10 HAUNTING Facts About the Titanic

  • Published on Dec 24, 2017
  • No matter how old you are or where you come from, you have probably heard of the horrific accident of the Titanic. Touted as the "Unsinkable" ship, the Titanic would make headlines around the world after it crashed into an iceberg in 1912. The luxury ship had over 1000 passengers aboard when an iceberg tore through its hull. Only 700 passengers survived the accident, and ever since the Titanic has been a source of interest for the general public.
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    4. Luxury for All
    The designers of the Titanic put luxury above all else during its construction. However, what most people don't know is that many of the luxuries for first-class passengers were available to third-class passengers as well.
    The Titanic was one of a kind when it came to amenities available to its first class passengers. It was one of the first ships to offer a heated swimming pool, Turkish Baths, and a full gym. The first class living and lounging areas had carved solid oak wood paneling that decorated every wall. The second class area was very similar to the first class.
    The third class area of the Titanic was something different. Many of the third class passengers were travelers who were moving to America for the first time. While the company that built the Titanic still cared about these passengers, they did reduce some of the luxury seen throughout the rest of the ship.
    Rooms for third-class passengers were smaller than their second and first class counterparts. Certain amenities, such as the Turkish Bath, were reduced since the designers did not expect third class passengers to use them as much. However, the third-class areas still contained oak decoration, luxury chairs, and many other luxuries passengers may not have been accustomed to experiencing.
    Overall no matter what class you purchased your ticket in, you would have had a luxurious time if the Titanic would have completed its voyage.

    3. Mail Ship
    If you have ever researched anything about the Titanic, you may have noticed three letters, RMS, placed in front of the vessel's name. These three letters stand for the Royal Mail Ship, which made the Titanic a mail cargo ship.
    Located on deck G, the Titanic had a dedicated area for sorting mail and parcels called the Sea Post Service. The workers in this post office worked for both the Royal Mail and the United States Post office. These mailmen would work seven days a week, sorting over 60,000 items every day over a 13-hour shift.
    Since the post office room was located below the waterline of the Titanic, the room quickly flooded after the Titanic struck an iceberg. The post office workers sprang into action working as hard as they could to save the mail and packages aboard.
    Unfortunately, none of the 3,423 sacks of mail survived, and to this day, no one has been able to find any of the parcels that sunk with the Titanic.

    2. Poor Design
    When the Titanic was first announced, the company behind its design touted that it was "unsinkable." However, due to a design flaw in the hull of the Titanic, the ship was capable of taking on a lot of water at once without any safety measures to save itself.
    The Titanic's construction included 16 "watertight" compartments. These compartments are meant to prevent water from spreading throughout the ship in the case of a breach in the hull. However, since the passengers of the Titanic would want to move around freely throughout the ship, the designers were forced to place doors into the bulkheads that were meant to keep water out.
    Once the Titanic struck an iceberg, it opened up a handful of compartments to the sea outside. Since the doors placed into the bulkheads were not strong enough to hold back water, the water quickly spread throughout the ship. These non-watertight compartments are one of the most significant reasons the Titanic sank so quickly after its collision.

    1. Quickly Disappearing
    When most ships sink into the ocean, they begin to take on a whole new life. They become home to all matter of sea life and can act as a living reef to some ocean species. Some shipwrecks are home to microbes that slowly eat away at the wood or iron that comprise the sunken vessel.
    The Titanic is no special ship when it comes to hungry creatures of the sea. When the Titanic was first found, researchers were astonished at its almost pristine condition after its wreck. Many attributed this preservation due to the extreme pressures and lack of light that surround the Titanic.
    However, only a few decades after its initial discovery, the Titanic is slowly disappearing. In 2010, scientists discovered a new species of bacteria living in and around the wreckage of the Titanic. They believe that this species is responsible for slowly devouring the vessel over the past few decades.
    At its current rate of decay, many scientists believe that the Titanic will not last more than 15 to 20 years.
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    the titanic sank, BUT NOT HERE. this is RMS OLYMPIC

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