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Thierry de Brunhoff plays Chopin -- Complete Nocturnes

  • Published on May 25, 2022
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  • Michael Viens Music
    Michael Viens Music 5 months ago +1328

    I had the great honor and privilege of studying with Thierry de Brunhoff when I was a young student in Paris in the mid-1970s. I would go for my lessons on his "pacquebot" near Neuilly-sur-Seine. I AM SO GRATEFUL for those days. Such wonderful memories that sustain me now.... Touched by greatness that is so inspiring.... I am glad that this CD has been uploaded for the World to be touched by Chopin and this great interpreter of that Music.... Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

    • Marie-Françoise ROY
      Marie-Françoise ROY 15 days ago

      @mark dixon m

    • caterinacouts
      caterinacouts Month ago +1

      @KF31 Paris ,respect to a talented man of God,who realised that the heart of the world ,is the Lord.

    • Márta Nemes
      Márta Nemes Month ago


    • Gentil Gentil
      Gentil Gentil Month ago

      Belíssimas músicas 10:45 sábado 02/abríl/2022 Guadalajara Porto Alegre RS Brasil

    • Vera Ramos
      Vera Ramos Month ago

      Michael,it is so beautyful
      that you said ! I love Chopin! I,m brasilian and my father gaeve- me the oportuny to studie piano!
      Whit sincerily ,Vera
      Pardonr my

  • Aheront
    Aheront 24 days ago +14

    Thierry de Brunhoff was and remains the greatest Chopin interpreter of all times. He doesn't bring bold rubatos as all other pianists do. This make him 'swinging'. He never overlooks the dance, always behind the scene with Chopin. For infos, he gave up very soon, in the 80's, being a professional pianist to become a monk. Maybe he's reading our lines right now. I studied the harmony at Paris with Loïc Malié, who was a friend of him.
    One day, in the classroom, we were talking about great pianists. Horowitz was about coming to play in Paris. Loïc was quite laudatory about him. He asked me my opinion. I was 20, cheeky and answered :
    - I dont like him. At all. He really doesn't know how to play Chopin !
    - what ? Horowitz ? Not knowing play Chopin ? But what do you know about piano Laurent ? You're a tiny little presumptuous musician that says anything, Horowitz is the greatest living pianist !
    At this point I had some pain not crying. My heart was beating so strong. Loïc Malié had been a Messiaen student. It was one life's shame.
    - sorry Sir, but I dont like him...
    - but who do you like then ?
    - er... I dont know if you know him, he's almost unknown with respect to Horowitz... He's called Thierry de Bruhnoff...
    I think I bent the head, ready for another 'slap' (Loïc was a lovely, funny, friendly person, generous, available)
    - ah, Laurent, I agree with you Thierry de Brunhoff is Chopin reborn...
    Gosh ! The bullet just passed close to me !

    • Anand Samuel
      Anand Samuel 14 days ago +1

      Have you listened to Sviatoslav Richter? He plays the same Nocturnes as well!

  • Lrx
    Lrx 2 days ago +1

    Let's not also forget to honourably mention the amazing quality of this piano's sound. Its singing tone is indescribably beautiful. I'm in love.

  • the Higgs-file
    the Higgs-file Year ago +722

    Thierry de Brunhoff was and remains the greatest Chopin interpreter of all times. He doesn't bring bold rubatos as all other pianists do. This make him 'swinging'. He never overlooks the dance, always behind the scene with Chopin. For infos, he gave up very soon, in the 80's, being a professional pianist to become a monk. Maybe he's reading our lines right now. I studied the harmony at Paris with Loïc Malié, who was a friend of him.
    One day, in the classroom, we were talking about great pianists. Horowitz was about coming to play in Paris. Loïc was quite laudatory about him. He asked me my opinion. I was 20, cheeky and answered :
    - I dont like him. At all. He really doesn't know how to play Chopin !
    - what ? Horowitz ? Not knowing play Chopin ? But what do you know about piano Laurent ? You're a tiny little presumptuous musician that says anything, Horowitz is the greatest living pianist !
    At this point I had some pain not crying. My heart was beating so strong. Loïc Malié had been a Messiaen student. It was one life's shame.
    - sorry Sir, but I dont like him...
    - but who do you like then ?
    - er... I dont know if you know him, he's almost unknown with respect to Horowitz... He's called Thierry de Bruhnoff...
    I think I bent the head, ready for another 'slap' (Loïc was a lovely, funny, friendly person, generous, available)
    - ah, Laurent, I agree with you Thierry de Brunhoff is Chopin reborn...
    Gosh ! The bullet just passed close to me !

    • John Nicholas
      John Nicholas Month ago

      Next time be more careful.

    • Patricia Ijams
      Patricia Ijams Month ago


    • affetuoso
      affetuoso 2 months ago

      Thats all good, but in nocturnes its sometimes a bit too monotonous and colourless, not enough of passion...

    • mette holm
      mette holm 2 months ago

      Let us hope, he reads about our appreciation ❣

    • the Higgs-file
      the Higgs-file 2 months ago

      @Beatriz Cotello 😄

  • Diana Garland
    Diana Garland Year ago +751

    Chopin is my go to when i need peace and joy...i'm still able to play his music at 78 ...
    His music will live in our hearts forever..

    • The Fireface
      The Fireface Month ago

      For the peace part i agree, but for the joy one, i think it’s more like bitter or slighly dramatic

    • Kijong Kim
      Kijong Kim 2 months ago

      0123456 매츠두그두급빵빵

    • Diana Garland
      Diana Garland 2 months ago

      @Joseph-Zora McBride thankyou so much

    • Diana Garland
      Diana Garland 2 months ago

      @Tom Bombadil thankyou

    • Diana Garland
      Diana Garland 2 months ago

      @Tom Bombadil thankyou Tom

  • dmswan
    dmswan 5 months ago +81

    I’m not a knowledgeable listener - but Thierry de Brunhoff’s playing of Chopin feels to me like he strikes a perfect balance, it hits the sweet spot for me - his playing of Chopin is so lovely to listen to!🧡🧡🧡

    • JanieUnknownWriter
      JanieUnknownWriter 5 months ago +4

      The perfect note 🎵 and the perfect chord 🎼🎶🎵🎶🎹are in harmony with one's soul.

  • C. Meagan Michael
    C. Meagan Michael Year ago +442

    Absolutely magnificent. My mother used to play Chopin. She also taught piano. I was fortunate to grow up hearing this music filling up our house.

    • C. Meagan Michael
      C. Meagan Michael 10 days ago

      @Sylvia Corwin How beautiful. Thank you for sharing, Sylvia :) Sending you and your family infinite love and light!

    • Sylvia Corwin
      Sylvia Corwin 10 days ago +1

      My mother used to play Chopin also. This helps me think of her. My Dad was Polish, I think my Mom married him because of her love for Chopin.

    • C. Meagan Michael
      C. Meagan Michael 6 months ago

      @puffyraisin Yes! I love that puffyraisin. Such beautiful imagery. I can envision this as well. Thank you for sharing.

  • Jean-Pierre Boudine
    Jean-Pierre Boudine 3 years ago +45

    Oui, c'est sans conteste la meilleure version des nocturnes de Chopin, parfaitement poétique et nocturne, sans jamais la moindre concession au "brillant" et au faire valoir.

  • yard rail
    yard rail Month ago +7

    Absolutely beautiful to hear the nocturnes played, one after the other, by such an outstanding pianist.Thankyou more than I can say.

  • joncaju
    joncaju 9 months ago +146

    Listening to Thierry de Brunhoff's rendition has allowed me to hear and appreciate Chopin's nocturnes like no other pianists have done before. There's beauty and purpose with every phrase, indeed every note, he plays. There's no forced drama by the pianist, but rather the listener is invited into his world or more precisely his heart. This is a gift of music, and through his music, communion with others. In that sense, listening to Brunhoff for me is more than a musical experience; it's also a spiritual one.

    • Tamar Bakaleynik
      Tamar Bakaleynik 2 months ago +1

      Chopin is my beloved composer.. l wasn’t familiar with this performer but he made such an impression on me, my heart and soul that tears running from eyes and l cannot stop and don’t want to stop. It’s great that you have such a wonderful record of all nocturnes of this magic composer. Thank you, thank you G-d bless you

    • Ezekiel Brockmann
      Ezekiel Brockmann 8 months ago +1

      @Daniel Sanford Can't find redemption in Humanity.
      Gotta look elsewhere for that.

    • Nirina Ramangasalama
      Nirina Ramangasalama 8 months ago +3

      Douceur, beauté des notes, rêverie de Chopin. Merci pour le partage :-)

    • Daniel Sanford
      Daniel Sanford 8 months ago +2

      @joncaju: Thank you for actually putting an intelligent sentence together. I've lost faith in humanity because of their ignorance.

    • Kate Guilfoyle
      Kate Guilfoyle 8 months ago +2

      @Jean Charbonnier you are absolutely right - I totally love it! Thank you. It has made my day.

  • dangervich
    dangervich 3 months ago +10

    Very sensitive. I like it better than many other more famous pianists now. Limpid. Great touch.

  • lanita2095
    lanita2095 10 months ago +83

    Как много прекрасного у нас на земле !Вот это,разве не чудо?! Слушаешь...и всё, всё уходит на задний план ,в тень...Только ты...и эти звуки...Погружаешься и растворяешься в них...Пусть музыка умиротворяет ,успокаивает, будит любовь и тепло в душе,очищает и лечит...

    • Proclus
      Proclus 7 months ago +2

      Смеркается .. Я слушаю музыку .. день завершается ..

    • 岩本えみ
      岩本えみ 10 months ago +1

      @Александр Смерку к низу Я слушаю музыку, подводит меня к концу дня.

    • Александр
      Александр 10 months ago +16

      В самом деле! Всё так: не будь на земле такой музыки и она (земля) была бы совсем другой.
      А музыка эта, как и настоящая поэзия - это Дар Божий!
      Потому что Бог есть Любовь!

  • Vincent Boyenval
    Vincent Boyenval 4 months ago +10

    Elégance très française par un jeu jamais outrancier et sans l'aspect métronomique de son maître Cortot .Thierry de Brunhoff joue ou plutôt incarne Chopin avec ce je ne sais quoi d'âme venue de là-bas , du temps, de l'espace, du divin . C'est tout bonnement UNIQUE et vous envoûte de bout en bout comme un long voyage d'où l'on ne revient pas indemne .

  • Linda Love
    Linda Love 4 months ago +166

    Discovering Thierry de Brunhoff is like coming upon a rare and beautiful flower. His soul and the soul of Chopin merge as two streams joining to form a river. His beautiful sounds full of poetry, nobility, eloquence, and passion weave a magical web which one is drawn into and consumed by.
    I hope he is aware of the appreciation of so many listeners. I can only say thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Selfmade God
      Selfmade God 2 months ago

      @A Koster
      I'm so grateful for your PERMISSION.

    • A Koster
      A Koster 2 months ago

      @Selfmade God Replying to your comments isn't banning you from speaking... it's... replying

    • Selfmade God
      Selfmade God 2 months ago

      @A Koster
      Good for you,, I'd never opposed your point of view... would you allow me to express mine ?

  • Rey Ne
    Rey Ne 4 months ago +51

    His interpretation moves me in a way I've only experienced when I heard Chopin for the first time as a child. No pianist has done this since.

    • Maria Gomes
      Maria Gomes 4 months ago +3

      I believe in you (from Brazil)

  • Bracha Almond Namu
    Bracha Almond Namu 6 months ago +5

    Chopin..king of piano.
    Brought peace and pain relief to entire re- hab facility Malaei adumah Israel.
    ⚘Thank you

  • Volha Trap
    Volha Trap Day ago

    Absolutely heavenly tones refreshing the soul!!! Chopin helped me transit from a winter to spring season of life.

  • Eileen Pollock
    Eileen Pollock 5 months ago +40

    I never heard of this pianist but his first notes filled me with a sorrow I had not known I felt. If he did become a monk, I could understand it. He has great sensitivity.

    • Rosseliani Graphics
      Rosseliani Graphics Month ago

      Yes he became a monk. I don't know if he ever played for the human beings again since he leaved the public music scene...

    • Thisisnotmyrealname8
      Thisisnotmyrealname8 5 months ago +3

      Chopin's the best. The sound seems so familiar. He speaks to something common in us all, I think.

  • Alina Becmurzaeva
    Alina Becmurzaeva Year ago +79

    Его музыка дышит вдохновением, любовью и жизнью
    Будто сами ангелы играют его руками.
    Спасибо за шикарную подборку
    Я буду возвращаться сюда снова и снова🙂

  • L. Alexandra
    L. Alexandra Year ago +100

    These are astonishing performances of Chopin’s Nocturnes, performed with the subtle discernment that Chopin preferred. The dynamics, tone, quality, subtlety, modesty, close reading of the score but very sophisticated (as opposed to academic). These are the ever elusive perfections one who plays Chopin is always searching for. I’m fascinated by his tone - just incredible. Chopin said that in the end it’s playing the music with a simplicity of style - whereby all the great many notes are synthesized into a calm, tasteful style,, with proper legato, no banging and no vulgar flourishes or excessive adornments. Thierry de Brunhoff was so brilliant.

    • Hatice Aydin
      Hatice Aydin 4 months ago +1


    • L. Alexandra
      L. Alexandra 5 months ago +5

      @excelsior999 "Simplicity is the highest goal, achievable when you have overcome all difficulties. After one has played a vast quantity of notes and more notes, it is simplicity that emerges as the crowning reward of art."
      This is one version of this quote. There are several translations of the same sentiment. If you Google Chopin ‘s quotes you will find many interesting ones.
      There are a few excellent biographies of Chopin. Generally a version of this remark or a quote is included in order to distill Chopin ethos/sensibilities. I can’t think of the titles or authors off the top of my head but I’ll edit this comment when I have access to my bookshelves. You can also read Chopin’s letters that he wrote throughout his life, even as a teenager. As I say he despised banging, heavy-handing playing of his music. In his letters you can read his direct assessment of many of his contemporaries. He had a biting sense of humor and was quite a mimic. He had little patience for people (musicians) with bad taste or a lack refinement.

    • Gwir Galon
      Gwir Galon 5 months ago +4

      et très français, dans la sens de la pudique respectée, de laisser la musique elle-même fleurir...

    • Alicia Racchini
      Alicia Racchini 9 months ago +7

      Totally agree! He’s the best for me, he’s inside the music, Chopin would have loved him!

    • excelsior999
      excelsior999 10 months ago +5

      I totally agree. I wonder if you would be able to provide the source which contains the exact Chopin quote in which he describes how music should be played.
      Interestingly, a well-respected music critic of the early 19th century expressed much the same sentiment when he complained that "the vanity of virtuosity" was ruining the way in Mozart's music was being played publicly.

  • Elizabeth Cañon
    Elizabeth Cañon 7 months ago +6

    Chopin mi preferido,hermosas melodias,estremecedoras y profundas para mi,gracias

  • Tela Long
    Tela Long Year ago +318

    2/8/2021 so happy to have found this post. my mother was a concert pianist and Chopin was one of her real favorites. she would practice late into the night and as a child i would fall asleep to these nocturnes. thank you.

    • Людмила Санданова
      Людмила Санданова 9 months ago

      You are so happy...

    • Devi Ritter
      Devi Ritter 9 months ago +2

      Funny my grandmother was a concert pianist and Chopin was her favorite as well. Must be the beauty of his music.

    • Natacha Belikova
      Natacha Belikova 10 months ago +3

      Happy childhood if a such good memories!♥️

    • bckm54
      bckm54 10 months ago +6

      One of the many things I find so fascinating about Chopin is that was unafraid of the "unusual" key signatures, proving (as if it needed proof) that beautiful music can be composed in g# minor or D-flat, or just plain old simple C...

  • Nirina Ramangasalama
    Nirina Ramangasalama Year ago +38

    Thierry de Brunhoff transporte avec lui chaque auditeur. Il joue merveilleusement avec énormément de sensibilité. C'est vraiment touchant. MERCI.

  • José Manuel cerezo
    José Manuel cerezo 7 months ago +25

    Chopin, ese eterno pensador que nos deleita con su inmortal obra, otra forma de concebir la realidad que nos envuelve. Perfecta representación del piano.

  • Guillermo Meza Luzuriaga

    Su desprendimiento absoluto de cualquier vanidad; 'diciendo' únicamente lo esencial, me ha conmovido profundamente. Grandioso pianista-poeta.

    • Gustavo Sosa
      Gustavo Sosa 2 months ago


    • Guillermo Meza Luzuriaga
      Guillermo Meza Luzuriaga 7 months ago +6

      @Jose Manuel Guerrero C. "Salido del corazón; que vaya al corazón." (Beethoven)

    • Jose Manuel Guerrero C.
      Jose Manuel Guerrero C. 7 months ago +5

      No todo el mundo sabe expresar con palabras lo que escucha. Y además es verdad. Nula vanidad. Le felicito, amigo.

    • Gladys Alicea
      Gladys Alicea Year ago +7

      Yo siento lo mismo. Es bella musica.

  • Antonio Gutemberg
    Antonio Gutemberg 7 months ago +11

    Que maravilha música clássica ao piano .Que privilégio poder ouvir Chopin.Chorei de alegria !Agradeço a Deus por viver estes tempos destas belíssimas canções .Estou apaixonado !!!

    • Andrzej Paje
      Andrzej Paje 7 months ago

      Sounds from the Polish soul ❤️🇵🇱😊


    Quelle version merveilleuse... le toucher et le piano, une symbiose unique. Merci de garder ce trésor.

  • Silvia Pavani-De Visser
    Silvia Pavani-De Visser 5 months ago +9

    I have been listening to lots and lots and lots of Chopin, with different pianists, I mean really a lot. But never have I heard such a unique interpretation. So calm, deep, nocturnal I'd say. Perhaps the religious aspect has influenced his musical approach. What a surprise!

    • tubularificationed
      tubularificationed 5 months ago +3

      I'm also glad that I discovered him here just yesterday. I didn't even know about his existence, but now I'd put him straight to the top-5, because he understands Chopin. All the contemporary pianists I know are all too often just polishing/sugarcoating/perfectioning such music, i.e. reducing it to show-pieces really, often accompanied with facial yoga gymnastics. Thierry doesn't do that, he represents still the good old school of understanding Chopins music how it should be.

  • Pochpoch Glx
    Pochpoch Glx 9 months ago +19

    Quelle merveille!
    Un très grand merci de m'avoir donné cette chance d'apprécier une si belle interprétation, si touchante.
    Il est presque 3 heures du matin et je n'arrive pas à m'en détacher.
    Chaque note inspire la paix !

  • andrea cermeño
    andrea cermeño 2 months ago +7

    Para mi nadie como Brunholf para interpretar a Chopin, se desprendió de todo ego, soltó su deseo de brillar y tocó como el maestro escribió sus nocturnos. Si Chopin escuchase este disco, estoy segura que se sentiría honrado profundamente. Una maravilla y que, creo, sólo en RU-clip está.

  • Karl A. Schnikoff
    Karl A. Schnikoff 7 months ago +58

    Wonderful, I hear him for the first time in my life, oh what a pitty! He plays with his whole soul and his whole heard. I think, Chopin would love his interpretation. For me the best Chopin Interpret ever. Thank you for that wonderful minutes.

    • SP Moran
      SP Moran 5 months ago

      @Francine Sicard What a wonderful thing to do.

    • Chocolate Fudge
      Chocolate Fudge 7 months ago +1

      @Francine Sicard Je viens de lire que ses parents ont créé Babar :)

    • Chocolate Fudge
      Chocolate Fudge 7 months ago

      @Francine Sicard Quelle histoire!

    • Francine Sicard
      Francine Sicard 7 months ago +3

      In 1974, he retired as a monk to the En-Calcat abbey, France and became a Benedictin Monk, brother Thierry Jean

  • talmadge1926
    talmadge1926 Year ago +267

    He plays with every fibre of his being. Leaves me breathless. Speechless

    • Matt Weisbart
      Matt Weisbart 2 months ago

      I hope that you were not without breath during the entire 1 hour and 47 minutes. That could be bad for your health. 😀

    • Emile Zoulette
      Emile Zoulette 4 months ago

      he plays with every finger of his being. Makes me speechless

    • Sodos Polycarpou
      Sodos Polycarpou 5 months ago +4

      Pure magic in these terbulant times of mass hysteria and delusionment.

    • alexan128
      alexan128 5 months ago

      It pass.

    • Mark W Annand
      Mark W Annand 7 months ago +2

      While listening to Chopin, I close my eyes and try to imagine how his hands play. But at times I can almost visualize a third hand!

  • Jojotonks
    Jojotonks Year ago +141

    Such beautiful and sensitive playing. The music sings as if it were playing itself. Thierry de Brunhoff and Chopin are getting me through the long hours of the night when I can’t sleep after a heart operation.
    It seems so sad that he became a monk at a young age, and deprived live audiences of his gifts. Perhaps he had recorded all he wanted and his God was obviously more important to him. I like the story told below of an organist who became a monk, then realised his talent was a gift from God that should be shared.

    • John Smith
      John Smith 4 months ago

      @Martin Guy Dinu Lipatti was very special and had a beautiful sound which could not be reproduced by any modern pianoforte known to me. I think he recorded on a Pleyel; I have played on several such old instruments myself. They possess a silvery and liquid like sound and although there are hints of it in some Bechsteins and Steinway 'B's the sounds, in the quantities of which I speak, are unique to Pleyels. Looking beneath the beauty of Lipatti's sound one finds a rather boring superficiality which grows with familiarity, There is no such superficiality in Brunhoff's playing. Quite the contrary. I am surprised, however, that some fool has not said he plays too slowly.

    • Martin Guy
      Martin Guy 5 months ago

      @Francis Di Mora Try Dinu Lipatti then! Not to knock this sublime soul, of course.

    • Archer9885
      Archer9885 6 months ago

      @RumiExpress E Why would a surgeon not sleep after operating?

    • Francis Di Mora
      Francis Di Mora 6 months ago +4

      Because he is close to God, is why his playing is so so Divine.

    • Francis Di Mora
      Francis Di Mora 6 months ago +2

      I have been a classical pianist over 50 years. Thierry is the best I have ever heard.

  • Mary Beth Morrison
    Mary Beth Morrison 4 months ago +9

    This is so perfect. I've never played Chopin's Nocturnes, but so many contemporary recordings are played somewhat haltingly, that I think perhaps there's an idea out there, that this is 'how' one is 'supposed to play Chopin - clumsily and fumbling. Listening to M. de Brunhoff play Chopin, it feels like finally being able to breathe deeply of sweet air - and it also leaves me feeling a little breathless and lightheaded - as one must feel in the presence of something so divine.

  • Лана]] Орлова

    Замечательное исполнение, тонкое, проникновенное. Спасибо огромное за прекрасную музыку!

    • smashypeople
      smashypeople 6 months ago

      @Zina M Would you elaborate on "disadvantages are a continuation of advantages" please? You've piqued my interest.

    • Татьяна
      Татьяна Year ago

      @enderfin1 Ставила через расширения в браузере , такие как: Adblock Plus , AdGuard , uBlock Origin, но
      есть видео со встроенной рекламой, тогда- не знаю, по-моему ничем (

    • enderfin1
      enderfin1 Year ago

      @Татьяна Здравствуйте! Как поставить блокировщик рекламы?

    • Татьяна
      Татьяна Year ago +2

      @Елена Елена, Поставьте блокировщик рекламы

    • Елена Елена
      Елена Елена Year ago +2

      Прекрасно, но рекламы в середине произведений быть не должно!

  • Adriana Soaje
    Adriana Soaje Month ago +3

    Me gustaria tener toda la obra de Thierry de Brunhoff continuada

  • ockerville
    ockerville 7 months ago +32

    Очень хорошее, тонкое и проникновенное исполнение.
    Хороший, техничный, но практически никому не известный пианист. Интересный человек, должно быть.

    • ockerville
      ockerville 4 months ago

      @Светлана Кугаевская YW

    • Светлана Кугаевская
      Светлана Кугаевская 4 months ago +1

      как интересно,Вы увидели пианиста,а я смотрела уже,думала о Шопена,спасибо Вам за широту видения

  • Manuelino Pampa
    Manuelino Pampa 10 months ago +35

    Que expresiva ejecución, limpia llena de brillos y con un "tempo" de precisión. Impecablemente bello. 💐💐💐🇦🇷

  • Lacrum
    Lacrum Year ago +52

    this man really take chopin where it should be, been looking for my favorite rendition of nocturnes and i think i finally found someone who really plays the length in a sensual and individualistic way, keeping his tones always in focus with pace and a sense of urgency when the music tells you to. Big fan

    • Gentil Gentil
      Gentil Gentil Month ago +1

      Músicas eternas, inesquecíveis. 11:05 sábado 02/04/2022 Guadalajara Porto Alegre RS Brasil

  • kendon
    kendon 11 months ago +94

    I have listened to this many times. I like his playing style for these nocturnes. Calm, but not dry. Expressive, but not overly so.
    Thank you very much for uploading this; can not find these recordings on CD's.

    • Claudete Ito
      Claudete Ito 5 months ago

      @María Jaén ... ..kp..m.. N b io.

    • Claudete Ito
      Claudete Ito 5 months ago

      @María Jaén ,).)

    • María Jaén
      María Jaén 6 months ago


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    Piano maravilhoso, interpretação magnífica!

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      Maria Plezbert 7 months ago +1

      Wonderful! Thank you for having sent this to me! My Linda niece died recently. who was a pianist herself Thank god for the gifted people who play such music and give others moments of grace and inspiration. Thank you, classic musicians.

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    JoeRailfan 8 months ago +278

    Thierry is the youngest son of Jean and Cécile de Brunhoff, creators of Babar, King of the Elephants. Cécile was also a classically trained pianist. What a fascinating household that must have been.

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      SP Moran 5 months ago

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      Ricardo Justen Moreira da Costa 7 months ago

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    I don’t think he would care if he was playing for one person or a thousand. Or no one at all. He’s in his own world. The nuance. Elegantly beautiful. Thank you for posting.

    • Zessa Z Zenessa
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      @leefleer it’s ok! Just a comment!

    • leefleer
      leefleer 9 months ago

      @Carl Nuernberg The sentiment you expressed in your statement was nice and I was just appreciating it. That’s all. That his performance may be a very private experience for him. As it is with many great artists. That’s what I thought you were expressing in your statement. What are you talking about in observing limits?

    • Carl Nuernberg
      Carl Nuernberg 9 months ago +1

      @leefleer Thank you, leefleer. I know you didn’t mean it but still I think limits ought to be observed. It is all a question of not abusing the freedom and all the technology we have available! I wish you all the very best. Bye bye!

    • leefleer
      leefleer 9 months ago

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    Thierry has a highly wonderful "musical approach" of Chopin, quite far away from the syrup-like romantico-sentimetalism which is a highly ridiculous "tradition" but also from a recent "constructivist" trend , which is al last as ridiculous. The actual Chopin lives in quite other regions, and Thierry understood it perfectly.

  • Artiom Krasauskas
    Artiom Krasauskas 7 months ago +32

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    *Parabéns ao intérprete.*

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    les regrets, les vies écorchés et la torpeur des veilleurs tourmentés💐

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    Antoine Hartley 8 months ago +36

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    Jezza B 8 months ago +43

    My father played Chopin into his 80s and inspired our love for him and piano music. RIP Dad.

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    I’d forgotten how lovely Chopin is. Number 20 is especially, for me at least, one of my favourites. Thank you.

    • Cynth Corcor
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      Ricardo Justen Moreira da Costa 7 months ago +2

      😊👏🏻👏🏻🎹🎼🎶🎶🎶! My favourite is Opus 9 No 3, and his final sequence! This is I like the most, beautiful Song from the Romantism by Chopin☀️🎹

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    pedro a. cantero 7 months ago +6

    Toucher limpide et non moins profond, on sent dans chaque note le feu intérieur qui nourri cette interprétation. Sans doute la plus belle parmi toutes celles que je lui connais.

  • 山下満
    山下満 Year ago +32

    Thank you for sharing the profound music and information. I found that Chopin ended his life at the age of 39, and that Thierry de Brunhoff left the musical stage at the same age he finished recording his Nocturne, feeling the shortness and density of 39 years. I can't help but feel that his last music is quietly telling us that the end is never a sad thing.

    • michi yamada
      michi yamada 4 months ago +1

      correction: Jean died much more young at 37.

    • michi yamada
      michi yamada 4 months ago +1

      about “to end up”discussion, I read Mr.Brunhoff’s comment somewhere on the internet, direct word or indirect one, I don’t remember, but the meaning of his saying was like this; I make a stop to give back all I've been given from God during past, this is the time. *Mr.Brunhoff’s grandfather, Jean also died of tuberculosis at 39.

    • 山下満
      山下満 8 months ago +2

      @Tom Bretislow
      I don't disagree with your opinion that it is correct to say that Chopin did not end his life, but died of tuberculosis.
      my main point was that Therry de Brunhoff made his last recording at the age of 39 to match the age at which God called Chopin to die.I am sure Thierry de Brunhoff felt strongly about eternity and one day, and I think it is not only the excellence of the piano playing that moves us living under the pandemic of 21st century, but also the sense of eternity and one day.

  • Martine Savard
    Martine Savard 5 months ago +11

    Beautiful interpretation. Very personal and not the slightest pedantic. Straight to the point - yet very singing and poetic.

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    • Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster
      Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster Month ago

      No one could ever accuse the Steinway of sweetness .

    • Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster
      Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster Month ago

      @Gwir Galon
      Oui , and the Baldwin is more like the Pleyel.

    • Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster
      Sarah Hearn-vonFoerster Month ago

      @Ken Oliver
      Only the great Baldwin Grand delivers Chopin properly...mellow and deep bass with crisp upper overtones.

    • Gwir Galon
      Gwir Galon 5 months ago +2

      bien dit--pourquoi je me suis demandée si c'en était un Pleyel, comme voulait toujours Chopin lui-même...Nous avons un de 1929 et comme ça chante avec douceur et richesse! C'est mon preferé pour les LIeder tous..

    • Ken Oliver
      Ken Oliver 7 months ago +1

      Agreed - the piano's tone is essential to this performanc's greatness. I could be wrong (I often am) but it doesn't sound like a concert Steinway to me (crisper timbre, not as much resonance in the bass)

  • April K
    April K 9 months ago +30

    These pieces and his playing are sublime.

    • roninreturns
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      Well stated @April K, simple, substantial, sublime, serene, and sustaining, this is a fine interpretation of Chopin's work all around from start to finish.