10 Richest Kids In The World 2019

  • Published on Feb 1, 2019
  • Who are the Richest Kids in the world in 2019? Some people on this big marble that we call Earth are simply more wealthy than everyone else. Today we’re going to explore who the richest of the rich kids out there truly are. We’ll be giving you all of the details from their family’s net-worth to the the money they’re spending on clothes, schools, properties or other assets. We’ll also look into the possible future riches of those whippersnappers, because who knows where they could end up with access to such large amounts of money.
    The fortune of these kids is coming from pretty much everywhere. This includes the good old stock market, possible inheritances of their families’ businesses, or just other sources of money that keep the bank account fully stocked up. Of course, let’s not forget that these kids might also have some hidden trust funds set up for them from their family. What all of this means is that they’re all going to be getting their money in different ways - assuming that they don’t already have it.
    Well, it’s good to keep all of your financial eggs in different baskets. Some of these kids have already got their paws on their future income. Perhaps their parents have invested in their ideas, or maybe they’ve used initiative and a business-ready brain to use money-saving tactics to get where they are today. One thing we’d like to make sure you’re aware of is the fact that not everyone has made their empire of dollar bills entirely in a legit manner. So let’s keep in mind that these people might have some less than moral ways of getting that money. All in all, these people certainly come off as knowing how money works and how to make it.
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  • Ayesha Haque
    Ayesha Haque 20 hours ago


  • Tran Thi Nam Le (Florence)

    I have 2 billion VND

  • Serena Lin
    Serena Lin Day ago

    I go to a school thats 30k a year... and Blue Ivy Carter goes to a 21k school... hmmmm

  • isla han
    isla han Day ago +1

    They are sure rich

  • Nandika Deviz
    Nandika Deviz 8 days ago +1

    What about Bollywood celebrities kids?

  • Ghousia shabnam
    Ghousia shabnam 8 days ago

    *me if I was rich:Spends on clothes,give homeless people 23,00000 pounds and have a 34 billion house*

  • Steven Andrews
    Steven Andrews 9 days ago

    I’m 8 ... I have some gems...

  • André Guia
    André Guia 10 days ago

    narrator sounds like doopie

  • shelly blizzard
    shelly blizzard 11 days ago

    If you do most spoiled kids I will be in there lol

  • Byron Morataya
    Byron Morataya 20 days ago +1

    If you compare it to kids in Africa that's a different story

  • Barboad
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  • VixDg
    VixDg 25 days ago

    But tesla isn't making that much by selling tesla

  • Sophie playzgacha
    Sophie playzgacha 26 days ago


    cuz is given from my family duh lol

  • Rose Soverel
    Rose Soverel 27 days ago

    I’m rich I’ve got a roof over my head a family that loves me and 3 meals a day

  • Glen Lally
    Glen Lally 28 days ago +1

    Ryan’s toy review

  • Admin 1
    Admin 1 28 days ago +1

    I have the biggest house in China so I'm also one of the rich kids
    (My dad was poor when he was small and he changed to help poor people)

  • Kaitlin Ralston
    Kaitlin Ralston Month ago +1


  • Jame Andy
    Jame Andy Month ago

    The solely motive why I got here right here is to see if they put Stormi Webster two

  • It’s Maykayla It’s Makayla

    Ok I have a question is this video for people who really need care feel bad they don’t have a fortune, cuz some might feel that way 😭

  • Theodore Evbuomwan
    Theodore Evbuomwan Month ago +1

    I have a house
    2 cars ( owned by parents)
    3 meals a day
    What more could I ask for

  • Liah Leigh
    Liah Leigh Month ago +1

    It is just an "opinion"

  • Dana Gibson
    Dana Gibson Month ago

    I feel like this is bragging cuz I only have 1 grand in my bank account lol

  • ToadetteFireSeal2109

    Ryan toys review

  • Tiana Wells
    Tiana Wells Month ago

    Its not really THEIR money. Its technically their parents because most of the kids in this video are only rich because of their parents....

  • Lilia DeLuch
    Lilia DeLuch Month ago +1

    you don’t need money to be rich as long as you are happy and you have parents that loves you that’s all you need god bless you all 💗

  • Regina Colon
    Regina Colon Month ago

    how cares when I am rich I will be more powerful and i will work hard

  • Janel Kasujja
    Janel Kasujja Month ago

    U know those rich pepo might buy expensive things but in the end it goes to the garbage

    • Janel Kasujja
      Janel Kasujja Month ago

      Cause it will eventually get spoilt or old

  • gita separovic
    gita separovic Month ago


  • MR. BANNana
    MR. BANNana Month ago +3

    Kid: MOM I WANT A CAR mom: Your to young sweetie kid: REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!

    • William Miller
      William Miller 4 days ago

      ahahaha epic meme broski that was hilarious

  • Ben Lorentz
    Ben Lorentz Month ago

    Kanye west’s kids:
    Saint, Chicago, and North.
    Wow so original

  • Brian Blevins
    Brian Blevins Month ago

    Yo sub to pewdiepie

  • Sandile Nkabinde
    Sandile Nkabinde Month ago

    Everybody is richer and money is not everything and money brings problem and anyway when you are rich you forget about god who gave you that things anyway I love being poor because poor ppl know how to hustle and I pray god life is not about money some rich kids forget about school and depend to their parents and when god take them u will be alone in this 🌍🌍

  • maria alugodhi
    maria alugodhi Month ago

    the list isn't legit.....go to forbes

  • David Ramos
    David Ramos Month ago +1

    Me when i was 3 i already learned 2 language bisaya and englijsn and i dont live in america

    • Jani Mc
      Jani Mc Month ago

      Me when I was 3 years old I aready learn meranao , tagalog ,english and a little arabin

  • hafid al asad
    hafid al asad Month ago

    Please try and help the poor

  • Revol. Nona
    Revol. Nona Month ago

    Why don't you just do what you need to do? Tit for tat BS. Should have known really. I know my heart, and don't really care if you do or not. Interpret and spin however you want. What can I do? I've overpaid big time. You probably enjoy it.

  • Santhosh Dhanapalan

    Well I also go to a private school in Australia and the fees is 25,000 aud

  • Revol. Nona
    Revol. Nona Month ago

    With all the support, love, security, leisure and opportunity they receive, there is no way the bulk of us will ever be considered to be just as good (let alone better), than these people. By default. It's just the way it is. It's impossible for them to fail, very hard to make mistakes and suffer consequences, and their self esteem is impenetrable. They will however, judge you. They will have less likelihood of developing disease, bad habits, and mental illness, but will advise you on 'how it is', and what you should be doing. Rest assured, most of them wouldn't last a month (tops) doing what we do and living like us, but they couldn't care less. They don't have to worry about it so whatever right. Fair enough I guess. The only thing we have is morals. For example, I wouldn't hunt big game, or drive a lambo, just because I could afford to.

  • Yomama can drive
    Yomama can drive 2 months ago +2

    Forget about storming area 51 let's rade them

  • SoupForLunch
    SoupForLunch 2 months ago +3

    Kid that has rich parents:

    it's free real estate.

  • AnixAaron
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  • U Hlaing
    U Hlaing 2 months ago

    I'm rich i have 12 bugatti chiron

  • Tomolin Joesa
    Tomolin Joesa 2 months ago


  • FD C
    FD C 2 months ago +1

    You mean illuminati kids enjoying cash. Trust me it is not. Only person in this world is rich is someone who has pure heart, high level positive energy and one believe in Allah and love of Allah, will get high levels sweetiness if faith, nothing in this world can give that and life is short, so anything in this world is worthless.

  • Chris O_O
    Chris O_O 2 months ago

    This makes me feel fortunate lol

  • Skylar Gordon
    Skylar Gordon 2 months ago

    My school motto is Ad Astra Per Aspra

  • LovelyJacklie
    LovelyJacklie 2 months ago +1

    There no compare didn't matter we have a good life we need to keep survive life have everything food, water and sleep well.
    - Important to be warm don't be cold
    - Have food well to eat
    - Sleep well
    That's what I need. For my life also, don't be compare there always compare but it just so.

  • Janey Karp
    Janey Karp 2 months ago +1

    Where are you gazza, hoping your Day is All JOYOUS and EXCITING for you my Love.

  • Sherine Gayle
    Sherine Gayle 2 months ago

    I am rich and i make sure my kids are richer

  • Matt Burton
    Matt Burton 2 months ago

    Tesla is in debt and SpaceX and his LA tunnels idea isn’t commercial yet. Where tf are you getting $8 billion dollars from

  • Jenifer Le
    Jenifer Le 2 months ago

    My teacher taugh Elon musk in afica

  • Cøøkie Mønster
    Cøøkie Mønster 2 months ago

    *Reads Title*
    *Looks at who made it*
    _Wait a minute..._

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  • Mason Curtis
    Mason Curtis 2 months ago +1

    How about Eminem’s Daughter

  • adam pase
    adam pase 2 months ago

    My community calls me the prettiest girl in the world !
    Blonde hair and blue eyes

  • Grace Jang
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    Stop bragging you spoiled people

  • Elizabeth Palmer
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    Pls dub to me when I reach 5 subs I will post once a week and you guys recommend me videos

  • Katrina Mallanao
    Katrina Mallanao 2 months ago

    i am also rich super im. Not lying

  • Sunita Singh
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    Whoever said money can't solve your problems mustn't have enough money to solve'em