Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health

  • Published on Sep 10, 2019
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger shows us the contents of his fridge as well as explaining what his workout looks like in 2019. The star of Terminator: Dark Fate shares his approach to eating, working out and the reason why "he'll be back".
    Arnold Schwarzenegger Shows His Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men's Health
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Comments • 13 532

  • RekkaKien3
    RekkaKien3 18 hours ago

    When even the god of bodybuilding himself is aware of the bs and the harm of the meat and dairy products. 🤔 wonder if the other naive, delusional people'll listen to reason now. Probably not. 🤷🏾‍♂️ but hey, enjoy all the negative side effects that comes with those muscles you oh so desire.

  • Kara DeRonda
    Kara DeRonda 19 hours ago

    I love how when I start going to the gym I get this recommended to me...... staaaaaap 🤣

  • Jessie Thornton
    Jessie Thornton 19 hours ago

    All day D-Bol lol

  • Type 6 diabetes
    Type 6 diabetes 20 hours ago

    2:48 loooool 😂😂😂

  • Dan The Man
    Dan The Man 21 hour ago

    Why is he never asked if his early steroid use effected his heart condition and what his heart surgeons opinions are on the matter.

  • holdmebackbrah
    holdmebackbrah 21 hour ago

    Arnold is the shit. A legendary man I hope this world gets to enjoy for a very long time.

  • 69,000 subscribers without any friends

    I have cheat days too. I went Vegan to stay healthy, but once a year every year for 365 days, i allow myself to eat meat

  • Raf Rafs
    Raf Rafs 22 hours ago

    arnold; dint tell nobody about my lemon bear
    vid: has 8 mill views

  • Patrick Szostak
    Patrick Szostak 22 hours ago

    But he really got skinnier in the face. But he still is real. Love him

  • Max Lake
    Max Lake 22 hours ago

    So when Arnold Schwarzenegger walks in a pub he says
    'Can I have half a shandy please?'

  • Ryan Nguyen
    Ryan Nguyen 23 hours ago

    4:55 My motivation to go to gym everyday after work, even if it was just an hour of light work out.

  • Jakob Hanssen
    Jakob Hanssen Day ago

    you can cheat as long as you are active. Burn it off that is good advice. I eat Nada moo ice cream, and starburst at 11pm and I'm almost 30 but I'm active at gym for 3 hrs a day. Calories in 1500 burn':700-1000

  • Jakob Hanssen
    Jakob Hanssen Day ago

    His fridge looks like mine except....sadly mined has yogurt way 2 much oikos t triple 0:(

  • Jamal B
    Jamal B Day ago

    4:06 shawty on the left

  • Joy Joseph
    Joy Joseph Day ago

    Real men : "Well actually, I like to put in the whole egg" 🔥🔥

  • Manish Doddamane

    A bodybuilder wait I thought he is a comedian

  • Jake Eugenio
    Jake Eugenio Day ago

    Anrold deserves 9 more lives so he can share more of his knowledge 9 more generations

  • Ravi Singh
    Ravi Singh Day ago

    What? He blended even the egg shell.

  • Not Sure
    Not Sure Day ago

    Beer as protindrink =) i love it

    • Not Sure
      Not Sure Day ago

      BTW kinda cool with Mustache ...

  • Michael Ray
    Michael Ray Day ago

    I hate cows milk....I don’t hate much of anything.

  • Peter Everett
    Peter Everett Day ago

    What a legend! I love him, would be awesome to hang out with him!

  • modather matin
    modather matin Day ago

    The egg though

  • Bri Corley95
    Bri Corley95 Day ago

    A true living legend

  • space tech101
    space tech101 Day ago

    I've been watching this man since I was a little boy in his movies... he's a great inspiration to me but not because of the muscles and mass... but because sheer dedication of what he is doing, has done, and will continue to do through-out history and also the future, long after his time he will still do these things, inspiring people though-out time itself... he will be the longest living man in history. and remembered, still loved and never forgotten just because he got old doesn't mean he's not in the game, he is still in the game for as long as he breathes and lives, what he has done with his life is the ultimate challenge for everyone, and the question remains and shall remain for all time... "can you do better?" :D

  • Jonathan Camargo

    I'LL BE BACK.. Lol I WILL NOT SAY IT. KEEP STRONG! That really cool story.

  • JB pedring
    JB pedring Day ago

    Arnold succeeded coming from Austria having nothing but ironically, this idiot supports socialism just like what these demotards did in California. Capitalism made you succeed not socialism moron.

  • SuperSaiyan3985
    SuperSaiyan3985 Day ago

    So Arnold goes to that gym everyday? How LOL, doesn’t he get swarmed by fans in that case?

  • Holiday Armadillo

    I expected to see some highly liked comment regarding the fact that my man eats the eggshell... 🥴🤢🤮

  • dirtysteve40
    dirtysteve40 Day ago

    Would someone please close the fridge door

  • Just Some Guy with a Mustache

    Every weight he lifts is to get rid of the memory of those poolside, flabby photos...

  • Feedekaiser _
    Feedekaiser _ Day ago

    Egg shells for extra calcium haha

  • wa zapp
    wa zapp Day ago

    I want to know that beer lemonade

  • Chieffkeeffsossa_fan300

    What he doesn’t realize is that meat is essential for protein so kinda stupid becoming a vegetarian

  • Smooth Prints
    Smooth Prints Day ago

    checkout a video i shot for justin he beast through 4005 on the deadlift. if you like it let me know

  • Riponluzzers
    Riponluzzers Day ago

    If you gave that interview a thumbs down then you need a thumb in each eyeball morons.

  • NRG_Mmbrklyn
    NRG_Mmbrklyn Day ago

    Why does this guy look like the guy from terminator and predator 🤔🤣

  • TEC Fitness
    TEC Fitness Day ago

    Arnold: I work out everyday more than once.

    Me: Eats dorito disgusted at myself

  • Zomki HV
    Zomki HV Day ago +1

    He is 74

  • King Kamehameha
    King Kamehameha Day ago

    I like kettlebells because there are a lot of swinging exercises, that give a great core workout and lower back workout. For any other purpose - sure db or kettlebells are basically same. You need to see if whatever you do needs smoother surface or thinner form

  • Equalizer
    Equalizer Day ago


  • Matt From Wii Sports

    1:05 **Two shots of vodka**

  • Paul Moore
    Paul Moore Day ago

    Arnie is great simply put.

  • Scott
    Scott Day ago

    glad he didnt forget the salmonella in that shake

  • joy muza
    joy muza Day ago

    Man didn’t take the shell off the egg

  • Moe Araby
    Moe Araby Day ago

    very humble great man, you started to be my mentor 😃

  • Jorenski Svenski

    Er hot stieglradler! Grüße aus dem Ennstal!

  • Mark J
    Mark J Day ago

    I wonder where that gold's gym is...….

  • Just me
    Just me Day ago

    Arnold: showing how to make protein shakes and talks about what he dont like or like to eat
    Me: *can you close the fridge?*

  • sunny sharma
    sunny sharma Day ago

    1:35 whole Egg with Shell in milk shake thanks

  • Thomas Becker
    Thomas Becker Day ago


  • Carlos Polk
    Carlos Polk Day ago

    Jesus, Arnie looks damn good for him to be in his 70s though. Bless this wonderful man.

  • Ad Bustex
    Ad Bustex Day ago

    Egg shells? Wtf

  • Bieber Ninja
    Bieber Ninja Day ago

    who cares about their protein shakes and dumbells, i want to know what kind of porn this guy jacks off to, that would make for a much more interesting video

  • Jeff Devries
    Jeff Devries Day ago

    Too bad you "came back" Arnold! You ought to be terminated you dumbass liberal dumbfuck!!

  • Martin Dresler
    Martin Dresler Day ago

    Say whatever you want, you may not agree with him but you gotta admit. He is the definition of "American Dream"

  • Michael D Candelaria

    Want to be as strong as an Ox.... or as cunning and strong as a lion..... why do humans have k9 if not to eat. Can't only be to intimidate or fight like other animals that have them but dont eat meat.

  • czarny Hiszpan
    czarny Hiszpan Day ago

    old fart. black hair

  • Doug Carruthers
    Doug Carruthers Day ago

    Does Arnold ever have a cheat day
    Cheat days come up Quite frequently lol

  • Doug Carruthers
    Doug Carruthers Day ago

    As you can see I'm health conscious stay away from the meats
    5 seconds later
    My favourite thing to cook is steak 🤔