• Published on Dec 1, 2018

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  • brian millwee
    brian millwee 5 months ago

    KYD & Tim and Fin. League of there on. Keep it up guys....

  • Norris Johnson
    Norris Johnson 5 months ago

    I made it at the end!!! Thanks Tim &Fin!!!!

  • RV Legal Eagle & Paws
    RV Legal Eagle & Paws 5 months ago

    "before taking off for Mexico soon".....where you plan on crossing? Hopefully that will be season 5 but I

    • RV Legal Eagle & Paws
      RV Legal Eagle & Paws 5 months ago

      +TIM and FIN There are a lot of nice places in Mexico like Talum and Lake Chapa (spelling not so good) they have many full time ex-pats.....there are also RV caravans...... check out "Keep your Day Dream" on RU-clip where they went was quite cool too....I think it was 2 seasons ago in late 2017-early 2017::) Have a great time whatever you decide to do! Olha:)

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  5 months ago

      Heading there in Jan but without the RV. Going to Sayulita on the Pacific side. Where do we go from there? Don't know yet!

  • Joe D
    Joe D 5 months ago

    Are you still "Bear Aware"? Safe travels!

  • Camp and Camera
    Camp and Camera 5 months ago


  • As the Magpie Flies
    As the Magpie Flies 5 months ago


  • Tarar Support
    Tarar Support 5 months ago

    Waiting for next video

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  5 months ago

      Fins been working on it like crazy this week. Itll be there!

  • Strolling Through Life
    Strolling Through Life 5 months ago

    Can't wait for the episodes!

  • Pamela Dehn
    Pamela Dehn 5 months ago

    Cannot wait!! ❤️💜

  • Ashley Pittman
    Ashley Pittman 5 months ago

    Omg so excited!!!

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse 5 months ago +2

    I pray you guys are safe... Big Earthquake!

    • April Burkhalter
      April Burkhalter 5 months ago

      Glad to hear

    • Mickey Mouse
      Mickey Mouse 5 months ago +1

      +TIM and FIN That's OK, I'm glad you're safe..

    • TIM and FIN
      TIM and FIN  5 months ago +3

      Hey! Not to ruin the suspense or anything but we were up in AK this summer. We're tucked away safe in Florida and just catching up on all the video we shot before taking off for Mexico soon. We weren't trying to fool you though- we've started date stamping the beginning of videos since people say its helpful with their trip planning. We're always up to date over on Insta though!

  • Dillon waterman
    Dillon waterman 5 months ago +1

    You guys make amazing content :) love it. From Canada