Project: Dream Garage Part 2 - MRCOOL 24K BTU Minisplit Installed

  • Published on Nov 2, 2017
  • This is part 2 of my Dream Garage series. This video covers a span of three days this week where we installed sheetrock, insulation and got the MRCOOL 24,000 BTU 2 TON DIY air conditioner running.
    My buddy Jesse shows up and shows off his new air ride while we go out to lunch!
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  • Jeremy Schlichter
    Jeremy Schlichter 2 days ago

    What is your square footage of the shop

    • Dmitry's Garage
      Dmitry's Garage  2 days ago

      About 1400 sqft or so. I'm thinking of adding a redundant unit because: 1. In the peak of Texas heat (95+) with the crazy humidity and direct sun (trees are small still) it can't keep up to my set point during day. It can do maybe 78F, while I'd prefer 74F. 2. If the unit were to ever fail it'd be nice to have redundancy. Also the units would be able to cycle more running together, have less wear on them, and probably be more efficient as a result.

  • katerin Mora
    katerin Mora Month ago +4

    *I installed this in my home in late fall. It replaced an ancient, cooling only M/S. I am a retired HVAC guy, and I am blown away by how good this heats the house.>>>**** It is now 22 deg here in Vermont, and the unit is pumping out 133 deg air! I haven't even burned a single pellet yet! Highly recommended! Go get one!*

    • Dmitry's Garage
      Dmitry's Garage  Month ago

      Glad it worked out well for you! These units are really great and it's no wonder they're so popular around the world (split heat pump units in general). It's especially great when each room gets it's own unit via either dedicated outside or cassette style setup. Everyone can dial in their ideal temperature and losing one unit doesn't cost you a whole floor or house outage in most cases.

    • shotski100
      shotski100 Month ago


  • That YouTubeChannel
    That YouTubeChannel 10 months ago +1

    HVAC is a great business to get into indeed. Bunch of crooks.
    2.5 k aint bad actually. Considering I had a quote for 13k. I was like yeah no thanks,GTFO out of my house.
    Known a few Hvac techs,companies are indeed crooked.

    • Dmitry's Garage
      Dmitry's Garage  10 months ago

      Yea it's crazy man. Such a rip, find someone that can buy from Johnstone supply and DIY :-/.

  • Cole M.
    Cole M. 10 months ago +1

    Also your garage is pimp as hell dude. Jealous.

  • Cole M.
    Cole M. 10 months ago +1

    What size mr cool? I’m assuming 24,000 with the 20 amp breaker? Doing some research I think the larger unit requires a 30 amp?

    • Dmitry's Garage
      Dmitry's Garage  10 months ago

      Keep in mind I'm not an electrician and I always recommend hiring one. My unit is a 24K and I used a 20A dual pole breaker. I also have a weather proof box with a fuse/disconnect just outside the unit for service. The outside unit which you will be wiring up to your power circuit will have a plate on it. This plate will specify the power draws of the system, minimum circuit ampacity, and max fuse size. You must adhere to these guidelines. In my case the unit was rated at around 13.6A @ 230V for the compressor and fan draw. The minimum circuit ampacity rating was 15A, which sets the smallest circuit you can safely run the unit on. For a 15A circuit it means a 15A breaker and 14 awg conductors. The maximum fuse rating of my unit was 25A, which sets the limit for the largest safe circuit you can use. In my case I went for 20A as it was convenient for me and used 12 awg wire. I would not recommend exceeding the max fuse rating as that could run the risk of damage to the unit, fire, etc... The breaker must always be the weak spot in the circuit.

  • Josh Olson
    Josh Olson Year ago +1

    I took a “bad” capacitor in to work and tested it. It was fine.