a mess and plastic parts fail really fast like plastic they add to radiators. All metal radiators are pretty much lifetime radiators. I have a 68 Ford with original all metal radiator and it is still good and any leaks that happen can be fixed with a torch and solder. This whole comment is to say that plastic is stupid

  • 410 Kane
    410 Kane 2 months ago

    K swap it

  • keanan youngblood
    keanan youngblood 2 months ago

    You ugly as hell my boi

  • patrick dean
    patrick dean 2 months ago

    It is not going to be cheap if you have enough money you can save just about anything it is an interferent engine right yeah it is not a melted lump of metal it can be saved

  • Christian Carrasco
    Christian Carrasco 2 months ago

    fuckyou ka din ahh hahahhaha

  • Richard Cabral
    Richard Cabral 2 months ago

    Don’t turn it!!!! Put a new belt first. You going to turn the engine without the belt. Bye bye valve

  • Jerzey Boy1995
    Jerzey Boy1995 2 months ago

    No Twin turbo Ford coyote in that thing yet?

  • Noam Belder
    Noam Belder 2 months ago +1

    9:20 it’s says 2010 ?

  • Scott Govey
    Scott Govey 2 months ago

    Hope you plan on replacing the burnt sheet metal, never had luck with paint staying on metal after it's been scorched like that. Good luck with the build.

  • Andy Cast
    Andy Cast 2 months ago

    What’s up big tits!!! Lmao 😂

  • Its South
    Its South 2 months ago


  • theracerofnightmare
    theracerofnightmare 2 months ago

    I would rebuild the motor

    OVI MEDIA 2 months ago +1

    Tovaros sold out to KOVE just like DDE.

  • Cody Franciscovich
    Cody Franciscovich 2 months ago

    This video is a virtual billboard, for kove

  • Julian 03
    Julian 03 2 months ago

    You can’t repare it

  • salutetojohnlennon
    salutetojohnlennon 2 months ago

    The coil on the alternator have coatings if its melted thats definitely short circuited.

  • Fresh55n9ne
    Fresh55n9ne 2 months ago

    This is true dedication and patience here

  • Edgar O'Kras
    Edgar O'Kras 2 months ago

    Let him play anyway he will not be able to destroy something what is f...d by fire. 😊

  • Edgar O'Kras
    Edgar O'Kras 2 months ago

    Tavarish you look like great grand son of Alexandr Sergeevich Pushkin. Famous russian writer.

  • Rambo RR
    Rambo RR 2 months ago

    so Where's the next episode?????

  • Cosimo
    Cosimo 2 months ago +1

    all this because of a hose clamp.

  • JJ Rueda
    JJ Rueda 2 months ago


  • Leo Rosa
    Leo Rosa 3 months ago

    Timing belts probably its the kevlar reinforced ones..Very fire resistant..I used to install them in a customer 355

  • Chalo S
    Chalo S 3 months ago +6

    Tavarish, what happened with this Ferrari, are you still rebuilding it?

  • Victor M. Sáa
    Victor M. Sáa 3 months ago

    still waiting for a new vid bro

  • Scott Lasater
    Scott Lasater 3 months ago

    You're Lucky! That was a very minor fire. I bought a Testarossa engine that was in a HOUSE fire and there was NOTHING that was usable and I was only trying to salvage the diff. When magnesium burns it's so hot it will melt aluminum and anneals steel. The clutch cover is magnesium.

    EL TURCO 3 months ago

    Hablas Español?

  • josey spence
    josey spence 3 months ago

    This guy is full of shit with these so called cheapest super cars while he's piling up on RU-clip and half his viewers can't find dinner. Middle finger to you sir.

  • Ryan Bertoldi
    Ryan Bertoldi 3 months ago

    Pressure washers save lives.

  • Lucifer Light
    Lucifer Light 3 months ago

    The rubber in the bearings will be melted .

  • Microjoey02
    Microjoey02 3 months ago

    Get it running and flip it, unless you have Hoovie's pockets lol.

  • John Salchichon
    John Salchichon 3 months ago

    Put the ferrari engine in a seat xdxdxd

  • Jump Forty Four
    Jump Forty Four 3 months ago

    how did the fire take hold

  • Enes Stastoli
    Enes Stastoli 3 months ago

    The video is nice...fkin hate that thumbnail though man

    OLD SCHOOL 3 months ago

    Just what You tube needs- another wannabe star yelling and waving his arms around- why would you even need a speaker?

  • Hard Prado
    Hard Prado 3 months ago


  • Miguel Barriga
    Miguel Barriga 3 months ago

    2jz swap

  • Edward Oskarsson
    Edward Oskarsson 3 months ago

    Stop with the fucking shit tier, tryhard video thumbnail. Plz.

  • Pablito Robert
    Pablito Robert 3 months ago +1

    Headgasket serviceable??? What?

  • Fred N
    Fred N 3 months ago

    Do what hoovies did with his 911 put a junk yard LS engine in it.

  • Son Goku
    Son Goku 3 months ago


  • John Taylor
    John Taylor 3 months ago

    Do you really want to reuse a engine that stared a fire?....Go for it I want to see the out come

  • Platon Brako
    Platon Brako 3 months ago

    Just put a 2jz on it

  • Smash IT
    Smash IT 3 months ago

    Just plastic not to bad

  • The Adventure Cru
    The Adventure Cru 3 months ago

    I had the same thing happen on my 71 vw bus.

  • m1 Moto
    m1 Moto 3 months ago

    Still using the same old hook. Ha!!!!

    RANDY POPPERWELL 3 months ago

    get out your shop vac look like some injector problems

  • James of All trades
    James of All trades 3 months ago +4

    Did you forget about this car???

  • Pauzalal Vaiphei
    Pauzalal Vaiphei 3 months ago

    Whst a monster engine.

  • Kowboy USA
    Kowboy USA 3 months ago

    If you change your mind, please feel free to use my trash bin.

  • Prop Ability FPV
    Prop Ability FPV 3 months ago

    A Ferrari uses a timing BELT????

  • Ali Haider
    Ali Haider 3 months ago

    We need the next episode, man. 😭

  • Boikot lsrail
    Boikot lsrail 3 months ago

    0:20 WTF? You Show us your midle finger? ;) ,,I,,

  • ristyvids
    ristyvids 3 months ago

    I see that kove speaker everywere and its all shit the speaker is pretty bad

  • Phillip Linton
    Phillip Linton 3 months ago

    So in order to be monetize your video has to be at least 10 minutes long but why the hell do we have to watch a two minute advertisement in the middle that you are doing

  • Butch Cassidy
    Butch Cassidy 3 months ago

    Kove stole the design from JBL

  • TejasToolMan
    TejasToolMan 3 months ago

    couple 100 miles away, hardest part was the decision to just do it! =)

  • Gavigg75
    Gavigg75 3 months ago

    Your video sucks ass you couldn't even start it thank God I didn't watch the whole thing

  • tatu syrjälä
    tatu syrjälä 3 months ago

    make a ratrod ferrari🤔

  • donald mittan
    donald mittan 3 months ago

    I have so much respect for you for the simple reason that you are a self-taught mechanic obviously you have mechanical ability I think it's great that you just jump in and learn Kudos keep it up you are an inspiration to many

  • Kerun
    Kerun 3 months ago

    Pls dont do that speaker Shit anymore ...

  • Монтер UA
    Монтер UA 4 months ago

    якось робить він через сраку..... хоть би помив його чи як....

  • niet in gebruik
    niet in gebruik 4 months ago

    Where's your SL?

  • NeoAndersonn
    NeoAndersonn 4 months ago

    You could shit on this car and engine, you could shove the charcoal in my ass, I would still want to save the car and the engine.

  • crapcbm
    crapcbm 4 months ago +2

    these speakers appear now in every video? how poor ...
    get a thumbs down

  • kamikaze #
    kamikaze # 4 months ago

    Hey man i really like these videos and please keep uploading

  • Ilham
    Ilham 4 months ago

    Careful, Ferrari doesn't like ppl messing with their stuff

  • Mini Matt TV
    Mini Matt TV 4 months ago

    Great effort getting stuck in Freddie! 👍

  • Matthew Messina
    Matthew Messina 4 months ago

    It’s a v8?

  • Kgbhoneytits
    Kgbhoneytits 4 months ago +1

    this makes me want to buy a salvage car but then i remeber i cant even drive

  • Rayquaza
    Rayquaza 4 months ago

    Can't wait to see the next video on this Ferrari! What do you guys think when will it be completely finished?

  • Random Gaming
    Random Gaming 4 months ago +1


  • Tito Dante
    Tito Dante 4 months ago


  • Luke Grandgenett
    Luke Grandgenett 4 months ago

    You could put a big piece of glass on top and it would be the coolest coffee table ever

  • True Son
    True Son 4 months ago

    who else thinks tavarish looks like 21 savage???

  • Abudalsalam Shar
    Abudalsalam Shar 4 months ago

    Is that hoovies garage firrari?

  • Victor Flores
    Victor Flores 4 months ago

    Lol “fingers crossed” 🐦

  • Antonio Cignozzi
    Antonio Cignozzi 4 months ago +1

    Damn how much would such a burnt car cost me to buy? I'd like one day to restore one

  • elbichito2
    elbichito2 4 months ago

    Maybe try Eurospares in the UK if you can't locate some parts in the US Freddy. they seem to have a 18 355s currently. Old Video about what they do they seem to specialize in Ferraris , Lambos and Maserati

  • Tony P
    Tony P 4 months ago

    Any updates on the Ferrari dude?

  • Hector Anthony
    Hector Anthony 4 months ago

    First time viewer but I left as soon as I saw the trash can speaker

  • tekyguy
    tekyguy 4 months ago

    Your a boss dude. Nothing scares you!

  • strangeskull
    strangeskull 4 months ago

    Need T shirt swag for the big guys!!!