Clinginess, booty touches with a bit of jealousy, what a wild day! (Taekook)

  • Published on Dec 5, 2019
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  • Afhi_ 1996
    Afhi_ 1996 Day ago


  • ɪ ᴛ ᴢ ᴠ ɪ c ᴋ y ; ;т.ĸ.ᬊ

    Taekook novios :"D¡!💜💜💜
    Pd:Este es el comentario en español q esperabas :v

  • Chandra Shekhar Singh

    V with Bogum
    Jk: *He is MY MAN*

  • SayuriCute
    SayuriCute 13 days ago


  • Kim Quinn
    Kim Quinn 13 days ago

    Bogum is Tae's best friend so it was really an awkward and rare situation for them that they didn't even took a single glance to eo after Gum handling the trophy to Guk. Anyways happy new year everyone I miss to be here unnie 😘

  • Naomi Chaske
    Naomi Chaske 14 days ago

    They fed us lots but I'm still not full💜💜💜 thank you for the best video I've seen since 2020 started

  • UR mom Gei
    UR mom Gei 15 days ago +1

    Dear Taekook's Hater , Just Remember Taekook's Ship Name In Backward Is : Kookeat Its Weird Because We All Are Unusual To Say It Or Hear It Or See It Just Like Your Opinion

  • Arina Shimkova
    Arina Shimkova 15 days ago

    Какую песню поёт Чонгук, когда заходит Тэхен??? 1:15

  • janet kim :v
    janet kim :v 17 days ago

    Al fín uno tiene subtitulos en español tkm i purple u

  • W00jinLove
    W00jinLove 21 day ago +1

    X: *What is love* ???
    Absolutely Anyone:
    Me: *TAEKOOK*

  • you are my euphoria
    you are my euphoria 23 days ago

    Thoes 72 dislikes are from jikookers 😂

  • piece of shit
    piece of shit 23 days ago

    Jimin's jacket made me laugh

  • hilda maria cardona flores



    do you love taekook-vkook?

  • Busan Duoluv
    Busan Duoluv 25 days ago

    I love seeing Taekooks friendship coming to the forefront again👏🏻👏🏻💜💜💜

  • P e a c h t e a
    P e a c h t e a 25 days ago +1

    god tae charisma was soo hot and jungkook was hot lil teenager love u both Bts too♡

    Maii BTSARMY FOREVER 26 days ago

    Awwuu taekook ... i really gets happy when i see them together happy .. i love youuu sooo much bts 💜💜

  • Loser potato boi
    Loser potato boi 26 days ago


  • টোল জামাই/ V's moonchild mahir


  • Patriciaf Linda
    Patriciaf Linda 28 days ago +2

    AMEI sua analise pensa o tanto que o RM dava espaço kkkkk e o Tae colado no JK kkkkkk


    Taekook is real forever. 💕😍
    so cute boys. 💓

  • J. Pamittan
    J. Pamittan Month ago

    hahahahahah i found it cute

  • the brighter
    the brighter Month ago +1

    Si el comentario en español que buscabas .
    Hay algo que quiero destacar. Me pareció muy curiosa la actitud que hoy en día tae tiene hacia bogum . El primer momento fue cuando bogum fue de sorpresa a su concierto y ahora taehyng se veía evasivo. porque recién ahora y no antes . Jungkook siempre fue celoso, pero cuando esta bogum es muy pesado con tae, le tiene el ojo encima en todo momento y la verdad siendo imparcial se ve muy asfixiante. Hay teorías que según dicen varios del fandom chino que bogum se insinuó u algo así y por esa razón tae está muy distante con su amigo . Osea imagina que en público tenga que ser cauteloso con sus acciones, por la presencia de jungkook y bogum en la misma habitación, que debe ser detrás de estas por Dios, jk se debe ser el mismo demonio jajajaja. Bueno en conclusión hay algo más profundo en todo esto.

  • Carmela Leon
    Carmela Leon Month ago +1

    Ahrre vi el vkookmin

  • kimtae tata
    kimtae tata Month ago +1

    Gracias por los subtítulos 😭😭

  • Black lilith
    Black lilith Month ago

    💜💜💜TAEKOOK is real💜💜💜

  • 박은정
    박은정 Month ago

    뷔랑 정국인 점점 상남자얼굴형이 되어가네요~멋져부러♡♡♡♡♡♡

  • Panca Anandari
    Panca Anandari Month ago


  • Melina Perez
    Melina Perez Month ago

    😍Taekook\Vkook 😍

  • Dương Lê
    Dương Lê Month ago

    Thật sự là thính nặng lắm rồi😂😂😂😂

  • tete calderon
    tete calderon Month ago +1

    Bonito video gracias

  • BTS Addict
    BTS Addict Month ago

    And that satisfied smile on both of their faces when they sit close to e/o😭😭😭💜💜💜💜

  • Vro Kook
    Vro Kook Month ago

    Do u know that all your analysis for taekook always win..!! You're really the best i love how u notice and mention things that i didn't notice it yet.. So thank you i really purple you.. I support u and i believe in Taekook forever... Taekook more than real 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  • 김은숙
    김은숙 Month ago

    Huuhuuu so cuty 😳I support you taekook ! 💖

  • jjkloveskth taekook


    MAYRA ANDRADE Month ago

    10:07 had me 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👏🏽👏🏽

  • A Bucket Of Lemons & Limes

    The guy who got his shoulder touched by Jungkook is very lucky lol

  • TAEKOOK Adopted child yeontan's sister

    *The NO SPACE couple*
    Japan- taekook land
    Thank you for this clips.. I really watch it at 3:30 A.M ..

  • Jeon Taekook
    Jeon Taekook Month ago

    JUMP is an underrated song

  • thenightowl sus
    thenightowl sus Month ago

    *All after they came out TOGETHER that night*

  • Cristine Fernandez
    Cristine Fernandez Month ago

    I'm glad watching this. I thought there will be no more taekook.

  • Vijaya Panja
    Vijaya Panja Month ago

    I don't know why but I feel like Tae looks a little sad now-a-days🙁❤️

  • _Missing_
    _Missing_ Month ago

    1:22 song?

  • Edna Bones
    Edna Bones Month ago

    Taekook forever💕💕💕

  • Agust D 7u7
    Agust D 7u7 Month ago

    Amo la manera en la que explicas los videos y con pruebas de lo que estás diciendo, en todos tus videos siempre hay mucha información y trabajo detrás, simplemente genial. Me encantan tus videos

  • Lia ihit
    Lia ihit Month ago

    Jungkook Is gay ? :(

  • Alexandra Vitobis
    Alexandra Vitobis Month ago

    a long time ago I didn't come to see your analysis 💜

  • Brisa Huanca Cordova
    Brisa Huanca Cordova Month ago +4

    En el minuto 6:40 Namjoon está como: “no sean pendejos y siéntense” Jajajjaj

  • God first
    God first Month ago

    There's a new scene when jhope were sitting next to tae and jk came and ask him to go back because he wants to sit next to tae and jhope went back and jk sit next to tae 😂😂😂 i know how hard they need to act in front of the camera like they are strangers all taehyung behaviors prove that he is not doing what he really wants sometimes he try to cuddle jk and put his arm around him then after a while he just go away like he forgot that he needs to act in front of the camera😑

  • Erica Benavides
    Erica Benavides Month ago

    But v wants to have alot of kids

  • Mây Mây
    Mây Mây Month ago

    Xin chào 😚😚😚🤟🤟

  • 윤아영원히
    윤아영원히 Month ago

    The most funny one are JK mistook another guy with Tae, and he ran to take the award lol

  • Karenn Peralta
    Karenn Peralta Month ago

    1:23 song name..?!

  • 김 하은Kim Ha Eun

    Taekook is my youth.💜💜. Recently, my family has lost a lot of home prices

  • NaruYuuki
    NaruYuuki Month ago

    I felt this like early Taekook interactions, back on 2014 i think?

  • Saira 1234
    Saira 1234 Month ago

    I love and appreciate how in every vid, you always say something nice. You are a great human being and i wish you the best of luck for your future. I purple you 💜

  • •Michi army• ;;

    A quien más le apareció el título en español? :v

  • malou campbell
    malou campbell Month ago

    Poor daddy 2 kids are misbehaving again! Uncontrollable 😂😂😂

  • muf muf in
    muf muf in Month ago

    God please, antis is blind, half of army in the world is taekookers now

  • iyad mikail
    iyad mikail Month ago

    In my opinion I think big hit doesn’t really want the public to see whats going on between jk and tae
    The way I see it whenever they’re on stage or there’s no camera around them they’ll act like they normally do