Abandoned Theme Parks You'd NEVER Want to Visit!

  • Published on Mar 29, 2019
  • June 21, 1893 was a big day for Chicago, because it was on this day that the worlds first Ferris Wheel opened to the public. It stood at 80.4 metres or 264 ft tall and was revealed to the public at The World’s Columbian Exposition. Since then, amusement parks have been built and they’ve been destroyed, and we’re going to visit some of the creepier ones left behind.
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    8 - Crinkley Bottom Theme Park, Dunblobbin, England
    Mr Blobby is the stuff of nightmares. He was a character on Noel Edmonds Saturday night variety BBC show, Noel's House Party. He was created as a prank, and there was no actual children’s show with this character. Thank goodness! He appeared in 3 Crinkley Bottom-themed attractions in British theme parks during the 1990s. During the height of Blobby mania, Crinkley Bottom or Blobbyland opened in Cricket St Thomas. It only operated for 5-years and then the mania and hype were over. Crinkley Bottom theme park had many other attractions besides Mr Blobby and has since been torn down with little remaining for you to explore.
    7 - Joyland Amusement Park, Wichita, KS
    If you haven’t already explored this area, sadly, you’re too late. Demotion began in 2016. Prior to that, it was a great spot to explore if you weren’t creeped out by old, rusting equipment and urban legends to match. This park ran successfully for 55-years but succumbed to ownership changes, fires and costly renovations.
    6 - Holy Land, Connecticut, USA
    Built in 1957, this already bizarre theme park was the idea of John Greco. It operated until his death in 1987. Since it’s been abandoned, the place has gotten so much creepier! Greco built the park himself, so there is little order, it’s erratic and confusing. He collected every piece from junkyards and built the park over 170 acres. Included is an entire Hebrew village, churches, Jesus busy dying, religious signs everywhere and scriptures throughout the park. The land was bought in 2013 with plans to scrap the park and its contents, but to date, nothing has been done.
    5 - Blub Water Park, Berlin, Germany
    Blub is short for Berliner Luft- und Badeparadies or Berlin air- and bathing paradise and this was once one of the most popular water parks in Germany. It operated for 20-years until the owners were forced to close due to some very unwelcome visitors. The park was overrun by rats! They did their best to eliminate the problem, and they had a little success initially, but lost the battle when the public caught on! By 2002, park owners declared bankruptcy and now all that remains is a derelict water park!
    4 - Geauga Lake, Ohio, USA
    This theme park opened in 1887 and its first rollercoaster was the Big Dipper that was added to the park in 1925. A Sea World portion was added in 2005 and the pair traded as Geauga Lake and the Wildwater Kingdom. The park closed down in 2008 and the water park continued trading until 2016, but that too has been shut down. Very little remains, but you can still find a few gems if you look hard enough.
    3 - Dadipark, Belgium
    Not the hugest theme park, but this amusement park was around for decades. They began operating in 1950 and stayed open until 2000. Attendance had declined steadily over the years with several ownership changes, and then a kid who got his arm ripped off on one of the rides was what brought the park to a close, forever. The closure was meant to be temporary, but it was never reopened and became a great place to take some eerie shots!
    2 - Expoland, Suita, Japan
    This amusement park thrived for 30-years until tragedy struck. A car from the rollercoaster flew off the rails, killing a 19-year old girl and injuring 20. The park could never recover from this. The park stopped getting visitors and the doors have been shut since 2009. Not much has changed, it just looks so empty and forlorn.

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