Apple repairs are expensive, why?

  • Published on Jan 15, 2019
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    Before screaming and raging at him, listen to what he has to say, his opinion here is level headed IMO.
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  • Victor Unbea
    Victor Unbea Day ago

    The glue on the battery is there for cost control. It's a cent or two cheaper in manufacturing and/or material cost (glue is cheaper than screws in bulk). When you are talking about millions of units sold, every cent means noticeable loss or gain in profit

  • Joseph Wolf
    Joseph Wolf 2 days ago

    The words to busy do not exist in retail

  • David Ronson
    David Ronson 6 days ago

    all repairs are very expensive especially cars, the dealers charge $125.00/h yet they pay the mechanics $25.00 to $35.00/h, it gets worse, in Canada many provinces have 2 sales taxes added to the price that would be 15% added to the $125.00/h making fixing your car $143.75/h, the same goes to electronics. plumbers and electricians charge 1 hour traveling time to get to your house and that would be $80 plus the 15% each hour taxes before starting to work and for each hour it's $92.00 including the sales tax, the rest of the services are the same .

    • David Ronson
      David Ronson 6 days ago

      @Louis Rossmann business is clear 1/3 cost, 1/3 overhead and 1/3 profit. in the service business cost is the cost of the labor , at least that's what I learned in my engineering degree many moons ago

    • Louis Rossmann
      Louis Rossmann  6 days ago

      That is absolutely normal. Labor rates being 3 to 4 times a technician salary is normal
      You are entirely ignoring advertising, insurance, tools, training, chargebacks, rent, client acquisition cost, etc. Pls run business charging customers exactly what the tech is paid and let me know how it goes.

  • SevenDeMagnus
    SevenDeMagnus 9 days ago

    Yup, they are beyond expensive.

  • Android Kenobi
    Android Kenobi 11 days ago

    If you've seen the show Continuum, Apple is the company SadTech
    and writing it out for the first time I just realized what a shitty name for a company that is.

  • B S
    B S 13 days ago

    This sort of crap goes on in the watch industry all the time. Research rolex, swatch group, etc.. you will see the same crap.

  • B S
    B S 13 days ago

    Need a Chilton manual for repair time to tell a person exactly how much time it will take and also price the parts individually. Screens are made by the millions so parts cost I really minimal. Apple Care sounds like Sears mantience agreements. Same old buisness model. BS.

  • B S
    B S 13 days ago

    Apple just like Breitling, Omega,or rolex, etc.... Want the repiar to be so high that buying a new thing is better that repair. They also control repair parts very tightly to facilitate this type of push against the repair businees. This sort of thing is like being punished for not buying a new POS that you will have to buy again in 5 years or less because of plannd obsolence. Brands are all a rip off. None of them really make anything anyway, they buy parts and have their products assembled in China or some other cheap/convict labor part f the world. There are more slaves now than ever before due to consumerism throw away crap.

  • C C
    C C 17 days ago

    Apple tried 3 times to “up-sell” me to an iPhone XS Max a couple weeks ago when I went in to get a new battery put into my mom’s 6 Plus. Next time, I’ll just save the ~$30 diff between an iFixit battery and Apple’s battery service, and replace it myself (although, by that time, the phone will probably no longer be supported by Apple anyway, so I’ll have no choice.)

  • Mausermann
    Mausermann 19 days ago

    Apple repairs are so expensive because they are rpping you off, trying to get you to buy a new Apple device.

  • Anthony Tassinari
    Anthony Tassinari 21 day ago

    Louis, I want to help "make your channel famous" because you are contributing to the common good. So does it help you channel if we watch the ads all the way through instead of skipping them?

  • hoherspatz
    hoherspatz 21 day ago +1

    "Manhattan speed retail" 😅👍

  • Michael Crumpton
    Michael Crumpton 21 day ago

    The real problem is the products are not designed to be durable. The watch and iphone x series have a domed screen that sticks out above the metal frame that just begs to be broken. Ipads have the cover glass go right out to the edge of the device. One small ding on any part of the frame side propagates a crack across the screen. If Apple added a gasket between the glass and the frame or made the corners out of a resilient material then it would be much less vulnerable.

  • Andrew Drewboy
    Andrew Drewboy 22 days ago

    16:06 and this is why you can work in a store 40 hrs a week and not earn a living wage and how apple can become a 1 trillion dollar company. They fuck their workers and stash the cash. I think of you make a sale of these overpriced pos's then you have earned a commission. Your gonna need it when the user returns pissed.

  • Andrew Drewboy
    Andrew Drewboy 22 days ago

    13:35 is it the people doing the repairs or a corporate culture cause from what I have personally seen the guide deters then from attempting repair. That seems like a corporate culture.

  • Andrew Drewboy
    Andrew Drewboy 22 days ago

    But they could design a watch that didnt break as easily by simply giving it a normal watch bevel. So the impact is not absorbed by the screen.

  • Andrew Drewboy
    Andrew Drewboy 22 days ago

    My point is that your walking into a sales place and expecting a cheap anything.

  • Andrew Drewboy
    Andrew Drewboy 22 days ago

    3:53 user replaceable batteries got to get rid of that shit. Hopefully they will return to us when their battery loses charge and we can make them pay more for another macbook. Yay sales!

  • Andrew Drewboy
    Andrew Drewboy 22 days ago

    3:28 apple is just being greedy and forcing you to buy the latest device gotta get those sales up right.

  • Erich Mais
    Erich Mais 23 days ago

    Repairability and upgradeability? Which new MacBook is that on???

  • S Lam
    S Lam 24 days ago

    i had been in the retail/support side of the computer business for over 30 yrs. my major beef with them are on three points: 1. their staff at the Apple store is VERY poorly trained. A lot of them are green behind their ears and the only thing they know how to do is to recite what Apple told them. for what you pay, your staff should be well trained and be able to think on their head. for a lot of folks, their iphone/ipad is their only computer and have a lot of precious memory/important data on there, having staff with minimal training working on it is unacceptable. 2. be practical with their products, don't design products that are practical. don't have the mantra of thinner is better. a lot of their design problems originated from this mantra. 3. pls open up your support to 3rd parties. i mean genuinely open it up, don't control your parts with so tight fist that 3rd party repairer can fix things. i had talked to apple certified repairer that told me they can't help me because a part is not available.

  • Nicholas Esposito
    Nicholas Esposito 26 days ago

    if apple goes out of business their products will be a lot cheaper too fix

  • Ora nge
    Ora nge Month ago +1

    "I broke my apple watch and it would cost 70% of the total cost to repair so i *bought a new one* "
    Where the f*ck is the logic
    "oh yeah im just going to give apple *more* money"

  • DrNoraa
    DrNoraa Month ago

    Louis, this guy of apple explain probably load up heavily on apple stock. Very pro apple.

  • Dewex Dewex
    Dewex Dewex Month ago

    There is not enough support in the US to make any sensible policy to limit waste. The US is all about waste. Everywhere else is just hanging on your coat tails.

  • Cardinal Seven
    Cardinal Seven Month ago

    How a repair service... is selling stuff like new instead repairing the broken stuff WTF? somthing is wrong or its just me?

  • Nosxman
    Nosxman Month ago

    Apple Watch wasn't designed to be taken apart? what kind of shitty design is that. So they thought their device will never fail never needs reparing?

  • Jacob Gourley
    Jacob Gourley Month ago

    I am a apple fan. Yes they have a lot of problems. They could be so much better if they would make changes like Louis recommends.

  • TDS
    TDS Month ago

    Apple repairs are expensive? do repairs? Since when? LOL

  • Donovan Hill
    Donovan Hill Month ago

    If it moves to "you can't repair it", I'm just going to not worry about having those toys. As it stands, Apple will NOT get my business until they change theirs. Unfortunately, I'm in the minority and won't affect Apple's bottom line on my own. Maybe enough people will get tired of spending $1000 for a tablet or phone that they have no control over and, if it breaks, is effectively disposable, that Apple's business will be affected enough so that they change.

  • Mega Gardevoir
    Mega Gardevoir Month ago

    What a love about Louis ? He roast everyone and you don't have anything to say because you know that he got real fact.

  • Alan Mott-Smith
    Alan Mott-Smith Month ago

    I'd like people to stop apologizing for Apple, you still don't get it. They weren't preserving the CPU or the battery! They were slowing down everyone's phone so to force sales of new phones. THAT'S IT. Apple is a predatory company run by horrible people. Those suicide nets are still up at Foxconn at all twelve factories in China.

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 Month ago

    They coulda just sold proper maintenance trainings for price to get that "needed quality" for anyone who has repairshop business?

  • Manuel85
    Manuel85 Month ago

    Just rip youre mic off? I do have sound card for "what you hear" option, for recrd thingys...


    You said Government ruins everything. You seem to be unaware that Corporations and the Wealthy Elite took over the American Government in 1980. The 1976-78 Supreme Court ruling that made bribery legal, allowed the complete takeover of Government. In 1900, the Robber Barons were corrupting everything and trying to make bribery legal, so even before the takeover, the Wealthy Elite assaulted Government and interfered with proper function.
    The Middle Class would have never existed if FDR did not fight the Robber Barons and the Republican Business Party, they almost destroyed Capitalism in 1929 and believed in the German Model. They believed Business should control the people and the Middle Class existed from 1945-1980. All Middle Class creating policies and the economic system were changed in 1980, Trickle down Economics transfers Wealth to the top and crushes the Middle Class. In 1980, 40% of Americans were Middle Class and in 2018, 10% are Middle Class. We have come to the end of the Wealthy Elites corrupt way of ruling and Capitalism will start feeding on itself.

  • Werner Boden
    Werner Boden Month ago

    He's saying this nicely: 'Apple services the second largest source of revenue '
    Does he mean to say: They sell crap, because a lot of the devices need repair ?

  • Andy Blizzard
    Andy Blizzard Month ago Narrator: 'Most of Apple repair prices aren't that much more of the competition.' Video: shows 3x - 5x prices. Yeeeeahhh... Suuuuure...

  • mighty mouse
    mighty mouse Month ago

    Louis it is Apple's responsibility to provide service for their products. If your warranty is short then a low cost insurance is good. I had Applecare once and was very happy they repaired my iMac perfectly at no cost and saved my data.I am very sad to see the kind of nonsense that is going on. My friend had a dead battery and they told her she needed a new computer. I plugged it in for 2 days and wala it is still working.

  • # mreous333
    # mreous333 Month ago

    I want to know why Mac main logic board repairs cost so much. I have seen them cost $500-600

  • Shenron Z
    Shenron Z 2 months ago

    That’s why I repair all my apple products myself. I watch id probably skip as stated.

  • Zodinsanga Hauhnar
    Zodinsanga Hauhnar 2 months ago

    Trash will always be trash

  • Moises A
    Moises A 2 months ago

    Modular laptops and smartphones.

  • Captain Ofiheart
    Captain Ofiheart 2 months ago

    This translation from apple bullshit to reality is brought to you by Louis Rossman

  • Prima61
    Prima61 2 months ago

    I see all these videos about Apple repair all over the place. I have yet to repair a PC either a pre-built one or one I built myself. I've never replace the class on an Android phone, nor have I ever brought one in for repair. This goes not only for me, but for anybody I've ever known with an Android phone or a PC.

    CUISINED 2 months ago


  • Axiebuoy Lifestyles
    Axiebuoy Lifestyles 2 months ago

    After steve jobs died, apple employees just engage in man to man sex "on the downlow" everyday

  • Corey Gilmore
    Corey Gilmore 2 months ago


  • Chris Peoples
    Chris Peoples 2 months ago

    Ok I can understand why a Samsung flagship cost a lot to repair because not only does the glass curve over the edges but the AMOLED panel itself curves as well..... I can understand the cost of replacing the screen on a galaxy s8/note8 and above
    But apple only thing I could see is because of the ip rating and the glass but still it's not gorilla glass

  • The Negotiator
    The Negotiator 2 months ago

    How can you justify Apple's high repair cost when its done to deter people from repairing and just buy a new phone/tablet/mac. Tim Cook even release a letter too investors saying so, for example he states "some customers taking advantage of significantly reduced pricing for iPhone battery replacements." Basically apple is making their batteries harder to replace by design. It can not be made any clearer Apple is making products harder to repair and setting repair costs high to get people to buy new projects.

  • Dj Mystery
    Dj Mystery 2 months ago

    Thank god apple doesn’t sell cars.

    • Dj Mystery
      Dj Mystery 2 months ago

      Car runs out of gas
      Apple:gotta buy a new one.

  • Joseph Whitehead
    Joseph Whitehead 2 months ago Out of their way? HAHA, just try and clone Apple parts that they refuse to sell you or license, and see how fast the government helps them shut you down. This reminds me of that old John Deere V. Kinze lawsuit where they did essentially the same thing, regarding spare parts. Granted in that case, Kinze actually had a pretty good counterclaim, and wasn't just trying to avoid paying a license fee. In fact, it was the other way around. Turns out JD lied on their patent filing and should have just paid the measly fee he wanted for his 3rd-party accessory. It's a different world in 2019, though.
    And yeah, they can't help themselves@25:10 They simply are not capable of it. They marry the chips to each other now, so even if you tear down an almost working unit to get parts for the other one, it won't work without their secret sauce. They're not even protecting (legitimate) trade secrets from competitors so much as their own users. The other companies know these things but that's why we have patents and trademarks.

  • TEQ Snukka
    TEQ Snukka 2 months ago

    about the battery being glued, i have a dumb question for them : "Why do you think your customer needs a THINNER COMPUTER? WHY?"

  • StopMoColorado
    StopMoColorado 2 months ago

    12:55 "exorbinant" 🤣🤣🤣

  • Daniel Vedberg Sekulic
    Daniel Vedberg Sekulic 2 months ago

    Capitalistic and predatory Monopolies sunny!

  • rsr789
    rsr789 2 months ago

    'The government ruins everything they touch'... said Louis as he's using the internet (government), on his cell phone that connects to a satellite (government), while walking on the sidewalk (government), past a fire station (government) that might help stop the spread of a fire in his shop if heaven forbid an accident happens.

    • Joseph Whitehead
      Joseph Whitehead 2 months ago

      In Japan, the authorities waited several years to come up with standards, while everyone else was already online. Before they removed the long distance tariff on data, we all had pay-per-minute dial up (although more Bell's doing). We didn't get broadband until long after the government planted the seed. It's probably more accurate to say that seeds were planted by military and academics, and everyone else crashed the party?
      That satellite is based on NASA technology, but it was a paid launch, with private hardware. Again, it's not an either-or situation - people will do well enough on their own if allowed to run with an idea. It's getting the idea to be practical that is governments' strong point for some technologies and especially pure science. Also, said government had the money because of taxes paid by people that were mostly allowed to make a living. I like to think of governments as ways to balance strategies to manage risks. Some go very far in some directions more than others...
      The sidewalk and police station are interestingly provided by local governments that tend to have similar forms in many nations, and are usually locally funded, in all but the most nationalist states. Even(or especially) the most Randian of 'objectionists' and libertarians would admit there's a concept called "enlightened self-interest" to maintain infrastructure that they themselves rely on. The biggest argument as almost always in these situations, is who pays for it. ;)

  • Frank Machnick
    Frank Machnick 2 months ago

    Apple should build a car that cracks the frame if you pop the hood

  • fuedlibumser
    fuedlibumser 2 months ago

    Because with devices that run long undisturbed, no big money is earned. Not only at Apple, that's the case with virtually all electronic devices, and it's all about capitalism, a new religion of the 21st century. And the gods are called growth and productivity. Or how do you manage to recover more profit every year than a year ago? Either you dismiss every year workers or you save on the material or assembly costs (assembly in a third world country). That's why manufacturers invented something called obsolescence. Products are manufactured in such a way that they break shortly after expiry of the guarantee. It creates a so-called breaking point in the product, so it makes the device unusable after a certain time and the manufacturer can sell a new device again. The manufacturer would prefer that you buy a new device every 6-12 months, which is already the case with mobile phones. And in the future, consumers need to buy a new phone every 2 months so that mobile phone manufacturers do not go bankrupt. This applies to the vehicle industry, the furniture industry, the appliance industry, the machine and electronics industry! Regardless of nature and the environment !!

  • tubester4567
    tubester4567 2 months ago

    I dont think the components are nearly as expensive as Apple claims. Someone should try to work out the real cost.
    I doubt a $1,000 iphone would cost Apple more than $100 in hardware, particularly when they manufacture parts in the millions of units in China. Chinese companies are making similar specced phones for much less.
    How much does a screen actually cost Apple, probably $20 or $30? OK so I found some info online. An average smartphone costs $100 in component parts including assembly. An Apple phone is around $200, An iphone screen costs around $40. Theres no way Apple repair costs are justified. Apple could very cheaply and easily replace the hardware instead of having a tech find faults. It would be cheaper to replace a logic board with a new one, than have a tech find faults and solder chips on a logic board.
    The Apple Explained guy is making excuses. Apple could easily and cheaply replace components if they wanted to. Apple is 100% exploiting their position and blackmailing customers.

    • Joseph Whitehead
      Joseph Whitehead 2 months ago

      Someone did a reasonable estimate on some things, and it was about half the cost of a unit, when you took into account everything from advertising to manufacturing to R&D to bureaucracy to lawyers to...

  • James Fuston
    James Fuston 2 months ago

    You heard it here first people, the government runes everything they touch.

  • Gandalfwiz2007
    Gandalfwiz2007 2 months ago

    Apple want's your money, it's that simple. They consider you just a robot with money, that's it. You are not a human to Apple.

  • Jagjit Dusanjh
    Jagjit Dusanjh 2 months ago

    They don't repair because they want you to buy another machine.
    It's that, fucking, simple.

  • Avathar Behemoth
    Avathar Behemoth 2 months ago

    I think EVERY argument made in the vid by the "apple explained" guy is a con. Louis is being very kind. Because you can easily disprove EVERY argument and replace it with "its because we can increase prices and people that use apple are little more than slaves themselves. they are shit. they love slavery both their own slavery as well as the workers that make the shit they use.
    Apple "for slaves that lilke their own slavery". Oh and Apple users are the more unsuccessful mildly talented people in the population. That why a lot of women use apple.

  • tw04l124
    tw04l124 2 months ago

    bullshit. repair costs have been increasing. parts are more costly these days, but the repair itself is the same. the parts are cheaper but are not sold for that price to the needing customer anyway. so only choice is to vote with your wallet to not buy these awful designed products

  • ZMHS
    ZMHS 2 months ago

    Louis, when I look at the ENORMOUS fixed expenses Apple has, such as that monstrous corporate headquarters-city they have built, its understandable why Apple extorts money on its products and repair services. Apple has lost its way and is trying to maintain a high profit margin while shouldering in my view what appears to be crushing fixed expenses.

  • Ronaldo Alvarez
    Ronaldo Alvarez 2 months ago

    Really bugs me how Apple doesn't care about water damage in a water resistant device. Offer some guarantee like damn. (Being realistic on how the device got water dammage, if it was done on purpose, then no but if it was faulty but if it just fell in the sink for 5 seconds - + then....? Offer something, fix it, after all IP68 is suppose to (depends) protect up to 5 ft of water for 30 mins not a 5 sec sink accident and they market that heavily) How are you gunna make something WR and make that one of your biggest selling points and not fix it if it was accidentaly dropped in reasonable water source (like the sink?) Ik for a fact if i had a tech company, i'd've replaced the device or something because the IP68 wasn't doing the job like i said it would've.

  • kibsterIXI
    kibsterIXI 2 months ago

    When I had a Nexus 5X (Purchased from Google), it randomly just died when it was almost two years old. Which sucks sure but all devices can randomly fail for one reason another. I contacted Google and in the same day I was authorized a free replacement, two days later I had what at least looked and worked as a brand new device with no fees what so ever. Didn't purchase any warranty etc. Just compare that to Apple....

  • Edi Petcu
    Edi Petcu 2 months ago

    Apple's fucking idiots... slowing down the phone for customers to buy new phones ... fuck Apple. this is a SCAM.

  • Cris Aviles
    Cris Aviles 2 months ago

    Hey guys it's Greg from Apple explained
    Hey guys it's Greg from Apple explained
    Hey guys it's Greg from App
    Hey guys it's Gre

  • Offer Your Soul To Me Dark One

    If repair is illegal, then everything bought cant be repaired ahahahahaha, what a dumb law.

  • Arthur Dent
    Arthur Dent 2 months ago

    Apple USE to be great. Jobs engineered it for simple DIY.

  • dingledorf1
    dingledorf1 2 months ago

    "...Getting fired for failing to make sales goals". Otherwise known as a quota??

  • blueman4444444
    blueman4444444 2 months ago

    Well if cars can be serviced anywhere and not just at a dealership plus the local mechanic can pay a fee for full service and technical specs on a website why is Apple and others get away with his ?.

  • Howard Barnett
    Howard Barnett 2 months ago

    "The goverment ruins everything they touch."
    Tell that to the NTSB, FAA, FDA and the CDC for starters. They are the reason your airplane doesn't hit a train as you poop your brains out from a bad chicken breast and begin spewing blood from every pore on your body. There's more, but you get the idea.

    • Howard Barnett
      Howard Barnett 2 months ago

      ​@Louis Rossmann All that road maintenance that was supposed to be done by private industry, and not government(according to Reaganomics), has indeed made our infrastructure one of finest and most up to date in the entire world. Our social programs are running right along, our healthcare has made the entire population healthier and happier, homelessnes has been eradicated, as well as many other benefits to living in a country where faith based initiatives overrule hard science, Yup keeping the government out of things has really made a difference in America.

    • Louis Rossmann
      Louis Rossmann  2 months ago

      Thank the FDA for people dying from diseases that could have cures out.

      There is this idea that if one group does not do something by force, it will not get done. It is sad that this is the prevalent idea.

  • MyUsername
    MyUsername 2 months ago

    700 USD in my northern European country for all other types of repairs except the screen repair on the iPhone XS, now thats sick. And the screen repair is 320 USD. There is no excuse for that kind of prices.

  • greanstreak04
    greanstreak04 2 months ago

    If you can't screw them, glue them...

  • ecstasy.apostasy
    ecstasy.apostasy 2 months ago +1

    LABEL that was near impossible to remove.

  • Ktothe Swiss
    Ktothe Swiss 2 months ago

    All apple products are just glorified speak and spells anyway 🤣

  • Ray Showalter
    Ray Showalter 2 months ago

    why dont you heckle HP (heat problem) they never give any help to there buyers. Apple makes great products and very good support. Much better than any other computer or cell company. They were the first and you know it. It sucks haveing to scrounge for parts but they are out there...

  • Nerdy Squirrel
    Nerdy Squirrel 2 months ago +1

    I wonder if the geniuses at Apple realize that refusing 3rd party repairs to their products is the reason their authorized shops are terrible. Unauthorized shops in my opinion would normally be the balance of work load if no one except the hand full of authorized shops can make repairs to products causes these shops to become bogged down with nearly unachievable quotas and less than ok Workmanship.

  • Anthony Narozniak
    Anthony Narozniak 2 months ago

    Apple loves to look you in the eye and lie through their teeth right to your face......that's the experience both of my daughters had with Apple

  • Kolibrixo
    Kolibrixo 2 months ago

    Why even bother with apple, they purposely build terribly over expensive junk

  • Michael Parente
    Michael Parente 2 months ago

    Surprised to see a New Yorker with Republican views

  • David Merlino
    David Merlino 3 months ago

    I like my IPhone 8 64GB Black and a IPad Pro 64GB

  • fullfire0
    fullfire0 3 months ago +1

    I don't know why I'm watching this guy so much lol, I just agree with him on a lot of things and I like the way he forms his ideas and thoughts. It's very similar to how I think so it's easy to watch and just relax. Lot's of life lessons hidden in his videos as well. Good job keep it up

  • azeem afzrl
    azeem afzrl 3 months ago

    I'm thinking of purchasing the 2018 MacBook Pro w/ the Touch Bar so I can start developing applications for iOS, but I'm not sure if I should get the device. My friend who's also a developer recommended it to me but I'm not sure after reviewing your channel. Does anyone have any opinions, or alternatives, or should I just get a hackintoshable laptop? (I don't have room for an actual PC.)

  • daniel degg
    daniel degg 3 months ago

    Right to repair...... so since chevy is now smart.... if i replace the air filter i void my warr....... they have the right to brick my car? Hahahaha its a door for other manufactures....

  • Robert Schneider
    Robert Schneider 3 months ago

    while i agree with many of your points on the video your take on government is scary.

  • Mel Jenkins
    Mel Jenkins 3 months ago

    I gave up on Apple when Windows 95 came out. Why till this day people keep buying Apple products. APPLE SUCKS !!

  • Gale Arcenal
    Gale Arcenal 3 months ago

    Hey Louis. Would you ever consider doing a podcast?

  • siclucealucks
    siclucealucks 3 months ago

    Im sure if they would like to have the battery thin AND easily removable they would have found a way to engineer it.

  • Servidor Roque
    Servidor Roque 3 months ago

    Fk Tim Cock

  • Tactical Cadaver
    Tactical Cadaver 3 months ago

    Ahh the old "Apple created/invented" shtick. LiPo bricks existed long before Apple decided to use them, same as the GUI, mouse, etc existed long before Apple used them.

  • Rick Feith
    Rick Feith 3 months ago

    Repairs from the manufacturer should be done close to cost...ESPECIALLY on known issues. Its disgusring how these people do business, you barely even own these things anymore.

  • Richard Deese
    Richard Deese 3 months ago

    The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation's Complaints Department is the only profitable arm of the company, and now occupies all the major land masses of the first three planets of the Sirius Tau System. "Your plastic pal that's fun to be with!" Please keep in mind that all repairs are illegal. Thank you. Don't panic. Just purchase! Rikki Tikki.

  • numberyellow
    numberyellow 3 months ago

    6:52 - It's all about making the manufacturing process as cheap as possible. A few bits of 3M VHB adhesive material, is WAY cheaper than 5 screws, and a piece of plastic. Every corner they can cut, every cent they can shave off manufacturing....well, that's just good for the bottom line.
    These machines are worth nowhere near the 1000+ dollars they charge for them.
    9:45 - This is because Apple put FORM over FUNCTION.. This is why they seal everything up, and make it non-serviceable, for clean lines....this is why their machines are engineered so horribly on this inside....because it all has to fit into this sleek shell, because it's more important to Apple that it LOOK good, than it is for it to FUNCTION good. They make cheap, disposable, overpriced, designer shit, and the people just eat it up....
    Also: Holy oh fuck, look at the size of Timmy's adam's apple....fucking thing looks like a tumor, lol.

  • Kevin Bradshaw
    Kevin Bradshaw 3 months ago

    Apple's extortion... excuse me... protection plan is also a repair cost of sorts.

  • King Katura
    King Katura 3 months ago

    We know why they are expensive, the same reason why electronics on appliances like stoves,fridges, and many other appliances brand wide are all expensive. its simply because they horde the market on said object then they hold the parts back alot of times controlling the market price on them so that if they can give a cheaper labor price because they make the parts more expensive. Now for apple its the opposite they just straight up make it as hard as they can for others to repair so they can straight up charge more from the gate. Now the reason why they do it to begin with is because they all want you to buy new items that cost anywhere from 1k$+ every other year instead of them having to fix it. Thems just the facts anything else is making excuses for all the company's that rob people for a living.

  • Der Zocker21
    Der Zocker21 3 months ago

    3:26 yeah they also destroy our enviroment but tim cook shits on it bcs hes old and will die in the next 5-20 years maybe

  • Robin Sattahip
    Robin Sattahip 3 months ago

    Bloody Apple propaganda

  • SwapPart TV Repair
    SwapPart TV Repair 3 months ago

    What repairs does Apple do? From my understanding, they don't repair, they replace. It costs a lot more to replace a board than it does to repair it.