THE MOST EXTREME Storm Footage - Tornado, Hurricane, Hailstorm [VIDEOS]

  • Published on Nov 7, 2017
  • Extreme tornadoes caught on tape, hurricane videos, hailstorm videos, sandstorm videos form inside the powerful storms in this extreme weather caught on tape compilation.
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  • Mordix Ade
    Mordix Ade 24 minutes ago

    and this is what you get when humans fuck with earth

  • Siggy
    Siggy 2 hours ago

    Fuck the people. Are the animals ok?

  • Winston Askance
    Winston Askance 7 hours ago

    In a way, we destroy what God has created and He, in return,by His force, destroys what we create...

  • Blossoms and Cherries
    Blossoms and Cherries 13 hours ago

    3:58 me every time I enter a classroom with my friends

  • AIM #3asyWin
    AIM #3asyWin 15 hours ago

    My poor car
    Are you seeing this rn

  • Payel Das
    Payel Das Day ago


  • episode cast
    episode cast Day ago

    Like how u did not die🙄

  • AJPerson
    AJPerson Day ago

    4:20 bitches that scream like that are so annoying

  • Nyarlathotep
    Nyarlathotep Day ago

    Wow that's really unpleasant.

  • Tittle
    Tittle Day ago

    0:14 WTF

  • Dodih Supriyadih

    Mengerikan. !!
    Salaam dari Indonesia. N

  • Sonamoni Acharya

    8.30 wht was that?

  • Sleepy Princess
    Sleepy Princess Day ago

    I'm just worried about the cats-

  • Amar Rathor
    Amar Rathor Day ago

  • J J
    J J 2 days ago +2

    5:30 imagine getting lobbed in the head by 100s of these as you're out buying groceries?

  • Ankita roy
    Ankita roy 2 days ago

    Oi Fgkugh

  • Komal Bhatia
    Komal Bhatia 2 days ago

    Nice vedio

  • Regis Selwyn Katene
    Regis Selwyn Katene 2 days ago

    I don't like it

  • fresh animates !
    fresh animates ! 3 days ago +1

    Homeless: i wish i had a home.....the storm is pretty strong
    People who has a house: lets go outside! The storm is big!

  • joel Ortega
    joel Ortega 3 days ago

    Soy el comentario español que tu buscad

  • stephanie morales
    stephanie morales 3 days ago

    at 3:47 my ass would be running too lol

  • stephanie morales
    stephanie morales 3 days ago

    i love how the guy is so calm like for me ill be yelling and running around lol 1:40

  • Gerardo Rodriguez
    Gerardo Rodriguez 3 days ago

    So are yall still hiring

  • walmartskills
    walmartskills 3 days ago

    4:57 No I don't see "this" could you describe it for me...

  • Julie Ryan
    Julie Ryan 3 days ago +1

    At 3:42 the lights went out for a second

  • Daffa Ramdhani
    Daffa Ramdhani 3 days ago

    I hope the cat and more animals fine..uwhh

  • •*Itz Lover-Chan*•

    One day there was a huge hailstorm in Watsonville ._.

  • •*Itz Lover-Chan*•

    0:32 OMG.

  • Giovanna Castro
    Giovanna Castro 4 days ago

    strong winds are more scary than anything to me. just the sound its scary asf.

  • Daniel Sudol
    Daniel Sudol 4 days ago

    I love weather so much I want to be a waether man

  • setra leo
    setra leo 4 days ago

    west people..a laughing not scream 😂😂😂..ooohh shittt

  • XxMaggiexX OwO
    XxMaggiexX OwO 4 days ago

    Rip headphone user

  • YT clown killer374
    YT clown killer374 4 days ago

    Yo why dose the 2ed guy sound like Ted

  • Joshua Mayo
    Joshua Mayo 4 days ago

    Hail is the most deadly form of precipitation!

  • Attacker
    Attacker 5 days ago

    So freaking dangerous, I can barely imagine it

  • nO NaMe
    nO NaMe 5 days ago

    Who Wanna Move To A Different Planet With Me ? I’m gonna need help

  • Farhaan Khan
    Farhaan Khan 5 days ago +1

    Man:”there is a tornado in the parking lot” WALKS OUTSIDE also I feel sorry for the animals and the homeless ppl hope they are ok

    ThE DIDDL3R 5 days ago

    Ya gotta think tho... where do squirrels go during hurricanes?

  • Evan Dev
    Evan Dev 5 days ago

    Is that Hurricane Irma?

  • Holy Mango
    Holy Mango 5 days ago

    Thats a strong ass marquee

  • Meagan.x.Elizabeth
    Meagan.x.Elizabeth 6 days ago

    Nobody notice the face staring at them at 9:03 .... god is watching you... and trying to get your attention 😐 take heed...

  • S Smy
    S Smy 6 days ago

    At the start I thought it was a black hole

  • Mukhtar Hussain official channel

    Allah hu Akbar. Allah save us

  • Abigail Cotrell
    Abigail Cotrell 6 days ago

    i want to live in tornado alley

  • Abigail Cotrell
    Abigail Cotrell 6 days ago

    me sees trees geting pulled me COOL!!!!

  • Agus Tina
    Agus Tina 6 days ago

    Heran sama org luar ada bahaya malah ketawa2 😱

  • Dima Kabbout
    Dima Kabbout 6 days ago

    I felt like super bad for the trees and birds and when the trees fell down I was dying

  • Sonja Sharpe
    Sonja Sharpe 7 days ago

    The second one I was like hurry and leave before the tornado really forms into one u can actually see

  • vsco et moi oop
    vsco et moi oop 7 days ago

    I'm dissatisfied with the video, I thought El Reno tornado was going to be mention, not these small storms.

  • Andrea Gaye Scott Westfall

    It would be much more informative and give a better understanding if you could put the places and dates on each clip... Very important!!! GREAT VIDEO... THANK YOU!!!

  • Eden Mendoza
    Eden Mendoza 7 days ago

    Lol what’s up with all these people standing next to windows?

  • Keanu Reeves
    Keanu Reeves 7 days ago

    God: Get Fucked

  • Wiciu Wiciu
    Wiciu Wiciu 7 days ago

    At 3;00 they just left a fan on the left turned on... and then everybody blames the storm

  • roflitsdani
    roflitsdani 8 days ago

    *sees tornado* you know what let’s go outside

  • Felecia Foreman
    Felecia Foreman 8 days ago +4

    People: We RuLe ThE wOrLd
    Mother nature: Oh, is that so?
    *mother nature makes a hurricane and destroys everything in its way*
    Mother nature: Think twice next time

    • M Smith
      M Smith 5 days ago

      *That one camera person video taping.
      Mother Nature: you're testing my patience.

  • life just great
    life just great 8 days ago +1

    Life's great 👍.😸

  • iT'z Ya Boi jOhNnY
    iT'z Ya Boi jOhNnY 8 days ago


  • Mohd Shafiuddin
    Mohd Shafiuddin 8 days ago

    Humans : we rule this world😤
    Nature : oh yeah! Lemme just show ya😂

  • CinnamonBun247
    CinnamonBun247 8 days ago

    “We’re in the fucking tornado”
    Behind the scenes: (walks next to tornado) YOU FUCKING BITCH!

  • Louise fitz
    Louise fitz 8 days ago +7

    Man: there’s a tornado In The parking lot.