House Build Time Lapse

  • Published on Jul 15, 2016
  • Custom home build time lapse over 6 months.

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  • Nathan Weingart
    Nathan Weingart 4 days ago +1

    Nice house but no gutters??

  • Damian Arturo
    Damian Arturo 17 days ago

    Wtf those chem clouds

  • Emerson B
    Emerson B 20 days ago

    So no basement?

  • Itsyogirl Keke
    Itsyogirl Keke 21 day ago


  • Itsyogirl Keke
    Itsyogirl Keke 21 day ago

    Dang house took bout weeks

  • Faith’s Vlogs
    Faith’s Vlogs 24 days ago

    Put the speed in 2x it’s faster

    WARIATELLO 25 days ago

    What an ugly house...

  • Vito Rose
    Vito Rose 29 days ago

    How long did it take in real time

  • auk ku
    auk ku Month ago

    looks like house made of paper here in Finland we build houses differently with wide walls and metal roof

  • NickTheGamingDude
    NickTheGamingDude Month ago

    Another McMansion, how woefully unoriginal

  • Snap Trip
    Snap Trip Month ago +1

    No way, man! Unbelievable

  • Dimond Loca
    Dimond Loca Month ago

    Put it a 2x speed

    QUICKDRAW PRO TAPES Month ago +1

    would have been completed way faster with a quickdraw

  • Camizer
    Camizer Month ago

    Why americans only knows how to build houses made of wood? piss me off.

  • Digby Dooright
    Digby Dooright Month ago

    This house is so nice. I really like the gray bricks. I hope you planted a tree or two.

  • cu
    cu 2 months ago

    The grass over there seems to be so fluffy lol

  • Cap G
    Cap G 2 months ago

    Mexican dudes really be the ones who are the fastest and out in the heat doing this shit

  • Sheree Morgan
    Sheree Morgan 2 months ago

    Beautiful home!

  • JWB671
    JWB671 2 months ago

    Why do houses in Texas have such a high roof? Is it for attic space reasons?

  • Caze Elite
    Caze Elite 2 months ago


  • mssn316
    mssn316 2 months ago

    that's a very nice location !

  • Bluski channel
    Bluski channel 2 months ago +1

    can i hire these builders to build my house i can't believe they build a house under 8 minunts

  • T3m0ur
    T3m0ur 2 months ago +1

    I just wanted to say what a beautiful house this is. Very well constructed and from what it looks like in the video, the quality of the build was fantastic. They seemed to have used very good waterproofing for the exterior of the home and I really liked that they put the layer of plywood board throughout the whole house. No one likes those cheap sidings that new houses nowadays are being made with. But anyways, congrats and thanks for the video!

  • chicken uggut
    chicken uggut 2 months ago

    well get me a saw and a ruler and a board and i’ll cut it

  • hot wheel production
    hot wheel production 2 months ago +2

    2:49 random guy looks at camera

  • Jouse Martinez
    Jouse Martinez 2 months ago

    In china they can build a house in 2 mins

  • Fender Bender
    Fender Bender 2 months ago

    Is this a French country style of house?

  • rohanzo1
    rohanzo1 3 months ago +3

    my uncle tried building a house once but he got LUMBAGO

    • chicken uggut
      chicken uggut 2 months ago

      rohanzo1 it’s a slow and painful death my brothe

  • Green Gamer
    Green Gamer 3 months ago

    Do you have to have a special camera for this?

  • coutal007
    coutal007 3 months ago +1

    Ikea sells houses now?

  • Maximilian Ruf
    Maximilian Ruf 3 months ago

    Typical american house building.
    I agree, its fast and propably very cheap, but its not made to last forever.
    And there some americans wonder why so many ppl in germany live on rent and dont own houses.

  • Chaz Bues
    Chaz Bues 3 months ago

    Shouldn't the housewrap be installed before the windows? So you can have the wrap flush with the seams and properly flashed to limit water leakage at the windows? Or is it different with brick siding? I am only used to panel siding installations.

  • Grumpy cat
    Grumpy cat 3 months ago

    That was amazing! The house is beautiful. The frame work was amazing!

  • Vinicius Costa
    Vinicius Costa 3 months ago

  • Jacques Lazarus
    Jacques Lazarus 3 months ago

    Going vegan took me from 250 to 175 lbs and it taste better and i went from joging around the block to joging and walkin mastly walking 30 miles

  • Deepak Patel
    Deepak Patel 3 months ago

    its a nice house but why you put it in the middle of nowhere lol

  • K H
    K H 3 months ago

    Love how the roof becomes a clock when the work day goes by

  • Major Zero
    Major Zero 4 months ago

    in the US they call this paperhouse a real quality house xD !!!!!

    • jim andy
      jim andy 3 months ago

      In the west we call this a house that doesn't crumble in the event of a earthquake, rather it flexes. Also these homes are built from treated timber (comes from trees incase you didn't know) as opposed to your belief that they're built from paper, and are supported by a foundation. These houses built to code easily last well over 100 years, also they look approximately 13 times better than homes in Europe.

  • DookieKease
    DookieKease 4 months ago +1

    Is that place Beecher's Hope?

  • suka bapak
    suka bapak 4 months ago


  • Im Batman
    Im Batman 4 months ago

    1:04 pretty sure those are illegals

  • Vitaliy Dudko
    Vitaliy Dudko 4 months ago

    How much did you house cost?

  • HReezy
    HReezy 4 months ago

    I live in Europe. My house was never destroyed beacause its made of brick. And as the time passes i just make it prettier inside/renovate inside.

  • Kyle S
    Kyle S 4 months ago

    That's some insane amount of attic space...

  • muzaffar aididz
    muzaffar aididz 4 months ago

    no rain? okay

  • Alfonzo Colunga
    Alfonzo Colunga 4 months ago

    Building my dream home for sure one day with help rather than to owe a bank .

  • raecooker
    raecooker 4 months ago

    That is one big roof

  • The Horse Stable Channel

    One good tornado: Bye bye house!

  • skliros
    skliros 5 months ago

    what were you doing with that drill rig at the beginning?

  • James Failing
    James Failing 5 months ago

    What's the name of the music?

  • Thais vlogs
    Thais vlogs 5 months ago


  • Chloe Morris
    Chloe Morris 5 months ago

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  • Don Ultimate
    Don Ultimate 5 months ago

    Why no audio or music

  • CreepyMe YT
    CreepyMe YT 5 months ago

    It would be cool if, filmed the inside of the house and the outside of the house

  • Kourosh Esfandiari
    Kourosh Esfandiari 5 months ago


  • Callum L
    Callum L 5 months ago

    Bro this house must be bad if it was made in seven minutes. Smh😔

  • Justin Breuer
    Justin Breuer 5 months ago

    My favorite part was when the roofers couldn't get their van started

  • Donovin Shriner
    Donovin Shriner 6 months ago

    what was the price?

  • Batata 99
    Batata 99 6 months ago

    Fuck you slime kkkkkkk

  • Andrew Bosak
    Andrew Bosak 6 months ago

    2:49 the guys face lmao

  • Perez Fecto
    Perez Fecto 6 months ago

    You can 3D-print a house in 24 hrs nowadays. We're getting closer to this video.

  • jose Arthur
    jose Arthur 6 months ago

    Very nice I want to build a house like this with pool

  • ANNIE'S Vlog’s
    ANNIE'S Vlog’s 6 months ago

    hello nice build the house construction 😁hope you follow me

  • extreme gamer 2019
    extreme gamer 2019 6 months ago

    Boss= hey guys! We have to build a house on this property in about 7 minutes!!
    Worker= ughhhh...can you fire me?!

  • Justin Y.
    Justin Y. 6 months ago

    2:50 well hey their you

  • Spaceman
    Spaceman 6 months ago

    I can't believe it only took them 7 minutes;)

  • WhenYouWalking
    WhenYouWalking 7 months ago

    Looks hella good tho.

  • WDJD
    WDJD 7 months ago

    Liked the video, not the house!

  • mike bin
    mike bin 7 months ago

    i have watched a lot of house making videos in the us and i found that most of the house were made of wood which is completely different from my country where they were made of concrete instead, i wonder why don’t you guys use concrete to build the house which i think it’s more reliable than wood, moreover using wood mean a lot of trees has to be cut and it’s not good for the environment ?

  • Jimmy Carter
    Jimmy Carter 7 months ago


  • Jen Travels
    Jen Travels 7 months ago +1

    house tour next. awesome

  • El cat
    El cat 7 months ago

    Respect. If you don't mind me asking sir how much did it cost you to do all this?

  • illest 2k music
    illest 2k music 7 months ago

    I still don't understand why those houses don't have any foundation

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes 7 months ago

    Wood deteriorates and steel will rust, why is one preferred over the other for house building? 🤔

    • Willow
      Willow 2 months ago

      Most will last a lifetime or longer as long as it has a good roof on it, vapor barrier, and siding. Stick frame houses (wood) are strong, affordable and easily remodeled. Once again steel will last a lifetime as long as it has a good roof over it too. Steel is more expensive for material cost and more expensive labor and machinery to move it around due to its weight. Concrete houses like icf blocks are being used more in US than ever but have their limitations, and do cost a significantly more than stick frame homes. ICFs (like fox blocks) are well insulated but have their own draw backs as far as running electrical and plumbing in the walls. Not as easy to remodel a concrete house as it is wood. Despite being concrete they still require water proofing, and moisture barriers just like stick frame and steel houses. Concrete will absorb moisture and water like a sponge, Even though it for the most part not effect the concrete structurally, it can and will ruin drywall and cause mold problems. Pretty much all houses no matter the construction need a good roof, a good vapor barrier and siding, and last but not least good exterior drainage. If those are addressed there all good structures and will easily last 70+ years.

  • Jassmin Hernandez
    Jassmin Hernandez 8 months ago

    My respect to these workers.

  • MrHevia Drones
    MrHevia Drones 8 months ago

    Hi, can I use your video in my website?

  • Joe Guy
    Joe Guy 8 months ago

    Thank god for Mexicans

  • ASA ICEMAN. 888
    ASA ICEMAN. 888 8 months ago +1


  • Art & Junk
    Art & Junk 8 months ago

    Is this what my sims see while I’m building their house and have them stay outside??

  • Alec Rhodes
    Alec Rhodes 8 months ago +1

    No white people helped build that

    • Joe Guy
      Joe Guy 8 months ago

      Alec Rhodes I heard that this isn’t even speed up, it’s just how fast they are.😂

  • Ecoops 123
    Ecoops 123 8 months ago

    Watch above the truck at 1:05 what’s that????

  • Nathanyel Connelly
    Nathanyel Connelly 8 months ago +2

    The only thing i enjoyed was watching the grass grow of 7 minutes

  • TrickyFun Nation
    TrickyFun Nation 9 months ago

    I made a Time Lapse video that shows 3 months of house building in just 2 minutes :D Check my channel ;)

  • Mickey XOXO
    Mickey XOXO 9 months ago +3

    This is wonderful to watch! So much work and effort into a beautiful home! Hi BigBoy

  • J Barrow
    J Barrow 9 months ago +1

    What editing program did you use? I have a brinno but I don't know how to combine all files to make one video like this one. Thanks!

  • Ema' Design'
    Ema' Design' 9 months ago +2

    You see that Tornado in 5:03?

  • Roy Hoskins
    Roy Hoskins 9 months ago

    there is so many hazards

  • Sokunpanha Sen
    Sokunpanha Sen 10 months ago +1

    Woah this is AMAZING!!! How many days does it took?

    • Holly Corlis
      Holly Corlis 8 months ago

      6 months, it says it in the coments

  • Avril's Channel
    Avril's Channel 10 months ago +1

    Amazing house building..well done

  • Aaron Lewis
    Aaron Lewis 10 months ago


  • Robert H
    Robert H 10 months ago +1

    Smokin' a joint by the shingles at 3:02

  • TheStupidGamer
    TheStupidGamer 10 months ago

    I wish they showed a video building my house but unfortunately it was built in 1960

  • RiZe C0nn
    RiZe C0nn 10 months ago +64

    What Texture Pack is this?

  • ServiceChannel
    ServiceChannel 10 months ago +1

    Is it okay if I use this video in my new video? Just trying to avoid some nasty copyright issues ;)

  • Alexander
    Alexander 10 months ago


  • Soft Raccoon
    Soft Raccoon 10 months ago +3

    looks like a quick run to walmart would take about a day or two

  • EricH1983
    EricH1983 10 months ago

    Another McMansion! Gross looking house look at all those roof angles..

  • ayangjibrut
    ayangjibrut 10 months ago

    what a remarkable construction

  • Blue Man Productions
    Blue Man Productions 10 months ago +1

    Awesome video. You deserve more Subs

  • random dude
    random dude 10 months ago +1

    Please get closer next time. But thanks for your time.