Film Theory: Willy Wonka and the Golden Ticket SCAM! (Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory)

  • Published on May 27, 2018
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    So you found a Golden Ticket to Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - now what? You avoid being made into candy, blown up like a blueberry, or any other horrible consequence of being a bad kid. What is your reward? Fame, glory, immense riches? HA, SUCKER!! You are now the proud owner of a failing business and a pile of lawsuits! Today Loyal Theorists, we are delving into the genius business moves of Willy Wonka!
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  • The Game Theorists
    The Game Theorists Year ago +26832

    For everyone saying the factory isn't in America, it actually IS American, believe it or not. The movie goes to great lengths to try and make the location ambiguous (nonsense monetary symbols, ambiguous coins, a German shoot location but everyone speaking English) but the television coverage of the Golden Ticket search we see Charlie watching always references "here in America." And in the book, he finds a "dollar" in the gutter. So signs point heavily to Wonka's being an American company.

      LOOPER MAN Month ago


    • Mark Root
      Mark Root Month ago

      One issue the coi may be American but the factory is in the UK

    • Myaterio !!!!
      Myaterio !!!! Month ago

      I'ma go kill him

    • Shadow the indoraptor
      Shadow the indoraptor Month ago

      I already did not like this movie, it scared me more than a horror movie. The working conditions *shivers* scared me as a child

    • Myaterio !!!!
      Myaterio !!!! Month ago

      Yeeeet WONKA

  • Blake Young
    Blake Young 22 hours ago

    Sweaty child contaminates the chocolate
    Proceeds to put a dirty boot in a vat in the inventing of room

  • Blake Young
    Blake Young 22 hours ago

    1:48 that's a snickers

  • melon bellon
    melon bellon Day ago

    Bruh, I always thought the tube to the boiler was because of the contamination because heal kills germs and he wouldn't need to Chuck an entire river of chocolate

  • Adamillo Facts
    Adamillo Facts Day ago

    Don’t forget, no one can get in his factory, so no one can fine him

  • QS Trans Property

    Kinda ironic that im watching dis while eating chocolate

  • shlomo shlomowitz

    You can have an open air food line, you just have to keep it below a certain bacteria level. Also it's harder to get the license

  • Sam Hunter
    Sam Hunter Day ago

    Yeah you make a good point but why do you think Wonka has tried to keep his factory gates shut for so long. So no health inspector can find out his unethical health and working conditions. That’s why he only opens the factory once to get his successor Charlie and make all the brat’s lives shit and warn the kids to smarten up and not say anything or they will experience the wrath of Wonka.and why else would Wonka send an Oompa Loompa with each parent and kid to manipulate the parents and make sure nothing is said to the police of what illegal actions happened in the factory

  • Gorge Lemus
    Gorge Lemus Day ago

    *smack*why the heck would you put a dangerous prop on set.and I am 9 I think I can handle it I am fine.

  • Oliver Newton
    Oliver Newton Day ago

    it’s delusional to say it was to the best of all I do it I love you oh god god bless god god I can not do it for god I do love 💗 you love 💕 love ❤️ this one ☝️ has been one ☝️ for me to do my hair amp my walaweewee has not come in the past but it is a big part for my home game so it is not gonna it is so good for me to be home I can get my own car to do it I can do it and I do get my computer 💻 it is my first year of my computer I can do it and get home and get it and get home and get it and get home and get it and get home and get it and get home and get it and get home and get it and get home and get my computer and get to get home 🏠 was a good game

  • Minsa 24
    Minsa 24 Day ago

    I *_hated_* this movie. Still don't like it, but I don't _hate_ it anymore

  • Sean Shogun
    Sean Shogun Day ago

    Wait anything stacked over 5 feet well then my local comic shop would be with all the pop figures

  • Sean Shogun
    Sean Shogun Day ago

    Is it sad that I’m more interested in mats theory than dreaming of streams of chocolate

  • galaxy girl 212
    galaxy girl 212 2 days ago

    You know wonka killed kids in that movie

  • Izzy Charmer
    Izzy Charmer 2 days ago +2

    Loved the Roald Dahl book. The second movie is more like the original book.

  • zero 2.0
    zero 2.0 2 days ago

    See this video dosen't bother me a 15 year old boy that has seen all the best and worst children movies because I have no childhood because in just now seeing Aladdin

  • VN 75
    VN 75 2 days ago

    Game Theory and Film Theory, *THE ULTIMATE CROSSOVER*

  • Joshua Wing
    Joshua Wing 2 days ago


  • Ash Davis
    Ash Davis 2 days ago

    Lol anybody else see post Malone collab with matpat

  • Gill Noffert
    Gill Noffert 3 days ago

    If anyone noticed, at 0:22, MatPat’s Porta- potty says “the Great Ass Excavator”!😂😂😂

  • quirkychap
    quirkychap 3 days ago

    Ya also gotta think about the sales he's making off of the contest. Even if he doesn't immediately pass off the company to some unsuspecting kid, he'll have enough money to either deal with the fines, fix his workplace conditions, or stash until he passes the factory on.

  • Heather Morgan
    Heather Morgan 3 days ago

    You forgot all the labor violations. His employees, the Oompa Loompas, aren't being paid. Their payment is their room and board. They are literal slaves (in the book, they're actually African pygmies, because Roald Dahl was highly problematic).

  • Justin Humphrey
    Justin Humphrey 3 days ago

    What if he turns everyone how walks in gets turned into oopalomoas

  • Lt. Husky
    Lt. Husky 3 days ago

    New one is better.

  • xXThisWittleWolfy Xx
    xXThisWittleWolfy Xx 3 days ago +2

    Did anyone notice that the background music was the intramental version of Bycicle built for two?

  • Henri Bergert
    Henri Bergert 3 days ago

    Mat pat its ok heas a killer k

  • ChimChim Kook
    ChimChim Kook 3 days ago

    *Matpat the lawyer has debuted*

  • xxGachaTuberxx Xx
    xxGachaTuberxx Xx 3 days ago +2

    The factory is dangerous since there is diabetes everywhere

  • Johnny Z YT
    Johnny Z YT 3 days ago

    MatPat and the film theory

  • katherine espedido
    katherine espedido 3 days ago


  • Feronar-Stormrage US
    Feronar-Stormrage US 4 days ago +1

    Another violation I noticed that didn't get mentioned was with the stairs at 4:55. They are of uneven height, which is illegal. Stairs have to be of uniform height, otherwise you are much more likely to trip and fall.

  • Avet Maureen
    Avet Maureen 4 days ago +7

    " Rated G"

    Matpat: I'm gonna ruin this whole man's career.

  • Mysti Ferguson
    Mysti Ferguson 4 days ago +1

    All of you give matpat a break I'm a huge fan and he's just trying to ruin my childhood that's his job and I respect it so the people who are saying bad things about what he's doing screw you

  • Eva The diva
    Eva The diva 4 days ago


  • Brenner The Lego Maniac

    This is why he closed the factory!

  • Leanne Cardnell
    Leanne Cardnell 4 days ago +1

    He'd be okay because this is set when the book came out in 1964. OSHA DID NOT EXIST!

    W O N K A V A T O R

    • Dante Border
      Dante Border 4 days ago

      But the movie was released in 1971.

  • colter lewis
    colter lewis 5 days ago

    How much money did Willy make selling chocolate bars that might have a golden ticket inside?

  • F Me Jerry
    F Me Jerry 5 days ago

    Can we just address the boat ride. When MatPat says that it is ok, it is in fact, also possibly contaminating the chocolate even further. Considering that this boat has been around from months or possibly years before these events, they have been selling potentially contaminated chocolate for a while. The boat has obviously been washed, cleaned and maybe even repainted during its time, there fore getting leftover soap or anything of the sort into the chocolate

  • Payton Ward
    Payton Ward 5 days ago

    This is the most hilarious ridiculous video I've ever watched LOL

  • Derin Ündeş
    Derin Ündeş 5 days ago

    Willy Wonka is like "THE SCIENCE" or Austin.

  • foxy and friends
    foxy and friends 5 days ago

    You should be a lawyer

  • Bakugo Katsui
    Bakugo Katsui 5 days ago

    Damn Matpat how do you have time to research this

  • Cactus
    Cactus 6 days ago

    3:10 that Oompa Loompa looks so done

  • Cactus
    Cactus 6 days ago +3

    I actually sing that all the time to my parents. “Come with me and you’ll be in a world of OSHA violations” and they laugh every time.

  • Rose Rider
    Rose Rider 6 days ago

    Except Antarctica

  • HoggyBoy GAMER
    HoggyBoy GAMER 6 days ago

    11:04 It's a Wonkavator. Me:😑 ok

  • TheCosmicKid
    TheCosmicKid 6 days ago

    "Come with me, and you'll be, in a world of OSHA violations!"

  • Heyden607 extreme
    Heyden607 extreme 6 days ago +2

    theres 4 eggdicators um 1,2,3,4,5 huh wait 1,2,3,4,5 OH NO THATS A DUMMIES RULE BROKEN

  • Heyden607 extreme
    Heyden607 extreme 6 days ago +1

    theres 4 eggdicators um 1,2,3,4,5 huh wait 1,2,3,4,5 OH NO THATS A DUMMIES RULE BROKEN

  • Goat Man
    Goat Man 7 days ago +1

    The 100 bills had Willy wonkas face on it Easter egg?

  • KittenKittyGirl
    KittenKittyGirl 7 days ago

    Well, at least Charlie and the chocolate factory fixes some of the mistakes that the original makes.

  • Otto Tamkivi
    Otto Tamkivi 7 days ago

    0:46 did my chlidhood need a Golden ticket into the eye?:(

  • GeneDoseGacha !
    GeneDoseGacha ! 7 days ago +4

    When you tell other people this stuff and they reply “it’s just a movie.”

  • thomasawl The YT police man

    *Help police murder. Oh please don’t kill the children.*

  • silllybooi
    silllybooi 7 days ago

    Did you know that in Australia ohs is called whs

  • Lauren VanAuker
    Lauren VanAuker 8 days ago

    Childhood dreams: exists
    After watching this: :P that’s fine... I still got 2005....

  • 我是猫。我没有你的东西吗?!?kitten mew

    Oof an add about someone catching their girlfriend like a pokèmon....

  • Nugget Animations
    Nugget Animations 8 days ago

    If Charlie and his family where to file a lawsuit they would be hella rich 🤯😱🤑🤑

  • Orla Grady
    Orla Grady 8 days ago +1

    matpat should be a loyer

  • Purple Girl
    Purple Girl 8 days ago

    Watch Charlie and The Chocolate Factory and make a comparison please.

  • Mariah Simons
    Mariah Simons 8 days ago

    Another fun thing about this video's ending, a Lawyer from the Channel Legal Eagle says the contest is an illegal sweepstakes. Yet another thing that a child obviously is in no way prepared to handle. Go out with a bang right?

  • Zach Holoien
    Zach Holoien 8 days ago

    You should be a lawyer

  • The AnimeGamerDude
    The AnimeGamerDude 8 days ago

    So from the video focuses a lot on how OSHA has tons of rules that the movie violates. However, what you haven't taken into account is in what time the story takes place. The original book which the movie was based on was written somewhere in 1964 however, we can just say the setting is based in 1964 because of the year it was published that goes for the movie as well we can't just assume it takes place in 1971 when we have nothing to base it off both real world and movie world. According to Roald Dahl was inspired to write the story based on an experience he had around 1930-1934. Therefore we can assume that Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory is set around the 1930's meanwhile OSHA wasn't founded until 1970 therefore Willy Wonka wouldn't receive any fines or would he have broken any rules if they haven't been applied.

  • Mia_Ky
    Mia_Ky 9 days ago

    willy wonka: What are you in for?
    William Afton: A bunch o’ kids died in my restaurant
    willy wonka: A bunch of kids died in my factory
    William and William became the best of friends

  • Wasteland DV
    Wasteland DV 9 days ago

    This is gonna be an unpopular comment but you forgot the immigration violation. Did he bring in all those umpa lumpas through proper channels? ICE would have a failed day.

  • Grimoire666
    Grimoire666 9 days ago

    15:44- At this point, If this was Wonka's plan, then it should've been the other kids to get a pyrrhic victory of sorts that ends up ruining them. I wouldn't have minded if Veruca or Mike won- because I wouldn't feel bad if they got screwed over by the lawsuits when Wonka would hand the factory over to them as a scapegoat, given how nasty they were.

  • Grimoire666
    Grimoire666 9 days ago

    4:04- Even it is a gimmick made specifically by Wonka in order to screw with the minds of his guests for this particular trip, it's still a haphazard as it wasn't explicitly warned about in the contract prior to heading into the tour.

  • L Puls
    L Puls 9 days ago

    who recognized the judge matpat from that one gmm episode he was featured in

  • Maxine Sobel
    Maxine Sobel 9 days ago

    My class believed that Mr. Wonka set up the "Traps" for the children so they learned their lesson.

  • Willow Twinch
    Willow Twinch 9 days ago

    I'm terrified of charlie and the chocolate factory and i'm 9

  • Owen cook
    Owen cook 10 days ago

    Me: its a movie
    Matpat: that needs a film theory
    Me: ok

  • Yo Mama
    Yo Mama 10 days ago +1

    Actaly because it is supose to be a lesson

  • aiza go0nzalez
    aiza go0nzalez 10 days ago +1

    When I first watched this I thought it was about how Willy Wonka was trying to murder the kids XD

  • RobloxplayerwondersLife last name

    Am eating a cookie right now...,
    *victory inverted*

  • YoungChildSupport Xxn00b5layer

    Willy wonka and the chocolate factory: *Makes up your Childhood*
    MatPat: *_Bout to end on this man’s whole career_*

  • Captain fairy
    Captain fairy 10 days ago

    Did anyone else want to go when they saw him sing

    No just me okay

  • Evangeline limbo
    Evangeline limbo 10 days ago

    I watched the movie in second grade

    I was confused as heck

  • Zoleroid
    Zoleroid 11 days ago

    I'm too forgetful to let this ruin my childhood.

  • Searah V
    Searah V 11 days ago

    I love Willy wonka

  • Miks_ gold
    Miks_ gold 11 days ago +1

    Nsfw stands for

  • Shawn Ingram
    Shawn Ingram 11 days ago +2

    Like if u agree

  • hello im YTD
    hello im YTD 11 days ago +1

    That movie scared me when i was 4 and still scares me

  • Winteranimates
    Winteranimates 11 days ago +2

    What happened to “But That’s Just A Theroy A GAME THEROY

  • angelsok howru
    angelsok howru 12 days ago +1

    Happy ending: Charlie isn’t a total dumbass and learns about OSHA violations and fixes up the chocolate factory. He let’s go of the enslaved Oompa Loompas and hires real workers. Creates the best Chocolate Factory EVER! And flips Willy Wonka off. Yay!

  • E Rose
    E Rose 12 days ago +1

    Yeah but no one goes in or out

  • ThePurpleFox 878
    ThePurpleFox 878 12 days ago +1

    After watching Charlie and the chocolate factory, I have a theory. I have this theory that Willy Wonka is a serial killer. He doesn’t care if the children are about to die and he celebrates once it happens. He also has that smirk face on when it happens. Charlie was the only one that didn’t make stupid decisions unlike the rest of the children.

  • Hypno
    Hypno 12 days ago

    I haven't seen any theory without hearing "Wopping" well i guess wopping is matpat in a nutshell.

  • Random Flamingo
    Random Flamingo 12 days ago +2

    Do you prefer the original or the most recent?

  • Abby Barbre
    Abby Barbre 12 days ago

    Wait, the original movie wasn't called Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? It was Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? That doesn't sound right... Mandela effect?

  • James Dinius
    James Dinius 13 days ago

    Discussing OSHA violations. Gets to the Chocolate river *The FDA has joined the chat*

  • luchalibri
    luchalibri 13 days ago

    Chilly cwanka

  • Wolfie Rhett
    Wolfie Rhett 13 days ago +2

    Do a Osha video on the Krusty krabs

  • Azelai
    Azelai 13 days ago

    Bruh Love goes out for this vid.

  • Matt Zasada
    Matt Zasada 13 days ago

    You should have said can compare to prison

  • Elite Rhino 1
    Elite Rhino 1 14 days ago +4

    FUN FACT: Chocolates melting point is boiling agustus would die in agony

  • Marco Joselino Magtabog

    Make him bankrupt

  • Calvin Null
    Calvin Null 14 days ago

    Can we see a theory about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005 film) and how questionable Willy Wonka is in that film?

  • Detective Wraith
    Detective Wraith 14 days ago

    Let’s remember that every chocolate bar cost 10 dollars in the movie

  • Detective Wraith
    Detective Wraith 14 days ago

    Thanks for the video! (This is a way to say thanks, thank you very much)

  • Six Second Clips
    Six Second Clips 14 days ago

    Remember for the height of the ceiling law, this was many years ago and wasn't probably a law