THIS is my DREAM GARAGE! - Garage Walkthrough


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  • chaseontwowheels
    chaseontwowheels  2 года назад +95

    Sorry about the focus hunting on the camera peeps. Let's just look past it and check out this BAD ASS garage! Also, where my #C2Wpitcrew at?

    • Tanner Wolfie205
      Tanner Wolfie205 2 года назад

      Nice bike at the end // Ducati \\

    • Toxic Hawk
      Toxic Hawk 2 года назад +1

      chaseontwowheels your C2Wpitcrew is right here

    • Jay B
      Jay B 2 года назад +1

      Suh dude. Killer garage. Came together like the perfect couple having Sunday morning nuptials

    • Smelly Dave
      Smelly Dave 2 года назад

      +colebones thanks man I appreciate it, I don't really know anyone to tell me about bikes so I appreciate it!

    • colebones
      colebones 2 года назад

      That should give you plenty of options.

  • Darlene Froemming
    Darlene Froemming 16 дней назад

    I am so jealous!

  • Shaheen Matthews
    Shaheen Matthews 6 месяцев назад

    Hey Man! Been looking at getting a new bike, preferably the Yamaha R1 2015 and up or the Honda Fireblade 2016 and up, now the Honda is down on power, the Yamaha looks sick! Also the GSXR is amazing. Now im stuck on which bike to consider as the Yamahas service intervals are like 5000km's or about 9000miles, the Honda is 12000km's or 20 000 miles dont know about the Gixxer. Would it be possible to create a vid or something that compares service intervals and costs of maintaining the top litre bikes?

    HEAVY TANK 8 месяцев назад

    Nice garage bro i want make this too thank you

  • Matias Q
    Matias Q 11 месяцев назад

    Im so fucking jealous lol

  • Brandon Villegas
    Brandon Villegas Год назад

    That is not a garage that is Man Cave!! It is truly just stunning!!

  • Cory C.
    Cory C. Год назад

    Like it? Shove a bed in there and I would live in it that garage.

  • Nightmare Deathwing
    Nightmare Deathwing Год назад

    I would live a garage like this

  • José Luis Labrado
    José Luis Labrado Год назад

    In my country that budget its not cheap at all :(

  • Two4Design
    Two4Design Год назад

    Nice Job on the Garage!! I just picked up the lift ..I look forward to utilizing it!

  • SippiBoy Barrett
    SippiBoy Barrett Год назад

    Love the vids! Plently of gear! Could you donate me a riding jacket? I just bought my 1st bike.. lol

  • jr txofre
    jr txofre Год назад

    You lost me when you started talking about the wall paper

  • Andrew Lynch
    Andrew Lynch Год назад

    Hey Chase really enjoyed this! I actually came across your channel when you started wrecked bike rebuild. That was an awesome show and I could relate as someone around your age with some skills working on bikes it was funny watching you make the same mistakes as I did. However it's not until you give it a go yourself that you learn. I love watching Del Boys garage as he gives some awesome advice. Not into welding him but the simple skills stuff is great.
    I'm also a wedding photographer who shoots Sony so it's class seeing all of the kit your using.
    Anyway keep up the AMAZING work!!!

  • Bulltainment
    Bulltainment Год назад +1

    Wow... I just binged watched this whole series... aaaaaannnnd its 5:39 in the morning... Worth it! This garage is legit my dude! Stay gold Ponyboy!

  • Kevin French
    Kevin French Год назад

    I have determined chase is literally the MKBHD of the moto community

  • Gojira
    Gojira Год назад

    very nice

  • Mr Salih
    Mr Salih Год назад

    Love everything about your garage excluding the overpriced problem prone non Japanese bikes😂😁😁😁👍.

  • krispewkreme
    krispewkreme Год назад

    "Here in my garage, just got this Ducati Monster here. Fun to crash into downtown taxis. But you know what I love more than wrecking Ducatis? HELMETS, to protect my KNAAWWWLEDGE." Love you Chase :)

  • Bob N' Gip
    Bob N' Gip Год назад

    ducati monsterrrrr

    ERICK CORTEZ Год назад


  • mad mike
    mad mike Год назад

    your garage makes mine look like a dump man i need to step up my garage game

  • Callum Gilvear
    Callum Gilvear Год назад

    I love red too

  • Callum Gilvear
    Callum Gilvear Год назад

    I love red to

  • Larry Sweetser
    Larry Sweetser Год назад

    Who is the manufacture of the MC lift? Looks like very high quality and good work platform! Thanks

  • The Infinit Ryda
    The Infinit Ryda Год назад

    That's a Ducati Monster

  • Chroma
    Chroma Год назад

    11:08 thank you for restoring peace to my OCD.

  • German Zamora
    German Zamora Год назад

    Awesome garage! Anyone know of a video on how to install BK Moto headlights?

  • John Doe
    John Doe Год назад


  • HD Jake
    HD Jake Год назад

    DAMN youtube money builds a nice garage!!

  • James Klein
    James Klein Год назад

    Very impressive, I have a 08 fire blade I absolutely love it, looking to set my garage up as well.

  • tank2g2
    tank2g2 Год назад

    This is The man cave

  • meineke care care brakes mufflers tune ups

    WOW!, Nice work, that is a dream garage, I have been in the automotive biz with a big commercial shop but always wanted my 6 car home garage to be nice, YOU inspired me and I'm 54,,, I am impressed with all you have done and I am not impressed easily!

  • Jacob Buenrostro
    Jacob Buenrostro 2 года назад

    Hey Chase, I was wondering how you feel about adding insulation to the garage door for a bit better climate control?

  • Nathan Jones
    Nathan Jones 2 года назад

    it is good 😆👍

  • T Y
    T Y 2 года назад

    Your garage is completly my dream garage i really want make one of like yours but i really wonder how much is the total cost dude ? I watch all of your garage series and i enjoyed like it is mine!! Perfect job, keep going !!

  • rocket 2507
    rocket 2507 2 года назад

    Ok Chase I need 2 things. The garage floor dimensions? And with 6 per square foot, how much did that cost?

  • Do Subie with the Suburban Derek
    Do Subie with the Suburban Derek 2 года назад

    This dream garage too... like seriously.

  • martinMX
    martinMX 2 года назад

    chase's tool box on 4 wheels

  • Mechiel Hengstmengel
    Mechiel Hengstmengel 2 года назад

    and does the garage has water to clean your bike? :')

  • dathi de panda
    dathi de panda 2 года назад

    biker pikachu on the rack on the right side of the bike on the jack

  • Indiana Diver
    Indiana Diver 2 года назад

    1. Doesn't know what episode the build was, so it must not be important after all and 2. You didn't want the cabinet in the corner because of smells, as I recall your subscribers had suggested the table/cabinet swap to feel as if you had more space.

  • noel cortis
    noel cortis 2 года назад

    Ducati 796 heheyyy

  • Sam Williams
    Sam Williams 2 года назад

    The logo on the work bench man. Everything is so dialed and they let you down with such a not squared logo.

  • Parker Sheridan
    Parker Sheridan 2 года назад

    Are you able to take the front wheel off with that stand?

  • 6973chris2
    6973chris2 2 года назад

    899 panigale

  • SurfsquadTv _
    SurfsquadTv _ 2 года назад

    It's a ktm duke 690

  • Nicholas Goh
    Nicholas Goh 2 года назад

    Oh shit. Is that the Monster 795 ?

  • Jared Moore
    Jared Moore 2 года назад

    Is that a super duke or monster 821?

  • MsLoneWolf4
    MsLoneWolf4 2 года назад +2

    im torn about your garage. for your intent its pretty stout. Unfortunately im dirt and grease magnet so my dream garage is a fully equiped machanics along machine shop but think this would be great for the finished toys everyday parking garage attached to house

  • David de la Fuente
    David de la Fuente 2 года назад

    honestly I do not like this garage has multiple things in my opinion that he did completely wrong. I don't really see how he's storing the bikes as a good storage method. the lighting , the cables could easily have been hidden. in the couch in that chair right in front of the TV does not look right at all. indeed this is all my opinion do whatever you want not trying to be a hater or anything just giving my opinion

  • WallabyHonda
    WallabyHonda 2 года назад

    wow, a ducati monster?! thats awsome!

  • Chris Sydenstricker
    Chris Sydenstricker 2 года назад

    love it

  • Sasi Haran
    Sasi Haran 2 года назад

    The Garage looks great ,but u didn't specify the price of that Milwaukee toolkit?

  • Toxic Hawk
    Toxic Hawk 2 года назад

    You spent 460 dollars on WALLPAPER

    KBMOTO 2 года назад

    who filmed it?

  • gem gem
    gem gem 2 года назад

    I it's a ducati

  • JumbleMT
    JumbleMT 2 года назад


  • Raisa Hernandez
    Raisa Hernandez 2 года назад

    So freaking awesome! It came out so hot!!!! Jeez I hope I can get as big as you one day and do the same #goals

  • Nayib Noyola
    Nayib Noyola 2 года назад +3

    Garage looks Awesome

  • Kyle Pelletier
    Kyle Pelletier 2 года назад


  • m4ck408
    m4ck408 2 года назад

    stop controlling my alexa!

  • Rob Lochard
    Rob Lochard 2 года назад

    Chase I see you have something under the kickstand on the Triumph - I remember after you installed the flooring and parked one of your bikes the weight moved the top part of the floor section. how did you resolve this? is that piece you have under the kickstand now help prevent that? BTW Best Bike garage I have seen great work! So gonna borrow many of your ideas when the time comes :)

  • William Jones
    William Jones 2 года назад

    chase ur nose is on sideways.

  • Mohamed Nejmi
    Mohamed Nejmi 2 года назад +1

    the garage from iron man 😎

  • Ryan Linden
    Ryan Linden 2 года назад

    This was some really good content throughout the build Chase. Good work!

  • Patrick Bryan
    Patrick Bryan 2 года назад

    DUUUDE! your garage turned freaking amazing!! really NICE work bro! something you might think about for your open shelf, especially if you plan on doing alot builds/bike customs/regular bike maintenance make a spot dedicated to parts & only parts and if your like me if I have multiple parts coming in round the same time I'll wait till I get them all before installing/replacing so a parts shelf give you a place to store them without losing them and you can see what parts you already so your not ordering two of the samething...

  • akhil krishna
    akhil krishna 2 года назад

    so it's a Ducati

    VIJAY BHUYAN 2 года назад

    wow !! ducati awesome !!!

  • damarlo1
    damarlo1 2 года назад

    fucking amazing garage bro. I'm so jealous.. where can I find a rental garage? honestly never knew they existed... you mentioned the price for everything but rent for it... but I really need a garage.. hate leaving my bike outside... any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Kasey Yeagley
    Kasey Yeagley 2 года назад

    Take a shot every time chase says "moving right along" ;)

  • Rithy Mao
    Rithy Mao 2 года назад

    It's a Ducati

  • The BestJoker
    The BestJoker 2 года назад

    dope ass garage bro

  • sMiLeY4K
    sMiLeY4K 2 года назад

    wow the ending cinematic was amazing gave me chills love your vids man

  • Casey Cambre
    Casey Cambre 2 года назад

    Chase your garage looks AWESOME, makes me want to do mine but, I am selling my house next year so I will have to do it on the next house I get. I am going to do the gear rack though that thing is bad ass. I never put much thought into a bike lift but for that price I am going to have to pick one up. Thank you for that video it gave me lots of ideas. Stay cool, ride safe and you are the man Chase.

  • MotoManSam
    MotoManSam 2 года назад

    That is 'dope as'... and i'm from England.:D

  • Moka
    Moka 2 года назад

    How much do you earn in a month jesus :o

  • ItsFrenzy
    ItsFrenzy 2 года назад

    Oooooo Ducati monster

  • Sousas Adventure
    Sousas Adventure 2 года назад

    It was awesome!
    "The ChaseDen" 😂
    The small details... love it 🔝

  • Blackbird
    Blackbird 2 года назад

    whoa, that's awesome!!!

  • E36_bi//mer
    E36_bi//mer 2 года назад

    hey put the tool box under the work bench

  • Gonzalo Sanchidrián
    Gonzalo Sanchidrián 2 года назад

    AMAZING GARAGE DUDE!!!! And BTW! A f**king Ducati Monster?! OH boy, we are gonna have built and repair videos for ages, COOL STUFF!! hahaha Can´t wait to see how good/bad is it and how much work do you have to do on it =D

  • Abandn
    Abandn 2 года назад

    Ducati monster 696?

  • DoubleT90T
    DoubleT90T 2 года назад

    The lights are badass. Cool garage!

  • SuperMotoMe
    SuperMotoMe 2 года назад

    Don't get the white shelf thing next to the lounge?

  • Sirui Gu
    Sirui Gu 2 года назад

    Super combat garage, nice !

  • Jeffrey Murillo
    Jeffrey Murillo 2 года назад

    Ducati Monster 796?
    I wanted to get one of those.

  • David Beck
    David Beck 2 года назад +1

    That gear rack looks GREAT man!!!

  • Caleb Kleinjan
    Caleb Kleinjan 2 года назад

    Can't wait to see what's to come with that Ducati! Love the garage chase!

  • sour grapes
    sour grapes 2 года назад

    sick af dude

  • Ethan Collins
    Ethan Collins 2 года назад

    Dang. All the money he spent on the garage accessories, could've been used to buy his own garage, instead of renting lol but still really really cool

  • Chris Ryder
    Chris Ryder 2 года назад

    adding a ducati to the garage is gonna be sweet chase,dig the garage,loved the series amd hope you keep doin what you do into the new year man.

  • David Serrano
    David Serrano 2 года назад

    You forgot the stripper pole lol

  • justdjlove
    justdjlove 2 года назад

    Garage looks great.. nice job.. will that be a project track bike?

  • phuong ho
    phuong ho 2 года назад

    Since we the fan and subscribers supported you financially and mentally in building this garage...... could we come over and hang out?

  • george p
    george p 2 года назад

    is it a 990 superduke??

  • Freerider
    Freerider 2 года назад +1

    It's sweet, but it is a downside that it's not actually your own garage. Hope you get to enjoy it for a long time though.

  • Doe_Brkić
    Doe_Brkić 2 года назад

    You hide monster woow

  • Harry
    Harry 2 года назад

    did he paint the ceiling?

  • JoeJoe Moto
    JoeJoe Moto 2 года назад

    Nice mate. Very extensive!!

  • MidShipCivic
    MidShipCivic 2 года назад

    If you want something to stand the weight of a lift you do not put it under a plastic flooring tile system you put it under high tensile concrete...