MÖWE - Birds Flying High

  • Published on Jan 25, 2015
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    Nina Simone - Feeling Good
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Comments • 464

  • Junior Navarro
    Junior Navarro 14 days ago

    I’m here because of Cristiano Ronaldo mix when he scored 61 goals in a season !!!

  • Melanie Sandler
    Melanie Sandler 25 days ago

    Your music ,beautiful the love❤️❤️❤️

  • Maga Cha
    Maga Cha 25 days ago

    Porque no está en Spotify ???? 💔

  • Riley Uskoski
    Riley Uskoski Month ago


  • Evaldo Pinheiro
    Evaldo Pinheiro Month ago

    Música linda, voz espetacular, arranjo nem se fala. Tudo muito harmonioso nessa música amei.

  • Wisma Pranata
    Wisma Pranata Month ago

    after 4 years still love it 🇮🇩

  • Mike Jacobsen
    Mike Jacobsen Month ago

    Anyone else hear The Days when listening?

  • Brea Barry
    Brea Barry 2 months ago

    Really 726 dislikes?

  • Moises Patino
    Moises Patino 2 months ago

    This song gives me chills 😎

  • unknown unknown
    unknown unknown 2 months ago

    Fuck family
    Those who attemp to bury me alive are dead
    End of the story
    New land new life

  • Morris Corp
    Morris Corp 3 months ago

    Forgot about this song. Brings me happiness

  • whitewolfleadthepack
    whitewolfleadthepack 3 months ago

    719 retards who disliked this song ? Do you realize that we are livin' in the same world with this jerks ? Their existance explain very well why life sucks sometimes.

  • Yathish Rai Vorkady
    Yathish Rai Vorkady 4 months ago +1

    Its an extrordinary work, loving this and feeling high flying high

  • Lily Moore
    Lily Moore 4 months ago

    smokin hot

  • Randy Raught jr
    Randy Raught jr 5 months ago +1

    I gv u my word

  • Randy Raught jr
    Randy Raught jr 5 months ago


  • Santos Montana
    Santos Montana 5 months ago +1

    2019 ??

  • julien
    julien 6 months ago +2

    why I still can't find it on spotify or I music :((((

  • tsaint6
    tsaint6 6 months ago

    Mowe if you read this i love this track and please don’t commercialize yourself ever!

  • Jacqueline Honcoop
    Jacqueline Honcoop 6 months ago


  • Israel Omaña Uribe
    Israel Omaña Uribe 7 months ago


  • Ritchel Ritch
    Ritchel Ritch 7 months ago

    can someone explaine me what typ/genry this is

    • Jake M
      Jake M 4 months ago

      TropHouse (see also e.g. Matoma, Kygo, Gryffin)

    SABRINA ULD 8 months ago


  • David Ray
    David Ray 8 months ago

    I found this song watch Lucky Fish.

  • Lamar Chapman
    Lamar Chapman 9 months ago


  • Shangpoos Amazing life
    Shangpoos Amazing life 9 months ago

    Feelin good. Good vibes.

  • ackerperle
    ackerperle 10 months ago


  • NL XyLViuZ
    NL XyLViuZ 10 months ago

  • R. R. Rubin
    R. R. Rubin 10 months ago

    Birds flying high
    Sun in the sky
    You know how I feel
    Birds flying high
    Breeze driftin' on by
    You know how I feel
    Birds flying high
    Sun in the sky
    You know how I feel
    It's a new dawn
    It's a new day
    It's a new life
    For me
    It's a new life for me
    It's a new life for me

  • ochoaboyy
    ochoaboyy 11 months ago

    1:01 cleanest transition... hands down

  • Neng Sari
    Neng Sari Year ago

    Creds nina simone feelings good

  • Blood Beats Music

    Greate track 💯

  • Sanii Melanzanii
    Sanii Melanzanii Year ago

    Good Mood😍😍😍😍😍

  • IShamor Bennett
    IShamor Bennett Year ago

    Nice sound for Nina Simone song. Love it

  • Brian FPV
    Brian FPV Year ago

    Why can't I find this song by M.O.W.E. on Google play?

  • Hillary Kayla
    Hillary Kayla Year ago

    OMG I love this! 💕

  • Mr. Possible - Boogeyman


  • Jens Eickhoff
    Jens Eickhoff Year ago

    Nina Simone.. Unerreichte Stimme.. Cooler mix.. Am besten gefällt mir der dire straits sound top 😎😎🤩🤩🤗

  • copyrat
    copyrat Year ago

    shitty trash song

  • Jasmine Herrøn
    Jasmine Herrøn Year ago

    Came here from Jack Robert Avery 🙃

  • Syarifa AP
    Syarifa AP Year ago

    My V1 song. Every time my plane take off, i listened to this song. Birds fly high ✈

  • luana Ferraz
    luana Ferraz Year ago +1

    AMAZING SONG 🍃😍♥️😇🍃😍♥️😇

  • Brian Rodney
    Brian Rodney Year ago

    This needs to be available on iTunes

  • Raione Alves
    Raione Alves Year ago

    [Canal - Aquele Abraço]

  • CrossinTheLine
    CrossinTheLine Year ago

    This is definitely a morning song

  • Pmni
    Pmni Year ago +1

    The amount of joints I smoked to this song Is just too damn high

  • Cloud Strife
    Cloud Strife Year ago

    I came from Blumaan :)

  • Karen La Loca
    Karen La Loca Year ago

    Esta canción hizo mi vida😭😥😘

  • Manny Enriquez
    Manny Enriquez Year ago

    This song should have about 100 millions views by now .smh. 1 song to relax to and think

  • GuRu1111
    GuRu1111 Year ago

    This embodies how it felt after I was enlightened. 😄👁️🙏

  • Joh Orasi
    Joh Orasi Year ago


  • daekonteeb
    daekonteeb Year ago


  • andy paulocelli
    andy paulocelli Year ago

    a total eargasm......bass on this song gives me goosebumps.

  • Christopher Quintero

    2018? Anyone

  • Headshot
    Headshot Year ago +1

    2k18 still listening hit a like if you are aswell.

  • melsxaudios
    melsxaudios Year ago

    check this video out : ru-clip.com/video/8IbtpDvSPDI/video.html

  • MCilja
    MCilja Year ago


  • SL D
    SL D Year ago

    Spiritual and epic

  • aljwhara
    aljwhara Year ago

    يووومم القميسس اند ام فيلينق قوودد🔥❤️

  • JOS_RL
    JOS_RL Year ago

    Like si la escuchaste en él 2017 o 2018

  • Ewelina Jeżak
    Ewelina Jeżak Year ago


  • GuRu1111
    GuRu1111 Year ago

    This song is perfect for a spiritual awakening playing it right after would be so cool.

  • Paulina Wojcik
    Paulina Wojcik Year ago


  • Luis Soto
    Luis Soto Year ago +1

    Holy sh*t, this reminds me of 2015 summer trip :,)

  • Mike McLaren
    Mike McLaren Year ago


  • Mike McLaren
    Mike McLaren Year ago

    Freedom :)

  • Adam Khafi
    Adam Khafi Year ago +3

    Please put this on spotify

  • patrick starshooter

    You might as well Write "featuring Nina Simone" :/ Jesus!

  • Sebas Valverde
    Sebas Valverde Year ago

    Lovely !! Drifting all night feeling so high and the sun at the sky yeeaah wuu birds at the sky woahh fly high!!

  • Emma Richards
    Emma Richards Year ago

    My ex loves this song , and I see why I see why now , and this honestly this is the best thing

  • Samantha Wang
    Samantha Wang Year ago

    Finally, find it!!!!!Love this version!!!!!!!!!

  • Jam8la Jojo
    Jam8la Jojo Year ago

    Am in love with this song ♡

  • Max Rodriguez
    Max Rodriguez Year ago +2


  • Joe
    Joe Year ago

    I came from the best of tropical house music 2015 but Casey Neistats video brought me to that

  • Ichsan Febriansyah

    feel this!

  • w3h3gerg35
    w3h3gerg35 Year ago

    Can someone say me more hits like this please ?? 😍

  • Hsn Onr
    Hsn Onr Year ago

    Can I monetize this one for my own videos ?

  • vibeesh mv
    vibeesh mv Year ago +1

    Such a beautiful song

  • Pyromanehd Fireworks

    I love this song:-D
    Ronaldo's goal song

  • uncle_gazpacho
    uncle_gazpacho Year ago


  • madone 05
    madone 05 Year ago

    This is trash.

  • Raji Sohanpal
    Raji Sohanpal Year ago

    Whyyyy isn't this available on iTunes 😒

  • Giacomo Giannini
    Giacomo Giannini Year ago

    it's copyraight?

  • Derek Guerra
    Derek Guerra Year ago

    Lor brothers brought me here!!!😂🤘

  • Sean Campbell
    Sean Campbell Year ago


  • Danny fuentes
    Danny fuentes Year ago

    nice :"3

  • Quenton hill
    Quenton hill Year ago

    This version needs to be in iTunes

  • عمار الحربي
    عمار الحربي 2 years ago +1

    guys i want the orignal song

  • Gu Ru
    Gu Ru 2 years ago

    Listen to this on the comeup of lsd trips and while dabbing wax so soothing this song is good for right after a spiritual awakening on lsd much love to all living in this simulated reality 💖😁

  • Edwin2016 N.
    Edwin2016 N. 2 years ago

    I love this music

  • DR.mohamad amjad
    DR.mohamad amjad 2 years ago

    thank you

  • Lucy blair
    Lucy blair 2 years ago

    anyone part of the dohnation? ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Sero Tocilla
    Sero Tocilla 2 years ago

    Mark Dohner ?

  • Ethan Forde
    Ethan Forde 2 years ago

    Anyone here from Mark dohner?😊

  • 25 M
    25 M 2 years ago

    codfish anyone?

  • Kimberly Aguirre
    Kimberly Aguirre 2 years ago +6

    who came here because of Mark Dohner

  • Tristan Schroeder
    Tristan Schroeder 2 years ago +1

    who else is here because they loved it when Mark Dohner played the song in his vlog?

  • Gregor J. Klinglmair
    Gregor J. Klinglmair 2 years ago +1

    What if birds are high and then fly high?

  • silvia torres
    silvia torres 2 years ago +1

    beautiful :'3 I love this song