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Muhammad Ali vs Leon Spinks 2 | FREE FIGHT | Happy Birthday Muhammad Ali

  • Published on Jan 16, 2022
  • To celebrate his would be birthday, look back at one of best performances his rematch against Leon Spinks when Ali became the 1st Heavyweight Ever to win the Title 3 times.
    Next Up for Top Rank Boxing, The 2022 junior lightweight world title picture will get a bit clearer Saturday, Jan. 29 in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
    The 10-round main event - a WBC title eliminator - will see recent title challenger Robson "O Brabo" Conceicao attempt to turn back hard-charging Sacramento native Xavier Martinez at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Tulsa.
    Martinez recently signed a multi-fight pact with Top Rank and will look to shine in his promotional debut. Conceicao-Martinez and a co-feature will air live on ESPN & ESPN Deportes (simulcast on ESPN+) at 10 p.m. ET/7 p.m. PT. Undercard bouts will stream live and exclusively on ESPN+.
    Promoted by Top Rank, in association with Tony Holden Productions, tickets starting at $49.50 are on sale now and can be purchased at tickets.hardrockcasinotulsa.com and at the Box Office at 918-384-ROCK (7625).
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Comments • 400

  • Troy Hughey
    Troy Hughey Day ago +1

    Masterclass in Boxing! Thank you, Mr. Ali!

  • Eilish 馃敟饾悊饾惃 饾悡饾惃 饾悓饾惒 饾悅饾悺饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悶饾惀 [饾悑!饾惎饾悶]

    Thank you Champ for giving everything in and out of the ring. You gave a generation a voice. Ali is the GOAT he has earned his place not just in history but our collective memory.

  • Safiro Bedelio
    Safiro Bedelio Month ago +14

    El numero 1 de todos los tiempos
    A煤n no lo a superado nadie
    Ali N掳1 de todas la 茅pocas

  • Quadir Brown
    Quadir Brown 4 months ago +50

    Thank you Champ for giving everything in and out of the ring. You gave a generation a voice. Ali is the GOAT he has earned his place not just in history but our collective memory.

  • NENCY- 馃憟饾摃**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾搾饾摎 饾摐饾摠 袪饾摗0饾摃饾摌饾摏袝 馃挆

    Thank you Champ for giving everything in and out of the ring. You gave a generation a voice. Ali is the GOAT he has earned his place not just in history but our collective memory.

  • BILLY- 馃憟饾摃**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾搾饾摎 饾摐饾摠 袪饾摗0饾摃饾摌饾摏袝 馃挆

    Over 2 billion people watched this fight live on TV, which is extremely extraordinary and extremely rare... And they watched it for a great reason. You couldn't miss any of Ali's fights, simply brilliant :-)

    • Lally Sandhu
      Lally Sandhu 2 months ago


    • Corey Ham
      Corey Ham 2 months ago +2

      This was not a great fight. Way too much clutching and grabbing to be considered even an average fight display.

  • alcott devalte
    alcott devalte 4 months ago +46

    Over 2 billion people watched this fight live on TV, which is extremely extraordinary and extremely rare... And they watched it for a great reason. You couldn't miss any of Ali's fights, simply brilliant :-)

  • Julia- 馃敟饾悊饾惃 饾悡饾惃 饾悓饾惒 饾悅饾悺饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悶饾惀 [饾悑!饾惎饾悶]

    Thank you Champ for giving everything in and out of the ring. You gave a generation a voice. Ali is the GOAT he has earned his place not just in history but our collective memory.

  • David J.smith
    David J.smith 4 months ago +27

    Happy Birthday to The Greatest !
    Remembering the happy times watching your fights...
    .Great times .. Thank you !

  • Lee Williams
    Lee Williams 2 months ago +6

    Ali grossly underestimated Spinks in 1st fight and gave him rounds. He didn't make that mistake 2nd time.

  • Claira-饾斀**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝鈩傪潟 饾晞饾晲 袪鈩濔潫橉潝金潟饾晝袝馃挍

    Thank you Champ for giving everything in and out of the ring. You gave a generation a voice. Ali is the GOAT he has earned his place not just in history but our collective memory.

  • 小懈褏芯褌褝- 袗谢懈薪褜

    袗谢懈 薪械 写械褉褢褌褋褟, 邪 斜芯泻褋懈褉褍械褌. 孝邪泻芯谐芯 褌械锌械褉褜 薪械褌. 袣谢邪褋褋懈泻邪.

  • Chivati-馃挅 饾惞**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾挒饾挦 饾憖饾挻 袪饾憛饾煝饾惞饾惣饾惪袝馃敒

    Over 2 billion people watched this fight live on TV, which is extremely extraordinary and extremely rare... And they watched it for a great reason. You couldn't miss any of Ali's fights, simply brilliant :-)

  • David Chavarria
    David Chavarria 3 months ago +27

    Ali is amazing. There will never be another one like Ali.

    • Subhash Chand
      Subhash Chand 3 months ago +2

      You are right brother. No one can ne another Ali till the universe exist.

  • Amari Jackson
    Amari Jackson 4 months ago +12

    Miss you everyday, Ali. RIP.

  • ROSE-饾惞**小袣 袦袝 - 小袧袝饾挒饾挦 饾憖饾挻 袪饾憛饾煝饾惞饾惣饾惪袝

    Over 2 billion people watched this fight live on TV, which is extremely extraordinary and extremely rare... And they watched it for a great reason. You couldn't miss any of Ali's fights, simply brilliant :-)

    • yuck
      yuck 15 hours ago

      billion? Not really.

    • James Lester
      James Lester 27 days ago

      I agree he's was the best and not only was he the greatest fighter but he also cared about his community he did a lot to help the younger people he was definitely a special man

  • battle619 -
    battle619 - 4 months ago +5

    Thank you Ali and thank you Top Rank for giving us boxing fans the fights we will carry with us forever

  • Amado Almonte
    Amado Almonte 3 months ago +7

    El mejor peleador del mundo con estilo 煤nico y una Resistencia estraordinaria

  • Pacho Ocesn94
    Pacho Ocesn94 3 months ago +14

    Ali in the second half of his career used more punches than he threw away.
    a lot of fight in 15 rounds that he would have won easily before the limit.
    example Chuck wepner, jimmy young, alfredo evangelista...
    he was boxing for the money at that time.
    he even accepted exhibition fights like against inoki
    very disappointing show.
    norton should have won the 3rd fight against Ali

  • Sonic Affair
    Sonic Affair 3 months ago +23

    The greatest- this should have been his last fight. Left on the high horse.

    • Mark Wears
      Mark Wears Month ago +3

      It was all about money and Don King who would sell his own grandmother . Ali was kind and generous and gave loads of his fortune away to good causes . King persuaded him to come back against Holmes just to line his own pocket .

  • Lorenzo Zapata
    Lorenzo Zapata 2 months ago +1

    El mejor...el 煤nico... Ali

  • jmflyer55
    jmflyer55 2 months ago +17

    I was at this fight sitting ringside, right near Ali's corner.
    Was there with my father. I was a 14 year old kid at the time, I look back on that night as one of the most fond memories I have of my childhood and of my dad who's long since passed away.

    • cut1986
      cut1986 26 days ago +1

      You are VERY lucky. I have seen Jordan (Center court 10th Row) and Jackson but would trade both to have had your seat and seen Ali fight.

    • jmflyer55
      jmflyer55 2 months ago

      @the celt ... Thanks man, I appreciate that. 馃憤

    • the celt
      the celt 2 months ago +1

      awesome back story mate blessings to your dear ole dad great memories i can relate ..cheers

    • jmflyer55
      jmflyer55 2 months ago

      @Lee Walsh ... Very good!

    • Lee Walsh
      Lee Walsh 2 months ago +3

      Ali was a hero in our house. I watched this fight with my dad when I was 13 on an old black and white TV in England. Exactly the same as you , it is something that I remember from my childhood. Watching it now I have to give so much respect to Spinks who was a fair and honest fighter . He never threw any sly shots after the breaks and was just outboxed. Ali is an example to anyone who calls them self a man.

  • Uwe Schrade
    Uwe Schrade Month ago +16

    In my young days my parents always allowed me to let me see the Ali-fights live in TV.. the fights was always in the middle of the night or in the earliest hours of the morning.. l saw all the fights and even today it give's ne goosbomps when l look at this re-match.. l was devasted after Ali lost the first fight, but as he was told the Reporters after the decision that he was not serious enough... but then, this re-match was a completly different kind of Boxing: Ali was dancing like he never did in the last 5, 6 years. I remember that l almost could not believe what l just witnessed... today, we know that he should not fight at all, especially after the "Thrilla in Manilla"... he should retire.. but l also can imagine that he still felt strong enough to go back into the ring and also there was his huge Entourage. And they wanted (and needed) A "fighting" Ali because the big money was in the fights.. but it is history.. l just can't express my Sympathie's and my admiration for Muhammad Ali.. he was willing to go into jail because he refuse to go into a war. He accept the very unfair decision that he lost his title and that he was not allowed to fight in a Boxing ring.. but he accept it - and he came back.. he came back 3 times, and people did not believe in him anymore. But he always makes the impossible real...this fight was the perfect example: noone really believed that he was able to stand on his feets for 15 rounds - but he did.. and how he did it.. Ali is still the greatest and he will be that forever. He was a phenomen

    • Mohamad Din
      Mohamad Din Day ago

      Yang yg

    • Bvv Fn
      Bvv Fn 14 days ago +1

      孝芯 褌芯 卸械 褝褏 啸啸啸 褌芯 褌芯

    • Peter Siegfried Krug
      Peter Siegfried Krug 22 days ago +1

      Unfortunately, I was forbidden to watch TV that late because I was still a child.

    • Washington Delgado Guardapuella
      Washington Delgado Guardapuella 22 days ago

      Esilverioandradeeusebiochato gradoseusebio

    • cut1986
      cut1986 26 days ago +2

      I could not stay up for the full fights but remember the excitement of waking up to learn if Ali won. Child of the 70s.

  • Mil mil
    Mil mil 2 months ago +2

    The announcers talk about Ali for the first 5 rounds like he is the shell of the man he used to be as the former Champion and how he is too old now then as soon as he starts winning the fight they talk about him like he is the greatest hero of all time..Of course He was always the greatest fighter win or even if he lost this fight ...To suggest otherwise was stupid...Announcers are fair weather fans...if your winning your great if not then your washed up

  • Connor Trace
    Connor Trace 2 months ago +2

    Should have ended on this note and vacate his belt because even though he had a lions heart and was the greatest to ever fight in a squared circle parkinson's sadly and badly affected him legends like this deserved better 鈾ワ笍

  • MP Aung
    MP Aung 4 months ago +12

    They looked and moved like middleweights. Happy Birthday Ali!馃槀

    • Damian Oyibo
      Damian Oyibo 3 months ago

      I doubt that. They certainly didn't move like middleweights...but hey what do i know

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise 3 months ago +10

      I know Leon Spinks was not really a great heavyweight but Ali really turned back the clock for one last good performance. And I am not saying he was great here but he did manage to stay on his toes for 15 rounds. He had not done that in years. He trained very hard for this rematch.

  • Phil Brooks
    Phil Brooks 5 days ago +1

    Ali was completely shot by this time.
    He avoided a lot of fighters who could have beaten him like Larry Holmes

  • Bobby Wise
    Bobby Wise 3 months ago +10

    Leon Spinks was the unofficial leader of the great 1976 Olympic team that earned 4 gold medals for the USA. Unlike 1984 the 1976 Olympics was fully represented by the Russians and more importantly the Cuban's.
    The Cuban's were really professional fighters and typically dominated amateur boxing. Leon and his little brother Michael along with Ray Leonard and Howard Davis represented us well.
    Leon had very poor management as a pro and frankly screwed his life up with drugs and partying. He was rather small for a heavyweight but the cruiserweight division had not been created yet.
    Michael is probably a top 5 light heavyweight all time. His right hand was called the Spinks Jinx. He moved up and managed to beat an aging Holmes for the heavyweight title. Holmes seemed to have won the rematch but somehow the judges gave it to Michael. Of course Tyson only needed 90 seconds to end his reign.

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise Month ago

      @Matthew Nikitas You are correct. Although by then he was totally spent.. He fought Qawi, a fighter Michael did beat, and got stopped inside of 3 I believe. Qawi was a tough cruiserweight though. Holyfield struggled against Quawi in their first fight.
      If Leon had anything left when he got in the ring with Holmes, it ended there . Holmes got angry and beat Leon badly in an early stoppage.
      Leon had a great amateur carrier and perhaps could have been a competitive heavyweight. I think cruiserweight was created around 1980. But after taking the title from a washed up Ali he was never the same. He liked to party too much. But nevertheless he showed tremendous stamina and heart in that first Ali fight. Ali assumed the young fighter would not be able to last 15 rounds but he did. Of course Ali was in terrible shape for the first fight.
      But as many have said he would not have been a contest for a prime Ali, Norton , Foreman, Holmes and the list could go on.

    • Damian Oyibo
      Damian Oyibo Month ago

      Yeah...on behalf of us all...thanks for the vote of thanks.

    • Matthew Nikitas
      Matthew Nikitas Month ago

      Leon actually did fight as a cruiser weight later on in his career once the division was created although I don鈥檛 think he was the champ

    • Damian Oyibo
      Damian Oyibo 3 months ago +2

      Thanks for 70s-80s Boxing History 101 lessons

    DIVIDED BY 3 Month ago

    Ali the legend & one for the ages.

  • You too
    You too 3 months ago +11

    Another sign of Ali's decline, missing a lot, timing off, slow reflexes, etc. Such a huge change from just 3 years earlier when his hands were so swift against Wepner. Ali actually looked worse in this fight than the first, but Spinks went against him with nothing at all

    • You too
      You too 28 days ago

      @Dean Ladue he didn't take a beating from Foreman, he blocked most of Foreman's shots

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise 28 days ago

      @You too Agreed

    • Dean Ladue
      Dean Ladue Month ago

      The beating he took in the Foreman match was bad, but the final match with Frazier in '75 wrecked him. He was never the same after.

    • parkerbohnn
      parkerbohnn Month ago

      Same thing happened to Roy Jones junior at the age of only 36.

    • Diego Alves
      Diego Alves Month ago

      If that was a 鈥測oung鈥 Ali version, before third fight against Norton lets say 鈥 he wouldn鈥檛 stand a chance. If he was in his prime before exile, would be freaking easy to him.

  • Bob Ross's Alter Ego
    Bob Ross's Alter Ego 3 months ago +2

    Leon was perhaps to much in awe in Ali in this 2nd fight. Perhaps he felt sorry for the greatest

  • Nelson Brown
    Nelson Brown 3 months ago +3

    When I was young I remember watching Muhammad Ali when he was young and I remember the words that he said and they were I dance like a butterfly 馃 I Sting like a Bee you can't hit what you CAN'T see my name is Muhammad Ali. SO I TOOK THAT AND LIVE WITH AS MY CODE. BECAUSE I LOOKED UP AND RESPECTED AND ADMIRED THIS MAN A GREAT FIGHTER I DO DANCE LIKE A BUTTERFLY AND STING LIKE A BEE YOU CAN'T HIT WHAT YOU CAN'T SEE.. AND I KNOW THAT I'M FASTER THAN I'll ever be 馃

  • boxingswarriorspirit
    boxingswarriorspirit 3 months ago +3

    rest in peace mr. spinks

  • JB7
    JB7 2 months ago +1

    Great performance from Ali, he really turned back the clock on that night.

  • IKnowImright
    IKnowImright 4 months ago +5

    The Honorable Muhammad Ali!!!!! 馃挴

  • Moises caballero
    Moises caballero 4 months ago +5

    since I was little in Cuba there was a lot of talk about this great champion inside and outside the ring, happy birthday champion, thank you for giving us such great moments and life lessons

  • Marn Stanley Kelty
    Marn Stanley Kelty Month ago

    I grew up in LV and though never saw any of Ali's fights live, I did see a sparing nsession when he was getting ready for the Jerry Quarry fight, at the old Thunderbird Hotel. It was packed but we got up within a few rows of ringside and the 1st thing I noticed was that Ali was a BIG MAN, much bigger in person than what I'd seen on tv! And FAST, also faster in person. There were 3 sparring partners, one in each corner and he'd slap the carp out of one, take a break, then slap the crap out of the 2nd guy, take a break and then do the same for the 3rd!! It was very ammusing, and he was having fun, but mostly VERY IMPRESSIVE!!!.

  • Isaiah Williams
    Isaiah Williams 3 months ago +3

    All this knowledge in the ring. May they all rest in peace

  • Tee Lebron
    Tee Lebron 4 months ago

    Subbed. Thank you Top Rank for being absolute fucking legends.

  • Saad More
    Saad More 26 days ago

    Great fight from ali鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • hammer44head
    hammer44head 4 months ago +6

    Last fight i ever saw of the Champ!! Never wanted to watch the Holmes fight or the one after. RIP Champ.

  • grattan vaz
    grattan vaz 4 months ago +1

    Commentary totally pro Ali. I think everyone was against Spinks.

  • MARIA- 馃敟饾悊饾惃 饾悡饾惃 饾悓饾惒 饾悅饾悺饾悮饾惂饾惂饾悶饾惀 [饾悑!饾惎饾悶]

    Miss you everyday, Ali. RIP.

    • mrjanny3480
      mrjanny3480 2 months ago

      Maria where und frm
      I,m Muhammad Ali frm Germany

  • Kum Pare
    Kum Pare 4 months ago +3

    Thanks Ali! Happy birthday to you!

  • BanHammer95
    BanHammer95 Month ago

    He鈥檚 the best of all time

  • Raul Esparza
    Raul Esparza 18 days ago +1

    Al铆, el m谩s grande!!!;

  • Leonard Burke
    Leonard Burke 4 months ago +3

    I loved learning a good fight from him.

    • Tad Kingsbury
      Tad Kingsbury Month ago

      Ali was The Greatest .............. No one else comes close.......... No one .............

  • Alexis Ledu
    Alexis Ledu 2 months ago +3

    15 rounds intens茅ment boxer.1980 Ali 茅tait solide comme un Roc馃憡馃挜une

  • Stiven Rodriguez
    Stiven Rodriguez 4 months ago +4

    El mas grande boxeador de todos los tiempos 馃馃

    • Syukri Himran
      Syukri Himran 3 months ago

      Ali petinju legendaris sepanjang masa.

  • ronald Shuler
    ronald Shuler 2 months ago +1

    Ali, your greatness continues to inspire me.
    Ron S.

  • Luis L. Lascari
    Luis L. Lascari 4 months ago +4

    I watch this match with my Dad in March 1980 if I'm not mistaken,from Laredo,Texas, miss my Dad (1993)馃檹And Miss Ali鉂nd Leon too馃檹

    • Abdul Choir
      Abdul Choir 2 months ago

      @Damian Oyibo
      ,, &)).

    • Damian Oyibo
      Damian Oyibo 3 months ago

      RIP to your Dad. My Dad was a Heavyweight too but not as tall as Ali...More like Dwight Muhammad Qawi in height and build. He was an Ali till thew last moments, even after he had stroke before he passed

  • Eliecer Almaguer
    Eliecer Almaguer 4 months ago

    El mejor peso completo o s煤per pesado de la historia, mis respetos que en paz descanse ese hombre que se hizo respetar en todo lo que la vida conlleva, civismo libertad 馃椊 fue un rebelde con causa fue un gran hombre un deportista que puso en alto valores sin robar sin asaltar valores que hoy d铆a ni en las escuelas p煤blicas ense帽an.

  • Darrell Darrell
    Darrell Darrell 3 months ago +1

    Rip ali for you are the goat

  • Syndees Bangkong
    Syndees Bangkong Month ago

    i'm muslim cuz i love ali(锝ヂ葱穈锝)鈾

  • Konda Mushagalusa
    Konda Mushagalusa 3 months ago

    Bravot legend 馃檶 馃憦 鉂わ笍. Rest in peace 馃檹 馃

  • Damian Oyibo
    Damian Oyibo 3 months ago

    @ 7:06-7:09: Commentator: Spinks wants to fight but Ali is grabbing. That is what you got to do if you want to survive

  • little qb
    little qb Month ago

    45:33 glove touch

  • C.T.E82 82
    C.T.E82 82 Month ago +1

    RIP the Greatest of all time ever. You are one in a million life times 馃

  • Roy Willis
    Roy Willis 4 months ago +9

    As soon as Spinks closed in, Ali was all over him like a fucking Octopus!

    • naeem raja
      naeem raja 3 months ago +2

      Mind your language boy!

  • Yanet coromotoo Colmenares

    Ali.El mejor boxeador de todos lo tiempo

  • Mohd Ammar
    Mohd Ammar Month ago

    Much was lost over the years for Ali but will was there always

  • Sean Jones
    Sean Jones 6 days ago

    1:00 Spinks witnessing the Ali Shuffle... Notice Spinks head drop... look of defeat before the fight even gets started.

  • Emmanuel Madola
    Emmanuel Madola 24 days ago

    Ali, tu as 茅t茅 toujours le meilleur.

  • Ad Nand
    Ad Nand 3 months ago +10

    Muhammad Ali, The Legend, The Champ of the rings

  • OchoFive
    OchoFive 3 days ago

    I love the commentators. They wanted the best for Ali.

    ALFREDO ORTIZ FRANCO 3 months ago

    ya daba l谩stima y ternura,Al铆... y coraje para sus entrenadores y promotor....pero ni modo ignorancia mata inteligencia a veces

  • Hooky Wooky With Malarkyman

    I like to call it as " The newnes wearing off" R.I.P. most famous guy in the arena.

  • Antonio Valenzuela
    Antonio Valenzuela 4 months ago

    Ali fue como el pele del
    . Voxseo Ali y pele despu茅s de sus partidas no abran en 100 a帽os otros como ellos ni messi Maradona hoy cristiano Ronaldo todos.lo saven

  • vonratibor
    vonratibor Month ago +1

    I remember seeing this fight on tv 馃摵 way back in the good ol days 馃榿

  • Paul Hammer
    Paul Hammer 4 months ago +4

    I don't even want to imagine what Tyson would have done to Leon Spinks.

    • Matthew Nikitas
      Matthew Nikitas Month ago

      I believe he did fight as a cruiserweight later in his career once the division was created

    • Michael Harris
      Michael Harris Month ago

      @Bobby Wise agreed

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise Month ago

      @Michael Harris We all agree that Leon would have been a total mismatch to either prime Ali or prime Tyson. But had he been managed better and not got involved with drugs he had potential to be a much better fighter than he was. He would never have been a great heavyweight in my opinion but could have been a good one, and if cruiserweight had existed at the time he may have been great at that weight.

    • Michael Harris
      Michael Harris Month ago

      I don't want to imagine what Ali would have done to Leon Spinks at Mike Tyson's young age

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise 3 months ago +5

      I can only imagine what Tyson would have done to little brother Michael. Oh wait.......

  • miss Sarah Winterbottom

    Ali sure was pretty to watch ,the king of style,

  • Herry OK
    Herry OK 3 months ago +1

    Ali 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍鉂わ笍

  • Ernest King
    Ernest King 3 months ago +2

    This was a good fight

  • McAllister Pulswaithe
    McAllister Pulswaithe 3 months ago +1

    Check out the awesome combover on the guy at 48:55

  • Darrell Darrell
    Darrell Darrell 2 months ago

    Rip Ali for your the goat

    PROFESSOR I.C. 4 months ago +2

    I remember watching this fight live on TV. The commentary by Ferdie Pacheco who was ridiculously biased as he gushed over Ali who missed or barely grazed Spinks with a boatload of attempted punches every round while Spinks had more effective and higher punch connection percentage . Ali had his crowd there and he entertained them but all of his constant grabbing and holding Spinks, which he was never warned nor had a point deducted was the sign of a champion especially when Ali threw very few effective punches. Remember, to be the champ you have to beat the champ. Ali did not convince me and many boxing experts that he beat Spinks.

    • naeem raja
      naeem raja 3 months ago

      Can you box! How come you know so much about boxing whether you like it the judges decision Ali Won!.

  • Ezra Bangsa
    Ezra Bangsa 4 months ago +1

    Ali tied up Spinks twice more than Mayweather tied up Pacqiou

    • tonsil stone
      tonsil stone Month ago

      Ali had more victories than Floyd had total bouts and Ali missed almost 4 years of his PRIME haha //no comparison

  • Pacho Ocesn94
    Pacho Ocesn94 4 months ago +13

    Should retired After Frazier 3 馃敟馃敟馃敟

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise 3 months ago +6

      @tom11zz884 Both of y'all are correct. Ali and Frazier gave all in Manila and neither fighter had a lot left afterwards. But Ali did manage to get in tremendous shape for the Spinks rematch. He danced the entire fight and not many thought he could do that still. Ideally he retires after Manilla and doesn't take the punishment he took from Shavers.
      But coming out of retirement in poor health to face an all time great champ in his prime was very foolish. Even 1966 Ali would have had a tough fight with prime Holmes. But a combination of age, too many hard battles and a misdiagnosis of hypothyroidism had him in terribly condition in1980. At least he got off the thyroid medication before his Berbick fight and was competitive. But father time had caught up to him and it was over.

    • Bobby Wise
      Bobby Wise 3 months ago +3

      Absolutely. Both men should have really. They left it all in Manila.

    • tom11zz884
      tom11zz884 4 months ago +8

      Should have retired after this fight IMO
      Happy Birthday Ali

    • JotaroKujoYT
      JotaroKujoYT 4 months ago +4

      Agreed But Happy Birthday To Ali

  • A
    A Month ago +8

    May Allah have mercy on him鉂わ笍 incredible performance

  • bar drama
    bar drama 29 days ago

    The announcers sure were bias and in love with Ali. Geeze.i guy walked on water according to them. They would only get excited if Ali did something good.

  • mclife1
    mclife1 4 months ago +9

    The greatest of all time.

  • Daniel HKHK7
    Daniel HKHK7 4 months ago

    First: 3 people in the ring
    After the bell: 200 people in the ring.

  • Denis SsSsS
    Denis SsSsS 3 months ago +1

    Nice win by ali

  • grattan vaz
    grattan vaz 4 months ago +2

    Ali was a heavyweight boxer who punched here like a featherweight.

    • Gerald John
      Gerald John 2 months ago

      He trained many months for this fight and could not hurt Spinks once, pitty patter. Why did Dundee and Co. allow him to fight again? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • arthur doss
    arthur doss 2 months ago +2

    I haven't seen this this bout Happy Birthday to the Greatest OAT

  • Kathy Schweigert
    Kathy Schweigert 4 days ago

    Ali dances and just holds all the time! Pound him Spinks. I say the Comentators are in Ali pocket!

  • Eric alphonse Massouanga

    Ce type de Mohamed 脿 r茅volutionn茅 le monde de Boxe,c 茅tait un grand champion

  • Jan Sobyskie
    Jan Sobyskie 4 months ago +1

    Didn't Ali had to much problems against to many opponents to be the greatest? Just a question.

    • tonsil stone
      tonsil stone Month ago +1

      @Bigplatts couldn't have explained it better myself 馃憤big ups to Bigplatts

    • Bigplatts
      Bigplatts 4 months ago +7

      He fought in the best era of heavyweights and beat everyone. Some people have been more dominant, like Holmes and Wlad Klitschko, but they were around in very weak eras for heavyweights. Ali never struggled in his prime (the 60s) and lost what might have been his best years with his three years out the ring. Indeed in the 70s he struggled with Frazier and Norton, but he avenged those losses. I can鈥檛 think of any heavyweight from any era that comes close to Ali.

  • mohammad hassan etezadi

    Ali was the best i love ali

  • Charlie Croft
    Charlie Croft 19 days ago

    Ali keeps holding, he's scared of Spink power 馃攱馃槩馃槓

  • Rudolph Bentley
    Rudolph Bentley 3 months ago +1

    Very good fight

  • gaga u4x
    gaga u4x 4 months ago +5

    the greatest boxer 锛

    • Bernardo Colacion
      Bernardo Colacion Month ago


    • Columbo 67
      Columbo 67 2 months ago +1

      Ali (probably) did enough to earn this decision, but he was really on the decline here. His punches had no authority, he was slow. Luckily his defensive minded tactics were enough to keep Spinks off of him. I think the judges had it more generously in Muhammad Ali鈥檚 favor than what the reality was.

  • Dan Poole
    Dan Poole Month ago

    Dont get me wrong I love ali and think hes one of the greatest only wish like so few just to stop fighting when ur a little out of ur prime but a lion hart is known to be stubborn so can kinda understand

  • Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg
    Dr. Reuven M Rosenberg 2 months ago +1

    Leon had his 15 minutes of fame. I was at his training camp before the first fight.

  • Barry Kime
    Barry Kime 2 months ago +1

    Leon would have been beat something awful fighting a young Ali

  • Leon Quispe
    Leon Quispe 3 months ago +1

    隆 Bieeen.. Leon Spink.. Mejor Boxeador.. que Clay o Ali.. Siempre Ofensivo , bastante Valiente Agresivo.. en Todos los 16 Round.. y por Logica , Gano la Pelea.. Lejos.. Si o Si.. en Cambio Clay.. Siempre a la Defensiva y Corriendose de su Contricante y Abrazandolo , para Evitar.. Caer a La Lona , por la Golpiza que le Propinaba Leon Spink.. que Decepcionante Clay.. Todos los Round Jamas.. lo vi Atacar.. a su Rival.. y por Logica Gano Leon S. Si o Siii.. Felicitaciones..

  • Meyer Palit
    Meyer Palit 3 months ago +2

    Si Ali ama sekali tak lebih dr seorang penari馃檹馃従

  • Dan Poole
    Dan Poole Month ago

    An will never forget that propeller like uppercut classic ali