The Kings: Front Row, The Cut - World of Dance 2019 (Digital Exclusive)

  • Published on Oct 3, 2019
  • Upper Team The Kings performs to "Tattad Tattad" in the World of Dance The Cut.
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    NBC World of Dance follows the world's elite dancers in an unparalleled dance competition for a grand prize of $1 million.
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    NBC's dance competition series "World of Dance" is led by a judging team of extraordinary dance superstars - Jennifer Lopez (who also serves as an executive producer), Derek Hough, NE-YO and host Scott Evans. In partnership with preeminent global dance brand World of Dance, the series brings the world's elite dancers together to compete in epic battles of artistry, precision and athleticism. Solo dancers will compete against duos and crews in an unlimited range of dance, including hip-hop, popping, locking, tap, ballet, break dancing, ballroom, and more.
    The Kings: Front Row, The Cut - World of Dance 2019 (Digital Exclusive)
    NBC World of Dance
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Comments • 59

  • Jessica Cook
    Jessica Cook 9 days ago

    Love it!

  • Ankit Desai
    Ankit Desai Month ago +1

    They made the right decision by not going to igt

  • Shyamali Sarma
    Shyamali Sarma Month ago

    The Kings rule!!!!!!

  • Vaibhav G
    Vaibhav G Month ago +1

    Need improvement

  • Vaibhav G
    Vaibhav G Month ago +1

    Need improvement

    • Kaden Newton
      Kaden Newton Month ago

      you posted the same comment twice in a row acting as if this comment like people would care about your opinion, you didn't even back it up with any statements on why you think they need improvement. Just said "need improvement." Specify what they need improvement on.

  • Fiona's world
    Fiona's world Month ago +12

    I was actually there and the kings won the competition

  • rajesh rock
    rajesh rock Month ago

    The kings are always kings

  • Satya Biswal
    Satya Biswal Month ago +3

    NBC isn't it too early!!

  • Rahul Nayak
    Rahul Nayak Month ago


  • Kishan Soni
    Kishan Soni Month ago

    The Kings Are Awesome Dancers ......
    And Front Row View Is Awesome

  • Shawn The Sheep
    Shawn The Sheep Month ago

    This is the result of eating Curry

  • Sanket Saitawdekar
    Sanket Saitawdekar Month ago +1

    NBC gathering views by uploading multiple videos of kings with different titles.

  • Anant Rao
    Anant Rao Month ago +2

    WOD audition
    Lady Mormont watching the King's
    Lady Mormont : I don't keer if dy win aur loje, dey arr moi King froom dis day until moi last dy.

  • Sofia 2019
    Sofia 2019 Month ago +1

    What happened to all the 2018 vids?

    • bellube !
      bellube ! Month ago +1

      Oh yeah, I was looking for some comparisons between previous winners vs Kings too

  • 1049berkeley
    1049berkeley Month ago +7

    You can do this dance thing, but I expect you to become a surgeon, IT professional or physicist as dad.

  • Assault Gamer
    Assault Gamer Month ago +1

    That jump tho 0:42

  • Dipjyoti Boro
    Dipjyoti Boro Month ago +3

    Any philipines🤗 here

    MENLADY Shine THOMAS Month ago +2


  • Jey Cps
    Jey Cps Month ago +11

    Never get bored watching them.

  • Andromeda Lasso
    Andromeda Lasso Month ago +3

    Just as clean from the front row! Damn! So good!

  • Zen  Yen  🔴
    Zen Yen 🔴 Month ago +7

    Brilliant. Blew my mind away.
    Where are these guys from. How can I hire them?

  • Dj Kings United
    Dj Kings United Month ago +1

    Best robotics

  • ånushkä Nagpurkar
    ånushkä Nagpurkar Month ago +2

    Yeh King's rocks 😍 😍

    POLAR BEAR MUSIC. Month ago +2

    *V UNBEATABLE ಠ︵ಠ *

  • nagaveni uppar
    nagaveni uppar Month ago

    Suuperb guys... God bless you and best of luck. .....😎😎Dj....👧

  • Ankur S
    Ankur S Month ago +1

    This is great! Please upload more of these frontrow videos

  • callpesh khadka
    callpesh khadka Month ago +10

    Hits 1 Like for The Kings👍️👍️👍️👍️

  • Anton Steven Raj
    Anton Steven Raj Month ago +28

    NBC: we need more views...what to do?
    Admin: let's upload some video of The Kings...

  • s.d king
    s.d king Month ago +1

    King is world's king

  • Shamsher Singh
    Shamsher Singh Month ago


  • Blazing Night Stars
    Blazing Night Stars Month ago +22

    King's United best Dance crew by INDIA.
    King's United was very dominating almost full show.
    I love this video and glad to see now they are even more EPIC.

  • ritesh saini
    ritesh saini Month ago +2

    Kings are the best

    MUNA THAKUR Month ago

    Too late...😂😂

  • Lioness Kafir
    Lioness Kafir Month ago +2

    Real Kings of dance

  • Deanna Geoffrion
    Deanna Geoffrion Month ago +11

    They are amazing crazy talent

  • India tours
    India tours Month ago +2

    Channel ko popularity ki bahut jada jarurat hai ,isliye vo king united ke video vapas se dal ke view le rahe h

  • Ta Thajudheen
    Ta Thajudheen Month ago +57

    "Never ever forget who the king's are"
    Judges word

  • Sueli Toth
    Sueli Toth Month ago

    Quanto mais vejo mais gosto

    • Sueli Toth
      Sueli Toth Month ago

      SnOwMaN Gifts português(Brasil)

    • U r a JoKe
      U r a JoKe Month ago

      @Sueli Toth what language?

    • Sueli Toth
      Sueli Toth Month ago

      SnOwMaN Gifts como assim? As maravilhosas apresentações deles, lógico

    • U r a JoKe
      U r a JoKe Month ago


  • Jay z zzzx
    Jay z zzzx Month ago +5

    All time best 😍⌚💯

  • TheLadyEmerald809
    TheLadyEmerald809 Month ago +32

    THIS is my favorite thing in the world right now. 💕 even after 5 months i can not get over the kings in World of Dance. 👑 true kings👑

  • Mudystar Og
    Mudystar Og Month ago +17

    From Tanzania africa love you kings dancing

  • jennifer yoo
    jennifer yoo Month ago +5

    Missed you guys

  • SG Smoker SG Smoker
    SG Smoker SG Smoker Month ago +4

    Our winners 😍💕💕

  • Bappaai production
    Bappaai production Month ago +7

    Euuuuuu champions🏆🤘 on fire mode 💯👍

  • Azor Ahai
    Azor Ahai Month ago +61

    The Kings And V Unbeatables fans hit like 🙏🇮🇳

  • Alanna Legend
    Alanna Legend Month ago +6

    Damn S-Rank gin need to work hard to beat them

    • astonishing_ abhishek
      astonishing_ abhishek Month ago

      See there new performance in Breezer vivid shuffle........a lot of high class dancing and tremendous choreo apart from tricks......I think royal family also have to work hard😂!!

    • Jay z zzzx
      Jay z zzzx Month ago +4

      They r last seasons winners

  • Dj Avik
    Dj Avik Month ago +4

    1st comment 😘😋