KarasMai Kayn Montage | NA Challenger Kayn Main

  • Published on Mar 18, 2019
  • KarasMai Kayn Montage - NA Challenger Kayn Main - League of Legends .
    Karasmai Kayn Runes Patch 9.5 : twitter.com/KarasMaii/status/1105809557257752576
    All plays belong to KarasMai . Check him out for more:
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    - Riven Montage : bit.ly/RivenMontage
    - Zed Montage : bit.ly/ZedMontage
    - Yasuo Montage : bit.ly/YasuoMontage
    Music :
    00:00 Song: RIOT - Jungle Fury [Monstercat Release]
    5:00 Song: Bossfight - Badmash [Monstercat Release]
    8:06 Song: Bossfight - Carol of the Cartels [Monstercat Release]
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Comments • 75

  • Abdo Ali
    Abdo Ali 19 days ago +1

    tank red kayn is simply the most fun champion to play

  • Daniel Insaurralde
    Daniel Insaurralde 26 days ago +1

    Kayn mains: I HAVE MECHANICS *W+Q*

  • Tên Đổi Mới
    Tên Đổi Mới Month ago +2

    4:48 Aatrox ng VN kìa

  • Robbert Bernaerts
    Robbert Bernaerts Month ago +1

    The music is so bad lol...

  • khrizer
    khrizer Month ago

    wtf is this music

  • Rosen Georgiev
    Rosen Georgiev Month ago +1

    Im a fan of Kara but i don't think he is doing that insane plays. He just q and w (Red) them to the moment when he has low hp and ult someone to restore some missing health and doing that combo again and again. About blue kayn, everyone knows how he works, just w q them when they stack and ez penta, im a main kayn also and i can do his plays much better in some situations, he isn't that clean how some ppl says. And don't forget, that's my opinion, guys, no offense. Much love, Kara.

  • Youssif Samir
    Youssif Samir Month ago +2

    Video's Amazing , Your choice of music is HORRID!

  • VVagger 01
    VVagger 01 2 months ago +1

    i like karasmai play kayn he like a god kayn

  • Lý Huỳnh
    Lý Huỳnh 3 months ago

    4:47 aatrox việt nam =))

  • Mother_ Nature
    Mother_ Nature 3 months ago +1

    get inside me senpai 😍

  • James
    James 4 months ago +8

    3:36 damn karasmai a strong man

  • AspiringPixel
    AspiringPixel 4 months ago +67

    Darkin is Red
    Shadow Assasin is Blue
    If I go full Lethality
    Omae wa mou shindeiru

  • Sailor Moon
    Sailor Moon 4 months ago


  • Huy Le
    Huy Le 4 months ago


  • mateus alves
    mateus alves 4 months ago +1

    Este é meu main!!!

  • milan wiel
    milan wiel 4 months ago

    Funny fact : He’s not a Kayn main!

  • Epic Gamer
    Epic Gamer 4 months ago

    Please tell me good build for kayn

    • Mauro Noà Contaldo Murgia
      Mauro Noà Contaldo Murgia 3 months ago

      -Blue Smite+Red gem
      -Youmuu/Edge of night
      -Lord Dominik/Mortal Reminder
      -Guardian Angel/Death dance/Black Clever/Mercurial Scimitar/malmortius
      -blue or red smite+Red gem
      -Black Clever
      -Death dance/sterak/titanic hydra
      -Spirit visage/item armor+hp
      -lord dominik/mortal reminder/guardian angel/mercurial/malmortius

    • Nostalgica project
      Nostalgica project 4 months ago


  • DasIchigo
    DasIchigo 5 months ago +19

    I love how he is doing insane plays and everyone is just questionmark pinging him xD

    • Adam Bino
      Adam Bino 5 days ago

      @César Padilla nevermind, thanks for telling me :P

    • César Padilla
      César Padilla 5 days ago

      @Adam Bino let him he is in all kayn' montage , he is so mad and he think that kayn is broken

    • Adam Bino
      Adam Bino 11 days ago

      @# we.are.Venom forgot darkin plays you dumbass?

    • # we.are.Venom
      # we.are.Venom 20 days ago

      Insane play were just flash w q and oneshots 3 champions broken champ no mechanics stfu

    • Alexander Kardouni
      Alexander Kardouni 2 months ago

      DasIchigo sometimes I ? ping people if they do some crazy play that deletes people

  • muhammet bağcı
    muhammet bağcı 5 months ago

    Bizim zegabon daha iyi aq

    • zeynep başar
      zeynep başar 4 months ago

      Zaten Zegabonda dedi kendimi iyi bir oyuncu olarak görmüyorum zevkine oynuyorum diye.

  • Esdras Amir
    Esdras Amir 5 months ago +3

    7:39 clean

    • # we.are.Venom
      # we.are.Venom 20 days ago

      Your mother is clean he just w q oneshots stfu nerd

  • Hà Tiều Phu
    Hà Tiều Phu 5 months ago +7

    this guy is insane , holy moly

    • Dante12369
      Dante12369 13 days ago

      @# we.are.Venom but ok

    • Dante12369
      Dante12369 13 days ago

      @# we.are.Venom i think he is bad

    • # we.are.Venom
      # we.are.Venom 20 days ago

      Omg why is he insane if the only thing he do is w + q cringe

    • Thần phù hộ
      Thần phù hộ 4 months ago

      @Vic to ngoại già đi lạc =))

    • Vic to
      Vic to 4 months ago


  • Quyên Ngọc
    Quyên Ngọc 5 months ago +1

    4:47 vietnamese?

  • Aoitef Naimi
    Aoitef Naimi 5 months ago


  • Al3janĐr0 Sheida
    Al3janĐr0 Sheida 5 months ago +1

    Nice Montage Karasmai is God Kayn World

    • # we.are.Venom
      # we.are.Venom 20 days ago

      Ao cringe he just w + q onwshots no skills no brains no mechanics like you

  • Huy Lee Sin
    Huy Lee Sin 5 months ago +3

    4:46 that name is from Viet Nam ?

  • dasman rog
    dasman rog 5 months ago +18

    This music hurt my ears

  • Tăng Hưởng Cosplay
    Tăng Hưởng Cosplay 5 months ago

    yasua is My

  • olo81
    olo81 5 months ago +14

    Wish he gets famous after this

    • # we.are.Venom
      # we.are.Venom 20 days ago

      Why so the league had more cancer this champ no mechanics no skills no brain just like you see ya nerd

    • Lucfx GambitGaming
      Lucfx GambitGaming 5 months ago +3

      Hash also duos with him, that must help too

  • Unbreakable Jungler
    Unbreakable Jungler 5 months ago +7

    finally someone made KarasMai Kayn main montage

  • MASTER Coder
    MASTER Coder 5 months ago +1

    you got an amazing music taste

    • Mrlagalot
      Mrlagalot 5 months ago

      If you call that music

  • Corrin Kamui
    Corrin Kamui 5 months ago +5

    I'm also a Kayn main but I eally hate playing blue Kayn. If my team needs an assasin I love to go Evelynn cuz she just blows up people tank or not and her ult is a great escape too

    • Geistigmoralische Mechanismen
      Geistigmoralische Mechanismen 4 months ago

      @Corrin Kamui Elo?

    • Corrin Kamui
      Corrin Kamui 4 months ago

      @Geistigmoralische Mechanismen I have a 72% win rate with kayn now, few blue but mostly red..

    • Geistigmoralische Mechanismen
      Geistigmoralische Mechanismen 4 months ago

      @Corrin Kamui How Ironic, I just bought bloodmon Evelynn 5 minutes ago. Starting to play her more often now.
      And yeah you should totally check him out, he is never playing Darkin and got a 61% winrate with his blue Kayn.

    • Corrin Kamui
      Corrin Kamui 4 months ago +1

      @Geistigmoralische Mechanismen I liked him until I got my hands on the reworked Evelynn (like early season 8 when she wasnt picked all the time). I love the old dark harvest tbh but oh well. I'll check out the kr what you said

    • Geistigmoralische Mechanismen
      Geistigmoralische Mechanismen 4 months ago

      search for CHC Kayn in Kr server, at first I didnt liked blue Kayn either but the DH + Blue Kayn combo is out of this world

    VICTOR GOSSELIN 5 months ago +7

    KarasMai always gets outplayed by Stylish during soloQs xD This champ isn't mechanically good to watch, bad choice honestly. The first and the second musics are cancer by the way... A little disappointed about this video :'(

    • Dragan
      Dragan 2 months ago

      VICTOR GOSSELIN I’m disappointed by your comment lmao

    • Bad Vibes 4ever
      Bad Vibes 4ever 4 months ago +3

      Kayn main here. I agree with that statement. What is satisfying to watch tho is kayn jumping in 1v5 and killing everyone.

      VICTOR GOSSELIN 4 months ago

      @Badr Ait Jelloul thank you to resum it ^^

    • Badr Ait Jelloul
      Badr Ait Jelloul 5 months ago +1

      XD kayn is one of the best counters to zed in both forms bcz of his kit but he fell to hard early game and zed is strong early thats why

      VICTOR GOSSELIN 5 months ago +1

      @Goo Troop wrong. you need to play perfectly when you play Zed, especially if Kayn is in red form (you can burst blue form Kayn easily because he is very squishy). Anyway, Kayn has an "untargetable" ability which is the same as a zonhya (his R), so if you uses the ult during Zed's ult (death mark), you are able to dodge all incoming damages, Kayn has the advantage in 1 vs 1, you are wrong bro. But in fact that depends a lot of the skills and knwoledges during the 1 vs 1.

  • TrHasuo
    TrHasuo 5 months ago


  • Tekachi Kun
    Tekachi Kun 5 months ago +13

    My kayn idol