Linus Tech Tips Flavored Coffee???


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  • Dušan Barlík
    Dušan Barlík 8 дней назад

    No artisanal or fair trade sticker? Is this even real? Help!

  • Robinson Joe
    Robinson Joe Месяц назад +2

    I use a magic bullet to grind my coffee.

    • stapuft
      stapuft 8 дней назад

      +Dušan Barlík oy veh, thank you I feel retarded now

    • Dušan Barlík
      Dušan Barlík 8 дней назад +1

      +stapuft Too fine a "grin"? Jack Nicholson to the rescue!

    • stapuft
      stapuft 22 дня назад

      I tried that the other day, i use a metal filter, and it leaves a pretty thick layer of sedement in my cup, I think the -grin- grind it a bit too fine personally.

  • Caleb Hajek
    Caleb Hajek Месяц назад +3

    Great video, though it’s not really my cup of ltt *ba-dum cymbal splash

    • Rauer Tech
      Rauer Tech  Месяц назад +4

      I’m a bit disappointed though, I was hoping the bag would be equipped with some RGB...

    • Rauer Tech
      Rauer Tech  Месяц назад

      Haha nice! Thanks!

  • Madara Uchiha
    Madara Uchiha Месяц назад

    Now this'll be good...